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All things fitness, nutrition, and in between. Kanna Fitness is located in Ambler, PA and is dedicated to getting everyday people fit for life.

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All things fitness, nutrition, and in between. Kanna Fitness is located in Ambler, PA and is dedicated to getting everyday people fit for life.

    Ep. 72 - Mike Sell: Eating Only Chik-Fil-A for 16 Weeks, Losing 40 lbs, and Winning a Bodybuilding Competition

    Ep. 72 - Mike Sell: Eating Only Chik-Fil-A for 16 Weeks, Losing 40 lbs, and Winning a Bodybuilding Competition

    Join us as we sit down with Mike Sell, co-owner of Midwest Strength Performance Gym in Chicago, for an inspiring exploration into the unconventional approaches to fitness and nutrition. Mike astounds with his account of eating exclusively at Chick-fil-A for 16 weeks while on his way to winning a bodybuilding competition and dropping an incredible 40 pounds. Beyond this unique dietary experiment, he shares his transition from a potential career in medicine to gym ownership, with a strong emphasis on prevention over treatment, and the power of understanding macronutrients for achieving peak physical condition.

    We cover the nitty-gritty of bodybuilding competition prep, with a spotlight on the critical details that often go unnoticed, such as tanning and posing. Mike also opens up about his love for competitive eating and how it plays into his life as a fitness enthusiast. From tackling a 12-pound lasagna challenge to navigating the intricate balance of post-show indulgence and muscle gain, Mike's stories are a testament to his dedication and scientific approach to bodybuilding and nutrition.

    Lastly, we tackle some broader topics within the fitness industry, including the influence of social media on public perception and the complexities surrounding dietary components like MSG and seed oils. His thoughtful insights and lively tales make for an engaging listen that fitness fans and foodies alike won't want to miss. So, whether you're curious about the synergy between fast food and fitness or the thrill of food challenges, be sure to tune in and follow Mike's ongoing journey on Instagram at MSP Gym and Mikeyswell.



    (0:00:09) - Eating Chick-Fil-a for Bodybuilding Success

    (0:13:05) - Start Gym With Unique Nutrition Experiment

    (0:19:45) - Bodybuilding Show Prep on Fast Food Diet

    (0:33:18) - Bodybuilding Competitions and Post-Show Eating

    (0:40:40) - Competitive Eating and Food Challenges

    (0:44:55) - Nutrition, Inflammation, and Muscle Gain

    (0:56:15) - Influencers, Semiglutides, and Food Challenges

    Bodybuilding, Chick-fil-A, Fitness, Nutrition, Fast Food, Gym, Competition Prep, Macronutrients, Social Media Influencers, Semiglutides, Food Challenges, Muscle Gain, Inflammation, Health, Competitive Eating, Midwest Strength Performance, Mike Sell, Scientific Approach, Personalized Training, Western Periodization, Community-Driven Environment, Division I Athletes, Grandparents, Caloric Intake, Health Markers, Sodium, MSG, Seed Oils, Protein Intake, Behavioral Changes, Macro Adjustments, Personal Goals, Preferences


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    Ep. 71 - Empowering Diabetes Management: A Conversation with Lisa Rosan, Independent Diabetes Educator

    Ep. 71 - Empowering Diabetes Management: A Conversation with Lisa Rosan, Independent Diabetes Educator

    Get ready for an insightful journey with our guest, Lisa Rosan, an independent diabetes educator, who walks us through her life's path and the experiences that led her to her current role. Listen as she shares her initial journey in child development, nursing, and the different roles she's played in the healthcare field. Lisa brings her passion for teaching and helping others understand their bodies, and she gives an inside look into her role as a health coach. She emphasizes her drive to empower people to manage their diabetes and sheds light on her hard-earned credentials as a certified diabetes care and education specialist.

    Stay tuned as Lisa enlightens us about diabetes and the crucial role of independent diabetes educators. She explains the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and the importance of lifestyle changes to prevent prediabetes from escalating into full-blown Type 2 diabetes. She also stresses the importance of understanding A1Cs and their role in diabetes management. Lisa explains the long-term complications of diabetes and how insulin can change the game when it comes to managing the condition.

    Don't miss out as Lisa Rosan talks about her services and the unique approach she uses to help her clients. She discusses how she navigates through the stages of change, the role of food and movement, and how to adjust insulin doses. Finally, she shares her experience with virtual health coaching, emphasizing the potential benefits of this mode of coaching. Listen as Lisa shows us how she uses modern communication tools to create a successful relationship with her clients, making diabetes management a more navigable journey for everyone involved.

    Check out Lisa's website: www.leftrightdiabetescoaching.com

    (16:37 - 18:12) Understanding Prediabetes and Preventive Measures

    (21:23 - 22:57) Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

    (28:54 - 29:35) Importance of Blood Sugar Levels

    (31:37 - 33:19) The Risks and Management of Diabetes

    (39:53 - 40:55) Navigating Online Information for Personalized Planning

    (47:03 - 48:15) Understanding Medications and Glucose Metabolism

    Keywords: Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Prediabetes, A1C, Insulin, Lifestyle Changes, Diabetes Management, Diabetes Coaching, Virtual Health Coaching, Blood Sugar Data, Stages of Change, Food, Movement


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    Ep. 70 - Matt Chenard: Ice Baths and Setting Goals

    Ep. 70 - Matt Chenard: Ice Baths and Setting Goals

    Ever thought of plunging into an icy bath as a way to build mental resilience? Seems daunting, right? Our guest, Matt Chenard, a gym owner from Camrose, Alberta, tells us about his fascinating journey of managing his autoimmune conditions through cold water exposure. Matt's viral ice bath experiences on social media not only garnered millions of views but also opened up a dialogue about using these seemingly intimidating tasks as a tool for mental strength and resilience.

    Matt, Nick, and Chris also discuss the importance of setting achievable wellness goals. We challenge the notion of perfect performance and instead, encourage aiming for an 80% success rate. Discover with us the importance of finding a work capacity that is uniquely yours, acknowledging that the routines that work for one may not always work for others.

    Wrapping up, we delve into the profundity of finding meaning in exercise and aging. Matt shares a heart-wrenching story of a gym member who finds inspiration in his mother's battle with Alzheimer's, reminding all of us to appreciate the time we have. We talk about the significance of action, and again, setting realistic health and wellness goals. Join us for this enlightening conversation as we explore the potential of cold water exposure and the art of setting achievable health and wellness goals.

    Go follow Matt at:



    (0:00:02) - Ice Bath Training

    (0:14:42) - The Benefits of Cold Water Exposure

    (0:28:16) - The Importance of Setting Realistic Goals

    (0:39:24) - Finding Meaning in Exercise and Aging

    Cold Water Exposure, Mental Resilience, 80% Success Rate, Realistic Goals, Mental Strength, Hard Tasks, Cold Exposure, Viral Video, Gym Owner, Camrose, Alberta, Daily Reminder, Mortality, Alzheimer's, Taking Action, Appreciate Time


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    Ep. 69 - Erin Lee DPT: CrossFit to Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor Health

    Ep. 69 - Erin Lee DPT: CrossFit to Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor Health

    Get ready for an enriching chat with Erin Farmer, also known as Erin Lee DPT on Instagram. Listen in as we walk down memory lane, exploring her journey from her original CrossFit days to owning two affiliates, and then venturing back to school to become a physical therapist. We also get candid about her current private practice and remote fitness coaching, and reminisce about the trials of starting an affiliate in Philadelphia.

    We explore the critical aspects of women's health, pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic floor health with Erin. Discover why advocating for yourself during pre- and post-pregnancy physical therapy is vital and learn about the signs and symptoms that should not be overlooked. Erin enlightens us on how to find a trauma-informed pelvic health practitioner and the importance of adapting to various movements such as running, jumping, and sneezing post-pregnancy.

    Tune in as we discuss the emotional impact of training during pregnancy and the effects of strength levels and genetics on recovery. We touch on the importance of seeking out a pelvic health practitioner for post-pregnancy issues, even if the pregnancy was years ago. We also talk about the struggles faced by many pelvic health providers due to insurance models and the benefits of seeking out cash-based PTs. Wrapping up our conversation, Erin shares her vision to create a safe space for mindfulness and meditation practices.

    Follow Erin on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/erinleedpt/

    (0:00:08) - Erin Farmer's Health Journey

    Erin Farmer (Erin Lee DPT) shares her journey from OG CrossFit to owning two affiliates and becoming a physical therapist, discussing women's health, pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic floor health, private practice, and remote coaching.

    (0:09:48) - Exploring Pelvic Health and PT School

    Erin Farmer shares her journey from CrossFit to PT school, balancing family life and managing chronic back pain.

    (0:21:38) - Pelvic Health and Advocating for Yourself

    Advocate for pre- and post- pregnancy physical therapy; consider timeline, signs/symptoms, and finding a good pelvic health physical therapist.

    (0:27:22) - Pelvic Health Practitioner and Postpartum Care

    Erin Farmer shares how to care for the pelvic floor pre- and post- pregnancy, advocating for oneself and adapting to unexpected changes.

    (0:38:33) - Postpartum Mental Health and Physical Recovery

    Erin Farmer shares tips for post-pregnancy physical therapy, advocating for recovery, and understanding recovery timelines.

    (0:50:57) - Pregnancy's Impact on Training and Health

    Pregnancy training discussed, including motor patterns, motor learning, risks, emotions, and post-pregnancy care.

    (0:56:20) - Insurance Models and Pelvic Health Providers

    Pelvic health providers face challenges due to insurance models, cash-based PTs can help, training during pregnancy, motor patterns and motor learning, and advocating for yourself pre- and post- pregnancy.

    (1:11:14) - Mindfulness Space and Contact Information

    Erin Farmer seeks to create a safe space for mindfulness and meditation, while being mindful of risks associated with training during pregnancy.


    Women's Health, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Pelvic Floor Health, Private Practice, Remote Fitness Coaching, CrossFit, Advocacy, Trauma-Informed Practitioner, Postpartum Care, Mental Health, Physical Recovery, Training During Pregnancy, Strength Levels, Genetics, Insurance Models, Pelvic Health Providers, Mindfulness, Meditation, Motor Patterns, Motor Learning, Cash-Based PTs


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    Ep. 68 - Katie Cotton: Hashimoto's, Insulin Resistance, and Hormone Therapy

    Ep. 68 - Katie Cotton: Hashimoto's, Insulin Resistance, and Hormone Therapy

    Katie Cotton is the owner of Noble Bear Salon and has done personal training with us. Over a year ago, she started experiencing symptoms that made her finally seek out help. Working with a hormone specialist, she discovered that she has an auto immune disease called Hashimoto's, insulin resistance, and very low testosterone which she is now treating. Here is her story.


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    • 1 hr 6 min
    Ep. 67 - Chuck Bennington: Gymnastics Course

    Ep. 67 - Chuck Bennington: Gymnastics Course

    Kanna Fitness (Ambler, PA) is hosting The Gymnastics Course (https://www.thegymnasticscourse.com/) on Dec. 11-12, 2021. Chuck comes back on our show to talk more about the course and what to expect. 

    If you want to learn how to utilize the information and methodology of Gymnastics, and Body movement to augment your training and/or coaching, this is for you! All levels are welcome. 


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    • 46 min

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4.8 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

KyleABryant ,

Real People

Chris talks about much more than Crossfit in this podcast. He interviews incredible people in a casual style to get at the heart of what makes them who they are. Chris is a master at building community and CrossFit Kanna is a positive and supportive place to get Fit For Life! Highly recommended.

Jdobzelecki ,

Great new podcast!

Always looking for new and informative Crossfit and nutrition podcasts. This one is off to a great start - love it!

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