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    The Key Difference Between Dreamers and Achievers

    The Key Difference Between Dreamers and Achievers

    Check out the full post today's episode:  http://www.jairekrobbins.com/the-key-difference-between-dreamers-and-achievers/
    We are back from a fun weekend house hunting in Miami! We enjoyed our time and totally enjoyed the vibe and energy of the city! We also got to tour some amazing properties, like the one above! Talk about #GOALS!
    As we look to make this change, planning comes to the forefront of our minds. I've said it over and over - Your Dream life does not happen by accident.
    With that being said.. What is your performance plan? 
    In this week's Vlog, we dive into the key difference between those who achieve their dream and those whose remains just that.. a dream!
    ***Pardon the audio on this one. #learninglesson ***
    Check it out and if you want support and accountability in making that dream happen, register for a 30-minute discovery session with one of our Performance Coaches! 
    To your success,
    Jairek Robbins
    Best Selling Author of LIVE IT! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose
    Decorated Performance Coach & World Renowned Speaker

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    Interview: Learning to Influence through Storytelling with Roberto Monaco

    Interview: Learning to Influence through Storytelling with Roberto Monaco

    Today we sit down with one of our featured Performance Coach University expert’s Mr. Roberto Monaco of http://influenceology.com/Let me give you some background. When I first starting my coaching and speaking career, I worked and practiced on my presentation over and over again. It was pretty good, or so I thought. Then one day, Roberto, a long-time friend of mine, sat me down. He said, you’re so close. You’re very very close. You know what’s missing. What will take you from just another aspiring speaker and coach to a true influencer, someone who makes a real difference in someone’s life? The audience needs more of YOUR stories. Check out the full post and get the notes from today's interview here: http://www.jairekrobbins.com/learning-to-influence-through-storytelling/

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    VLOG: 1 Question that Leads to Real Results

    VLOG: 1 Question that Leads to Real Results

    Check out this week's full episode here: http://www.jairekrobbins.com/1-question-that-leads-to-real-results/
    Thank you for checking out another episode of JRCtv!
    We are excited to share with you this week that we are transitioning to a new look and feel.
    Amanda and I want to be able to share more of our life with you and give you a peak into our daily routine so moving forward we will be sharing with you Vlog Style! In the coming weeks, we will have new interviews, resources and awesome new experiences to share.
    That’s not the only thing new coming, if you are not already, be sure to follow us on Facebook as we have some exciting giveaways happening in the coming weeks! Follow, Like and Stay tuned!
    Today we are packing up and heading to St. Louis to film with Shawn Stevenson author of Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success! Looking forward to sharing this experience with you soon.
    Until then, check out today’s episode where I dive into the one question you need to be asking yourself to ensure you achieve the results you are looking for in life, business, relationships and your physical goals.
    To Your Success,

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    Interview: Negotiation Skills From Former FBI Agent Chris Voss

    Interview: Negotiation Skills From Former FBI Agent Chris Voss

    Check out this week full episode and transcription here:http://www.jairekrobbins.com/interview-negotiation-skills-from-former-fbi-agent-chris-voss/
    Prefer to read? No Problem. Check out this week's episode transcription here:
    Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of JRCtv. If you’re listening to the podcast or watching this video, Hello.  We have a very special guest joining us, I just finished listening to his book which is awesome, if you’re watching it’s called NEVER SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE, you can see it right over his shoulders there which is awesome, this is Mr. Chris Voss, he’s the CEO and founder of The Black Swan LTD Group or The Black Swan Group is the better way to say it.  His 24 years experience in the FBI and was former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator, he’s a speaker which I’ll tell you where we first run into each other as well as adjunct professor and consultant.  I believe you’re a professor at Harvard and also USC?
    CV: “Well I did, Harvard several years ago but these days, USC University of Southern California for all you people in the Southeast and Georgetown University in Washington, DC.”
    JR: “Wonderful! Well thank you for joining us and thank you for sharing some of your wisdom and experience with everyone today in advance.”
    CV: “Hey man, I am flattered, I am honored to be on with you. It’s very cool, I am glad we crossed paths again.”
    JR: “Yeah I am excited, speaking of which the first time we cross paths, I believe was in Philly.”
    CV: “It was in Philly, yeah in an event Carolyn put on.”
    JR: “Yeah and we were both speaking there and we had I think it was a 4-hour conversation that night, hanging out, talking with everybody.”
    CV: “yeah it was a lot of fun.”
    JR: “I don’t know and I apologize, I don’t know why it took me so long to read your book.”
    CV: “It took me a while to get the book out so that’s okay.”
    JR: “Fair enough, fair enough I finally got my hands on it, I went through the whole book, and I mean I wish I can just hit instant download and put this in everybody’s playbook except for the people we negotiate with because obviously, it’s a little better for us to know it than them.  About one thing you said that’s really interesting is in the negotiation itself, we’ll get to some tactics  but I wanna share about you first, but in the negotiation itself it’s not you versus them as much as it’s you both trying to solve the problem at hand and I think a lot of people including myself when stuff gets tense when stuff gets interesting a lot of times that initial you know adversary thought process comes out. So I want to talk about that maybe towards the end we’ll talk about how to make that adjustment for people but for right now, I’d love to just tell about you, like how did you get into this for those listening and watching.”
    CV: “Yeah you know just one thing after another out of left field. Which I think you know everybody’s life as it takes its path. I never planned of being an FBI agent probably didn’t even think about it until about 10 or 11 months before I was looking at to become an FBI agent and then like I was a SWAT guy, you know before I went to the FBI I was a police officer at Kansas City Missouri Police Department. Very good police department, wonderful charming, wonderful city.  And then the FBI thing comes up, I head in that direction, I was on a SWAT team, to me some of the best things that have happened to me in my life as a result of something it would be perceived as negative and so I reinjured my knee.  I tore ligaments in my knee because when I was in college I fancied myself as sort of the Caucasian Bruce Lee  (laughs). I wanted to be in the martial arts and I thought that would help me with the police department, blew the knee out. Blew it out again trying out for the  FBI’s hostage rescue team, the FBI’s version of the navy seal. A b

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    How to Fail Your Way to Success

    How to Fail Your Way to Success

    Download the worksheet that goes along with today episode here: http://www.jairekrobbins.com/how-to-fail-your-way-to-success/
    Hey there welcome back to another episode of JRCtv, this week we’re talking about how to fail your way to success. 
    Now when talking about failure there’s three things that will teach you some of the most important lessons in life.  A hungry stomach, an empty wallet, and a broken heart.  Now I know that’s very motivating and exciting to start this week’s episode with but there’s truth in that.  If you’ve ever had a moment, I remember you know one time when I was in college I came home to my apartment and I checked the mail and I have a bunch of bills and I checked the bank account and there was a lot more bills than money in the bank account. 
    And I remember being like “Oh no!” and it wasn’t like a little bit off, it was like $50 compared to $2,000 off.  It was like “oh” and there was no feasible income coming in the range these bills were due.  Now I remember literally like having my stomach turn upside down, butterflies in my chest being like, “Oh shoot”, I really messed this one up this month. 
    And you know that will teach you a lesson like anything else, it’ll teach you how to prepare for the future.  It’ll teach you how to organize yourself, it’ll teach you how to really make sure you don’t do that again hopefully, not everyone learns a lesson the first time. Not only that, I remember there are times in my life where you know I hate to bring these memories up but I’m, sure you’ve had your time to where you had a heartbreak. 
    You know I remember in high school crying myself to sleep and waking up still feeling sad because I broke up with a girlfriend at that time and it was pretty heartbreaking and sad at that time but I remember learning from that experience.  I’m trying to figure out you know, what happened, what did I really learned in that process?  How can I grow from this?  How can I improve the next time around and make sure it doesn’t hurt as bad that time or a way to make sure I am better prepared from what might occur. 
    So there’s questions you can ask that can prepare you and we’re gonna put some of those in today’s download we wanna make sure you grab them and then finally, you know… a hungry stomach I know I’ve had days and times and luckily thank goodness, knock on wood I grew up in a very privileged position where both of my parents worked extremely hard in different ways and make sure that I never had nights where I’d go to bed hungry but I know all around the world there’s places where people do have that and then those nights where there are no food.
    I remember one of my closest friends in San Diego he told me “You know some of the biggest lessons I learned is when I was 13 years old walking around town, dude a dollar would have changed my life on that day.” 
    and I said, “What do you mean?”
    he’s like, “I just want a burrito and I’m pretty sure I could get one in a store for a dollar and I just didn’t have a dollar”
    and I said, “ What did you learn from it?”
    and he said “ You know, I learned I had to be hungry in life”  (laughs)
    and I said, “ No what does that really mean to you? “
    and he said, “ I learned to be hungry enough, to work hard enough to never have a day in my life again that I’ll ever have to have that feeling in my stomach ever again and hopefully work hard enough that no one that I care about will have to have that feeling either.”
    And I was like “Wow!”
    So what’s interesting about this is looking at this moment of “failure” when things don’t work out, when things fall apart, when things aren’t going the way you want, there’s one key consistent element in all these stories that allow it to serve you instead of break you.  And the one key element is something that an author of the book called, MINDSET, her name is Carol

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    Create a Deeper More Meaningful Relationship

    Create a Deeper More Meaningful Relationship

    Grab the worksheet that goes along with this week's episode here: http://www.jairekrobbins.com/create-a-deeper-more-meaningful-relationship/
    Hey there welcome back to another episode of JRCTV.
    Yes we are still in beautiful Vail, Colorado as you can see the beautiful, epic scenery behind us.  Today we’re talking about something that can literally be a making point or breaking point of any relationship you’re in. 
    We’re gonna focus on intimate relationships because it’s important but you can use this concept for a business relationship, friendship, or you know just an acquaintance, or you can use it for even getting to know your kids or family better and someway shape or form and what we’re talking about is the ability to be deeply and profoundly curious about the person that you’re in a relationship with.  What does that mean? 
    Well, what it means is you wanna get to know what is their blueprint, meaning their thoughts, their beliefs, their values, the organizing principle and pillars by which they live their life.  Here’s what’s wild, most of us are not really that aware consciously of our own belief system, our own organizing foundational principles, and pillars.  How do I know that? Because if I were to say what’s most important do you have in life? 
    You might say?  “Okay, okay now you might come to that, what else is most important to you in life? Now if you are to take the one or two, here’s my question, when did you consciously decide that and what point in your life did you sit down and say, okay here’s all my options and everything I could value. 
    I could value love, I could value spirituality, I could value God, I could value giving, I could value being successful, I could value being a good person, I could value making a difference, being strong, being powerful, I could value all kind of stuff, I’m going to choose this one.  When did you do that last?
    Now for some of you, you might have done it but for most of you, I’m gonna say you never consciously made the decision.  You’re living by default.  Meaning you’re community, your friends, your family, where you grew up, who you hang up with, where you worked, a mentor, someone you look up to, told you something and you were “Oh yeah, that’s right”  and now you’re just living by default instead of by choice.
    So right now what I want you  to do is first, download today’s worksheet we’re giving you a handful of questions on the majors of life something we talked about in our book ‘Live It! Achieve Success by Living with Purpose’, in chapter two and three we talked about the majors of life , health, emotions, relationships, spirituality, business, finances, your time management,  relationships, community, the major elements of life and in this worksheet today that we’re gonna give you on the blog jairekrobbins.com/blog,check out this blog, download the worksheet when you get it  it’s gonna have a couple of questions in each section not all of them but a couple to help you get a head start and it’s gonna help you to find what you really believe and what you really value in each of this major categories on life. 
    Now I want you to start by first answering the questions yourself and then I want you to go to someone you care about, your significant other, your spouse, your kids, your family, your friends, your co-workers maybe even your business partner or associates possibly a client, someone you wanna get to know better and I want you to have them answer the questions as well. 
    Then after they answer and after you answer the questions separately share them with each other I want you to become curious about what they believe that’s number step 1.  So step 1 is defining yourself.  Step 2 share with each other and then here’s step 3, I want to have you dig deep into why they believe that and I want you to help define when did they start believing that.
    This will h

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4.9 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Dash Riprockola ,

Jairek is the REAL effing deal!!!!

Jairek’s focus is awesome, his passion is genuine and his content is off the chain!!! So glad I found this!!!!! Keep bringing it!!!

Subscribe to this one! It’s dope!!

Jamie Hirsch ,


The world needs more people like you! Thanks for inspiring xoxoxo

David1973732 ,

Absolutely Awesome!

Jairek is absolutely fantastic and has so many life, Relationship and business strategies!

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