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This is a podcast and website for studying Japanese

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This is a podcast and website for studying Japanese

    Fun Friday 24: Interview with Matthew Dons

    Fun Friday 24: Interview with Matthew Dons

    In this podcast I interview Matthew Dons, a dear friend and long term resident of Japan. We talk about his experiences of doing a home stay when he first came to Japan. Matthew also gives his advice on the dos and don’ts of Japanese etiquette and culture to make your stay in Japan go more smoothly.

    You can find out more about Matthew through the following link below:


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    Fun Friday 23: Things to see in Kyoto with Ben

    Fun Friday 23: Things to see in Kyoto with Ben

    If you are interested in visiting Kyoto then this podcast is for you. In this Fun Friday edition of the podcast I interview my long suffering brother Ben about his work as a tourguide in Kyoto. We talk about what to visit, when to come, etiquette for tourists, food, history and more!

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    Podcast 49: How to disagree with people in Japanese

    Podcast 49: How to disagree with people in Japanese

    In this lesson we will teach you useful phrases for disagreeing with people and how to use them in different situations. Different phrases and inflections in your voice can be interpreted in many ways, from being vague to being very direct or even rude.

    Compared to some cultures, Japanese people tend to be less confrontational and don’t always express their opinions clearly or directly. So if you disagree with someone in Japanese, try to err on the side of being polite and less direct.

    With this in mind, check out the podcast to get an idea of how to use these phrases naturally in conversation.

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    Podcast 49: Just the dialogues

    Podcast 49: Just the dialogues

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    Podcast 49 Japanese Audio Drill

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    Podcast 49: Notes

    Podcast 49: Notes

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    Podcast 49 notes

    Podcast 48: Levels of certainty in Japanese

    Podcast 48: Levels of certainty in Japanese

    In this lesson Ami Sensei and I will teach you how to express different levels of certainty in Japanese. You’ll learn how to express the probability you think something will happen through various example sentences and dialogues.

    In English we do this all the time with words such as “definitely”, “probably” and “might”. And of course, you can do that in Japanese too. However, spoken Japanese tends to be less direct and uses more tentative language. And that means there are a lot of ways to say you think something may or might happen.

    Check out the podcast to hear example sentences and natural dialogues to help you learn how to express yourself more fluently in Japanese.

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
740 Ratings

740 Ratings

1bonn ,

Top of my playlist!

This is such an enjoyable podcast! It’s very informative - which is what I was looking for - but the hosts also have great chemistry and such interesting insights! Although I’ve learned a lot through my studies, the natural flow of dialogue in each episode has allowed me to learn details about Japanese culture that would be difficult to learn without first traveling to Japan (and dealing with some embarrassing trial and error!).

エネ系 ,

Great, fun podcast

This is the best podcast for improving your Japanese.

jomoretro ,

Great Japanese language learning podcast

I found this podcast through Miku Real Japanese YouTube channel and was impressed with Alex’s fluency in Japanese. I have recently restarted my Japanese language learning and was looking for good sources of information on this topic. Ami and Alex are great hosts and add a bit of fun to the learning. Oh, is it Hampa nai or Hanpa nai? I was confused with title of the show. Thanks for the great podcast.



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