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Feldenkrais and Hypnosis recordings as well as musingsessons

Legacy Life: Mind & Feldenkrais: Train your brain for whole life wellness: Lessons with Jill Wigmore-Welsh Jill Wigmore-Welsh

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Feldenkrais and Hypnosis recordings as well as musingsessons

    Feldenkrais Method for Stress Management - Jill Wigmore-Welsh

    Feldenkrais Method for Stress Management - Jill Wigmore-Welsh

    This Body Sensing & Movement Awareness Lesson is an introduction to a way you can use simple moves from the Feldenkrais Method to de-stress and recalibrate
    These days, in the workplace, there's a lot of attention placed on becoming more resilient. Which is interesting because sometimes when you are under stress when you're life is stressful and it's an ongoing event what happens is that over time that ongoing stress can just cause all kinds of mental and physical body breakdowns.
    So what would it be like for you to actually be able to start to detect much more easily and much more quickly when life is getting to you when life is making you feel stressed?
    Try this short set of processes and discover how much you tension during the day.
    As you develop your body awareness you can have another tool in your toolbox to keep yourself to stay healthy and well.
    Contact me if you have health problems and want to have some help.

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    Live show Episode 2: Feldenkrais and Every Day Stress -Jill Wigmore-Welsh

    Live show Episode 2: Feldenkrais and Every Day Stress -Jill Wigmore-Welsh

    This is the second show episode that went out today and I talk Feldenkrais & everyday stress and tensioning:
    Here is the link to the lesson: Warning sound is a little muffled, recording issues!!
    Feldenkrais BSMA and Stress Management Lesson
    Here is the text:
    Hello this is Jill Wigmore-Welsh here from Reading in Berkshire just introducing you to another installment of this wonderful Legacy Project centering on the Feldenkrais method and the applications in terms of your everyday practice.
    So I'm really going to be talking today about the brain and central nervous system and the emerging science, neuroscience. So when you're listening into this recording today I don't know who you are I don't know what your background is I don't know what knowledge and experience you have of your body of your brain of science so it can be a challenge to know who I can pitch this talk too
    However, let's imagine that I am just talking to my next door neighbor or the average person who comes to see me in my clinical practice my treatment room. The room I have in my home, that’s the place where people come to see me because they have problems.
    Most all of the people who come to see me don't know anything about the structure of their body they don't know anything much about physiology biology bones joints muscles , ligaments . They don't know much about the science behind how their body works.
    They come to see me when they have a problem and that problem may be a pain, it may be a problem with movement, it may be a problem sleeping, it may be a problem with overthinking, worrying, procrastinating. Whatever it is, it’s something that's happening in their life and they're not happy and they want a solution.
    Most always during the course of time that I work with people I introduce some of the principles and theories that I've learned from the Feldenkrais method. It has it’s roots in neuroscience. He studied neuroscience, but not MRI scans because they didn’t exist back then. He learned from scientists.

    As you probably know I've been studying the Feldenkrais method since 1992. I completed my Feldenkrais Method practitioner training back in 1999 and I've completed many advanced trainings since..
    So today we're going to be talking about using the Feldenkrais work and it's application to your everyday stress. That's right the everyday stress that you have as you go about your day-to-day activities. 
    A little bit of stress is good for us if you don't have any stressful activities or anything at all a really our system doesn't work particularly well so a little bit of stress is okay episodes of quite a bit of stress is also something that most of us can handle but when you have stress and on going stress that lasts and lasts and lingers and that may be being caused by money relationships your health there are many many reasons that you could have underlying ongoing low grade stress that is just grinding and grinding and grinding away.
    When we react and respond to things that we find are stressful we automatically go into that fight flight or freeze response and that is well recognized we used to just say fight or flight but now we know that there is freeze as well
    When you experience ongoing stress you may not notice that your physiology your body is actually responding to that ongoing stress you may not notice it because it becomes so normal for your system to be responding that you just don't realize there's any other way to be
    One of the most powerful effects of stress is on the way that we contract our muscles in response. We contract our muscles as a form of protection
    If you're getting ready to fight imagine what you would do you'd be tensing your muscles you possibly be making a fist you'd be bending your arms you be tightening your shoulders you be focused on what it is that you're going to do
    Imagine that you're driving down the motorway and as you drive down the motorway you've had a stressful day at wor

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    Live show Number 1: How can Feldenkrais fit into a personal development program?

    Live show Number 1: How can Feldenkrais fit into a personal development program?

    Number 1:
    This is a recording of a live podcast put out on Thursday 15 June, which is the first of a series, where I introduce ways you can utilize this work as you learn to improve your life.
    It lasts about 16 minutes, and hopefully the recording sounds OK.
    Let me know.
    If you want to have a conversation and discuss options on ways you need help then here is my booking link
    Bye for now!

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    Feldenkrais Part 2 Alexander Yanai 4 Points lesson: Link to Part 1 in the description

    Feldenkrais Part 2 Alexander Yanai 4 Points lesson: Link to Part 1 in the description

    This is the second part of the Feldenkrais Method 4 Points classic Alexander Yania lesson.
    Sorry but the quality of the recording isn't so good, the yeti microphone may not have been picked up by audacity, typical tech issues !
    Yesterday I recorded part one for you and stopped at a midpoint, today I take up where we left off and complete the lesson. 
    If you want to do the whole lesson then here is the link to Part 1 the lesson part is about 25 minutes.
    I would love to know how you get along and if you try the lesson with a group of friends.
    Let me know via my website contact  page
    Or you can book a conversation with me if you want some lessons to enable you to know how to be more aware of what you do and how you do it, so you can move better and easier every day
    Here is a booking link, it's UK time. Enter into the booking link what the conversation will be for

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    Chronic Pain CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and body image

    Chronic Pain CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and body image

    A re-release from 2017 but still valid.
    If you want some options to help book a conversation 
    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS Chronic Pain & Body Image
    Treatment in Reading, West Berkshire UK, London 
    When you have CRPS, or Chronic Pain your body image will be different from the way it was before you began having problems
    So what is Body Image?
    Body image is the perception you have of your physical self.
    This podcast introduces key aspects of body image
    Redevelopment of your body image is a very important and all rehabilitation and recovery programs include improving body image because body image is important for day to day self use.

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    CRPS choosing someone to work with to help your problems

    CRPS choosing someone to work with to help your problems

    This is a re-release from 2017 but still valid today
    Contact me at https://www.jillwigmore-welsh.com
    Or book a conversation to discuss options 
    CRPS #Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is quite rare so not many GP's and clinicians will have come across someone with the condition.
    In this podcast produced during NERVEmber Jill advises on who and what you need to look out for when you are searching for a clinician to work with

    • 19 min

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