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Get expert discussions and insider tips every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Life on Fire TV is for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals, coaches, and marketers who what to make more, work less, give back, and live happier, kick-A$$ lives. Focus on the four pillars of a Life on Fire: marketing, mindset, networking, and purpose with host, Nick Unsworth to get more done in less time, increase marketing conversions, learn highly actionable, innovative strategies from Nick and guests. Make sure you go to LifeOnFire.com to check out all of the free resources we have for you!

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Get expert discussions and insider tips every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Life on Fire TV is for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals, coaches, and marketers who what to make more, work less, give back, and live happier, kick-A$$ lives. Focus on the four pillars of a Life on Fire: marketing, mindset, networking, and purpose with host, Nick Unsworth to get more done in less time, increase marketing conversions, learn highly actionable, innovative strategies from Nick and guests. Make sure you go to LifeOnFire.com to check out all of the free resources we have for you!

    215: Adventures with Aiden

    215: Adventures with Aiden

    Hey hey! Welcome to episode 215 of Life on Fire. One of the things we talk about on this show is what it means to have a life on fire: it means more than just having a fantastic business, it means enjoying and feeling fulfilled in every area of your life. From creating meaningful friendships to having great health, to feeling spiritually fulfilled to being with the love of your life and having a family together.
    Very recently my wife Megan and I were blessed with the first member of our family: our first child, Aiden John Unsworth was born. On episode 215 I share the miraculous experience that was Aiden’s birth and his journey into this world.
    Our baby boy was due on January 1st of 2017 - but he couldn’t wait that long, and he arrived six weeks early. There are no words to possibly fully express and capture the emotions running through my body right now, but I had to try by documenting it in this episode!
    Aiden is the answer to prayer and the fact that he is super healthy is the answer to even more prayer.
    Last Thursday, November 17th, Megan & I were faced with some pretty crazy conversations from the ER Doctors.
    Today Aiden is breaking all NICU rules and will be released way ahead of schedule! Instead of coming home on January 1st of 2017, he's on pace to be released in a few days which would be a month and a week early! #GodStory
    It's weird that I almost feel like a "braggy" parent saying that but phooey to that! He's a dang miracle who should be acknowledged!
    I've never felt more love and support in my entire life. It was like everyone was pulling for us and Aiden.
    Ooh and this is crazy...
    I'm a part of a Christian business brotherhood group called the "Lionchasers”. Dr. Pastor Matt Hubbard reached out via Facetime literally as Megan was in the middle of escalating from 5cm to 10 cm after her water broke.
    Yep, definitely an interesting moment to accept a Facetime call!!
    However, I knew why he was reaching out: he had the entire group of Lionchasers praying for us as I was helping Megan while she was being crushed by contractions.
    I still can't believe that they Facetimed us at literally the perfect time to cover us with prayer right when she was about to give birth!
    From there, they brought us to the operating room and it was on...
    I will NEVER forget how calm, cool, and collected Megan was. She had been experiencing contractions on almost no sleep for 36+ hours by now so, so it was like nothing on earth could possibly phase her.
    She was as focused as a diamond-cutting laser beam and committed to her goal of a natural "easy and effortless" birth that she prayed out. This was so nuts: Megan (like our son Aiden) broke the operating room rules.
    The doctors were accustomed to the screaming and the fact that it would take awhile in there. But Megan grabbed her legs, took deep breaths, and pushed while without releasing her power (breathe). Then 5 - 10 count pushes and 20 minutes is all it took, and baby Uns - aka Aiden John Unsworth - was born :)))))
    No pain meds for Megan before or after! The nurses would ask her if she wanted a refill on her pain meds and she would say "no thank you." They would be so confused and ask why, and she would say: “I’m not taking any."
    I didn't think I was capable of loving Megan any more deeply but...yep it happened in a big way. I love my God even more for all the answered prayers. And I love my wife even more for being such an incredible mom & wife. And I just freaking love my little man Aiden John Unsworth! So grateful!
    Thank you for being a part of our family and our lives; and thank you for all of your prayers and support...it mattered...a lot.
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    How to Successfully Host a Live Event

    How to Successfully Host a Live Event

    Hey hey! Welcome to episode 214 of Life on Fire. I’m so fired up for this episode - we’re talking about how to host a live event and how to do it the right way. Live events have been key for Life on Fire and I’ve learned a lot with each event I’ve hosted. 
    On this episode I’ll share with you the inner workings and behind the scenes of what makes a live event great (and what doesn’t) and why events are phenomenal in growing your brand, your audience and your bottom line.
    In this episode you’ll hear:
    What does experience have to do with a live event? (0:50) Why a high ticket price for your live event isn't a good profitability strategy. (1:30) Should you have other people speak at your event? (2:40) Why my live events without Gary Vaynerchuk and Daymond John were twice as profitable! (3:00) The irresponsible and responsible ways to host a live event. (4:45) And so much more! More About This Show
    The first thing to know about hosting an event is that it’s all about the experience. You want to take the time to build an experience for people, come up with a plan and a vision of how to do so. It’s important to know the theme and the purpose of the event you are hosting, and to know that in advance.
    I see a lot of entrepreneurs miss this critical piece. They spend six months working on the details of the event without having first created an outcome for it! And part of that outcome needs to be profit. Yes you want to use live events to build your brand, your community but profitability needs to be in there too.
    This is where I also see people make mistakes. They go for high-priced tickets and try to make all their money on the sale of tickets. This strategy doesn’t work, especially if you don’t have a big list and are using media buys (like Facebook ads) to get butts in the seats! It's your responsibility to have a profitable live event so think through the end game of the event: map out ticket prices, your offers you will have at the event, and your overall onsite experience for your attendees.
    Part of that overall experience may include other speakers. This is ultimately up to you, I think you should because it’s great for networking and connecting with people. But there are some pitfalls to watch out for, some that I have learned the hard way myself.
    If you feature someone as the big speaker and the highlight of your event you are taking away from you. For example when we've brought in a big gun like Gary Vaynerchuk or Daymond John then the focus was on them and not on the Life on Fire brand. So Bbe careful not to take away from yourself in the process of having other speakers there.
    Having big names is tempting for a few reasons: you'll get more people in the room and you may also be afraid that people won’t show up just for you, you may feel like you need a big name or two so people have a reason to be there. 
    While you may get more attendees with big names, I have found they weren't as inclined to do business with us, they were there for other reasons. In fact, at Life on Fire we have found that our events without the big names are twice as profitable! The bottom line is big names build your brand, but they don't grow your business in the long-term.
    And if you are worried about no one showing up just for you - stop it! Stop thinking people won't come just for you! That's a limiting belief, and you don’t need it any more. If you are doing a live event it's because you have a passion and a mission, so let that be the focal point.
    Bring in speakers who complement that mission and what you are about, but do so without you being pushed to the back of the stage at your own event.
    Also on this episode, I’ll share what to keep in mind when building out the experience of the event, what not to do when hosting an event and what I’ll be doing for everyone who attends my upcoming Life on Fire event in early December. Tune in to hear it all on the 214th edition of Life on Fire!

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    213: Becoming a Best-Selling Author, with Andy Broadaway

    213: Becoming a Best-Selling Author, with Andy Broadaway

    Hey hey! Welcome to episode 213 of Life on Fire. Have you ever considered writing a book? Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again about your business? If you said yes to either - or both! - of these questions then today’s guest is your man.
    Andy Broadaway is a six-time best-selling author (yes six!) as well as the founder of Abundant Press. He joins us on episode 213 of Life on Fire to talk about the process he uses to help his clients to become best-selling authors, why books are such powerful lead magnets, and simple steps you can take to write your own book even if you aren’t a good write
    In this episode you’ll hear:
    Why books help close deals. (1:10) How to know what to put in your book. (4:20) Can you still write a book if you aren't a good writer? (5:50) What strategy do Andy's clients use to make their books ideal marketing tools? (12:35) Hear how one of his clients beat outranked Deepak Chopra and Mother Theresa on Amazon! (12:15) And so much more! More About This Show
    Andy Broadaway is a book publishing expert, business strategist and amazing connector who joins us for today’s show. Andy got started in book publishing back in 1993 when he opened the doors to Abundant Press. He knew then a simple truth that remains today: books are an incredible way to establish credibility and grow your business.
    On this episode he explains why he looks at books as part of your overall long game in business. They are not about making a few dollars upfront, although they can generate revenue. Instead he recommends using your book as a tool to open doors, create connections and grow your audience.
    Rather than think of selling your book for as much as possible, think of your book as a way to introduce yourself and your knowledge to your audience, and to do so in a way that helps them solve any problems they are facing.
    For example when you meet someone and they ask a question about your business you can give them a copy of your book and tell them it’s in Chapter 3! Doing so changes the conversation and elevates your reputation and your brand.
    Andy also shares how he works with his clients including the conversations they have to find out what information should be included in their book. Whether or not you work with Andy, you can use a tip he recommends in today’s show: take the top 18 to 20 questions people regularly ask you about your business and use those as the topics for your book. This is a good way to provide people with information you know they are looking for, and a great way to be seen as an authority in your industry.
    He also shares some of his clients’ recent success stories. Lately he and his team have been doing a lot of international best-selling launches.
    In particular he recalls working with one client to get her to the top spot in two countries on Amazon; in the process she became #2 most popular author on Amazon! She also beat out Deepak Chopra, Mother Theresa, and other notable names.
    One more strategy you can use from Andy’s chat on episode 213 is how to utilize the inside of your book cover. He has all of his clients include a few lines that say: Register this book to get more information, videos, resources, and training materials at (insert web site here). He says you must use a web site dedicated to that one book.
    And when people go to that dedicated web site they will be added to your lead funnel system. Be sure you give them some high value content and then lead them to another sale. Doing so helps your book become your ultimate lead magnet!
    Check out today’s show for all of that and more with Andy Broadaway of Abundant Press. 
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    The Power of Creative Storytelling, with Serious Take Productions

    The Power of Creative Storytelling, with Serious Take Productions

    Hey hey! Welcome to episode 212 of Life on Fire. Do you know the story of your brand and the story behind why you do what you do? Knowing your story and sharing your story are two of the most powerful things an entrepreneur can do for their business.
    On this episode, I’m joined by Tamara and Danielle of Serious Take Productions. This dynamic duo finds the magic in their clients’ stories and helps powerfully share them through video branding trailers. They are also the people who created and produced Inspired by 11, a documentary about 11 inspiring entrepreneurs.
    Today they’ll explain how Inspired by 11 came about, what a branding trailer is, and some simple questions you can ask yourself to get clear on your message. We’ll also talk about an upcoming event they are showcasing, and much more on episode 212 of Life on Fire!
    In this episode you’ll hear:
    Where did the idea for Inspired by 11 come from? (3:50) What is a branding trailer and why is it so effective? (6:35) Simple questions to ask that will clarify your messaging. (10:00) What is their motto at Simple Take Productions? (14:55) And so much more! More About This Show
    Like so many great entrepreneurial success stories, Serious Take Productions began from a desire to create inspiration for others. Tamara Thompson, the founder of Serious Take Productions, went back to school for filmmaking at The Art Institute after finding a passion for the craft from silly YouTube videos she made!
    With her education and experience, she wanted to create video that would inspire others. She put together a web series with contestants from American Idol, The X-Factor and The Voice.
    And she did it for free because she wanted to build connections and help people. But when she struggled to pay her bills, Danielle stepped in and suggested she find a way to pursue her interests while making money.
    So Tamara took a job as a video production manager for a corporate company, then when feeling as though her creativity wasn’t being expressed, she went to another company. At that company some of her co-workers suggested she watch Shark Tank. She liked it and soon found The Profit with Marcus Lemonis, which she also really liked.
    The pieces of the puzzle began to come together when Danielle suggested they start working with entrepreneurs. Then the idea for the Inspired by 11 movie came and everything started to click. They interviewed 11 entrepreneurs about their stories, their pain points, their trials and tribulations. You can see the film for free on their web site.
    At the same time, Serious Take Productions began building their client list and helping entrepreneurs share their stories through the medium of branding trailers.
    As they explain on this episode, a branding trailer tells an entrepeneur’s story and grabs their message. By collaborating with the entrepreneur, they storyboard the concept out before creating it on video.
    The result is that when the story is told in the right way, people buy in automatically, without any pushy sales tactics. A branding trailer is not about convincing people to work with you or buy from you, it's about clarifying your brand and authentically sharing your story.
    Also on this episode, Tamara and Danielle give a few questions you can ask yourself to start that clarification process as well as why they created their event, The Ultimate Stage Experience. They both share something you wouldn’t know about them, including Tamara’s 27 hours in a coma following a hit and run accident. Tune in for that gripping story and much more on episode 212 of Life on Fire!
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    211: Creating Magnetic Success, with Joseph McClendon III

    211: Creating Magnetic Success, with Joseph McClendon III

    Hey hey! Welcome to episode 211 of Life on Fire. Today we have one of the most inspiring and motivating people on the planet: Joseph McClendon III. You may remember him from episode 195, and episode 196 of Life on Fire. He’s Tony Robbins’ top coach who speaks on stages around the globe, and he is a force of nature!
    On this episode, Joseph opens up his home to us and gives us a tour. He shares some of his passions, including introducing us to his some of his “children”: his musical instrument collection and his Koi fish!
    After checking out his digs, we get down to business and talk about what makes someone successful. He outlines the role the unconscious mind plays in that success, as well as how to overcome your own blocks. He also explains what magnetic success means and what he will be sharing from stage at December’s Life on Fire event.
    In this episode you’ll hear:
    Why having rituals will set you up for success. (8:00) For how many years did Joseph read and re-read Think and Grow Rich? (19:45) How much of a role does the unconscious mind play in success? (21:00) What can you do to overcome unconscious blocks? (22:20) One of Joseph's techniques to avoid self-sabotage. (28:00) And so much more! One of the first topics we cover is what he has uncovered about successful people and their mindset. Traditionally people will say success is 80% mindset but he has discovered it is 60% psychology (how we think), 20% mechanics (what we do) and 20% attraction (situation, circumstances).
    People who achieve more in less time do so by thinking differently than those who simply dabble or fail. He believes we have to change how we think so our feelings change, and then we can and will have a bigger impact in our own lives and our world at large.
    He also has some sound advice to those who are new to personal development: it's important to understand that your training never stops. Today he still attends seminars, is always training and always learning. He says it is imperative to keep your feet in the river of growth, and to know that it is a lifelong process.
    Personally he read and reread Think and Grow Rich from the age of 19 until he was 32! He continued to read it because he got something new from it every time he picked it up. By doing so he was developing the practice of rehearsal.
    He explains that personal development means rehearsing whom you wish to become. In the process of rehearsing, you develop into that person. So find some training on specific areas where you want to improve, take the training and start rehearsing!
    I also asked him to breakdown the role the unconscious mind plays in success. In his extensive experience, Joseph says it makes up 70% of someone’s success! Because it is so significant he encourages everyone to program it and operate it so it is speaking and thinking things that benefit them. It is a remarkably powerful tool we can all tap into and use for our own good.
    Also on today’s episode, he shares the biggest lessons he's learned from Tony both as a friend and as a businessman. You’ll get to hear what Joseph is bringing to the event in December, including how to be a magnet for the success you want in your life. Watch today’s show to hear all of and so much more on episode 211 of Life on Fire! 
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    210: Transforming Old Beliefs, with Charissa da Silva

    210: Transforming Old Beliefs, with Charissa da Silva

    Hey hey! Welcome to episode 210 of Life on Fire. Today you’re going to hear one attendee’s story about attending a Life on Fire event, and how doing so helped her transform an old, limiting belief into a positive, and motivating one!
    On this episode, Charissa da Silva of The Branded You joins us to talk about why attending this event came at the perfect time in her life and what she’s doing today. She candidly shares the emotions and thought process she went through during the first two days of the last Life on Fire event. You’ll hear what is was like for her, why it was so impactful and the business she’s created today as a result of being there.
    In this episode you’ll hear:
    What fear Charissa faced on the first night of the event, and why it was so powerful.  Can we be successful on our own?  What was the first step in her transformation?  How she got two clients before the end of the second day!  What advice she has for anyone considering attending a Life on Fire event.  And so much more! Today Charissa runs a branding and web site business called The Branded You. She helps people get clear about where they have potential, helps them to find their light and illuminate their businesses online. She founded the company in April of this year, after a strong desire to do something different in her career.
    Back in October of 2015 she was looking for something to help her move in a new direction. She had been working in her family business and was losing her passion for it, as was everyone else involved.
    A Life on Fire video found its way to her, she watched it and, through the magic of Facebook targeting, Life on Fire continued to pop up in her newsfeed. She liked how personable and nice Nick seemed and she wanted to do something different to help her figure out what was next, so she eventually signed up.
    Once she took the plunge, she got more and more amped up for the event! The emails helped her get excited and she couldn’t wait to go. But on the first night of the event she came face to face with a long-standing fear of hers: breaking a wooden board.
    She remembered trying to do the same thing when she was a lot younger and never succeeding. As a result, she felt like she had never been able to follow through and complete things. But this time she was determined to focus, prepare and overcome her fear by breaking the board.
    While standing in line awaiting her turn, she became more and more terrified. In fact, she was holding back tears while trying to mentally prepare herself for the experience. People around her saw her distress and tried to help alleviate her fears, but she told them to leave her alone.
    Until she realized she was isolating herself, something Nick had told them earlier in the day would never lead to success. No one can succeed on their own, we all need help. She knew she needed help and the support was available all around her. So she turned to the man behind her, apologized and asked him to share about himself.
    Connecting with him helped her calm down so she could go for it when it was her turn with the board.
    When she didn’t succeed on her first attempt, that old fear crept up again and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to follow through. But she listened to the person holding the board for her, focused on them and focused on seeing the space behind the board. She took a second turn and succeeding!
    But the transformation didn’t end there for Charissa! She was called to the hot seat on day two, and had to confront another fear of being the center of attention. Listen in to find out what that was like for her and so much more on episode 210 of Life on Fire!
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97 Ratings

GTrip ,

Great Audio and Video Podcast

So positive! Inspiring and motivating. I love the fact that I can list or watch the podcast on video. Keep it up!

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Awesome Show for People That Are Serious About Growing a Business That Really Matters

This is a great podcast if you have started a business and want to learn how you can take your business to another level. Nick talks about and shares real life experiences that produce real results and he does it in a way that is super fun! This is a gotta have for the true lifestyle entrepreneur.

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What a great show! I appreciate Nick, his talent, style, his accomplishments and his world class guest more with each listen. This is a top podcast recommendation for myself to anyone I love. Great work!!!

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