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The Liveng Proof Podcast shares about mental & emotional health that invite curiosity and connection into your life. Every week Liveng Proof brings you topics related to whole-hearted living & wellness with new guests who's expertise lay in this area. This podcast will delight, enlighten, & inspire you to cultivate the life you are meant for, to become liveng proof of your truth.

Liveng Proof Podcast Engrid Latina: Entrepreneur, Fitness Trainer and Blogger

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The Liveng Proof Podcast shares about mental & emotional health that invite curiosity and connection into your life. Every week Liveng Proof brings you topics related to whole-hearted living & wellness with new guests who's expertise lay in this area. This podcast will delight, enlighten, & inspire you to cultivate the life you are meant for, to become liveng proof of your truth.

    Non-Diet Personal Trainer: Trainer Consulting & Personal Training

    Non-Diet Personal Trainer: Trainer Consulting & Personal Training

    What I’m All About

    I gain so much joy from fostering relationships with my clients and teaching them how to re-connect with their bodies through movement. I am a business owner, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a personal trainer. In addition to training I also co-host the podcast: Gal Pals, as well as hosting the Liveng Proof Podcast for 4+ years.

    My Training Philosophy

    I work with clients to help them gain acceptance of their body, and provide tools to connect and move their body in a sustainable and joy-filled way. You can read more about my training philosophy here. If you’re like me, and you prefer to listen, you can check out these podcast episodes to learn more about my training philosophy & values: – Wellness Without Obsession: A Non-Weight Loss Approach to Training– Non-Diet Personal Training: Trainer Consulting

    Types of Training I Offer:

    * One-on-One virtual personal training sessions (via zoom)

    * One-on-One in-person personal training sessions (available to local clients)

    * 12-Week Training Program

    A little bit more about me:

    I graduated from the University of New Hampshire, which is where I earned my B.S. in Biology.  I became an NASM certified personal trainer in 2013, which is when I also started my own business Liveng Proof, LLC. I’ve worked as a trainer ever since. I am now a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). 

    I have worked with many clients over the years who have a history of an eating disorder, exercise addiction, or just a rocky relationship with exercise/ their bodies. I love working with clients and watching them deepen their relationship to their body and restore their relationship with movement.

    Non-Diet Trainer Consulting:

    There’s a lot of pressure on personal trainers to deliver a service to clients that want to lose weight or change their bodies. As I began my own path to recovery from diet culture, I struggled to offer my services in good conscience to my personal training clients. What the industry seemed to want, went against my inner values of trying to promote and educate clients on the practice of intuitive movement, intuitive eating, and body respect. 

    As I made this transition, one thing became clear: I wanted my clients to feel empowered. I wanted them to walk away with tools they could access to feel more connected to their body. 

    My training approach began to shift away from weight loss and an appearance-based f...

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    LPP #143 Being a Chameleon, Acceptance vs. Settling, and Processing Grief with Chelsea Connors

    LPP #143 Being a Chameleon, Acceptance vs. Settling, and Processing Grief with Chelsea Connors

    Chelsea Connors is a Certified Life Coach, Therapist and speaker using a holistic approach to mental and emotional well-being. She supports her clients in navigating the anxiety and stress that is often overwhelming in the “real world” so that they can feel more grounded, intentional and joyful in life. She’s on a mission to change the conversation around emotional well-being and to normalize the ups and downs that happen just by being human.

    RECS MENTIONED IN THE INTRO:@ohhappydani@isabelfoxendukeWhite Fragility by Robin DiAngeloFearing The Black Body by Sabrina Strings

    CONNECT WITH ENGRID:Instagram: @livengprooflivengproof.comengrid@livengproof.comLiveng Proof PodcastGal Pals Podcast

    CONNECT WITH CHELSEA:www.chelseaconnors.com IG: @chelseaconnors_chelsea@chelseaconnors.com monthly membership: https://chelseaconnors.lpages.co/becoming-you-waitlist/


    * Where she found a sense of belonging growing up* The importance of spending time where you feel invited* The challenges of being a multi-passionate /multi-interest person * Not knowing what you want to do & switching her major a handful of times* The pivotal moment that lead to her journey to becoming a therapist who has her own practice* Her experience with therapy on-and-off throughout her life* She craved therapy because it felt like the conversations she was missing in her day to day life* Her experience losing a close friend in a car accident just after graduating college* Her experience with grieving & what she learned* Everyone’s grieving process looks different* She shares a variety of experiences with navigating grief* Grief is not linear* We can experience grief both when we lose someone or if things change* How “should’s” are detrimental to our ability to process* Practical advice on how we can navigate a situation when we are feeling the SHOULDS* A large gap is missing in our education – we don’t have the tools to navigate and process our emotions, comparison, finances, and the constant race of wanting more* Not having the tools to handle stress* “It’s true that all human beings experience some suffering, that being said you do not exist solely to suffer. You and your life are meant for so much more”* acceptance vs. settling (complacency)* She speaks to this idea of: “if I settle for what is, then how will I grow?”* The feeling of wanting a template to arrive at success (typically to earn the approval of others)* Toxic Positivity* Our minds can feel scared if we have a negative thought we feel doomed* Staying true to ourselves in different facets of life (ie. relationships, career, movement, finances, etc).* The long term effects of compartmentalizing ourselves and invalidating them by “muting” parts of ourselves* Her advice on how to infuse the practice of creativity back into your lif, to help relieve stress, & connect to yourself * “Just because I don’t know the answers, doesn’t mean it has to be hard”* Change is part of being yourselfbr...

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    LPP #142 What To Expect Moving Forward

    LPP #142 What To Expect Moving Forward

    It’s always my hope that even if you have a different story that you can hear parts of yourself in the conversations had here, and that you can walk away with tools on how to navigate the not-often-spoken about topics that may be holding you back from living in the present. My mission is to offer you tools, insights and stories to help you on your journey. 

    But one of those journey’s I have neglected to address – which now seems glaringly obvious – is that of racism.

    I overlooked this experience most likely because of my privilege as a white person. I am waking up to my role as the “good white liberal”. No one wants to be thought of as racist, but by not speaking up about this topic – is in fact condoning it. So by not speaking about systemic racism I was playing a role in contributing to it. 

    Here are some resources you may want to look into:


    White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

    Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings

    Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor 

    Shows, Movies, & Documentaries :

    #blackAF (Netflix)13th (Netflix)When They See Us (Netflix)Dear White People (Netflix)12 Years A SlaveGreenbook


    Balance Black Girl Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/balanced-black-girl/id1438982040 

    Body Trauma: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/body-trauma-a-storytelling-podcast/id1510247972

    2 Dope Queens: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/2-dope-queens/id1097193327

    Pod Save The People: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pod-save-the-people/id1230148653


    Email me: engrid@livengproof.comDM me: @livengproof

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    LPP #140 My Birthday Reflections

    LPP #140 My Birthday Reflections

    In this weeks Liveng Proof Podcast episode I’m share a recent episode I recorded on my second podcast: Gal Pals. This was a very special conversation that invited me to dig deep and reflect on myself. It brought up a lot of interesting stories as you will see.

    What kind of birthday dessert do you like?

    So your sun sign is a ______ do you relate to the typical characteristics of this sun sign?

    What’s your type:

    Myers Briggs: 


    4 Tendencies: 

    If you had to change careers to something totally different and your education was paid for what would you train to do?

    What is something that most people assume about you that isn’t true?

    When do you feel the most like the most confident badass version of YOU?

    What is one item of clothing that makes you feel YOU?

    What is something you’ve recently discovered or re-discovered that you really like?

    What is a part of your daily routine that you are loving right now?

    I know you feel a deep connection with trees which is so beautiful- tell me about how that’s unfolded for you?

    What are some lessons you’ve learned from trees?

    What is a favorite birthday memory?

    What’s one of the best gifts you’ve ever received?

    What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

    Biggest lesson you learned from __ ?

    What is something you’ve gotten better at this year?

    What is something you still want to work on?

    Imagine the best version of YOU – you’re doing all your self-care, you’re feeling good, you’re wise AF – what words of wisdom would you have for us?

    If you could sit down with 10 year old self and tell her about your life now what would you be excited to tell her?

    What are you most excited about this year?

    What’s bringing you joy lately?



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    Instagram: @livengproof

    Liveng Proof Podcast 



    Instagram: @georgiemorley

    The Chasing Joy Podcast


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    LPP #139 Exploitation Vs. Authenticity, Honoring Your Inner Child, & The Process of Forgiveness with Madison Morrigan

    LPP #139 Exploitation Vs. Authenticity, Honoring Your Inner Child, & The Process of Forgiveness with Madison Morrigan

    Madison Morrigan is a 4x international award winning life coach, speaker, and creator of Awaken Her Soul, a 14 week mentorship program designed to help womxn embody their worth, power and fullness. Centered on self-responsibility and full expression, Madison coaches ambitious and creative womxn to shed layers of old programming keeping them small and finally come home to their true selves. Madison has her degree in interpersonal communication with an emphasis in psychology from Missouri State University, has a certificate in conflict resolution and legal mediation, and is proudly Certified BYCA Coach. This conversation started rolling from the moment I hit record. I decided to just roll with a less “official” starting point and I kind of like the comfortability of it. 



    How she chose her name (Morrigan is the celtic goddess of war, death, and rebirth)

    Divorcing her husband & recent coming out experience as queer

    The resistance that she feels when she feels oblisgated to inform people of her sexualtiy 

    Wrestingling with not wanting exploiting herself for other people’s understanding, but also share authentically

    Social media can make us feel like “we” are the product, it can hinder us to really see one another as people

    “When we treat ourselves like a product, people stop seeing us as a person”

    How do you know what is sacred (aka not to be shared publicly)?

    Is social media, trauma bonding?

    She shares about her childhood, growing up with an alcoholic parent who she was enmeshed with

    Her experience with spirituality & religion

    Her coping mechanism of overidentification with high performance /work addiction

    Understanding our coping mechanisms/ trauma responses served us at one point but may no longer (once we feel ready to heal)

    Healing her relationship with high performance & owning her voice

    Upleveling ourselves into things that scare us

    Getting comfortable experiencing life as a participant/student/peer, accepting instead of being the leader and space holder

    The vulnerability of being seen in my power around other women, in person

    Realizing the self work, only works when we’re showing up eventually in relationship

    There’s information in our patterns (Am I usually the leader? Am I usually the space holder? Do I do things to avoid being the object of attention?)

    We are not our pain and/or trauma. We are not our coping mechanisms. We are not our beliefs or our stories.

    Target analogy: Outside ring: our person, our personality, the stories we tell ourselves (the self we become to accommodate the world). Middle ring: True Essence (who you’re actually here to be, outside of what culture/ or your trauma tells you to me). Inner ring: True Divine self  (we are all connected and made of the same thing)

    Why authenticity is not simply disclosure

    Processing forgiveness: I don’t have to be punish, resent, withhold, or be angry with someone to feel justified in my feelings

    Coming to terms with that you “I will never get what I needed” and learning to protect and honor your inner child

    Learning to honor & feel our anger and grief

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    LPP #138 Eating Disorder & Exercise Addiction Recovery, Healing Chronic Pain, and Navigating Grief with Tamara Braendle Onofre

    LPP #138 Eating Disorder & Exercise Addiction Recovery, Healing Chronic Pain, and Navigating Grief with Tamara Braendle Onofre

    In this episode I’m chatting with Tamara Braendle Onofre – a holistic health coach & personal trainer. Tamara is an advocate for a balanced lifestyle, health at every size, and eating disorder recovery. In this episode Tamara shares her experiences with recovery from an eating disorder, exercise addiction, chronic pain, and the loss of her mother.

    Friendly disclaimer: there may be topics in this episode that you personally find triggering, and that is okay! Should this happen, please do whatever it is that you need, to take care of yourself. Lastly, there are certain foods mentioned as well as disordered eating and exercise behaviors described in this episode. Tamara also mentions specific exercise duration. 


    CONNECT WITH TAMARAInstagram: @tamara_fit27Website: thefitmuffin.com

    CONNECT WITH ME:Email: engrid@livengproof.comInstagram: @livengproofLiveng Proof Podcast Website


    Her experience with a traumatic hip surgery and cast as an infant and the effects this had later in her life

    Mother also underwent her first battle with cervical cancer at this same time (1.5 years old)

    Moved to the United States from Switzerland (10 y.o.)

    Developed anorexia (over exercise / under eating) (11 y.o.)

    Hospitalized for the first time and was forced to enter treatment (13 y.o.)

    Obsessive exercise – exercise addiction began to bloom to compensate for eating more (15 y.o)

    Developed hypothyroidism, induced by her undereating 

    Started bingeing and purging every night (17 y.o)

    How her Mom helped her to stop purging altogether

    Started abusing prescription drugs to lose weight (college)

    How a break up catapulted her recovery

    Due to excessive running, her pelvic bone collapsed and she almost lost her leg. Around this time her mother was also diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

    Her experience having a major reconstructive surgery which forced her to stop exercise completely.

    Permission to not work out – that we ALL have permission to not workout at anytime.

    Her grieving process after losing her Mom shortly after her wedding

    Eating disorder recovery as an accelerated course in self development and discovery

    Learning to not let your struggles define you


    Episode 100 Anorexia Recovery, Reframing Why We Exercise, & Breaking Away From Diet Culture with Claire Purnell 

    Episode 45.

    • 1 hr 20 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
110 Ratings

110 Ratings

leya VD ,

Candid & honest

This podcast shares such honest and vulnerable stories. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and letting us in. This is such a gift!

obacker19 ,

Empowering, nourishing and insightful! 🙏

Whether you’re already deep into your journey of authentic health and self-expression, or just getting started organizing your lifestyle around what matters most - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Engrid does an incredible job leading conversations that cover the entire range of mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural challenges we all face learning to navigate the transition to a nourishing way of life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

evie marie oconnor ,

incredible for mental and emotional well-being

I love Engrid’s compassionate and curious approach to interviewing her guests. I love this podcast as a way to support my mental health and continue to unlearn all the things that block me from my own well-being.

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