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John Barrows is a leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting. His clients include Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Okta. Each Week he gives you actionable sales tips to close more business and brings on industry leaders.

Make It Happen Mondays - B2B Sales Talk with John Barrows John Barrows

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John Barrows is a leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting. His clients include Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Okta. Each Week he gives you actionable sales tips to close more business and brings on industry leaders.

    Valerie Fischer: What is NLP and how it can help you sell

    Valerie Fischer: What is NLP and how it can help you sell

    The majority of salespeople aren’t aware of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how it can help in the sales process. If you haven’t heard of this (and even if you have), you’ll want to listen in to my conversation with Valerie Fischer, co-owner of The Conversion Engine and an NLP-Certified Practitioner. I was introduced to NLP early in my sales career but didn’t really get too deep into it because I thought it could be manipulative. But Valerie feels it’s really just getting to know your client and helps them to label their thoughts and behaviors. “It’s trying to understand what your clients think-points are,” Valerie says. “What are the possibilities they see for themselves. When you ask questions like that, you’re able ot squeeze that out of them.” We also delve into identifying whether your client is a visual, auditory or a kinesthetic person and how to mirror your messaging to take full advantage of these traits. We also discuss metamodel questions that can help get to the client’s actual motivations and goals for their business. Valerie says, “When you find your value, you find your purpose and they you find your why.”
    Connect with Valerie on LinkedIn:
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/valeriepfischer/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/valeriepfischer/)
    Find out more about Valerie’s ventures at:
    https://valeriepfischer.net/ (https://valeriepfischer.net/)

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    John Talty: Nick Saban’s Leadership Secrets

    John Talty: Nick Saban’s Leadership Secrets

    Alabama football Coach Nick Saban doesn’t set lofty goals, but his teams win national championships. Guest John Talty, who covers the Crimson Tide as sports editor at Alabama Media Group, says Saban is “much more focused on what we need to do on a daily basis to put ourselves in a position to have success.” Creating a system where players and coaches share understanding of their roles and how they fit in with the team allows Saban to succeed year after year, Talty writes in his new book, “The Leadership Secrets of Nick Saban.” … Coach Saban’s philosophy prompts John Barrows to challenge sales team leaders by asking, “When was the last time you actually really genuinely painted a vision for them about where you're taking this, and how they fit into that vision?”
    Connect with John Talty on LinkedIn here:
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-talty-586642b/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-talty-586642b/)
    Get a copy of his book:
    https://www.amazon.com/Leadership-Secrets-Nick-Saban-Alabamas/dp/1637740832/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?crid=1JKVDJX8JFITPandkeywords=john+taltyandqid=1662989541andsprefix=john+talty%2Caps%2C450andsr=8-2 (https://www.amazon.com/Leadership-Secrets-Nick-Saban-Alabamas/dp/1637740832)
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    Donald C. Kelly : Just Two Sales Guys Talking

    Donald C. Kelly : Just Two Sales Guys Talking

    As founder of The Sales Evangelist, consultant Donald C. Kelly “sells sales to salespeople.” When he sat down with John they declared the conversation “just two sales guys talking.” But it was more a crash course in selling with observations like: Showing genuine curiosity engages clients; get “yesses” along the way; an empowered consumer “will buy all day;” avoid “fake personalization” in outreach, people know; work hard to land government contracts “because government people don't like to switch.” … John agrees strongly with Donald’s advice to educate prospects instead of dazzling them, advising him to use analogies and “help it make sense to them in their world.”

    Connect with Donald on LinkedIn:
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/donaldckelly/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/donaldckelly/)

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    Mark Raffan: Negotiating Lessons from Procurement

    Mark Raffan: Negotiating Lessons from Procurement

    If you’re a sales professional whose job revolves around procurement, you’ll want to listen to my discussion with Mark Raffan, CEO of Negotiation Ninja. Mark provides a master class in negotiations because he knows all the tricks in this field as he used to work on the procurement side. “I come from the dark side, the other side of the procurement world,” he said. “I started in sales and moved into procurement.”One of the biggest fallacies in the world of negotiations is the “win-win” scenario. Renowned negotiator Chris Voss says “fair is like a four-letter word in negotiations,” and Raffan mostly agrees with this philosophy. “The whole idea of fair is really, really scary,” Raffan says. “But it’s also the foundation for win-win. I used to put stuff in my (starting) negotiations just to give them up just to make you feel good.”One aspect in negotiations we discuss is when you have to concede in pricing, make sure to get some sort of reciprocity, such as payment up-front or a larger order than originally intended. We also talk about “nice to have” solutions versus a “must have” solution, along with knowing when to walk away and the impact time has on negotiations.
    Connect with Mark on LinkedIn:
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/markraffan/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/markraffan/)
    Find out more about Negotiations Ninja:
    https://www.negotiations.ninja/ (https://www.negotiations.ninja/)

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    Chris Mirabile: How I Slowed Down Aging

    Chris Mirabile: How I Slowed Down Aging

    After battling a brain tumor as a teenager and depression as a young entrepreneur, wellness advocate Chris Mirabile “grew to appreciate that I was here, living still.” Today the founder and CEO of longevity company Novos Labs says he has slowed his aging process by 31% through a holistic approach to mental and physical health that includes meditation, aerobic and strength training, and a good diet. ”All of these different things, they all interact with each other, and they impact your physical health, your biological health, your emotional well being, and so on,” he says of what he calls his “longevity lifestyle.” … Hear John and Chris discuss how ego and entrepreneurship can pose unique challenges to mental and physical health.Connect with
    Chris on LinkedIn here:
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrismirabile/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrismirabile/)
    Follow his health journey here:
    https://slowmyage.com/ (https://slowmyage.com/)

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    Lisa Catto: The Queen of Automation

    Lisa Catto: The Queen of Automation

    Lisa Catto caught John’s attention with her self proclaimed title on Linkedin as the Queen of Automation. John has been saying for years that automation is turning sales reps into robots so he had to have her on to discuss where automation can help and hurt throughout the sales process. Lisa says digital selling tools can be effective as long as they are “being valuable, not being creepy.” From finding leads to engaging prospects, online outreach can save time and resources and pave the way for more meaningful personal connections. “We have lost the art of building rapport and conversation,” she says, and automating mundane tasks like scheduling and exchanging basic information allows for better person-to-person communication. The London-based consultant and business coach warns, though, that abusing automation tools on LinkedIn and Facebook can lead to being banned on the platforms. … John challenges Lisa about the “fake personalization” sometimes found in digital outreach campaigns; she responds that good salespeople don’t try to fool potential customers and notes that standardized scripts have long been part of selling.
    Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn:
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/lcatto/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lcatto/)

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4.5 out of 5
153 Ratings

153 Ratings

jordana z ,

One of the best!

Hands down one of the best sales podcasts around, made possible John’s authenticity, his deep investment/care in elevating a profession a has so shortage of strikes against it, and his genuine desire to learn and share some of the best and most interesting ideas floating around the industry.

Adarcus ,

Can’t miss!

It’s obvious John Barrows puts extraordinary effort into every single episode. This show is a true standout with high quality of the guests, stories, and tactics. John finds speakers that truly care about being a positive force in the learning and development space, and shares insights that only a true practitioner can unearth. Don't miss it!

Nigrxgy ,

What a great show.

This is must listen to material. Your team does such a great job. Inspiring. Keep up the good work. You change lives.

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