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What to say when you talk to your mind, and what to say when your mind talks to you.

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking Dr. David Abbott M.D.

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What to say when you talk to your mind, and what to say when your mind talks to you.

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4.0 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

Above A Star ,

Very Recommendable – BUT with a twist…

~ DESPITE a few shortcomings that can and DO distract from, negate or even reverse the beneficial affects of brief, positive lessons like these, I actually DO recommend subscribing to this podcast ~IF~ we edit out the negative parts and especially if add them to our positive and inspirational playlists. Editing them is easy to do with the ‘Start and Stop Time’ function (just right click on the episode, click on ‘Get Info’ then the ‘Options’ tab).
~ IT’S WONDERFUL that Dr. Abbott begins almost all of these podcasts quite positively and with very, very valuable, inspirational and applicable wisdom; …. UNFORTUNATELY, he almost always then goes into negative societal critiques, various judgments or disturbing parables to unnecessarily try to convince us WHY his advice is beneficial enough for us to heed. Additionally, I personally found it almost as annoying as a broken record that he uses a majority of these podcast to seemingly brag about his years of living in Saudi Arabia, or to ramble about sailing his boat (the ‘Exit Only’) around the world, or to tell about his auto accident AGAIN, and sometimes all three.
~ Despite these issues, his good, positive intentions shine through and he does indeed give us MANY short, quick and excellent gems that I’ve edited and then added to my positive music playlists to help me internalize the authentically positive and inspirational pearls of wisdom he gives us here.
~ I also want to add a very sincere THANK YOU to Dr. Abbot for respecting the good intentions of this critique and especially to thank him for so generously giving his time to create and share these podcasts with us; I hope you’ll continue to create more of these and that you’ll keep them here for many, many years.

jaydeezy01 ,


Highly recommend

Xlmichael31 ,

Stupendous speaker

This guy is super inspirational because he knows what he talks about and he speaks to near perfection. This guy deserves to be universally known because this is extremely motivational and therapeutic.

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