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Medicine Cypher is a living record of interviews with earthworkers who root holistic health and earth stewardship through the knowledge-ways of the African diaspora.

Medicine Cypher Maya Blow and Bae Laurel

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Medicine Cypher is a living record of interviews with earthworkers who root holistic health and earth stewardship through the knowledge-ways of the African diaspora.

    Episode 5: Make It All Sacred

    Episode 5: Make It All Sacred

    Join us as we sit down with the one and only Yeye Luisah Teish. Not only a teacher, dancer, storyteller, and high priestess, Yeye Teish is also a prolific author, most notably of Jambalaya: The Natural Woman's Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, her father was an African Methodist Episcopal  and her mother was a Catholic, of Haitian, French, and Choctaw heritage. Yeye Teish is an Iyanifa and Oshun chief in Yoruba tradition. Yeye Teish is one of the most well known Yoruba priestesses worldwide, who is celebrated internationally in Goddess circles as a writer and ritual-maker. She quite literally a legendary woman of great character and exceeding positive impact for this generation and all time.

    In this Episode:
    Cutting open the path for our work
    Marie Laveau and spiritualism
    Growing up with psychic experiences
    War with Exxon and Monsanto
    Coming up as a young, black woman in the civil rights and black power era
    Repressed energy & memories coming out through dance 
    Healing women survivors of childhood sexual abuse, incest, sexual enslavement, battery, domestic abuse and surgical alteration
    Providing a safe space for people to have their memories
    Listening deeply
    Creating a cavalry of women dedicated to healing other women
    Taking back power
    Following the ancestors, New Orleans, Haiti, West Africa
    The journey to Iyanifa and priesthood
    Initiation to Oshun
    The stories of orishas are spiritual physics codified
    Indigenous traditions on the rise 
    Responisbilities and the delicate dance of elderhood
    Supplimenting the discoveries of the younger generations
    Rituals for the everyday sacred

    Featured Plant Ally: Rue (Ruta graveolens)

    Resources and Links:
    Marie Laveau
    Katherine Dunham

    Sister in Yellow by Omar Sosa, El Houssaine Kili, Gustavo Ovalles · Martha Galarraga, Sub-Z, Yassir Chadly
    Bullerengue para un Angel by Orita Cantora
    Water Drumming by Baka women of Cameroon
    Pour me Water by Mr. Eazi

    Shout Outs:
    Yeye Luisah Teish
    Sacred Waters Retreat
    George Peterson Jr.

    • 42 min
    Episode 4: Groundation Foundation

    Episode 4: Groundation Foundation

    Welcome to Episode 4 of Medicine Cypher where we interview our incredible friend and mentor Michele Elizabeth Lee, author of "Working the Roots: Over 400 Years of Traditional African-American Healing". A native of Oakland, Michele was raised in a family of traditional healers from the South. She's worked for over 30 years in the integrated arts field as an artist, curator, administrator, educator, and writer. She currently lives and works in Oakland, where she teaches art in a public school.

    In this episode
    Black Folk Medicine
    Being on your hustle
    Preventative healthcare
    Oral traditions, treasures of stories
    Chalk & clay as medicinal detox
    Herbs for survival
    Cod liver oil as a superfood
    Growing up in the art world
    Artist residencies in indigenous communities
    Pushing the visual dialogue
    Queen Quet, Gullah nation
    Earth systems update
    We are immortal
    1750- connections of pre industrial period when CO2 began rising
    Bearing witness to change
    Global warming & environmental degradation
    Adaptogenic herbs and plants for daily flushing, detox, fortification and resilient health

    Featured Plant Ally: Castor (Rinicus Communis)

    Resources and Links:

    all music in this episode by Hannah Mayree

    Shout Outs:
    Michele E. Lee
    George Peterson Jr.

    • 46 min
    Episode 3: Know Thyself

    Episode 3: Know Thyself

    In this episode of Medicine Cypher, we sit down with Jada Imani, a dynamic MC and teaching artist from the Bay by way of East St. Louis. ... Jada encourages people to dig into their truths, celebrate their authentic selves and experiences. Her work is mirrored in community through music showcases, artist talks, and workshops.  She intends to assist the cultural and structural evolution of groups and individuals who are seeking healthier ways of (co)existing. Jada builds coalitions with communities of poets, Hip-Hop heads and entrepreneurs alike.

    In this Episode: 
    Self Image Psychology
    Pushing the Boundaries of What We Think is Possible
    Patterns & Personal Power
    Using Our Limbs in the Spiritual World
    Accessing the Home Within You
    Everything Exists in Everything
    Angels, Guides, We Choose Our Parents...
    Feeding Your Ancestors
    Trust- You'll Fall Exactly Where You Need To Be
    Living in Fear is Deep Suffering
    Courage is Necessary
    Living With Intention
    Trust in Your POWER
    Five Element Astrology
    Childlike Insistence
    Fox Energy: Adaptability, Becoming Like the Wind
    Art of Oneness 

    Featured Plant Ally: Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)

    Resources and Links: 
    Psycho Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz & Dan Kennedy
    Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield
    Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot
    The Quietest Revolution, Amber Khan
    Tom Kenyon

    Family Over Everything by Jada Imani prod. Jaleel Carter
    Drip by Jada Imani prod. MejiWahn
    Who Else by Jada Imani prod. Baghead
    Though U Knew by Jada Imani prod. Mcstravick
    Some Breathe Smooth by Jada Imani prod. Baghead
    Sometimes I Feel Like by Jada Imani prod. Baghead
    Freestyle, Jada Imani

    Shout Outs: 
    Jada Imani
    George Peterson Jr.

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    Episode 2: Spirit Drumz - Activating Human Potential Through the Drumming Arts

    Episode 2: Spirit Drumz - Activating Human Potential Through the Drumming Arts

    Join us as we sit down with Afia Walking Tree, M.Ed. Percussionist, Educator, Ritualist is a world-class cultural drummer, ambassador, spiritual activist, leadership development advocate and trainer. She founded Spirit Drumz in 1994 in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Walking Tree’s drum-songs are prayers of gratitude for the generosity of spirit. Her lyrics are evolutionary teachings, addressing present day issues of social justice, wellness, and self-love resiliency rooted in liberation of the global Family. Afia Walking Tree's destiny prioritizes Expressive and Healing Arts modalities: African Diasporic Drum and Dance, Permaculture, Holistic Nutrition, and Environmental Justice to activate collective responsibility and transform injustices facing our peoples. 

    In this Episode:
    The Power Returns
    Reactivating, Rejuvenating, Restoring
    Drumming for Women & Girls of Color
    The Most Potent Way to Bring the Medicine
    Connecting with Our African Ancestors
    Women's Retreats in Jamaica
    Personal Soul Journeys
    Staying Young, Healthy & Supple
    Water As A Healer
    Water Fasting
    Super foods, High Vibration Nutrition
    Permission to Use Our Voices
    Ending Violence And Healing Sexual Trauma for Women & Girls
    Healing Is A Fire Burning Through Our Veins

    Featured Plant Ally: Moringa (Moringa Oleifera), drumstick tree

    Resources And Links:

    All music and drumming by Afia Walking Tree and Spirit Drumz from her album
    Soul Affirmationz

    Shout Outs:
    Afia Walking Tree
    George Peterson Jr

    • 50 min
    Episode 1 : The Path of Fire and Love

    Episode 1 : The Path of Fire and Love

    In episode one we hear from Bae Laurel and Maya Blow as they share their paths and talk about their work, as well as, the conception and intentions of this podcast. Guided by the teachings of mullein, this episode is an activation on the path of fire and love.

    In This Episode:
    Sustainable Living, Farming, Herbal Medicine
    Sharing our unique medicine & owning our magical gifts
    Being in the flow of our dharma
    Sacred land connection
    Being a Beacon of Light
    Waking each other up over & over again
    Trust in the perfection of the moment
    Recording healing stories & wisdom

    Featured Plant Ally: Mullein (verbascus thapsus)

    Resources & Links:

    We Welcome You, Damba Primary School, Zimbabwe
    Koffee, Gratitude
    Oakland, Naru Kwina

    Book Recommendations:
    Woman on the Edge of Time, Marge Piercy
    After the First Full Moon in April (Ethnobotany), Beverly Ortiz & Josephine Peters
    Island Beneath the Sea, Isabel Allende
    Wild Seed, Octavia Butler
    Jambalaya, Luisah Teish
    Sastun, Rosita Arvigo
    Traveler's Joy, Julliette de Bairacli Levy
    Song of Increase, Jaqueline Freeman
    Being a Green Mother, Piers Anthony

    Shout Outs:
    Yasir Cross, Mom & the Cross Boys
    Bae's Family & Friends
    Abi Huff- The Stinging Nettle
    Marc Robbi & Corrina Cohen- Fruitwood Nursery
    Teri Chanturai & Grant Gilkison
    Forest Cypher Friends- Jasmin Rendon, Amelia Azul, Tamu Mosley, Tadayuki Furui, Jennifer Navarro Flores

    • 49 min

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5.0 out of 5
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15 Ratings

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inspired, righteous

in depth, heartfelt, togetherness with the sources of life. these podcasts are medicine for these times, and ever.

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Love, Love, Love Medicine Cypher

This podcast is just what the world needs. Such grounded wisdom that is nourishing to the mind and soul. Thank you! Many Blessings to you!

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I’m so glad to have crossed paths with this podcast. This cypher is powerful beyond measure. Thank you for sharing your Light & Wisdom with us. Continued Blessings!

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