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The Mi Duole Cycling Team was established in 1984 and is one of the longest established road cycling clubs in Utah. This podcast celebrates all things cycling in Utah! Exploring people, places, races and more.

Mi Duole Cycling Podcast Utah's oldest cycle team (est. 1984)

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The Mi Duole Cycling Team was established in 1984 and is one of the longest established road cycling clubs in Utah. This podcast celebrates all things cycling in Utah! Exploring people, places, races and more.

    Davis’s Do Hard Things

    Davis’s Do Hard Things

    Clark likes to claim he's from California AND Utah, but we all know that he's really a Utah boy at heart. He grew up in the shadows of the Olympus Cove surrounded by family and friends. He was a frequent diner at Spring Garden, Arbys and MolcaSalsa and was the Tardy King of Skyline Highschool -- Class of 2001. While attending The University of Utah, he met and married an 'East Coast girl' and together we have a beautiful 14 year old daughter, Grace Ella. She is the light of our family. We lived in Maryland for seven years and in 2015 returned back to Zion and that's when Clark entered the Utah Tech arena. Thanks to his Dad's bribe, he took up cycling in 2016 and the rest is history! When he's not wearing bibs, he can be found in his work uniform -- Rhone joggers, a plaid button down and a vest. 
    Anyone that truly knows Clark, knows that he loves cycling, but he loves Jesus more. He is an avid student of the scriptures and loves studying the life of Jesus Christ. Our family motto is 'Davis' Do Hard Things' and Clark is a great example of this. Whether it be waking up at 4:30am on Saturday mornings to get a long ride in before Donut Saturday, Everesting during Christmas break with our family as his support team, or spending hours planning routes to ride with friends and coming home with pictures and videos to tell the tale -- Clark does hard things and our family is so grateful for his example and all he does to love and support us. 

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    Queen of Zwift with Tiffany Larson

    Queen of Zwift with Tiffany Larson

    My hopes started in 1993, when I bought Tiffany a new—but dented—Specialized Allez lugged steel frameset from a Specialized rep in the avenues. She never rode it, and a neighbor still has that bike. Probably about 2009 Tiffany was given a decent carbon bike with a fit; that’s really when things started rolling. She had to get comfortable on the bike first. There were some “Hobble Creek moms” that would ride a few days a week in the summer. 
    One thing you have to understand about Tiffany is that she can’t really do things halfway, and she’s more competitive than she can admit. Valedictorian, summa cum laude, basketball MVP…she can’t just show up. So quickly the women’s rides were unsatisfying. Soon I was suggesting intervals to try instead of her using hills as intervals. We had some failures riding together at first for sure…she could talk about going up Timber Trail the first time and how mad she could get when I would just suggest one more climb that she was not ready to do. Now, however, she doesn’t blink. She drops men all the time and takes criticism from the kids for checking her Strava. 
    Now we’re a good decade into real riding for Tiffany, with race wins, Zwift notariety, successful lotoja races (some sacrificed to help friends old and new) and many unforgettable rides, bike tours, joys, pains, QOMs, and friendships experienced while exploring the land on a bike. Funny thing, too, is that she has completely forgotten about the lecture she gave me about riding too much. 

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    ”I Don’t Want A Mediocre Life”

    ”I Don’t Want A Mediocre Life”

    Chris was raised in the Holladay/Millcreek area. He is the oldest of 6 kids. Chris attended Skyline High school where he played football and graduated in 2004. 
    Chris loves to ski, bike, go boating, play the piano, watch movies and eat a ton of popcorn. An interesting fact about Chris is he has broken his back twice. The first time was skiing in the park at Brighton and the second was during football practice his senior year. 
    He served an LDS mission from 05-07 in the Little Rock, Arkansas mission, Spanish speaking. Shortly after returning we met and got married in 2009. Before we started a family Chris and I enjoyed doing everything together. We traveled a lot and even went to Europe twice. We skied together in the winter and biked together in the summer. Chris was a very supportive husband and helped me train for triathlons. Chris and I bought and sold 4 different houses in the first 8 years of our marriage, fixing each one up and selling after a few years. We now live in the Willow Creek area. Other than Chris wishing we lived closer to the stop sign in Holladay for ride meetups, we love it. We now have 3 kids. Jackson is 6, Gracie is 4 and Lettie is 2. 
    Chris works in software sales in the healthcare space but is always trying to figure out how he could make a living doing his own thing. Something Chris is self conscious about and you can give him a hard time is he is color blind. If you're ever biking with him during the fall and looking at the beautiful fall colors, just know he can't see it and won't say anything about it. 
    Growing up Chris loved to mountain bike in Sun Valley on family trips. After we got married he thought it would be fun for both of us to try road biking. We slowly started getting into cycling and did a few centuries around Salt Lake. It's crazy to think but there once was a time I could beat him up a mountain. I think he got sick of biking with me and started talking to Charles Smart about joining the team. 
    One thing about Chris is he doesn't do anything little. When he decided to join Mi Duole he went in fully including buying everything possible. He was immediately impressed with how fast and how hard everyone worked. I definitely think he has found his people. He put his mind to getting better and faster and figuring out how to keep up with the Doules. This team has been the best thing for him socially, mentally and physically. I have been so impressed with how far he has come and how fast he has gotten. He has accomplished things and pushed himself harder than he or I thought he could. It would drive him crazy when he couldn't keep up and he has worked so hard to get where he is today. He has made the best of friends and long lasting relationships. Chris is a perfect example of putting in hard work to accomplish his goals. He works hard at everything he does. 
    He was an incredible missionary, he is an amazing dad, he works super hard to be successful with work and I am proud of what he has accomplished cycling. Everyone loves Chris and we are lucky to have him.

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    ”King of PC Loop” with Ryan Welch

    ”King of PC Loop” with Ryan Welch

    If you ask Ryan’s oldest son, Oliver, what he is doing at any given time, he is probably racing toy cars yelling out “I am speed!” The apple must not fall very far from the tree there, as Ryan is usually doing the exact same thing- just trade the toy car for a bike! 
    Affectionately called “the golden boy” by his family, Ryan is the epitome of kindness, joy, and positivity. He grew up in Salt Lake City and went to Olympus High School. After graduating he served a mission in Bolivia where he developed a healthy fear of needles and a deep love of Spanish music. He obtained his Bachelors Degree and Masters of Accounting from the University of Utah. During college he traveled all over the place, searching every corner of the world looking for something high to jump off of, a mountain to scale the side of, or giant party to attend. He is a CPA, and now works as a financial analyst at Lucid Software. 
    He met his wife Ellen after seeing a picture of her online and insisting that her roommate set them up, despite the fact that she had a boyfriend at the time. Not long after that they were married in a small wedding ceremony in Paris. They have two boys, Oliver and Tommy, who absolutely adore Ryan. He is a die hard Utah Football fan, despite being married to a die hard BYU football fan. The perfect way to describe him is like a golden retriever- full of energy, a friend to every person he meets, easy to please, and always happy. 
    Ryan has never met a canyon he didn’t want to climb, a mountain he didn’t want to ski, a truck he didn’t want to take off roading, or a race he didn’t want to win. 
    After being introduced to cycling in college, he quickly developed a healthy obsession. His highly competitive nature mixed with his grit and determination have given him an impressive start to what will surely be a lifelong career in cycling. He was introduced to Mi Duole early in his cycling journey, and has found a community he absolutely loves being a part of! He’s been involved in many races, including 3 Lotojas. Most recently, he pulled off an insane Lotoja win, despite spending his entire summer training with a newborn at home. 
    Most early mornings you can find Ryan in the saddle, climbing mountains and putting in the work, and still always being home in time to whip up his famous French Toast. 

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    LOTOJA Champion: 2019, 2020, 2021

    LOTOJA Champion: 2019, 2020, 2021

    Meet Ben Brooks! 
    My first memories of Ben happened 3-4 years ago going up both Emigration and Mill Creek Canyon. Sometime Ben would just be there and go up with us. Quiet, but strong. He would stick with they group. Ride hard and then join us again. Like most teammate who gravitate to the Mi Duole team we frequent the same place at the same time. So, over time Ben started to become a regular in the group.  We made an invitation to make him part of the team and he “thankfully” excepted
    Ben is an exceptional athlete. I’ll start with what I know, but will let him fill in the details. First, three time LOTOJA champion: 2019: Cat 5, 2020: Cat 4, 2021: Cat 3. If you follow him on Strava you will also notice he is an accomplish back country skier.  He will knock out a four canyons ride and then the next week compete in a crit. Ben can shred on the mountain bike and also bury you in the swimming pool. He loves to fish, trail run and maybe a triathlon or two…and with some Strava digging I’m also seeing that you have completed the Wasatch 100  (2017 taking 9th place) 
    He has three beautiful kids and is a Senior Sales Executive for AdvancedMD - an all in one medical software company. I was listening to the MasterClass program recorded by Coach K this morning and he talked about the power of being with “values based” leaders. Ben is that guy! He is filled with integrity, loyalty, kindness…he leads well because he had everyone’s respect. Grateful to call you a friend and team mate. 

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    Friendships > Finish Lines

    Friendships > Finish Lines

    Nate Allen Cazier (aka stinky to his family and Nate Dawg to everyone else) was born in the heartland of Costco (Kirkland, Washington) but grew up in Sandy, Utah. He graduated from Alta High where he served as a student body officer his senior year, helping elevate his coolness factor even higher than it previously was.  As a kid, Nate’s dad would take him and his younger brothers mountain biking throughout southern utah, instilling a love of bikes for him. His first kiss was at a stake dance under the basketball hoop when he was 14 years old instilling a love for the ladies in him … (Nate was a ladies man don’t let him tell you otherwise!)
    After being a ski bum, serving a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Brazil, becoming an interrogator for the United States Army, breaking his back and eventually settling on one girl, Nate finally ended up graduating from Utah State university with a degree in political science.  He then went on to attend law school at Pepperdine university. He currently is an attorney at Payne & Fears, aptly named for Nate’s style and attitude towards riding - no pain no gain and push through the fears. 
    Nate loves spicy Doritos, sour candies, tootsie rolls, snickerdoodle cookies and taco flavored kisses. 
    He’s blessed to have the most loving, kind, supportive, super hot friend group around (aka TBD) …. and wife too. He wouldn’t be the man he is today with out either of them. 
    He’s a doting father to 4 crazies, a disciple of Jesus Christ, a fantastic orator and tenor.  But if you truly know Nate, you know his biggest competitor is himself. His mental strength and resilience is unlike any other. He’s the kind of guy you feel lucky to know, knowing he’ll always have your back.
    Shayne Kennedy, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, a true valley boy at heart. Shayne is the oldest of six kids. He grew up maintaining straight A’s all the while skipping classes to surf, and plan his high schools best parties. Shayne began college at CSUN later transferring his freshman year to BYU, where he also transferred his devotion to skipping classes from surfing to skiing. He then went on to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Puerto Rico. Returning to BYU after his mission, Shayne was the editor of the Journal of International and Area Studies. He graduated from BYU and headed straight to USC for law school. Shayne got a job with Latham and Watkins from USC, eventually becoming a partner at the firm. Shayne has built a career as a Capital Markets attorney, focusing on the niche of Life Sciences. He is ranked amongst the top Capital Markets attorneys on the west coast. He has been a leader in several positions, ranging from Office Managing Partner to Global Co-Chair of the Firms Capital Markets Practice.
    Finding himself in a place of over work, over stress, and over weight after several years of grinding as a lawyer; Shayne decided something needed to change. In true to Shayne fashion, he signed himself up for “The Most Grueling” Ironman event in the country without even informing any of his family how extreme this was. He was just hoping to be motivated to workout and get healthy, he ended up losing 40 pounds and developing a love for performance and exercising that he couldn’t have imagined before. When a group of Avid bikers and friends in Irvine asked him to join their group and train for a race called LOTOJA, he had no idea what he was getting himself into; but has now competed for the last 12 years. He has made some of the best friends of his life, he has played out every scenario from not finishing to winning the race TWICE! He will tell you that he bikes to eat, but what he gains through biking in terms of friendship, camaraderie, and super-fitness; has been completely life changing. 
    As I said, Shayne bikes to eat, which includes some of his his favorites Weinerschnitzel and Taco Bell; Sweet Tarts and Lemo

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4.9 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

Mi Duole ,

Mi Duole

Stu, Jake, and Chip do such an amazing job!

Carpet Guru ,

Dave Sharp - total legend!

Great insights into the life of Dave Sharp. You guys do a fantastic job on this podcast. The question that remains unanswered- “where do I get one of those Mi Duole ball caps that Jake is wearing?”

WelchFam06 ,

Real insight from real dudes

Stu, Chip, and Jake are the real deal. They are some of the most down to earth guys and yet some of the strongest riders along the wasatch. Great podcast to here there thoughts and insights on how to improve in cycling amongst the balancing act of life.

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