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The Mi Duole Cycling Team was established in 1984 and is one of the longest established road cycling clubs in Utah. This podcast celebrates all things cycling in Utah! Exploring people, places, races and more.

Mi Duole Cycling Podcast Utah's oldest cycle team (est. 1984)

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The Mi Duole Cycling Team was established in 1984 and is one of the longest established road cycling clubs in Utah. This podcast celebrates all things cycling in Utah! Exploring people, places, races and more.

    "Improve The Process" with Jack Boren

    "Improve The Process" with Jack Boren

    If you know Jack, you know that anything he’s willing to invest time in is something he really cares about. Jack has an unwavering ability to set goals for himself and completely focus in and dedicate himself to achieving them. This stands true in his personal life  as a husband and father to our two children, his professional life where he has to be one of the youngest people to be made partner at a reputable/legitimate venture capital fund- certainly in our region- and in his cycling career where 5 years into owning a bike he finished LoToJa as the 24th fastest rider ever. 
    I’m proud to say I got Jack into his cardio fitness era. When we met in 2014 I convinced him to start running with me in the mornings as it was something we could do together before work. Much to his chagrin, I even convinced him to run a couple of half marathons and wasatch steeple chase but in 2018 we decided to try out cycling together. We bought matching Pinarellos and spent the summer as two of the slowest people on the mountain. That position would clearly not cut it for Jack and his interest in cycling quickly spiraled. 
    Fast forward to 2024 - Our kitchen is now a science lab for his various nutritional supplements and the concoctions he mixes on a nightly basis. Our garage houses so many bikes, I’m fairly certain he’ll be parking on the street this summer to make room for more. And I’ve recently learned we’ll be spending our retirement driving a sag wagon around France for our competitive cyclist children. 
    But in all honesty, cycling has brought a lot of joy to our family and I love that he loves it as much as he does.

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    "Never Peak" with Shawn Montmeny

    "Never Peak" with Shawn Montmeny

    Shawn was born in Sheridan Wyoming. His love of bikes started early, he even won trophies racing BMX in elementary school. 
    When he was 12 they moved to Holladay where Shawn went to Oly Jr & graduated from Olympus High. Shawn has always been active, playing many sports like football and basketball. Believe it or not, he had to be an X when he played tackle football in junior high. 
    He went to Univ of Wyoming for a semester, and realized the sheltered Sheridan boy was not prepared for all that Laramie had to offer. He then went to the U for a quarter, spent two years in North Carolina, and then graduated from the U. 
    Shawn currently lives in Cottonwood Heights with his wife Emily; who is amazing, glorious, kind, thoughtful, and patient, along with their 3 boys. 
    Em’s family ran the Deseret News 10k one summer, then the Provo River half marathon, and Shawn’s love for endurance was born, as well as a dive into nutrition. He ran 13 marathons before switching to cycling. He has always had a method to his madness, whether it be getting faster or stronger, what he does has a purpose. 
    At certain times of the year, Shawn could have up to 6 jobs going on at one time. He’s currently working on a masters in Sport Analytics from Ole Miss, and looking to make a career transition to data analytics. So make sure you have your brown rice and beatles, and prepare to be enlightened by Shawn’s crazy mind. 
    From Kirby, “Shawn has been in the finance industry for 10 plus years, but has a love for statistics.  When Shawn isn’t crunching numbers for FIS, he is running the statistics reporting for University of Utah sports programs as well as for the NFL Las Vegas Raiders.  Fun facts, Shawn is a vegetarian and loves eating cactus.  Because Shawn eats mostly plants, producing more gas, which you'll get to enjoy on group rides.  There is little to no draft riding behind Shawn, perfect air foil.  Shawn's mom, Jane, favorite friend is David Kirby.  She loves a man with a mustache.  True story.”

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    "Be Like Sturm!" with Sarah Sturm

    "Be Like Sturm!" with Sarah Sturm

    We're honored to have the indomitable Sarah Sturm gracing our podcast. From conquering challenging terrains to shattering records, Sarah's cycling journey is a testament to grit, determination, and an unwavering love for the sport. In this episode, we explore the highs and lows of her remarkable career, the challenges overcome, and the victories that have solidified her status as a cycling icon. Join us for an inspiring ride as we delve into the stories behind the victories, the resilience that defines her, and the lessons learned on the winding roads of life. Get ready for insights, laughter, and a dose of inspiration that will leave you reaching for your bike helmet and hitting the trails with newfound vigor!

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    ”Enjoy the Journey” with Dr. Dean Walker

    ”Enjoy the Journey” with Dr. Dean Walker

    Dean “the machine’ Walker is one of the greatest humans on Planet Earth! Although Dean may not be a Mi Duole OG, he is a cycling OG and fits right in with the Mi Duole tribe.  Dean is a cycling legend in his own right and has notched his place in the annals of Mi Duole with putting the “O” in Stoopid, like many of us, with great cycling feats and concomitant cycling injuries.  Dean has done Leadville at least 2 times.  He cracked his pelvis when he crashed doing the Leadville warmup ride and then on a subsequent year’s Leadville training ride, broke several ribs when he decided to take a nap in a loamy patch of bushes in a hairpin on Armstrong, only to find a hidden tree stump underneath!  
    While Dean favors the mountain bike, with the Local Legend up the Rattlesnake hairpins, he is no stranger to the road.  He has competed in several LOTOJA’s and is a regular up the summer Thursday Big Cottonwood/PC loop sufferfest.  Dean has a penchant for sweet bikes, which include a custom hand-painted Open gravel whip from Italy.  All of Dean’s cycling feats are inconsequential relative to the real man that he is.  
    Dean is a man of God and the most generous, loving, humble, kind person you will ever meet.  And oh, by the way, did I mention that he’s an amazing surgeon? Dean is your go-go guys for shoulder, hip and knee replacements.  I can now do head-shoulder-knees-and toes with the best of the 6 year olds!  More importantly, Dean is a man of honor and integrity.  He is a loyal friend and will offer you the jersey off his back whenever you need it. 
    I’m humbled so see how Dean is currently making a very sweet concoction of lemonade with the lemons he’s recently been given.  Dean is a rock.  Dean is your Wingman.  He is a genuine friend and it is my honor to consider him one of my best friends.  I present to you, Dean Walker; the man, they myth, and the OG of true Italian backyard brick oven pizza

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    Announcing: Utah Crit League

    Announcing: Utah Crit League

    "We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and innovative environment. UCL aims to provide Utah with a crit racing experience never seen before. Whether you are in your first year or a crit connoisseur UCL is the place for you."
    Registration: https://www.bikereg.com/utah-crit-league

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    Hot Take: Zone 2 Training with Coach Sarah Kaufman

    Hot Take: Zone 2 Training with Coach Sarah Kaufman

    Sarah raced at the UCI Elite level from 2007-2021 and has been coaching since 2012. She uses her experience as a racer to combine a holistic, personal approach with science-based design. She works with athletes from all backgrounds and levels of experience, from new riders to pros and juniors to masters racers. She works with XC, endurance XC, ultra-endurance, enduro, road, gravel, touring, and cyclocross athletes. Sarah is a member of the Utah High School MTB League, board of directors.

    Sarah is a USA Cycling and TrainingPeaks Level 2 Certified Coach. She began riding bikes when a torn ACL sidelined her from Nordic ski racing. Initially racing on the road, Sarah then transitioned off-road, racing in events from XC to endurance and ultra endurance, enduro, stage racing, cyclocross, and gravel from 2007-2021. She has raced around the world and as high as the World Cup Elite level.
    Sarah uses her vast racing experience to inform her coaching, alongside cutting edge technology and analytics to dig into training data and customize coaching plans. She has coached riders to podiums at UCI elite and junior MTB and road events, NICA, Pro XCT, and State and National Championships. She has guided riders along the journey from amateur to contracted pros. She lives in Salt Lake City where the trails are abundant and the roads climb quiet mountain canyons.

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4.9 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

SFBlueDevil ,

Cycling is secondary to the people that this team are

These guys and girls are the ‘real deal’. Find them…join them and BE better

thecloser555 ,

Fun podcast

This is a fun local podcast that highlights a lot of great things in cycling and Utah. I love hearing stories and learning about others in the community.

Credibility specialist ,

Credibility Specialist

I took some time today to listen to your show!! Mi Duole Cycling , is a fantastic podcast with great info, advice, and perspectives. You won't regret listening to and learning from the podcast.

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