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On a mission to get 1 Million people healthier, Happier, Fitter and Stronger

Mindset with Muscle Jay Alderton

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On a mission to get 1 Million people healthier, Happier, Fitter and Stronger

    MWM114 - Jays 39 Life Lessons at 39

    MWM114 - Jays 39 Life Lessons at 39

    I today’s episode, I’m excited to share 39 important lessons I’ve learned over my 39 years. We’ll dive into tips on how to be happier, grow personally, keep up good relationships, and find success.

    What You’ll Learn:

    Living in the Moment: I’ll talk about why it’s great to enjoy what’s happening right now and not always worry about what’s next.
    Valuing People: How important it is to care for the relationships in your life because they really make a difference.
    Always Growing: I encourage everyone to keep learning and growing every day. It never stops!
    Setting High Goals: Why it’s good to aim high and keep pushing yourself.
    Making a Difference: I’ll share why it’s important to leave a positive mark on the people around you.
    Handling Social Media: We’ll discuss how to use social media wisely so it doesn’t take over your life or make you unhappy.
    Being Real: I’ll talk about the importance of being yourself, especially for your family and kids.
    Taking Care of Your Health: How looking after your health is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
    Asking for Help: It’s okay to ask for help when you need it, and I’ll tell you why that’s a strong thing to do.
    Working Hard: How facing challenges and working hard can really help you grow.
    Enjoying the Ride: Lastly, I remind you to have fun with what you’re doing and not just focus on the end goal.

    • 1 hr 17 min
    MWM113 - Relationship Secrets with Lisa McFarland

    MWM113 - Relationship Secrets with Lisa McFarland

    In this insightful episode, I sit down with Lisa McFarlane, one of the UK and Ireland's top relationship coaches, to discuss the significance of personal transformation in the context of relationships.

    They talk deeply about the concept of being a whole person in a relationship, the breakdown and breakthrough cycle, and the need for common sense in navigating relationships.

    Key Insights:

    Becoming a Whole Person: Lisa shares her journey into relationship coaching and emphasises the importance of being a whole person. She discusses the need for individuals to work on themselves before entering or improving their relationships.
    Breakdown and Breakthrough Cycle: We explore the concept of the breakdown and breakthrough cycle, where conflicts or challenges in a relationship can lead to growth and transformation if approached with the right mindset.
    Common Sense in Relationships: Lisa stresses the importance of applying common sense principles in relationships, such as effective communication, understanding each other's needs, and resolving conflicts healthily.
    Codependency and Self-Care: The discussion touches on the dynamics of codependency and the importance of filling one's own cup before being able to show up in a relationship fully.
    Communication and Conflict Resolution: Lisa and Jay address the challenges of compartmentalisation and the need for emotional connection and understanding in relationships. They emphasise the significance of communication, sulking, and healthy conflict resolution.
    Advice for Dating Later in Life: Lisa provides valuable advice for individuals re-entering the dating scene later in life, highlighting the importance of self-love and finding a partner who has also done the work on themselves.


    00:00 The Journey into Relationship Coaching and Personal Transformation

    03:38 Being a Whole Person in a Relationship

    10:38 Understanding Codependency and Filling Your Own Cup

    22:26 Navigating Conflict and Avoiding Sulking

    27:41 Striving for Healthy Conflict Resolution and Emotional Connection

    29:35 Love Languages and Self-Affirmation

    34:48 Sweating the Small Stuff and Prioritizing the Little Things

    41:03 Love, Trust, and Giving Someone the Power to Destroy You

    44:05 Investing Time and Quality in Your Relationship

    48:20 Daily Signals of Love and Care

    52:25 Dating Advice for Individuals Re-entering the Dating Scene

    57:29 Conclusion

    • 59 min
    MWM112 - How to Scale a Successful Fitness Business with Phil Graham

    MWM112 - How to Scale a Successful Fitness Business with Phil Graham

    In this episode, Phil Graham and Jay Alderton discuss the challenges and opportunities in the fitness industry.

    They share their experiences building successful fitness businesses and provide valuable insights and lessons for fitness professionals.

    Want to know the boring steps every fitness coach needs to build a multi-six-figure (recurring) business?

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    • 39 min
    MWM111 - How to be Happy with Stephanie Harrison

    MWM111 - How to be Happy with Stephanie Harrison

    In this episode, I’m speaking to Stephanie Harrison

    Stephanie is an expert in the science of happiness and the creator of the New Happy philosophy. She has a master’s degree in positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania,

    Her company, The New Happy, has revolutionized the way that people understand and pursue happiness using Their artwork, newsletter, videos, podcast, and resources which reach millions of people around the world every month. 

    Check Out Stephanie's Website The New Happy


    Society has conditioned us to pursue the wrong things for happiness, such as success, material possessions, and external validation.

    True happiness comes from intrinsic motivation and being true to oneself.

    Capitalism, individualism, and dominance influence our beliefs about happiness and lead us astray.

    The pursuit of extrinsic goals often leaves us feeling empty, while finding intrinsic joy in our pursuits brings fulfillment.

    We are enough and deserving of happiness just as we are. Recognize your worthiness and separate it from external achievements.

    Ask for help and embrace the power of connection.

    Be mindful of the impact of social media on happiness and prioritize in-person connection.

    Start the journey to new happy by understanding your authentic self and taking small steps towards pursuing passions and serving others.


    00:00 The Pursuit of Happiness

    02:59 The Wrong Path to Happiness

    05:59 The Influence of Capitalism, Individualism, and Dominance

    08:58 Transitioning to a New Way of Thinking

    11:54 The Difference Between Happiness and Success

    15:56 Intrinsic Motivation vs Extrinsic Motivation

    25:08 Recognizing Worthiness

    27:11 The Paradox of Self-Worth and Goal Pursuit

    29:04 The Power of Asking for Help

    32:42 The Importance of Connection

    35:23 The Impact of Social Media on Happiness

    40:27 The Power of In-Person Connection

    43:21 Starting the Journey to New Happy

    • 50 min
    MWM110 - Phil Heath: Mindset, Discipline, and the Journey to Olympia

    MWM110 - Phil Heath: Mindset, Discipline, and the Journey to Olympia

    In this special episode, I sit down with 7x Mr Olympia Phil Heath to explore the depths of achieving greatness, the pivotal role of mindset and discipline, and take an exclusive look at his new documentary, "Breaking Olympia."

    To watch Phil's Brand New "Breaking Olympia" Documentary, Click Here

    Show Highlights:

    Phil Heath on Overcoming the Fear of Success: Discover why the real challenge isn't always achieving success, but the fear of maintaining it. Phil shares his insights on navigating the mental hurdles that come with greatness.

    The Power of Discipline: From his transformative experience in Basketball to the disciplined approach required in Bodybuilding, Phil reflects on how discipline has been a cornerstone of his success.

    Training for Greatness: Learn about the dynamic nature of training for Mr. Olympia, the importance of continuous self-improvement, and how competition fuels growth.

    Inside "Breaking Olympia": Phil Heath gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his documentary, sharing the emotional rollercoaster of reliving his journey and the gratification of documenting his legacy.

    Key Takeaways:

    Success requires not just achieving goals but maintaining an unwavering mindset to preserve them.
    Discipline shapes character and is essential for personal and professional growth.
    Embracing challenges and competition is crucial for surpassing limits and achieving excellence.
    "Breaking Olympia" is not just a documentary but a testament to Phil Heath's journey. It showcases the highs and lows of his path to becoming a bodybuilding legend.

    Closing Thoughts: Phil Heath's story powerfully reminds us that mindset and discipline are the bedrock of success.

    Whether you're chasing your own version of Olympia or seeking to overcome personal barriers, Phil's journey offers valuable lessons and inspiration for all.

    • 1 hr 6 min


    In this episode, I share an incredible podcast I recorded last year with Mark and Curtis Tilbury on the Strike it Big Podcast.

    We talk about how to get the "perfect" body, Relationships and how to build confidence.


    • 1 hr 54 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Megs Lu ,

Wisdom delivered in a smooth British accent

Started following Jamie over the past 6 months on insta, where he drops nuggets of wisdom like Rafiki. That led me to his podcast - listened to 2 episodes on my morning walks and I’m already hooked (leveled up and swapped out my daily news podcast). Great listen, wish I could give an extra star for his British accent, which makes it all the more pleasurable to listen to.

Wizard of zen ,

Shot of knowledge and truth

A lot of nuggets of wisdom everyday from Jamie. Love listening!

brnelson29 ,

So Awesome!

I watch your IG stories nearly every day. I’m so excited to listen to your entire book. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!!

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