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Welcome to On The air, a podcast for individuals interested in learning about the profession of occupational therapy. Through interviews and dialogue on each episode of the show, we will explore topics, exchange ideas, become better informed, and gain a dose of inspiration as we talk about topics and ideas related to the field of OT.

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Welcome to On The air, a podcast for individuals interested in learning about the profession of occupational therapy. Through interviews and dialogue on each episode of the show, we will explore topics, exchange ideas, become better informed, and gain a dose of inspiration as we talk about topics and ideas related to the field of OT.

    Promoting Self-Determination in Children (Episode 129)

    Promoting Self-Determination in Children (Episode 129)

    Occupational therapist Amy Coopersmith, MOT, OTR/L, MAEd, has worked as an educator and OT for more than 25 years. She currently works as a lecturer on topics related to children’s independence and positive mental health. For 17 years, she worked as an OT Supervisor, clinician and evaluator for the NYC Department of Education. Amy is passionate about promoting children’s self-determination through AOTA workshops as well as national/regional conferences and online learning communities. In 2020, she created Captain Me®, a video-based musical self-determination program for all children. Through the evidence-informed use of guided questioning, role play, music, puppets and video modeling, Amy helps practitioners learn how to best utilize their pediatric sessions to promote motivation, engagement and independence. Currently, she is pursuing her OT doctorate at Temple University. Previously, Amy taught Pediatric Assessment and Treatment at Mercy College and worked as a teacher in New York City. Her favorite hobby is writing songs about self-determination and mental health to promote children’s independence.

    On this episode, Amy shares about her journey into the profession of OT and introduces listeners to Captain Me®, the program she developed to promote self-determination in children, and to Cappy, the star of that program. Here's a link to a sample of her work: https://www.seekfreaks.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Cappy-Lesson-Plan-Setting-Goals.pdf

    To connect with Amy, email her at captainmekids@gmail.com

    Also check out the continuing education courses she has developed through the company Apply EBP: https://www.applyebp.com/

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    The Leadership Pathway of an Occupational Therapy Assistant (Episode 128)

    The Leadership Pathway of an Occupational Therapy Assistant (Episode 128)

    Occupational therapy assistant Amy Mahle is passionate about promoting the occupational therapist/occupational therapy assistant (OT/OTA) collaboration, uniting and motivating OT practitioners, advocating for occupational therapy, and finding solutions. She is the founding OTA Program Director at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College in Salisbury, NC and co-author/co-editor of the comprehensive textbook, Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants. Amy has been an active member of AOTA and the North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association for her entire career and has served in leadership roles in both, including President of NCOTA. She is currently pursuing her EdD in Community College Leadership at NC State University. Prior to her career as an OTA, she was a small business owner and worked in the social service sector.

    Connect with Amy:
    Via email at amy.mahle.cota@gmail.com
    Via her website - www.amymahle.com
    On Instagram: @amyjanemahle
    On Twitter @AmyMahleCOTA
    On Facebook: Amy J. Mahle (professional page)

    The textbook Amy co-authored and co-edited: https://tinyurl.com/MahleBook
    Dallas Herring lecture series: https://belk-center.ced.ncsu.edu/our-impact/executive-leadership-programs/dallas-herring-lecture/

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    The Power of Professional Membership & Representation (Episode 127)

    The Power of Professional Membership & Representation (Episode 127)

    Vikram Pagpatan, MS, OTRL, ATP, CAS, BCTS, EdDc is a practicing Asian-American occupational therapist from New York City. He is a full time Assistant Professor and Admissions Coordinator at SUNY Downstate’s MSOT program as well as an adjunct lecturer at York College. Prior to beginning his work as an OT, Vikram served the city he loves as a paramedic and found the profession of OT on his graveyard shift through one of his patients. Vikram's clinical interests are in the areas of assistive technology and seating and mobility systems within pediatric practice. He presently serves on the AOTA DEI committee, as the social media chair of the Asian-Pacific Heritage Occupational Therapy Association, and as a cohort member of the 2021 AOTA Academic Leadership Institute.

    On this episode, Vik shares about the influence of diversity - and diversity of thought - within the OT profession- diversity of thought, his path into the profession, what OT has allowed him to do personally and professionally, and more - including his bid for a seat on the AOTA Board of Directors.

    Connect with Vikram:
    Via email: vikram.pagpatan@downstate.edu
    On Instagram @ VikramPagpatanOTRL
    On LinkedIn @ Vikram Pagpatan

    For more about the AOTA election:

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    Branching Out in Business: Working as an Occupational Therapy Clinical Specialist (Episode 126)

    Branching Out in Business: Working as an Occupational Therapy Clinical Specialist (Episode 126)

    Mike Jankowski has been an occupational therapist since 2011 and has spent the majority of his career working with the pediatric population in start-up therapy clinics. In November of 2020 Mike started working at the EMR company SimplePractice as their Occupational Therapy Clinical Specialist. At SimplePractice, Mike brings together his knowledge of OT and private practice and works with SimplePractice's product and marketing teams to continue to enhance SimplePractice for its OT users.

    Resources mentioned:
    •Entrepreneuership FB groups –
    oEntreneurship4OT - https://www.facebook.com/groups/otentrepreneurs
    oOT Entrenpreurs - https://www.facebook.com/groups/536469659833481
    •AOTA Private Practice Essentials - https://www.aota.org/Conference-Events/summer-series/schedule.aspx

    Connect with Mike:
    •Email - mike@simplepractice.com
    •Twitter - @MikeTheOT1
    •LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-jankowski-otrl/
    •Website/blog - https://www.simplepractice.com/mike-j/

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    Improving Communication in Occupational Therapy Via a Digital Tracking & Monitoring System (Episode 125)

    Improving Communication in Occupational Therapy Via a Digital Tracking & Monitoring System (Episode 125)

    Laura Simmons is the CEO and Founder of Theratrak, a company that offers a digital platform enabling allied health professionals including occupational therapy practitioners to more efficiently track participant progress in between treatment sessions. She is also a passionate pediatric occupational therapist working with families of children living with a range of disabilities in early intervention. Laura has worked in the private health sector in Australia for almost 10 years, and in this time she has noticed a distinct lack of innovative technology solutions targeting the ongoing care of clients outside of direct therapy and how this is impacting the client’s overall treatment. As a leader of a team of occupational therapists, Laura wants to improve the healthcare system from the inside out to support the growth of younger therapists everywhere.

    As mentioned in the interview, TheraTrak is looking for partners in the United States to pilot their HIPAA certified digital tracking system. On this episode, we talk about Laura's work in the field and how she developed TheraTrack as well as how COVID-19 impacted pediatric therapy practice in Australia as compared to in the U.S.

    To connect with Laura:
    Email - laura@theratrak.co
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/laura1simmons
    Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/theratrak
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/theratrak/
    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/theratrak/
    Website/blog - https://www.theratrak.co/ https://www.theratrak.co/

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    Time Management (Episode 124)

    Time Management (Episode 124)

    For this interview, I brought back the guest from Episode 119 so we could dig deeper into the topic of time management for clinicians and clinical practice owners and managers.

    Jamey Schrier, P.T. is an author, former practice owner and founder of Practice Freedom U. PFU solely focuses on helping practice owners work less, earn more, and reignite their passion for patient care. His book, The Practice Freedom Method, has been an Amazon best-seller. Jamey is on a mission to help ambitious practice owners achieve their dreams of what he refers to as Practice Freedom.

    Resources mentioned during this interview:
    *The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey - https://www.franklincovey.com/the-7-habits/
    *TEDs talk by Dr. Anne Zachry, PhD, OTR/L - "Be a Daydream Believer" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omGbKQIzoWY

    To connect with with Jamey:
    Email - jamey@practicefreedomu.com
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/jameyschrier
    Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/PracticeFreedomU
    Instagram - https://instagram.com/practicefreedomu

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Otkimberly ,

Great interviews & discussions

I love how Stephanie speaks with the guests. She is engaging and inquisitive and curious, in such a good way! Even topics I don’t think I’d be interested in somehow draw me in. Her passion for the profession of occupational therapy and lifelong learning shine through. I am an occupational therapy practitioner and get inspiration every time I listen.

ellsbells8 ,

Refreshing, insightful, and helpful

As a new practitioner, this podcast is golden! I am sure it’s helpful for seasoned practitioners as well, but the wealth of information and insight that I glean with this gets carried with me day-to-day. Furthermore, it reminds me of the depth and breadth of the profession while tying together the repeated theme of healing through participation in occupation.

OT Miri ,

My go-to for OT podcast!

I love everything about this podcast- the host, the broad range of occupational therapy related topics and all the wonderful guests that bring great insights, inspiration and practical tips from OT students, practitioners, educators, leaders and entrepreneurs. Thank you, Stephanie!

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