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Welcome to On The air, a podcast for individuals interested in learning about the profession of occupational therapy. Through interviews and dialogue on each episode of the show, we will explore topics, exchange ideas, become better informed, and gain a dose of inspiration as we talk about topics and ideas related to the field of OT.

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Welcome to On The air, a podcast for individuals interested in learning about the profession of occupational therapy. Through interviews and dialogue on each episode of the show, we will explore topics, exchange ideas, become better informed, and gain a dose of inspiration as we talk about topics and ideas related to the field of OT.

    The Fannypack Therapist (Episode 113)

    The Fannypack Therapist (Episode 113)

    Annabeth Knight has been an occupational therapist for almost 9 years, practicing in a variety of pediatric therapy settings including an approved private school and private practice. She has her clinical doctorate (an OTD) and studied quality of life indicators for children with multiple neuromuscular disorders for her capstone project.

    Mara Jonet has been a speech-language pathologist for 5 years. She currently works in private practice and has a passion for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) intervention.

    Together, Annabeth and Mara run The Fanny Pack Therapist Instagram account as a fun way to share information about assistive technology, minimalist therapy, and 1990s and 2000s nostalgia!

    On this episode, Annabeth and Mara discuss the importance of interdisciplinary evaluation and intervention for augmentative alternative communication and assistive technology, how to improve one's comfort and competency in these areas, and tips for minimalist (low stress, low prep) therapy sessions.

    Connect with AnnaBeth and Mara:
    Email - thefannypacktherapist@gmail.com
    Instagram - @thefannypacktherapist
    Website/blog - https://fannypacktherapist.wixsite.com/blog

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    Pedagogy of Care: Tools for Disability Justice in Teaching & Learning (Episode 112)

    Pedagogy of Care: Tools for Disability Justice in Teaching & Learning (Episode 112)

    Danielle Lorenz is a PhD candidate in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta which is located in amiskwaciwâskahikan, which is what is currently called Edmonton, Alberta. Danielle's doctoral research focuses on settler colonialism in Alberta's K-12 education system. She is also an Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies.

    Hannah Sullivan Facknitz is a graduate researcher and teaching assistant at the University of British Columbia. She was born and raised as a settler in Harrisonburg, Virginia (occupied Monacan land) where she also did her bachelor of arts at James Madison University. In the middle of her time at JMU, she was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, developing organ damage shortly thereafter and dropped out of college eight weeks from graduating.

    Now, with Danielle Lorenz, she's hoping the CJDS Cripping Pandemic Learning resources can help protect disabled students in higher ed by empowering instructors to prioritize accessibility preemptively.

    On this episode, we talk about the set of resources Danielle and Hannah have created and made available on CJDS Cripping Pandemic Resourcing, the ways pandemic learning makes learners with disabilities particularly vulnerable, and why educators should be more inclusive through preemptive planning to support learners with disabilities.

    Access the Cripping Pandemic Learning in Higher Education here: http://bit.ly/CPR2021

    Connect with Danielle and Hannah:
    Twitter - @daniellelorenz and @HannahntheWolf
    Blog - https://hannahandthewolf.wordpress.com/

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    The Role of Occupational Therapy in Working with People with Ostomies (Episode 111)

    The Role of Occupational Therapy in Working with People with Ostomies (Episode 111)

    Charlotte Foley is an occupational therapist living in Alaska, who feels that occupational therapists and physical therapists have a greater role to play than they currently do in working with people with ostomies. She has a passion for supporting fellow therapists in increasing their confidence with this population. Charlotte has worked in the adult inpatient rehab and acute care settings for the past 6 years, and she’s lived with a permanent ileostomy for 7 years (on and off for 13). Through her work as an OT and her personal experience with an ostomy, she recognized the benefit of OT and PT for ostomy surgery recovery. She started her business, Restorative Ostomy Solutions, in 2020 to provide educational information to therapists. Charlotte also supports "ostomates" - individuals living with ostomies - in living an active lifestyle through her website and social media.

    Check out the resources Charlotte is sharing on her website at https://backcountryostomy.com/ and on her Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ostomyrehab. Connect with her on Instagram @backcountry_ostomy

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    Creating Systemic Change in the Occupational Therapy Profession (Episode 110)

    Creating Systemic Change in the Occupational Therapy Profession (Episode 110)

    Arameh Anvarizadeh, OTD, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist and a leader in the occupational therapy profession. An alumna of the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Anvarizadeh earned her BS, MA, and Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with a minor in Neuroscience and an emphasis in Ambulatory Healthcare. In her role as the Director of Admissions and Associate Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy at the USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, she is responsible for ensuring the success of the admissions process by creating and maintaining effective admission strategies and procedures. She also oversees each academic program and makes certain the division is filled with high caliber diverse students.

    Dr. Anvarizadeh also serves as the Chair and is a founding member of the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD), a non-profit organization striving to meet society’s occupational needs by developing local and national initiatives and aligning with key stakeholders to create a socioculturally diverse workforce that is able to provide culturally effective and client-centered services to occupational therapy consumers.

    An advocate and an ignitor of change in the field of OT as well as for social justice and human rights, Dr. Anvarizadeh is currently running for Vice President of the Executive Board of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). She has extensive leadership experience including through AOTA and the Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC). Within AOTA, she is currently a Representative Assembly Leadership Committee (RALC) member and the Credential Review and Accountability Committee (CRAC) Chair.

    She is listed on the AOTA Roster of Fellows and is a recipient of OTAC’s Janice Matsutsuyu Outstanding Service Award and Vision Award and an accomplished speaker who has served as the keynote speaker and presented on a variety of topics at both state and national conferences as well as lecturing internationally at the World Federation of Occupational Therapists’ (WFOT) congress. Dr. Anvarizadeh also serves on the Boards of Inclusion Clubhouse and Black Women for Wellness. She is passionate about building healthy, diverse communities through inclusion, health education, empowerment, and advocacy. She envisions creating sustainable communities through social entrepreneurship and policy using an occupational therapy perspective.

    On this episode, she shares about her path into the OT profession, her mantras and leadership philosophy, and her vision and plans for persevering and igniting change as she continues to create systemic change in the OT profession through action-oriented leadership.

    Connect with Dr. Anvarizadeh on Instagram @drarameh.

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    The Functional Pelvis (Episode 109)

    The Functional Pelvis (Episode 109)

    Lindsey Vestal is an occupational therapist and is the founder of The Functional Pelvis, the first in-home pelvic health practice in New York City run by an occupational therapist. She has helped thousands of people overcome chronic pelvic health challenges like incontinence and pelvic pain. Her goal is to empower women and men to listen to the wisdom of their own bodies—without resorting to invasive surgeries or prescription drugs—so they can heal and get back to enjoying life again. She understands that no one else knows a person's body better than that person. She considers the whole person, not just outward physical symptoms.

    Lindsey offers online training for other OT practitioners who want to pursue pelvic health. This course, which is called OT Pioneers: Intro to Pelvic Health for Occupational Therapists, opens twice a year, with more information available at https://ot-pioneers.teachable.com/

    In addition, she offers two free interview series featuring OTs in emerging practice fields (women's, men's and pelvic health) where OTs can learn so much about how to enter these fields, how these OTs made it, they favorite continuing ed courses and more. The first series is entitled Pelvic Soma Hour (more info at https://functionalpelvis.lpages.co/pelvic-soma-hour); the second is called How to Break Into An Emerging Practice Area (more info at https://functionalpelvis.lpages.co/ot-emerging-area-of-practice/).

    Connect with Lindsey via Facebook at The Functional Pelvis, on Instagram @functionalpelvis, or through her website at www.functionalpelvis.com.

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    Health, Wellness, & Community for People with Parkinson's Disease (Episode 108)

    Health, Wellness, & Community for People with Parkinson's Disease (Episode 108)

    On Episode 53, Stephanie Goodman, an OT practitioner from Kansas City, MO, shared about her work as a coach at The Parkinson's Exercise and Wellness Center in Overland Park, KS. On this episode, two individuals with whom she works - Sarrisa Curry and Jacob Weiss - both of whom are pioneering innovative work with people in the Parkinson's Disease community, talk about their work and research with people with Parkinson's Disease.

    From a young age, Sarrisa has been fascinated by the human body's ability to adapt to the stimulus, positive and negative. She sought a career that would allow her to pursue this passion. She achieved her Massage Therapy certification in 2002. Over the next few years she added certifications in multiple forms of health including weight training, group fitness classes, and nutrition supplementation. She became a NASM Certified Personal trainer in 2014. She spent 6 years as the manager of operations of a high end Racquet Club, learning the ins and outs of the fitness industry. In 2016 she began working with people with Parkinson's Disease in an exercise setting, boxing specifically. Very quickly she saw that the brain, even in a diseased condition, can adapt and positively change with exercise. She witnessed miraculous changes in people's movement, balance, mood, and neurological function after just a few sessions of boxing. It was a lifechanging interaction. She shifted her entire focus to the Parkinson's Community and soon thereafter founded The Parkinson's Exercise and Wellness Center (The PEWC), a non-profit organizations dedicated to offering exercise as a form of therapy for people with PD. She has surrounded herself with 4 other coaches who share the same passion for the PD community and Health. Together they provide 6 different forms of exercise formats in over 25 classes a week via Zoom and in person. The impact her organization has had on hundreds of people in The Kansas City area is phenomenal. Her life was shaped by her fascination and all the paths she traveled prepared her for the mission of The PEWC. She loves the path her life has taken her. She walks along with her husband and co-Founder David Curry. Together they are raising 3 daughters and 2 sons, 2 dogs and a Holland Lop Rabbit.

    Dr. Jacob Weiss is the founder and the director of HandEyeBody, a social enterprise with a mission to help people of all fitness levels move better, focus better, and function better. Since graduating from Princeton University and completing his PhD in Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University, he has developed and shared his interactive training programs with conferences, corporate teams, schools, and non-profit organizations. He also has toured the world as a professional juggler and social entrepreneur, bringing laughter and joy to communities and families that need it most. Dr. Weiss currently runs HandEyeBody Academy, a global online training platform to bring accessible and fun movement methods to health, wellness, and fitness programs.

    To connect with the guests, visit their website at https://www.handeyebody.com or follow their work on social media @handeyebody (Twitter and Instagram) or www.facebook.com/handeyebody (Facebook).

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Otkimberly ,

Great interviews & discussions

I love how Stephanie speaks with the guests. She is engaging and inquisitive and curious, in such a good way! Even topics I don’t think I’d be interested in somehow draw me in. Her passion for the profession of occupational therapy and lifelong learning shine through. I am an occupational therapy practitioner and get inspiration every time I listen.

ellsbells8 ,

Refreshing, insightful, and helpful

As a new practitioner, this podcast is golden! I am sure it’s helpful for seasoned practitioners as well, but the wealth of information and insight that I glean with this gets carried with me day-to-day. Furthermore, it reminds me of the depth and breadth of the profession while tying together the repeated theme of healing through participation in occupation.

OT Miri ,

My go-to for OT podcast!

I love everything about this podcast- the host, the broad range of occupational therapy related topics and all the wonderful guests that bring great insights, inspiration and practical tips from OT students, practitioners, educators, leaders and entrepreneurs. Thank you, Stephanie!

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