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Christina Warren, Jeff Severns Guntzel, and Brett Terpstra chat weekly about mental health, tech, and pop culture.

Overtired Christina Warren, Jeff Severns Guntzel, and Brett Terpstra

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Christina Warren, Jeff Severns Guntzel, and Brett Terpstra chat weekly about mental health, tech, and pop culture.

    Weirdly, A Sports Episode

    Weirdly, A Sports Episode

    Overtired Goes Overtime with Sports, PTSD, and Coffee Controversies

    In this episode of Overtired, Brett and Christina are joined by guest Jay Miller for an impromptu sports-centric discussion that spans the globe from baseball to European soccer. Along the way, they dive into the logistics of crazy travel schedules, the trials of corporate events, and the importance of happy birthday attention. They also discuss the latest in Mac tools, including Launch Control, Ecamm Live, and the rising star, Mise. All this while periodically engaging in sidebar rants about loud tech conferences and the struggles of navigating evolving relationships during Father's Day. Grab your AeroPress, sit back, and enjoy the tangents.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    411: Bad At Being Good At Computers

    411: Bad At Being Good At Computers

    Geeky Giggles, Merch Madness, and Taco Tech Tips: The Overtired Trio

    Brace yourself for some uproarious fun as Brett Terpstra, Christina Warren, and Jeff Severins Gunsel hit a two-week reunion record! Dive into the madness with Brett unveiling the show’s new must-have merch—’Get Some Sleep' totes and, wait for it, ‘Overtired’ thongs. The trio delves into a rollercoaster of mental health updates: Brett reminisces about manic creativity, Jeff raves about mid-day naps, and Christina juggles workshop anxiety with WWDC excitement. In the mix, Brett questions Christina on her bizarre hotel misadventures, and they hash out the chaos of project management, with throwbacks to ‘The Mythical Man Month,’ NVAlt, and nvUltra. Christina drops some tech love for Carbon Copy Cloner 7 and open-source stand-ins for Bartender, now cloaked in corporate mystery. Don’t miss their foodie detour into the hilarious Taco Fancy GitHub project and snag some savvy coding tips along the way. Your ultimate guide to tech, tacos, thongs, and more!


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    * 0:00 Bad At Being Good At Computers

    * 00:03 Welcome and Introductions

    * 00:25 Merchandise Announcement

    * 02:55 Mental Health Corner

    * 06:34 WWDC Plans and Reflections

    * 09:10 Workshop Preparation Stress

    * 12:40 ADHD and Deadline Management

    * 21:31 PSA and Upcoming Events

    * 23:42 Keyboard Talk

    * 33:29 Sponsor: ExpressVPN

    * 35:23 Hotel Woes and Travel Reflections

    * 35:52 The Fascination with Hidden Information

    * 36:36 A Rough Hotel Experience

    * 39:05 The Mythical Man-Month Discussion

    * 40:47 Software Development Challenges

    * 45:58 The Second System Effect

    * 47:30 Managing Software Projects

    * 56:34 Gratitude Picks: Software Tools and Apps

    * 01:11:52 Farewell and Final Thoughts



    Show Links

    * Overtired Merch!

    * Get Some Sleep Jeff Tote

    * Overtired Pillow

    * The Mythical Man-Month

    * The Innovator’s Dilemma

    * The Archive

    * TableFlip

    * Erin’s show

    * Mythical Man Month

    * Second-System Effect

    * Lily58

    * Via Project

    * Tower](https://www.git-tower.com/mac)

    * Carbon Copy Cloner 7

    * Ice (Bartender replacement)

    * Taco Fancy

    It's Not Escapism, It's Rest

    It's Not Escapism, It's Rest

    In this episode of Overtired, hosts Jeff, Brett, and Christina discuss a variety of topics ranging from outdoor experiences with mosquitoes and birds to in-depth health conversations involving weight loss drugs and mental health updates. They also delve into issues with Spotify, the challenges of managing subscriptions and permissions, and explore new technologies and apps, such as Kino and Fish Shell. The episode wraps up with a discussion on entertainment preferences and grAPPtitude shoutouts.

    Sketch as F@ck

    Sketch as F@ck

    Vacations and day jobs, AI search and web traffic, laptops and browser wars.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    I Hate This City

    I Hate This City

    Our hosts talk about hating the city you live in, which muppets would be the best cellmates, anarchy, and Taylor Swift.

    • 1 hr 48 min
    Bad Apple

    Bad Apple

    Jeff is on Spring Break, so Christina and Brett keep the show going with a heavily tech-oriented episode. From security back doors to complaining about Apple software, it's all the tech talk you could want.

    • 1 hr 9 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
105 Ratings

105 Ratings

rrgym06 ,

Smooth show titles and segues

It’s not everyday that you get to hear tech in the same convo as 90s deep dives, Taylor Swift, and manic random ADHD tangents. Brett and Christina, along with the occasional guest, bring you along for a relaxing and strange conversation. Sit back, preferably tired, and enjoy the ride 👍🏼

BryanGuffey ,

Feels like home

I look forward to Overtired every week because listening to Brett and Christina makes my ADHD brain feel it's at peace because the podcast sounds like my brain. It is absolutely the most comfortable I feel each week.

crisnoh ,

One of my favorites

You’re both wonderful and one of the highlights of my podcast feed. Quickly made it onto my “must listen” list

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