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Parenting in the Middle Podcast is here to help you navigate the fun and sometimes challenging road of parenting your teens. The tools and strategies found here will help you create a stronger relationship and become more influential with your teen.

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Parenting in the Middle Podcast is here to help you navigate the fun and sometimes challenging road of parenting your teens. The tools and strategies found here will help you create a stronger relationship and become more influential with your teen.

    Setting Rules & Limits with Your Teenager

    Setting Rules & Limits with Your Teenager

    Are you unsure about how to parent your teen? Are you worried you are pushing too hard, or not pushing enough? Do you want to feel more confident in your parenting decisions? If so, listen to this podcast episode on how to set rules and limits with your teenager.
    Remember, this is a process that takes practice. Notice what works. Notice what doesn't work. One of my favorite thoughts is that nothing is urgent. So take a breath, don't freak out and focus on connecting with your teenager. You've got this.
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    As promised in this episode, here is a simple guide to everything I talked about - download below.
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    How to Notice Your Teen's Emotional Bid

    How to Notice Your Teen's Emotional Bid

    What's an emotional bid and why are they important?
    An emotional bid is a way for one person to get the attention of another person.
    We often focus so much on getting our teenager's attention, that we can fail to notice when they are trying to get our attention. 
    We can sometimes feel frustrated when our teens complain or act disrespectful. But instead of it being a cause of frustration, we can start noticing this behavior as an emotional bid they are giving us to get our attention.
    What do they need or want from us? How can we show love to them?
    Listen to this episode as I share different ways you can turn toward your teen and focus on how you respond instead of how they are acting.
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    How To Stop Getting So Angry

    How To Stop Getting So Angry

    In this episode, I talk about why we get angry, where it comes from, and how we can control it.
    Controlling our anger doesn't mean we will never be angry again, but it will help us to respond instead of react.
    We will feel better and our relationships will improve. Anger can often snowball into us saying and doing things that we regret.
    Listen to this episode and start taking control of your anger today. 
    March 7th @ 10:30am MT
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    4 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

    4 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

    It's not about never making a parenting mistake, but about learning from them and being willing to try a different approach.
    In this episode, I share four common parenting pitfalls that are easy to make and how to avoid them. 
    You will learn how to manage your emotions first, respond and not react, get curious and validate your teenager's emotions.
    Doing this will create more connection and influence as you help your child navigate these teen years.
    The Now Habit by Neil Fiore, Phd
    5 Simple Steps to Parenting a Teenager - Free Download!
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    Is This Really Normal Teenage Behavior?

    Is This Really Normal Teenage Behavior?

    Naturally, as moms, we want to help our kids be respectful, productive, hard working...etc. etc. Sometimes this can lead to nagging, yelling or thinking our teens are just lazy and rude.
    If our kid spends too much time on their phone, plays too many video games, or ___________fill in the blank, it's easy to go right to worry and guilt thinking you (and they!) are doing it all wrong.
    But what if you didn’t have to be stressed out or frustrated about their behavior anymore?
    Listen to this episode to find out how to take the edge off of the frustration from parenting teens.
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    Parenting Lessons I Learned From Blockbuster

    Parenting Lessons I Learned From Blockbuster

    What can we learn about parenting from Blockbuster and Netflix? 
    Link To Article About Blockbuster and Netflix
    I’m sure that based on the title of this episode, you may be a little confused about a thing or two.
    Blockbuster isn’t the first thing one would think of when trying to navigate the struggles of parenting.
    Come along with me while I explain an analogy that ties together fear based parenting, and good old Blockbuster! Think about it this way. What used to happen if you returned a movie to Blockbuster after your allotted rental time? You got charged a late fee right? And I’m guessing it didn’t make you feel great. Now think about what often happens when a child misbehaves or makes a mistake - if they get yelled at and talked down to all the time, it gives them the same negative feelings… 
    So what can we do to help our kids understand that they need to be held accountable, but still foster a relationship of love, mutual respect, understanding and connection? We don’t need to get rid of expectations or boundaries by any means. But instead of using the fear of being in trouble as a motivator - we let them know that we are a safe place they can come to.
    And when they do mess up, we can trust that they have the strength and resilience to overcome their mistakes. We can have discussions and hold to expectations while still letting them knowwe love, respect and support them. 
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5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

RachelLovesPodcasts ,

So proud of you!!

Kristen, you are a gift to moms everywhere! We are so proud of you for getting your message out into the world!
-Rachel and Monica, Podcast U

Alli17IL ,

Fantastic insight into raising Teens!

I love all that Kristen has to share and the guests she features that give me tools to be the kind of parent I’d like to be.

tallmom11 ,

Soooo good!

Kristen is such a wise teacher. She really understands what it’s like to be a mom of teens because she is one right now. She’s in it with us but she has so many tools and insights to use to make parenting these kiddos so much smoother. I’m so glad this podcast exists! Thank you Kristen!

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