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Fascinated by the power of the mind and how we can use it for our own personal growth or allow it to literally stop us in our tracks! I'll be sharing my journey of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in fitness and how a good mindset is the key to success. As an Online Fitness Coach, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer as well as a Wife and Mum of two I will be sharing my experiences including why I switched to being plant based 🌱 Alongside guests episodes discussing their own mindset journeys.

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Fascinated by the power of the mind and how we can use it for our own personal growth or allow it to literally stop us in our tracks! I'll be sharing my journey of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in fitness and how a good mindset is the key to success. As an Online Fitness Coach, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer as well as a Wife and Mum of two I will be sharing my experiences including why I switched to being plant based 🌱 Alongside guests episodes discussing their own mindset journeys.

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, AnchorFM, Google Podcasts, Breaker and more.

    #3.25 Why we need to set goals - My Photoshoot

    #3.25 Why we need to set goals - My Photoshoot

    This is the last episode of this current series as will be taking a podcast break for the Summer. So thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about goals having just completed my recent photoshoot - a goal that was set over 16 weeks ago!
    Feel free to peruse the podcast content as there's a library of over 100 episodes spanning the topics of fitness, mindset and nutrition to choose from should you miss the weekly Thursday slot.
    Goals are what we wish to achieve; specific and measurable objectives. They can be focused on the short-term or the long-term, and can be personal or professional, but the common link is that goals are what we do (or wish to do).
    So I want to share a little about my photoshoot, my reasons and motivation and 6 further benefits of why you should set them!
    As author Tony Robbins states: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”
    1. Control/direction - It allows you to be proactive (not in auto pilot) to carve out the things you actually do want
    2. Progress/ Assessment - Setting goals allows you to evaluate your life.
    3. Focus. When you set your priorities, you can focus your attention on the things that align with your goal.
    4. Accountability not to others, but to yourself. Will you continue to show up for your future self?
    5. Inspiration/motivation - Know that all things are created twice: first in the mind, then in the physical world
    6. Happiness - When you set and achieve your goals, you increase your happiness and satisfaction in life..
    I hope this has been insightful if for any reason your focus has been diverted away from setting some this year. Remeber it's never too late to start!
    “You need a plan to build a house. To build a life, it is even more important to have a plan or goal.” — Zig Ziglar
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    Thanks for all your support and look forward to chatting to you again in the Autumn.

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    #3.24 Weight anomalies - My peak week

    #3.24 Weight anomalies - My peak week

    In this episode I share my peak week experience and how weight anomalies affected me despite tracking 100% and being in a calories deficit. All in all it did not go well or according to plan! However, did this make me throw in the towel....NO WAY! Did it make me feel crappy...HELL YES! Did I struggle...ABSO-F**KING-LUTELY! The way I had to frame it to myself and my Coach...I AM giving it all I can, I'm trying my best and my results will be the true reflection of that. Could things have been better...YES...but in life they rarely are and you just have to learn to 'roll' with the punches. So I did!
    Stay tuned...to listen to my post photoshoot episode.
    If you found this episode helpful, or took away some value...then do let me know, or take a screenshot and tag me in your stories @natashbefit @plantbased_FM

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    #3.23 Consistency - My Photoshoot Prep

    #3.23 Consistency - My Photoshoot Prep

    Life is always going to deal you 'lemons' and it's uo to you to choose to make 'lemonade' with them or not! How many times have you heard the phrase...'I'll be ready when...' 'I just need to get x sorted first'... 'I'll start tomorrow, next week...' The reality is that these (whilst completely valid) are just excuses. We have to make a decision if we want those excuses (and they will be genuine...well most of them are!) to stop us, or do we just find another way! When you still with small habits and you build on them every day, it's amazing how you can find a way (to keep those habits alive). This is where the magic starts...in the very un-magical place of consistency. Showing up for yourself on a daily basis. Stay committed and focused on your goal (and even when you don't want to) you get it done. For me, this prep has been incredibly challenging and if I've wanted to throw in the towel once, then I've actually thought about it x100. However, whilst the photoshoot is like the 'medal part' of a race. It's actually the journey you've gone on is where the growth happens. I've had everything that life can throw at you, even to the point where my Coach said...'Do you want to do this?' But here's the thing, I never can know what I truly can achieve until I try (and I mean really try). So here at 49 years perimenopausal, I've shown myself that it IMPOSSIBLE is just I'M POSSIBLE if you don't give up and you stay consistent.
    Stay tuned for next week where I will be sharing my journey through 'peak week' and all the thoughts, emotions and stress I've encountered. (For information purposes, the release date of this episode is a week behind where I am at). I would love to hear from you and if anything in the episode resonated. Do let me know by snapping the episode and sharing on your stories. Be sure to tag me in @NatashaBEfit and @plantbased_FM with what you took away from it. Also listen in for the next couple of shows if you want to know how it goes. Until then....keep pushing for your own dreams to become reality! Natasha x

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    #3.22 Plant-based protein solutions

    #3.22 Plant-based protein solutions

    The most common question if you are plant-based or vegan is definitely...where do you get your protein from? Well the clue is in the diet...plants! Joking aside, it is tougher to hit your protein requirements if you are looking to build muscle (as you will need the higher end of the scale) but for most people it should be a fairly easy number to hit. Aim for 1.6-2.2 grams per kg of lean body mass (not your total weight, especially if you are trying to lose weight. In this episode I talk about what foods are high in protein and how for me to hit my current fitness goals I am supplementing with a quad plant protein powder. There are many many types of protein powder out their, so do your research to find the one that suits your palate the most. However, my staple protein foods are tofu, silken tofu (tempeh - have just managed to get hold of this again) silken tofu, beans, pulses, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds along with those fruits and veggies. Nutritional yeast is used in every savoury dish and alpro soy yoghurt is the base of most of my smoothies or smoothie bowls. There are many different types of plant milks out there now too which is great, for me pea milk is the best and my favourite. I find pea protein is great too as a food product as does tend to mimic the texture of meat (which some of us do still enjoy but just don't want to actually eat meat!) If this episode has been helpful then please do share along with leaving a review on iTunes to help the show reach others. As always thanks for listening and catch you on the next episode! Natasha x

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    #3.21: Why the scale weight number isn't dropping

    #3.21: Why the scale weight number isn't dropping

    We can believe that we are doing everything right to illicit weightloss and feel really good that we have cut back on those so called 'bad' foods. We remain committed for a succession of days so feel sure that we have made an impact. Only to step on the scales and not see the number drop, or worse, it has gone up...wtf!!!! If this has happened to you then you may like to listen to this episode where I talk about some of the reasons why this could be happening. Also you have to remember if you are new back to exercise and you have incorporated this along with your new 'healthier eating' regime then you could be suffering with some sore muscles that could also be contributing to that increased scale number in the form of inflammation. This is why it is so important to use other forms of measurements as data such as progress pictures, measurements and your clothes as a gauge to not just how you look but also how you feel. Be patient and know that positive things are happening under the hood (even if you can't see them yet!) so don't give up as you have already made a start, just keep going regardless. You'll find that it's consistency that is key and enjoying the process rather than just that scale number! If you enjoyed this episode then please do leave a written review on iTunes, share to your friends and if you feel inclined leave a 5* review as this all helps the show reach more people. Thanks for listening Natasha x

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    #3.20: Are you actually in a calorie deficit?

    #3.20: Are you actually in a calorie deficit?

    Sounds like a silly question doesn't it? But this comes up all the time when people wonder why they are not losing weight and they believe they are tracking their food intake. It can be honest mistakes made or forgetting to input or the odd nibble of something and not tracking fluid. All these 'missed' calories will add up and could indeed be 'eating' away at your deficit and be putting back at your maintenance calories hence why you are not seeing a shift on the scales! So track everything that passes your lips. Don't forget the oils, sprays and sauces, accurately measure using grams and ounces rather than tablespoons and cups. Measure food as dry weight e.g. pasta, rice, meat. Record all your liquids drunk...yess that dash of milk in your tea/coffee still counts and above all record those nibbles! Make sure you are checking the labels of the food and see that they match with MFP entries as these can also be a little erroneous. Also DO NOT eat back the exercise calories! With all that done and you stick within your calories set that shows you are indeed in a deficit then....boom the weight should start to drop unless you have an underlying medical condition or are taking medication (which your Doctor should be able to help you with). Keep up your exercise, lift weights and walk lots (aim for 10k daily steps). Finally....be patient! The weight didn't come overnight so is not going to leave that quick wither. Enjoy the process and try not to fixate on the scales rather the processes/actions that you are doing on a daily basis. If you enjoyed this episode then please do rate and review and share the link as this will help others to find the show too. Thanks for listening

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5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

KatieH* ,

Great podcast!

Natasha’s podcast is very inspiring and helps answer so many questions as far as personal growth and mindset. I Highly recommend this to anyone interested in making positive changes in their life!

HSherwood24 ,

Great Resource

This is a great podcast and resource for anyone looking to find a deeper sense of health and well being in their lives!

Jessica Lorion ,

Inspiring Conversation for your Best Self!

Natasha does a seamless job of interviewing guests and delivering amazing content that we can implement right away. As someone who is not completely plant-based, it’s inspiring to listen and learn how to being leaning into that lifestyle.

I also love that it’s not JUST about living plant-based, but more so about living a healthy lifestyle no matter what that looks like for you. She is grounded, her guests are inspiring and it’s full of helpful tips. Definitely recommend a listen.

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