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Product Management Leaders share stories, advice, and thoughts on all things product over a cup of coffee. ☕️ Grab a cup of joe and join us to level up your product career.

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Product Management Leaders share stories, advice, and thoughts on all things product over a cup of coffee. ☕️ Grab a cup of joe and join us to level up your product career.

    184. Navigating the Startup Journey (w/Elliott Poppel)

    184. Navigating the Startup Journey (w/Elliott Poppel)

    In this episode of Product Coffee, Kevin Gentry sits down with Elliott Poppel, a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background in venture capital, ad tech, and product management. Elliott shares his career trajectory, highlighting pivotal moments from his early days at a VC firm, his leadership role in pivoting App.io to a successful acquisition, to founding his own startups like RobinHealth. He delves into the lessons learned from both successes and failures, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and continuous learning. The discussion also covers his time at Facebook, where he navigated the complexities of working in a large corporate environment and contributed to innovative projects like the Portal device. Elliott offers valuable insights into go-to-market strategies, user research, and the significance of being open to change, providing listeners with actionable advice to elevate their product management careers.

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    General Collaboration

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    00:00 Introduction to Product Coffee Podcast

    00:28 Guest Introduction: Elliot Popple

    00:58 Elliot's Career Beginnings in Venture Capital

    01:17 First Startup Experience and Pivot to Enterprise SaaS

    01:37 Founding Robin Health: An On-Demand Pharmacy

    02:02 Joining Facebook and Founding General Collaboration

    02:27 Early Career and Education: From Boston to San Francisco

    03:05 Networking into Venture Capital

    04:33 Challenges and Successes in Ad Tech

    06:46 Pivoting to Customer Support Software

    08:07 Lessons from Leading a Startup

    09:41 Exploring New Business Models and User Research

    13:21 The Reality of Startup Failures and Learning from Mistakes

    18:13 Fractional Work and Modern Startup Strategies

    20:39 Reflecting on Robin Health's Missed Opportunities

    24:51 Transition to Facebook

    25:01 Challenges and Learning at Facebook

    27:01 Dynamic Ads and Team Dynamics

    27:41 Navigating Facebook's Corporate Environment

    32:20 Building 8 and Hardware Innovations

    34:51 Founding General Collaboration

    38:35 Product Development and Market Positioning

    48:31 Final Thoughts and Advice

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    183. The Two-Hour Design Sprint (w/Teresa Cain)

    183. The Two-Hour Design Sprint (w/Teresa Cain)

    In this episode of Product Coffee, Kevin Gentry interviews Teresa Cain, an award-winning FinTech product director renowned for pioneering the two-hour design sprint. Teresa discusses her method for condensing the traditional five-day design sprint into a two-hour session, detailing its efficiency and effectiveness. She reflects on her journey, the impact of the pandemic on product development, and the integration of AI tools such as ChatGPT in the sprint process. Teresa also shares insights from her recent attendance at the Women in Product conference and touches on the evolving landscape of UX design in the era of AI and automation. The episode concludes with practical advice for product leaders and highlights Teresa's resources for implementing the two-hour design sprint.

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    Teresa on LinkedIn
    Teresa's book, Solving Problems in 2 Hours: How to Brainstorm and Create Solutions with Two Hour Design Sprints


    00:00 Intro
    00:30 Meet Teresa Cain: FinTech Product Director
    01:46 The Evolution of the Design Sprint
    04:04 Challenges with the Five-Day Design Sprint
    05:57 The Two-Hour Design Sprint: A Research-Driven Approach

    08:08 Implementing the Two-Hour Design Sprint
    11:10 Understanding Your Users and Exploring Problems
    18:18 Solutioning and Validating Ideas
    22:35 Understanding User Personas
    23:01 Challenges in Design Sprints
    24:19 The Two-Hour Design Sprint Solution
    26:38 Impact of AI and Automation on Design
    32:49 Women in Product: A Growing Community
    34:48 The Future of Product Management
    36:51 Navigating Competitive Job Markets
    37:50 Effective Roadmap Strategies
    41:24 Homework and Closing Thoughts

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    182. Lessons on Product Leadership & Transformation (w/Nick Jemetta)

    182. Lessons on Product Leadership & Transformation (w/Nick Jemetta)

    This week on Product Coffee ☕️... Join host Kevin Gentry as he interviews Nick Jemetta, a distinguished product coach and mental health advocate, renowned for his outcome-focused approach in product management. With over a decade in the field, Nick shares his journey from telco to retail, through transformative experiences at companies like BT, Argos, and Ricoh, emphasizing the importance of proactive communication, stakeholder trust, and iterative improvement. Dive into practical insights on achieving success in product transformations, building effective teams, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. Whether you're looking to elevate your product career or lead your team through complex transformations, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways. Grab your coffee and join the conversation!

    00:00 Intro
    00:27 Meet Nick Gemetta: Product Coach and Advocate
    01:24 Nick's Journey into Product Management
    06:13 Transformation at Argos: Challenges and Milestones
    11:11 Building Trust and Effective Teams
    25:24 Releases and Continuous Deployment
    31:46 Practical Advice for Product Managers
    38:58 Coaching and Culture in Product Management
    41:05 Conclusion and Next Steps

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    181. Effective Design & Empowered Teams (w/Scot Przybylski)

    181. Effective Design & Empowered Teams (w/Scot Przybylski)

    In this episode of Product Coffee, Kevin Gentry interviews Scot Przybylski, a seasoned designer and product manager with extensive experience in UX and product design. Scot discusses his journey from graphic design to UX design, his work with notable companies like Dish Network and Pivotal Labs, and the challenges and strategies involved in transforming traditional product teams into empowered, collaborative units. He shares insights on change management, the critical role of design in product development, and the importance of innovation and psychological safety within teams. Scot highlights specific examples of successful transformations and innovations in product design and development, offering valuable advice on managing relationships, fostering accountability, and driving organizational change.

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    00:00 Introduction to Product Coffee
    00:27 Meet Scot: A Journey in Product Design
    01:08 Transitioning to UX and Product Management
    02:39 Challenges in Organizational Change
    04:56 Implementing Agile and Change Management
    06:56 Design's Strategic Importance
    08:35 Wins from Design and Usability Improvements
    11:27 Building Effective Product Teams
    14:12 Facilitating Design Critiques and Psychological Safety
    16:13 Fostering Innovation in Product Development
    21:21 Empowered Teams and Leadership Training
    25:20 Accountability in Product Teams
    27:48 Design Practices for Product Managers
    30:37 Coaching and Mentoring in Design
    33:59 Final Thoughts and Homework

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    180. Building A Product-Led Lifestyle Business (w/Gleb Gordeev)

    180. Building A Product-Led Lifestyle Business (w/Gleb Gordeev)

    In this episode of Product Coffee, Gleb Gordeev is on the show to share his journey in product management, from working in Germany to founding his product agency, CodeBusters, in Bali. Gleb discusses the challenges and rewards of building a remote lifestyle business, his approach to product management, leveraging no-code tools for rapid product development, and the importance of customer feedback in the early stages. Additionally, Gleb shares insights on work-life balance and the significance of starting with money-focused projects for aspiring entrepreneurs. The episode wraps up with Gleb's advice to learn about AI in product management and to attempt building a product or gathering sign-ups as a hands-on learning experience.

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    Find Kevin on LinkedIn

    Gleb’s Agency Kodebusters


    00:26 Meet Gleb: A Product Management Journey

    02:08 Gleb's Transition to Bali and Remote Work

    03:39 From Product Expert to Entrepreneur

    05:24 Launching a Product Agency with a Unique Approach

    07:39 The Power of Free Workshops for Client Acquisition

    11:03 Crafting Effective Workshops for Product Discovery

    14:01 Strategic Outreach and Building Trust with Clients

    18:10 Exploring No-Code Solutions for Rapid Product Launch

    23:56 Exploring AI's Impact on Product Development

    23:59 The Future of Product Design with AI Integration

    25:31 Revolutionizing Prototyping and Development with AI

    27:21 Launching and Marketing Your Product: A Strategic Approach

    29:45 Gathering Feedback and Iterating Post-Launch

    35:42 Building a Lifestyle Business and Work-Life Balance

    43:31 Final Thoughts and Homework Assignment

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    179. The Curly Paths to Product Success (w/Kenan Akbas)

    179. The Curly Paths to Product Success (w/Kenan Akbas)

    In this episode of Product Coffee, Kenan, a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich background spanning from traditional Chinese medicine to technology, shares his unconventional journey into the world of startups and product management. Initially starting in the health and wellness space, Kenan co-founded Unified Practice, an EHR tailored for Chinese medicine, driven by personal frustration with existing systems. Now, as the co-founder and CEO of AlignWith, he discusses the challenges of managing product teams and go-to-market strategies, the importance of creativity in product development, and the role of customer support in product teams. Kenan emphasizes the value of preparation, the significance of having complementary skill sets in a founding team, and shares insights on allowing personal interests and professional endeavors to inform each other for better problem-solving and innovation.

    Kevin Gentry on LinkedIn

    Kenan Akbas on LinkedIn

    Try AlignWith at www.alignwith.io

    00:00 Welcome to Product Coffee: A Journey into Product Management

    00:26 Meet Kenan: From Physician to Product Pioneer

    07:24 The Creative Process in Product Development

    15:33 Align With: Bridging Product Teams and Go-to-Market Strategies

    20:07 Redefining Customer Support in Product Teams

    23:05 Final Thoughts and Homework: Staying Prepared and Open

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