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Projectified[R] is your guide to the future of project management. Created by Project Management Institute, this podcast is for people who lead strategic initiatives and collaborate on teams to deliver value to their organizations. It features dynamic thought leaders and practitioners who share their real-world experiences and expertise to inform, inspire and prepare you for success.

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Projectified[R] is your guide to the future of project management. Created by Project Management Institute, this podcast is for people who lead strategic initiatives and collaborate on teams to deliver value to their organizations. It features dynamic thought leaders and practitioners who share their real-world experiences and expertise to inform, inspire and prepare you for success.

    Cutting-Edge Technologies in Construction Projects

    Cutting-Edge Technologies in Construction Projects

    The construction sector is moving toward a more digital and connected future, with new technologies changing how teams are executing projects. We discuss this with:

    Rami Kaibni, PMI-CP, PgMP, PfMP, senior projects and development manager, Field & Marten Associates, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Kaibni discusses how new tech, including building information modeling (BIM), is helping boost efficiency in project planning and execution, how his teams decide whether or not to use a specific technology on a construction project, and how the PMI-CP certification can benefit construction professionals.

    Tim Wark, regional digital director for Australia and New Zealand, AECOM, Brisbane, Australia: Wark discusses how increased data sharing and new tech, such as parametric design, is changing how construction projects are managed and executed, how AECOM is working to embrace digital both internally and in the services it offers clients, and how the organization is working to train, upskill and create a culture of innovation to help further embrace technology in construction. 

    Key themes
    [02:02] Boosting efficiency in project planning and execution with BIM
    [03:46] Factors to consider before determining whether to use new tech on construction projects
    [07:25] The benefits of the PMI-CP certification for construction professionals
    [09:14] How increased data sharing is accelerating the construction sector’s digital transformation
    [12:20] Embracing digital in construction through design, data and automation
    [14:34] Building buy-in for new tech through upskilling, training and creating a culture of innovation

    • 19 min
    From Ransomware to Mobile Malware: Emerging Cybersecurity Risks

    From Ransomware to Mobile Malware: Emerging Cybersecurity Risks

    Companies across regions and sectors face myriad cyber threats from ransomware and phishing scams to attacks from professional cybercriminals—a growing number of them now using AI. In response, organizations are launching cybersecurity projects to keep their companies’ and customers’ data secure. We discuss this with:
    Gordon Yan, PMP, vice president, IT project manager, OCBC Bank, Singapore: Yan discusses how Singapore’s banking industry is reacting to more phishing and impersonation scams, artificial intelligence’s growing role—as a potential threat and opportunity—in cybersecurity, how he’s adopting agile practices in his projects and how greater cybersecurity investments and awareness can help build customer trust and confidence.
    Mateusz Jasny, PMP, cybersecurity director, Comarch, Krakow, Poland: Jasny discusses the biggest cyber threats companies face today and how they’re leading to increased cybersecurity efforts across organizations, along with how his teams use threat modeling to identify potential risks to projects. Plus, he shares why cybersecurity project managers need collaboration and facilitation skills along with cybersecurity literacy.

    Key themes
    [00:52] Teams are meeting cyber threats with increased cybersecurity efforts
    [05:16] Delivering a continuous surveillance cybersecurity project at a financial institution
    [07:52] Adopting agile practices to improve project delivery
    [08:52] Investing in cybersecurity efforts and awareness to boost customer confidence and trust
    [10:30] Responding with agility and flexibility in the face of professional threat actors and advances in AI
    [13:32] Utilizing threat modeling to determine risks on cybersecurity projects
    [14:44] Must-haves for cybersecurity project managers: Collaboration and facilitation skills, plus cybersecurity literacy

    • 18 min
    Advice on Starting Your Project Management Career

    Advice on Starting Your Project Management Career

    Project professionals are in high demand, but how does someone break into the profession? In a joint discussion, guests share how they started their project management careers—one pursuing it from the start, the other taking the role unexpectedly—the top skills new project managers should develop and how organizations can help project leaders upskill. Plus, they share how certifications from PMI have given their career development a boost.

    Our guests include Johanna Kolerski-Bezerra, PMP, project manager for forecasting, Euromonitor International, London; and Alisa Vovk, CAPM, consultant in HR global strategic initiatives, CGI, Toronto. 

    Key themes
    [02:06] Two project leaders share their career journeys
    [07:51] Four skills new project managers should focus on developing
    [09:28] Ways organizations can help project professionals upskill
    [11:53] Never had a project management role? Look for workshops, certifications and volunteer opportunities
    [14:41] How the PMI community and certifications from PMI have helped two project leaders’ careers
    [18:05] Looking to break into project management? Learn fast, stay inquisitive and be patient

    • 20 min
    Building Buy-In for Sustainability Projects

    Building Buy-In for Sustainability Projects

    More and more businesses are realizing that sustainability projects are not just good for the environment—they also can boost an organization’s bottom line. But project managers need the right skills to get organizational support to deliver successful initiatives. We discuss this with: 
    Brittany Brama, principal sustainability program manager, C.H. Robinson, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA: Brama discusses how she prioritizes sustainability-focused projects, how a passion project became a tool that helped customers reduce carbon emissions by 350,000 metric tons in its pilot phase, and ways project managers can build support and a collaborative environment for sustainability projects—plus the different ways her teams measure the impact of these projects.
    Oladele Iyiola, PMP, program manager for strategic programs, sustainability and ESG, Tawal, Riyadh: Iyiola discusses how his passion drove him to lead sustainability projects, how a recycling and waste management project helped his company re-use assets and better recycle operational waste, and his top advice to other project professionals leading sustainability projects.

    Key themes
    [02:01] Prioritizing sustainability projects that share value across an enterprise
    [02:41] Delivering value to customers through a carbon emissions monitoring tool
    [05:20] Building collaboration and buy-in for sustainability projects with the C-suite and customers
    [06:58] Ways to measure a project’s impact: sustainability pledges met, CO2 reduced and stakeholder feedback
    [08:54] A passion for sustainability: balancing telecom’s energy needs and environmental impact
    [11:43] Launching a recycling and waste management project to boost the recycling of operational waste
    [14:28] Must-have skills for sustainability projects: technical skills, collaboration and stakeholder management 
    [15:18] Looking to lead sustainability projects? Be a change agent and increase awareness

    • 17 min
    Where Tech Tools and Human Skills Meet in Project Management

    Where Tech Tools and Human Skills Meet in Project Management

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, collaboration tools—project managers are using a bevy of new technologies to boost efficiency and improve project outcomes. We discuss this with: 

    Niral Rajani, project manager, Aristocrat, Sydney: Rajani discusses how tech tools can increase efficiency and reduce cost and time on projects, and how he uses machine learning to predict risk, complexity and resources on future projects—plus the steps he takes to ensure a smooth implementation for new technologies or tech tools on his teams. 

    Dunola Oladapo, founder of Luton Lights and Generation Connect program lead at the U.N.’s International Telecommunication Union, U.K.: Oladapo discusses how she’s seen an increase in project management and collaboration tools as more people embrace remote work, how she uses collaboration tools to connect with young leaders around the world, and why empathy, equity and creating a safe, collaborative environment are must-haves when leading virtual teams.

    Key themes
    [02:07] How tech tools are changing how project managers deliver initiatives
    [04:14] Training machine learning models to predict risk, resourcing and more
    [06:10] Steps to ensure a smooth implementation of new technologies
    [07:22] Ways to build buy-in for next-gen tech tools
    [11:10] Project managers seeing more tech tools as remote work increases
    [13:12] Finding collaboration tools that work for your team
    [16:03] Empathy and compassion: Two must-haves for project managers in a tech-fueled world

    • 17 min
    How to Build Resilient Teams

    How to Build Resilient Teams

    Resilience is a must-have for teams delivering projects in today’s disruptive and volatile world. So how do you build resiliency on teams? We discuss this with:

    Ray Jones, PMI-ACP, PMP, program manager, SMX Technology, San Antonio, Texas, USA: Jones discusses the new context for resilience in a more complex and ambiguous world, how project leaders can build team resiliency by leaning into a learning mindset, how he helped make a team more resilient by changing their work processes and environment, plus how a diversity of skills and perspectives makes for a more resilient team.

    Carlos Augusto Fernandes Filho, senior director for commercial aviation programs, Embraer, São José dos Campos, Brazil: Filho shares how resilience can help drive results in an organization and motivate teams, the skills he’s looking for to create—and develop—a resilient team, and how multidisciplinary, collaborative teams help build resilience.
    Key Themes 
    [01:44] Resiliency’s role in a volatile, uncertain environment
    [03:33] Building resilience through experiential learning and empathy
    [08:55] How a diversity of skills boosts team resilience
    [12:21] The benefits of resiliency—and the pitfalls of lacking it
    [13:17] Creating teams with resilient members, plus how to help them further develop their resilience
    [17:37] How division within teams—and organizations—can hinder resilience
    [21:11] Looking to encourage team resilience? Create a culture of moving forward

    • 22 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
194 Ratings

194 Ratings

Arlie K ,

A must-listen!

Project managers - meet your new favorite podcast! The Projectified team has created an incredible resource for you with this show. Hear from industry experts as they discuss challenges, present solutions, and share their insights into what’s next in project management.

AQP101 ,

Please do podcasts relevant to COVID-19 fight

There are numerous large-scale, unprecedented efforts underway to dig ourselves out of this pandemic. These are essentially some of the most complex, difficult, and urgent projects of our time and would be lovely to dig into.

Some things I would like to see covered:
-Vaccine development
-Therapy development
-Testing deployment
-PPE and medical equipment deployment

Are the most capable project management professionals helping execute these initiatives at light speed? How? What are there challenges?

Sam Motes ,

Tap into the pulse of the PM profession

Excellent way to keep up with the winds of change impacting the PM profession and stay motivated to deliver strategic innovation as you battle the day to day project challenges.

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