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Welcome to Second Spring Podcast. Enjoy listening to stories, inspirations and suggestions from and for midlife women who are living fully in their second spring chapter. Together, we can blossom and flourish in this sensational season of our lives. 🌸

Second Spring Podcast Kit Yoon

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Welcome to Second Spring Podcast. Enjoy listening to stories, inspirations and suggestions from and for midlife women who are living fully in their second spring chapter. Together, we can blossom and flourish in this sensational season of our lives. 🌸

    S1EP9: Midlife Wellness with Ayurveda

    S1EP9: Midlife Wellness with Ayurveda

    Betty Brown is a NAMA - Ayurvedic Practitioner, holistic nurse, and founder of B Well Ayurveda Health Coach. 
    Betty is also a yoga instructor, a mother, an amazing cook, a fellow food & Kimchi lover as well as a fellow Bexley resident. 
    Ayurveda has helped Betty to take charge of her own health. She works with clients to help them feel empowered to make positive changes in their life using the ancient wisdom and medicine of Ayurveda.
    What is Ayurveda: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/what-is-ayurveda
    Betty’s website
    Betty on instagram
    Women’s retreat with Betty
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    S1EP8: Persisting With Your Dreams with Kelly Muir

    S1EP8: Persisting With Your Dreams with Kelly Muir

    Kelly Muir is a martial artist, 6th degree Black Belt in karate, 3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. 
     She has been featured in Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated and Black Belt Magazine as a pioneer for women in the Martial Art Industry. 
     Kelly has been a columnist for Black Belt Magazine, writing in the Better Business Column and a contributor to the Personal Defense Network. 
    Kelly was named Black Belt Magazine’s 2012 Woman of the Year.
    An influential teacher, an entrepreneur, a mother, an author, Kelly is a proud Bexley resident and an almost Bexley High School graduate.
    She recently wrote and published the book, Lessons from Nowhere, which chronicles the turbulent journey of her early years and how that paved the way to a fulfilling and purposeful life. 
    Kelly’s Karate School
    Kelly’s book: Lessons from Nowhere
    Kelly on Instagram
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    S1EP7: Designing and Manifesting a Life Well Lived with Cheryl Stauffer

    S1EP7: Designing and Manifesting a Life Well Lived with Cheryl Stauffer

    Cheryl is an award winning interior designer, founder and CEO of Crimson Design Group - a full-service interior design firm offering a range of services to both commercial and residential clients. 
    Through her fearless leadership and steadfast mission, Cheryl has grown her company from a small local business in Columbus, Ohio into an impressive, successful, nationally renowned firm that is dedicated to bringing comfort, inspiration and beauty to her clients’ spaces.
    She simply (in her words) knows how to make the typically unseen beauty, seen.
    Cheryl is mother, a wife, a good friend to many, a philanthropist, a fellow Second Spring woman, and a Bexley resident.
    Crimson Design Group Website: https://crimsondesigngroup.com/
    Crimson Design Group on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crimsondesigngroup/
    Emotionally Healthy Relationship Course: https://subsplash.com/lifevineyardchurch/lb/ev/+nbx5kkh
    Work with Kit: https://kityoon.com/work-with-me/

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    S1EP6: Thriving Midlife with Chinese Medicine

    S1EP6: Thriving Midlife with Chinese Medicine

    Rebecca is a licensed acupuncturist, an herbalist, and a Qi gong teacher. 
    Not long after she moved from California did Rebecca become a very valuable Bexley resident.
    She’s the vice chair of Green Bexley and has contributed so much to the community, especially around encouraging our town to be more environmentally conscious. 
    Rebecca embodies Chinese medicine in her professional and personal life. She credits it to her vitality and well-being as she feels more energized and healthy now in her early 50s than when she was younger! 
    Listen to the episode for some Chinese medicine secrets and so much more. 
    Rebecca sees patients at Monarch Acupuncture and herbs, her private practice in Bexley, Ohio.
    Monarch Acupuncture website: https://www.monarchacupunctureandherbs.com/
    What is moxibustion: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/moxibustion
    Green Bexley: https://www.greenbexley.org/
    Work with Kit: https://kityoon.com/work-with

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    S1EP5: Belonging & Taking Up Space with Dr. Melissa Briggs - Phillips

    S1EP5: Belonging & Taking Up Space with Dr. Melissa Briggs - Phillips

    Dr Melissa Briggs Phillips is a clinical psychologist and leadership consultant. She’s also a teacher, a mom, a Bexley resident, a good friend to many here in Columbus, Ohio. 
    Dr. Melissa has spent years leading projects in health care, community development and higher education. She is the founder of her private practice Next Generation Behavioral Health and recently joined Mindset Integrative Ketamine Care as their Psychologist in residence.
    Weaving her expertise into her work wherever she is, Dr Melissa is not shy to admit, in her own words: 
    “I love what I do. It is sacred to me.”
    Dr. Melissa’s website: https://behaveforward.com/
    Mindset Integrative Ketamine Care: https://mindsetketamine.com/
    Work with Kit: https://kityoon.com/work-with-me/

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    S1EP4: Purpose Over Obstacles with Nicole O'Brien

    S1EP4: Purpose Over Obstacles with Nicole O'Brien

    Dr. Nicole O’Brien is a critical care physician at Nationwide Children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine for the Ohio State University College of Medicine. 
    In 2015, Nicole received the Fulbright Africa Regional Research Program award to work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She’s also received several NIH grants for research related to neurologic diseases in remote regions of Africa.
    Along with her husband Will O’Brien, Nicole founded Restore Elikia, a nonprofit organization that works to provide sustainable orphan care and community development in a remote region of the Congo. 
    Nicole is a mom of four children. She travels back and forth between Ohio and Africa. When stateside, she and her family call Bexley home. 
    Several years ago, Nicole and Will faced the unimaginable loss of their adopted children from the Congo. That experience both traumatized them (including losing the ability to speak for Nicole), and guided them to living the purpose they have shared all along. 
    Listen to their fascinating story of grit and determination, and how Nicole overcame her limitations despite all the challenges. At the end of the conversation, Nicole shares how she’s choosing to live fully and what she thinks we need to do to optimize our second chapter.  
    For a full transcript of this episode, please go to Second Spring Chronicle. 
    Check out Nicole's project in the Congo, Restore Elikia: https://restoreelikia.org/
    More about Dr. Nicole O’Brien’s work
    Work with Kit Yoon

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

Nat Paige ,

Kit inspires me.

This podcast is perfect to listen to for daily inspiration.

Natana124 ,

Grounding and interesting!

Lately I’ve been loving Kit’s podcast - her conversations and overall energy feel very grounded and supportive while also keeping things light and interesting. The questions asked feel genuine and non-scripted which allows the knowledge gained and learning to come through in a gentle and inviting way! Thank you!

My pink pen ,

Kit Yoon is 88% perfect...

...And that is good enough for me!
I listen every Monday morning to start my week. Each show encourages you to be the best you, without trying to be 100%, which is exhausting and silly.
Let 88% be your perfect and see the amazing things you can do with your life,as encouraged by, Kit❣️

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