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A meticulously un-produced YouTube and Podcast series featuring Jim Joyce and Eugene Borukhovich.

Shot of Digital Health Therap‪y‬ Eugene Borukhovich and Jim Joyce

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A meticulously un-produced YouTube and Podcast series featuring Jim Joyce and Eugene Borukhovich.

    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Susan Bratton

    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Susan Bratton

    Wednesday couldn't come fast enough this week.. and in this #HappyBirthday Jim Joyce episode of #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy we had the pleasure to chat with a 'recovering healthcare banker turned healthcare transformer' Susan Bratton, CEO and Founder of Savor Health. The discussion went deep:
    🥦 Food-as-medicine
    🥦 Nutrition as a key lever in health
    🥦 Nutrition in Oncology
    🥦 Behavioral Psychology & Belief Systems
    🥦 oh and... "no sacred cows"
    Fun mentions as always: StartUp Health Dean Ornish, M.D. Mark Hyman, MD James Clear
    #foodasmedicine #nutrition #nutritionmonth #oncology #digitalhealth

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    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Jim Joyce and I had to abandon the #covid19-free zone as we focused on health consumer on today's #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy. There is no-one better to talk about health consuming than the amazing Jane Sarasohn-Kahn. There was sooooo much to unpack so I really struggled to pick just a few topics here:
    ✅ All Health is now retail
    ✅ The edges of trust during pandemic
    ✅ #MentalHealth baked into primary health
    ✅ Patients and data altruism
    ✅ Designing Empathy
    ✅ oh and.. wise words from Jane.... #healthequitynow

    Fun mentions as always: Martin Kelly Lisa Suennen Susannah Fox Alexandra Drane Matthew Holt Scott Shreeve, MD Crossover Health Brian Dolan Exits & Outcomes Kevin Darcy, PhD, CFA

    • 48 min
    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Lilly Stairs - #ChronicBoss

    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Lilly Stairs - #ChronicBoss

    Jim Joyce and I just had our celebratory 50th episode of #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - wow! 🎉🎉🎉 We were honored to have Lilly Stairs join us today. Lilly is simply full of energy and made her journey from a self-described "Autoimmune Barbie" to #ChronicBoss (heard it here 1st) but we also talked:
    👂 Hearing vs. Listening to Patients
    👂 Tech + Human Touch
    👂 Combining Western and Eastern methods
    👂 Autoimmune Awareness Month
    👂 oh and.. words of wisdom to #startups (hint: authenticity)

    Fun mentions as always: Russell Glass Jessica DaMassa Robert Garber Lee Shapiro Mette Dyhrberg Mymee Melinda Decker Deborah Kilpatrick Christine Lemke PatientPing Jay Desai

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    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Zayna Khayat

    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Zayna Khayat

    On this #StPatricksDay special of #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy, Jim Joyce and I hung out with the amazing Zayna Khayat who I think is also our first guest who will be on a television show!! This episode we talked all about future of aging:
    ☘️ The age of ageism is upon us
    ☘️ The 5 chapters of Future of Aging
    ☘️ 70% of people die in hospitals, 80% want to die at home
    ☘️ What is a "shift disturber"
    ☘️ oh and.. the television show Zayna will be on!
    Special Shout outs to: Ofer Leidner Happify Health team on the $73M raise but the rest we leave upto Jessica DaMassa & Matthew Holt
    Fun Mentions as always: Lucien Engelen Erik Gerritsen Alexandra Drane Grand Rounds Doctor On Demand Robert Garber

    • 46 min
    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Andre Blackman

    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Andre Blackman

    Today, Jim Joyce and I had the pleasure of finally catching up with André Blackman on #TheShot of #DigitalHealth. Andre grew up a nerd and studied to be an airspace engineer before discovering a passion for public health. Aside from reminiscing about the past of Health 2.0 and some of the OG crew we also talked:

    ✅ Digital Divide is real
    ✅ The future of health & care workforce
    ✅ Diversity & Inclusion in health
    ✅ Andre's deep thoughts on "The Reversal" of public health
    ✅ oh and.. his recommendation for a documentary "Interruptors"

    Fun mentions as always: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn Susannah Fox John Brownstein Chris Hogg Alexandra Drane HealthXL Rock Health Melissa Hanna Mahmee

    • 45 min
    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Michael Dillhyon

    Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy - Michael Dillhyon

    #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy is here and once again, Jim Joyce and I reach new highs with our guest, Michael Dillhyon who decided to take this session from the slopes! Was a fun filled chat with some fun topics:

    ⛷ What does a mother-in-law have to do with heart ❤️ rate?
    ⛷ "Everything will be awesome!!" and SPACs
    ⛷ #Entrepreneurship is an addiction
    ⛷ Michael's #digitalhealth outlook
    ⛷ Top 5 tips for #healthtech entrepreneurs
    ⛷ and... a big reveal???

    Fun mentions as always: Jessica DaMassa Matthew Holt Jamey Edwards Sridhar Iyengar VitalConnect Conor Hanley

    • 50 min

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