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News and Updates on All Things South Baltimore

    Revitalizing Federal Hill: A Conversation with Taylor Schwartz on Community and Business Rebranding

    Revitalizing Federal Hill: A Conversation with Taylor Schwartz on Community and Business Rebranding

    In this episode of the South Baltimore podcast, hosts Nate Carper and Kevin sit down with Taylor Schwartz, the director of Federal Hill Main Street, at their Federal Hill office. Taylor discusses the recent extensive rebranding of Federal Hill Main Street, which includes a new logo, colors, and a user-friendly website.
    Taylor explains the role of the organization in supporting local businesses, maintaining neighborhood charm, and organizing events. She also highlights the unique walkable nature of Federal Hill and the diverse community it serves.
    Additionally, Taylor shares insights into the collaborative efforts between various Baltimore Main Streets and Federal Hill's initiatives to address community needs such as safety and economic vitality.
    Lastly, she touches on the positive impact of increased attendance at Orioles games on local businesses.
    00:00 Welcome to South Baltimore Podcast
    00:18 Introducing Taylor and Federal Hill Main Street
    01:08 Federal Hill Main Street Rebranding
    02:14 New Website Features and Community Impact
    05:06 Understanding Federal Hill Main Street's Role
    07:03 Why Federal Hill is the Place to Be
    11:17 Supporting Local Businesses and Safety Initiatives
    17:02 Taylor's Journey and Passion for Nonprofits
    19:40 Impact of Orioles' Success on Local Businesses
    21:04 Closing Remarks and Call to Action

    • 21 min
    Youth Soccer League Enters Its 20th Season

    Youth Soccer League Enters Its 20th Season

    On this episode of the South Baltimore Now! podcast, Kevin Lynch interviews outgoing South Baltimore Youth Soccer League (SBYSL) Vice President Cindy Curley and new President Matt Schudtz. SBYSL will start its 20th season this fall at Latrobe Park in Locust Point. Curley talks about the founding of the league, its growth to 600 young athletes, success stories over the years, and the partnerships needed to run a soccer league. Schudtz talks about his love for soccer, his goals for the organization moving forward, how to handle the growth, the new futsal program, a budding middle school rivalry, and opportunities for local athletes to play for club teams.
    2024 fall registration will begin in the coming days. There are opportunities for players age 3 and up, volunteers are needed for coaching, and SBYSL is always looking for sponsors.
    Website: https://www.sbysl.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057123084222

    • 30 min
    Mayoral Candidate Thiru Vignarajah Discusses Bold Ideas for Baltimore

    Mayoral Candidate Thiru Vignarajah Discusses Bold Ideas for Baltimore

    In this episode of the South Baltimore Now! podcast, Kevin Lynch interviews Baltimore mayoral candidate Thiru Vignarajah.
    During the interview, Vignarajah shares insights into his background, including his education at Yale and Harvard Law; his career as a federal and city prosecutor; and his vision for the city of Baltimore. He discusses his plans to address Baltimore's crime, educational shortcomings, and economic challenges. Vignarajah also talks about the importance of reinvigorating business in Baltimore, proposing substantial reforms in permitting, taxes, and police recruitment.
    00:00 Welcome to South Baltimore: A Special Political Episode
    00:21 The Political Podcast Scene in South Baltimore
    01:50 Thiru Vignarajah's Candidacy for Mayor: Background and Vision
    09:02 Addressing Baltimore's Crime: Thiru Vignarajah's Comprehensive Plan
    14:07 Revitalizing Business and Development in Baltimore
    27:44 Big Picture Ideas for Baltimore's Future
    31:51 Environmental Initiatives and Closing Remarks

    • 34 min
    Spring Updates and Highlights from South Baltimore

    Spring Updates and Highlights from South Baltimore

    This episode takes listeners on a journey through South Baltimore's vibrant community life as hosts Nate and Kevin discuss enjoying the spring weather, upcoming neighborhood events, and local sports updates. They give special shoutouts to new sponsors and local businesses, including Don Tigre for its fantastic tacos and happy hour, M8 Beer for its Australian beers and game day specials, and Sparkling Charms for its pediatric dentistry services. Additionally, the hosts cover the local breakfast and brunch boom featuring new restaurants and bakeries enhancing the area's culinary scene. The episode takes a more serious turn as it addresses the Archdiocese of Baltimore's plans to consolidate church facilities, impacting the South Baltimore community. Lastly, the Movement Team's efforts to improve relations between Digital Harbor High School students and the Federal Hill community are highlighted. The episode concludes with a call to listeners for a photo challenge to engage the community further, offering a chance to win gift cards to local restaurants.
    Photo Challenge: Email photos of local places and see if our audience can guess where you are! carpercreative@outlook.com
    Deadline for submission is May 15th 2024. We will pick 15-20 top photos and each photographer/owner of the photo will be entered into a chance to win a few restaurant gift cards from a local business here in the neighborhood. In your email, please share where you took the picture ( in case you stump us too lol)

    00:00 Welcome to South Baltimore: A Vibrant Community Update00:12 Celebrating Spring and Local Favorites00:40 Shoutouts to New Sponsors and Local Hotspots03:06 Spotlight on South Baltimore's Business Scene06:15 Addressing the Church Consolidation Plan09:01 Community Initiatives and High School Engagement10:59 Upcoming Events and Weekend Fun in Baltimore12:17 Engaging with the Audience: A Photo Challenge13:50 Closing Remarks and Appreciation

    • 14 min
    Spotlight on Gene's Greens: A Farm-to-Doorstep Story in South Baltimore

    Spotlight on Gene's Greens: A Farm-to-Doorstep Story in South Baltimore

    In this episode of the South Baltimore Now podcast, guest host Jennifer Walker joins to discuss life and local businesses in South Baltimore. Jennifer, a freelance writer and podcast host, shares her connection to Baltimore and her experiences exploring local attractions with her family.
    The episode features an in-depth interview with Gene from Gene's Greens, a farm in Westminster, Maryland, known for its unique home delivery CSA model. Gene shares his journey from childhood gardening to running his own farm, focusing on flowers, vegetables, and supporting local ecosystems and biodiversity.
    The discussion delves into the challenges and rewards of the CSA model, the increasing popularity of home deliveries, and the importance of local support for sustainability and community well-being. Gene also highlights upcoming opportunities for the South Baltimore community to engage with his business at local farmers' markets and through online ordering.
    00:00 Welcome to South Baltimore Now Podcast with Special Guest Jennifer Walker00:52 Getting to Know Jennifer: Life and Interests in South Baltimore02:08 Jennifer's Professional Journey: Freelance Writing and Podcast Hosting03:44 Introducing Gene from Gene's Greens: A Unique CSA Model05:22 Gene's Farming Background and the Evolution of Gene's Greens08:20 The Daily Grind: A Farmer's Life and Challenges11:44 Expanding Horizons: Gene's Greens Home Delivery and Market Presence16:18 Gene's Environmental Initiatives and Future Plans

    • 20 min
    Insight into District 11 with Councilperson Eric Costello

    Insight into District 11 with Councilperson Eric Costello

    Insight into District 11 with Councilperson Eric Costello
    In this episode of the South Baltimore Now podcast, Kevin Lynch interviews incumbent Councilperson Eric Costello about the upcoming primary elections in Maryland on May 14th, focusing on his reelection bid for District 11. The discussion covers Costello's background, his journey to South Baltimore, achievements and experiences as a councilperson, his views on public service, and addressing community issues such as education, crime, and supporting small businesses. Specific topics include the improvement projects within the district, Costello's stance on public safety in collaboration with local and state officials, and his commitment to fostering a safer, more vibrant community. The conversation also highlights the importance of voter participation in the local elections and offers insights into the electoral process.
    00:00 Welcome to South Baltimore Now Podcast00:16 Introducing Councilman Eric Costello01:07 Eric Costello's Journey to South Baltimore01:48 Life and Work in South Baltimore: A Councilman's Perspective02:44 From Community Leader to City Council04:45 The Day-to-Day of a Baltimore City Council Member08:58 Addressing Education and Community Projects10:54 The Challenges and Rewards of Local Politics20:13 Tackling Crime and Public Safety in South Baltimore24:09 Supporting Small Businesses and Development Projects28:46 Voting in the Upcoming Primary Elections31:29 Final Thoughts and Encouragement to Vote

    • 34 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

BmoreBeach ,

Love the positivity

Trending topical info presented in a positive, not naive, optimistic discussion. Love listening monthly to get all the scuttlebutt.

Andres prince of pie ,

Excellent Summary of South Baltimore

I moved to South Baltimore in November of 2019. Since then I had been looking for ways to keep up with the changes and activities happening in South Baltimore. This podcast provides an excellent summary of everything that’s happening in this part of the city. I’d recommend anyone new to the area give this podcast a listen.

BMW2013 ,

Great pod about South Bmore

Only a few episodes in and this already serves as a really good update on all of what’s going on and relevant in south Baltimore, so as a fellow resident I love it. Definitely an easy listen too!

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