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Purpose can be a wildly polarizing topic because, for many, it can feel ever-elusive and impossible to pin down. Simply put, purpose is stepping into who we're here to be and doing the work we're here to do.

The Tales from the Journey™ Podcast profiles the stories of incredible, purpose-driven individuals who uncovered or deepened their sense of purpose after experiences that turned them upside down. Your host Stephenie Zamora—author, speaker, and coach—interviews entrepreneurs, artists, stay-at-home parents, families living alternative lifestyles, and everything in-between about the highs and lows of rising up and coming back in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions. All with the hope of inspiring others to begin their own process of living their legacy and contributing in the way that only they can.

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Tales from the Journey Stephenie Zamora

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Purpose can be a wildly polarizing topic because, for many, it can feel ever-elusive and impossible to pin down. Simply put, purpose is stepping into who we're here to be and doing the work we're here to do.

The Tales from the Journey™ Podcast profiles the stories of incredible, purpose-driven individuals who uncovered or deepened their sense of purpose after experiences that turned them upside down. Your host Stephenie Zamora—author, speaker, and coach—interviews entrepreneurs, artists, stay-at-home parents, families living alternative lifestyles, and everything in-between about the highs and lows of rising up and coming back in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions. All with the hope of inspiring others to begin their own process of living their legacy and contributing in the way that only they can.

Learn more at www.TalesFromTheJourney.tv!

    The Power of Persistence, Surrender, and Faith

    The Power of Persistence, Surrender, and Faith

    Today, we’re talking all about the power of persistence, surrender, and faith as we recap some of the amazing highlights from the first season of this podcast and look forward to all the goodness we have coming up for you in season two. We’ve had some incredible guests in this first season, and we can’t wait to share the stories of even more purpose-driven individuals with you in season two, along with more of my own personal journey and teaching on specific topics, processes, and frameworks to help you find healing, uncover your purpose and make the impossible happen in your own life.

    What to Listen For:

    Season one is ending

    Season two coming soon

    Must-listen (or relisten) moments from season one

    The power of persistence

    “Persistence is essential to living our purpose because the path to it is filled with obstacles. It’s challenging beyond belief, and it asks so much more of us than we believe we have to give. We are going to get knocked down.”

    Stepping into surrender

    “Surrender is about trust, trust in ourselves to navigate the unraveling as it happens, gathering new insight and information as we go making decisions and choices as we need. And knowing that no matter where we ultimately end up, we are going to be okay, maybe even better.”

    Leaning into faith

    “While many have a spiritual or religious relationship to faith, not everyone does faith is about belief in the unseen, but not yet happened. It’s about trusting in something that hasn’t been fully realized or actualized yet. Something we can’t explain. Something that might seem crazy to others.”


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    Overcoming Abandonment, Abuse, and Addiction with Kevin Barhydt

    Overcoming Abandonment, Abuse, and Addiction with Kevin Barhydt

    Today I'm talking with Kevin Barhydt about overcoming abandonment, abuse, and addiction. Kevin is a YouTube Creator and the author of Dear Stephen Michael's Mother. Listen in as Kevin gets super honest around the compounding traumas that led him to his current path of service. Trauma that including being abandoned by his mother at birth, experiencing sexual abuse starting at age nine, battling addiction by age 11, and living a suicidal lifestyle. Kevin reached a point of dealing drugs and opting for prostitution to pursue his next fix. He's sharing all of this along with the unconventional reason he made massive life changes that brought him to where he is today!

    What to Listen For:

    Being abandoned by his mother at birth

    Being placed in foster care for his first couple of months

    Getting formally adopted by a loving family

    How knowing he was adopted impacted his relationships and self-worth

    "The connection that starts to be made sometimes for not all of us, but many of us is people who love me will leave me. People who love me will relinquish me."

    Experiencing abuse from his 4H leader at age nine

    How this affected how he perceived himself and what he's here for

    How his trauma began to manifest in other areas of his life

    His dad's heart attack when he was 11, and needing attention the most

    "When I was probably in need most of 'What's going on with Kevin?' attention, all the attention had to go to dad, and rightly so. Even my attention went to him. But while my attention went to him, I was screaming inside. And then, of course, I was screaming at him because he couldn't help me."

    His first experience with getting drunk at 11 years old

    Stealing pills from his father to get high and avoid feeling

    Ending up on the streets and turning to prostitution as a result of addiction

    Dropping out of high school in 10th grade

    His brain functioning so poorly he couldn't spell his last name

    Going back to school and starting to take care of his physical body

    Realizing through therapy that he'd been abused

    Understanding that the things that happened to him aren't his identity

    "The trauma had compounded so many times by then that unraveling that, or even addressing that was in fits and starts. It was really hard and painful, but that's where the healing began."

    How addiction made him feel he didn't have worth or value

    His master plan to stop using drugs and alcohol for one year, and the unconventional why behind this decision

    Going through withdrawal when he stopped using

    How coming out of the fog of drugs and alcohol affected his mental state

    "All of a sudden, without the drugs and alcohol, the lights came on, the window opened a little bit, and I saw the prostitution. I saw the degradation, and I saw what I'd become very clearly. And without the scrim of the addiction, I just wanted to die."

    Feeling like he should never have existed at his bottom

    Getting to know himself on the other side of addiction

    Understanding that he is a mystery that needed unraveling, but that he couldn't do it alone

    Talking with his sponsor about not feeling a spiritual connection

    His personal prayer that he prayed every day

    Realizing that his prayer was being answered through the people in his life

    His little hopes along his journey

    Slipping in some of his routines after 12 years sober and finding himself lost and confused four years later

    "I remember sitting in that apartment in Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. My beautiful wife and two kids sleeping in the other room. It's three in the morning. I'm in the kitchen, looking out this beautiful on this beautiful street,

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    Grieving with Ease and Finding Purpose with Martika Whylly

    Grieving with Ease and Finding Purpose with Martika Whylly

    Today I'm talking with Martika Whylly about grieving with ease and finding our purpose after loss. Martika is the author of Having fun with God, a podcaster, and a grief counselor. After her own experiences with death and loss, beginning with her mother's suicide when she was just 15, she came to understand the path towards healing in a more meaningful way and now guides others as they navigate this road as well. Today, she's sharing about having suicidal thoughts, being angry with God, the signs her mother was with her after her passing, and how her mother and an apparition she calls "the man in black" helped motivate her to write her book. 

    What to Listen For: 

    How writing her book helped her find her purpose

    Ignoring that little voice that was nudging her towards her calling

    Asking why all these tragedies befell her

    When her mother married an abusive man

    "When you're not sure what to do when you're in an abusive situation, I guess she thought taking her own life would be the best way to go."

    Her thoughts on her mom watching over her

    How not seeing her mother's body after she died affected her grieving process

    Learning more about the stages of grief as she got older

    Seeing the signs her mom was with her

    The realization she had while watching a TV special about elephants

    Recalling a scene from the show to help her process her cousin's suicide

    What she did differently in her cousin's passing that helped with both losses

    Feeling suicidal herself after losing her mother

    "I mean, it's not really hard to take a step and fall 20 stories, right? But this force pushed me back, and then it was like a surreal kind of experience where, wow, if I had died, that would have been kind of like a, It's a Wonderful Life experience. That's how I felt coming out of there. 

    We don't think we're important. We think we're so insignificant, and we all are so vital. We're so important. And we're not told that every single day. But we are; we're so important and vital."

    The difference the vice principal at her school made

    Having five moms after her mom passed

    Losing several more family members in the years that followed

    Deciding she wanted to find her father

    "I thought I wouldn't have any problems finding him. It took two months to locate him.

    And when I finally did, I was told he died two days earlier.

    I didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

    Getting angry with God

    Her experience when she passed out while visiting a friend at the hospital

    Seeing the man in black and how this compelled her to write

    How writing has helped her connect with her inner voice and intuition

    What she told her publisher about her motivation to write before she was ready to share

    Feeling grateful for going through these losses at an early age

    Hearing her mom's voice telling her to write while she was watching Oprah

    Moving to the Bahamas for two years after her cousin died.

    "I was motivated by that apparition. I started writing and noticed that it was very healing after my cousin Nicky died. I didn't get any counseling. What I did instead was I moved to The Bahamas for a couple of years. I just want to get out of the house, out of Canada, and just kind of get to know me.  

    So when I came back after spending a couple of years in the Bahamas, the writing just became a compelling thing that lasted for three years. And it's funny because I don't think I've ever sat still that long ever."

    All the ahas that poured in as she wrote

    What happened that made her stop asking the universe for things

    Asking spirit what to do with her money and getting an answer she wasn't ready fo...

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    Becoming Limitless After a Failed Suicide Attempt with Rob Tull

    Becoming Limitless After a Failed Suicide Attempt with Rob Tull

    Today I'm talking with Rob Tull about becoming limitless after a failed suicide attempt. Rob's an author, speaker, and creator of the Path2 Program. After spending 20 years at a job and in a life that didn't reflect who he truly is, the pressure of keeping up this version of himself that looked great from the outside began to destabilize him. With this unraveling came toxicity and exhaustion. He felt the only way to continue in his provider role was to end his life, and in 2018, he attempted suicide. While this attempt was ineffective from a biological perspective, it was highly effective from an emotional and mindset perspective. After waking up to discover he was still here on this earth to continue this life, he started making the changes needed to be the parent, employee, and person he wanted to be. Now, Rob's dedicated to helping parents find their best path to happiness, fulfillment, and success.

    What to Listen For: 

    Working in financial services for 20 years even though, by nature, he felt like more of an artist

    Being raised as a boy with the mentality that he was responsible for providing for his family at all costs

    Taking the well-worn path because that's what he thought he was supposed to do

    "The problem with committing to one path and then continuing to double down on it is that things start to rely on you. I established a family. I now had dependents. I had all this structure dependent on me continuing to follow this path of being a provider on this one avenue until at some point you either run out of stamina or you run out of opportunities. And for me, I ran out of stamina, and I got stuck."

    Not having a support network that allowed flexibility

    Grasping at things that could create progress

    Accepting a highly regarded promotion, working 15-18 hour days seven days a week, traveling every other week, and not enjoying himself

    Becoming toxic to his family as a result of not getting to recharge

    Asking his partner about leaving his career to do something different and being met with resistance

    "My partner didn't tolerate that. It was, 'No, you can't leave your career and walk away from this earning potential. You're at an elite level.'

    So I was basically told the thing that was a wrong decision from 20 years ago; you can't undo that. And so there was a feeling of being really trapped and so, being a very rational person and being highly analytical. The conclusion I came up with the best solution was, well, how do I get unstuck?

    How do I get out of this situation, and how do I still provide for a family, like I resolved to do? And how do I deal with the idea that I don't see a future in front of me? Cause everything was just taken away. And so suicide was the most practical solution."

    Attempting suicide in July of 2018 in front of his sons

    Having a support system but still keeping things to himself

    Changing how he saw himself in terms of his identity and ideals

    Understanding that his identity as a protector, provider, and martyr marginalized his existence

    Unplugging and getting to know himself

    How the concept of emptiness helped him put his life back together in a more authentic way

    The concept of the junk drawer

    How he knew checking into the treatment facility was the right decision

    "There were two criteria that I realized I had, which was willing and desperate. I clearly was willing to make a change. I wanted everything to end. I clearly was willing. And I was desperate because I used the most extreme solution I could think of. And it didn't work. Well, now I'm desperate. I don't have the answer."

    Being able to let go of everything, including his inner voice

    Letting go of pride and determining what real strength is

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    Finding Joy After Divorce and Depression with Lindsey Nicole

    Finding Joy After Divorce and Depression with Lindsey Nicole

    Today I'm talking with Lindsey Nicole about finding joy after divorce and depression. She's the author of Choose Joy, a collection of spiritual insights designed to remind you how much you are loved and supported on a soul level. Lindsey's an optimist who inspires us to seek joy even amid challenging times. Today, she'll be sharing her journey through an unhealthy relationship, the devastation of divorce, depression, bankruptcy, and the diagnosis of her son with autism all in one year. She's pulling back the curtain on how she navigated these twists and turns, learned what she really wanted, practiced joy, and redefined success.

    What to Listen For: 

    How she met her husband

    The little voice telling her, "This isn't for you"

    Building a relationship on survival instead of joy and support

    Realizing she felt different when her husband came home for the weekends

    "Our weekends together were not pleasant. They weren't fun.  

    A general ride to Costco would go something like strapping the baby into the car seat, And then he'd just be like, 'what's wrong?' I'm like, 'nothing's wrong.' And by the time we got to Costco, I was screaming at him. And he was like, see, I told you, I told you you're mad. I told you you're angry."

    Trying so hard to change, to be the person she thought her husband wanted her to be

    A moment where she realized it might not be a healthy relationship

    The early steps on her journey to figure out what she wanted

    Her struggle to find direction

    Finding power in understanding what she DIDN'T want

    How the little things started to add up to help her make her next move

    Leaping off the cliff

    "Mother's Day morning, 2012, and I'm standing next to my baby's crib. I think we'd fought until three o'clock in the morning, the night before.

    I knew I wasn't going to be getting a gift. He hadn't remembered birthdays. Those things weren't important to him, but I knew I was a good mom.

    And I knew I wanted three words, 'Happy Mother's Day,' seemed very simple and seemed very doable. I knew I was worthy of that. And he came in, and the way his feet hit the ground, I knew he wanted to fight. He just started, and I was like, 'I'm done.' And the words kind of came out before I even thought about it.

    I'm done."

    Leaving in the face of uncertainty and the calmness that came with that move

    Losing much of her support network of friends during the relationship

    Jumping into a hot and heavy relationship after ending her marriage

    Having to deal with unprocessed feelings from her marriage after the new relationship ended

    Getting walloped with depression

    "I just started to feel everything that I hadn't, that I'd like shoved under the rug from before. So it was like a season of depression. I remember dropping my child off at preschool and coming home and just laying in bed until it was time and crying. And doing that for a couple months and just picking them up from school and then trying to make the best of the rest of the day."

    Making a conscious decision to change and to heal herself

    Taking time for herself

    The worst experience that she feels was her rock bottom moment

    "My son was taken away by CPS and given to his dad for a weekend because of a misunderstanding."

    Breaking down at that moment and realizing she needed to change so she could keep her son

    Trying new things and making new friends

    Stepping into the next version of herself

    Building her mental state up a tiny step at a time

    Her son's autism diagnosis as she was starting to feel more like herself

    Trying to make a purchase and realizing there were no funds in her account the following Mother's Day ...

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    The Power of Healing, Boundaries, and Joy with Josh Odam

    The Power of Healing, Boundaries, and Joy with Josh Odam

    Today I'm talking with Josh Odam about healing, boundaries, and joy. Josh is a Trauma-Informed Life Coach who is the Founder and Curator of Healing While Black, an online platform devoted to normalizing conversations around mental health for Black and Indigenous queer, trans*, and gender non-conforming people. Josh holds nothing back as he recalls the experiences that pulled him to his current coaching path focusing on the Black LGBTQIA+ community. 

    What to Listen For: 

    Being outed in 8th grade by a friend he thought he could trust

    His drive to be the person that he needed when he was younger

    How fortunate he feels to have had nurturing parents

    Wanting to be involved in all things political from a young age

    Where he got his first taste of grassroots activism

    "I was able to meet David Dinkins, and it was in my senior internship where I was able to meet Nancy Pelosi. Having these experiences as a 17-year-old, an 18-year-old going into high school or going into college, it definitely solidified my want to be active in my community."

    Why his sophomore year of college was so pivotal

    Not wanting the role of a charismatic Black male leader

    Not knowing how to set boundaries at that time and feeling he would be letting people down

    "A lot and people would always say, you know, 'Josh, you gotta slow down. This is a marathon, not a sprint.'

    I didn't take their advice, and it led to a point where I just had to sit down for a while. I was running for a long time dealing with very stressful, traumatic instances, personally and collectively and politically, and I wasn't taking care of myself."

    What happened when putting himself last caught up to him

    His unhealthy habit of seeking out therapy in a reactive instead of proactive manner

    His first therapist and how this experience ensured he got back in school and graduated

    How wanting to get back to his family served as a major motivator

    The piece of wisdom shared with him on transactional living that really stuck with him

    Learning to shed the parts of his identity that revolved around being everything to everybody to be validated

    Incorporating journaling and reading as self-care practices

    Where the spark for Healing While Black came from

    How had landed on social work and life coaching vs. psychology or psychiatry

    "I landed on social work because I had a lot of conversations with my friends and colleagues and mentors who were in all different avenues and fields, psychiatry, psychology, licensed professional coaching. Social work was the place that felt most natural for me because a social worker has to do so many things. No, I'm not a social worker, but that's why I landed on social work as a field to move into."

    Feeling pulled to do his part to help with all the grieving and trauma of the Black death, Black queer death, Black trans death that has been happening

    Changing his view on life coaching through research but still feeling hesitant to step into this line of work

    "You don't play psychologist. You don't play with somebody's mental health. I think there are a lot of fields where you can learn on the fly and kind of figure it out as you go. But I don't think this is one of those fields, especially not right now. 

    So I was very hesitant about that because I was like, Oh, I don't have the credentials. I don't have the certification.

    And everybody was talking to me about like, you make the license, the license doesn't make you, and you're not passing yourself off as a social worker. You're a coach; as long as you're forthright and forthcoming with that information, people will gravitate to you. And I was like, all right, I guess and then lo and behold, I did all this stuff.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

USNA 1985 ,

Excellent Podcast!

I am motivated by hearing others’ stories of overcoming adversity. These stories help me and others realize that we too can overcome life’s challenges. Often times these challenges help us discover and live into our purpose! Listen to this podcast and see for yourself!

wove2005 ,

Great stuff!

Every show shares words of wisdom and hope. I Aways enjoy hearing stories of people who overcome obstacles and keep pushing forward regardless. Very inspiring!

medicine_keeper ,

Grounded and Hopeful

What I love about Stephenie’s story, wisdom, and shares is that she speaks from the heart and doesn’t pull any punches. There’s no avoiding the hard parts of life, but, with Stephenie’s wise voice in your ears, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the journey with your heart open and head held high.

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