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The Active Atlanta Podcast highlights people in the health & wellness community in the Atlanta area and shares their message about how people can continue to live high performance, pain-free lives.

The Active Atlanta Podcast Jacob Swart, PT, DPT, CSCS

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The Active Atlanta Podcast highlights people in the health & wellness community in the Atlanta area and shares their message about how people can continue to live high performance, pain-free lives.

    Ep128 | Peptide Power: Unveiling the Healing Science of Amino Acids with Elliot Campbell of RegenMD

    Ep128 | Peptide Power: Unveiling the Healing Science of Amino Acids with Elliot Campbell of RegenMD

    In this episode of the podcast, Doc Jake sits down with Elliot Campbell, the founder of Regen MD, to discuss the topic of peptides. Peptides have gained a lot of attention recently due to their ability to produce specific effects in the body. Unlike steroids, peptides have a short half-life, making them a more natural and temporary solution.Elliot explains that peptides are chains of amino acids that can be synthesized to provide various benefits. The rise in popularity of peptides can be attributed to a growing distrust in the traditional healthcare system, leading people to seek alternative ways to improve their health and performance. The easy sharing of information through podcasts and social media has also contributed to the rapid spread of the benefits of peptides, particularly among athletes and bodybuilders.Doc Jake and Elliot dive into some of the most popular peptides, such as BPC-157 and TB-500, which are commonly used for injury recovery and wound healing. These peptides work by signaling the body to increase growth hormone and IGF-1 production, accelerating the healing process.After running a successful med spa that offered peptide therapy, Elliot founded Regen MD to meet the growing demand for high-quality and properly administered peptide products and services. The company has gained a strong reputation through word-of-mouth and referrals, as users experience the dramatic results of their peptide blends.Elliot emphasizes the importance of sourcing peptides from a reputable and medically-supervised provider, as there are many low-quality and potentially dangerous products available online. Regen MD takes great care in ensuring the quality, sterility, and dosing of their peptides, and provides guidance and support to clients throughout the process.The podcast also explores the differences between taking peptides orally versus through injection. Certain peptides, such as the performance blend, are more effective when administered via injection. Additionally, peptides can have secondary benefits, such as improved hair, skin, and metabolism.Overall, this episode provides a comprehensive overview of peptides, their benefits, and the importance of using them under proper medical supervision. Doc Jake and Elliot encourage listeners to reach out to Regen MD to learn more about how peptides could potentially improve their health, recovery, and performance.Reach out to Elliot:Via website: https://regenmdwellness.com/Via Instagram: @regenmd_

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    Ep127 | From Sports Performance to Personal Training: Alex Irigoyen's Journey

    Ep127 | From Sports Performance to Personal Training: Alex Irigoyen's Journey

    In this gripping podcast episode, Doc Jake engages with Alex Irigoyen, a seasoned personal trainer at The Training Room ATL with 14 years of diverse experience. From shaping high school and college athletes to inspiring crossfitters and general fitness enthusiasts at all levels, Alex is on a mission to unlock the strength and fitness potential in every client he encounters. His journey from Miami to Chicago, St. Louis, and now Atlanta has been fueled by a passion for hiking, cooking, and enjoying quality time with his wife and two furry companions.Alex's dynamic approach to strength training shines as he breaks stereotypes in the fitness industry, emphasizing that everyone has a unique path to strength and vitality. Through personalized programs tailored to individual needs and preferences, Alex blends compound lifts, aerobic exercises, and unwavering support to guide clients on a transformative journey towards sustainable fitness. Tune in for a dive into Alex's world of empowering individuals to discover their strength and embrace a fitter, healthier lifestyle!Contact Info for Alex Irigoyen:Email: alexirigoyentraining@gmail.com (mailto:alexirigoyentraining@gmail.com)Please note that Alex does not have any social media accounts.

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    Ep126 | Beyond the Courtroom: Navigating Personal Injury with Compassion and Expertise feat. Alex Merritt

    Ep126 | Beyond the Courtroom: Navigating Personal Injury with Compassion and Expertise feat. Alex Merritt

    In this episode, Alex Merritt of DeWoskin Law delves into the realm of personal injury law, dispelling the myth that personal injury lawyers are mere "ambulance chasers." He emphasizes the sincere dedication of most lawyers to assisting clients through difficult times by prioritizing fair compensation for injuries over monetary gains. Building enduring client relationships and trust forms a cornerstone, with regular communication crucial for offering both legal and emotional support.Alex underscores the significance of prioritizing client health over legal strategies, avoiding advice against medical professional recommendations, and addressing clients' financial concerns without influencing medical decisions. He cautions against red flags such as lawyers directing clients to specific medical providers for potential kickbacks, advocating instead for referrals to reputable and responsive providers. Trial experience emerges as a valuable asset, aiding in evidence preparation and exerting pressure on insurers to settle fairly before reaching trial.Furthermore, Alex advises against larger firms that may shuffle clients between inexperienced associates, emphasizing the importance of clients maintaining contact with the lead lawyer. This episode accentuates the importance of nurturing strong client relationships, valuing client well-being over profits, gaining trial expertise, and ensuring consistent representation as pivotal elements of high-quality personal injury legal services.

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    Ep125 | Fitness Interrupted - Setting Goals and Reducing Fear of Movement in Postpartum Training

    Ep125 | Fitness Interrupted - Setting Goals and Reducing Fear of Movement in Postpartum Training

    In this episode of the podcast, we hear from Chandra and Maddie, the founders of Fitness Interrupted. They share their personal experiences with postpartum health issues and how these struggles inspired them to create a company that simplifies fitness for busy mothers. Chandra and Maddie discuss the challenges they faced in regaining core strength and mobility after having children, and how they realized that postpartum physical therapy can be expensive and hard to access. To bridge this gap, they decided to get certified in prenatal and postnatal fitness training and created Fitness Interrupted.One of the key focuses of their training is performing thorough assessments on postpartum clients. They look at factors such as thoracic mobility, hip rotation, breathing, and core engagement. By emphasizing functional movements and providing modifications as needed, Sandra and Maddie ensure that their clients can safely return to exercise.The founders also emphasize that the typical "6-week clearance" for postpartum recovery is often not enough. Many mothers feel that they are not ready to engage in heavy exercise until their child is over a year old due to the demands of motherhood. To make exercise more accessible, Fitness Interrupted has created the 10-Minute Fitness Challenge, which offers short, simple workouts that can be done anywhere in a short amount of time.Chandra and Maddie also stress the importance of goal-setting for postpartum clients. They help reduce the fear of movement by finding a woman's current functional limits and avoiding pushing past discomfort. Through their programs, they aim to rebuild exercise habits and confidence through consistency over perfection.Overall, Fitness Interrupted takes a holistic approach to postpartum fitness training. Their mission is to make quality programs and guidance accessible to support mothers' wellness journeys after childbirth. This episode provides valuable insights and actionable tips for any mother looking to prioritize her own health and fitness.Reach out:Via Instagram: @fitnessinterrupted10-Minute Fitness Challenge - https://www.fitnessinterrupted.com/programs (https://www.fitnessinterrupted.com/programs) A SHORT, SIMPLE, yet EFFECTIVE workout program specifically designed for the busy mom. In just 4 weeks, you'll feel energized, stronger, and would have created a consistent and sustainable workout routine without spending hours in the gym. FREE Resources - https://www.fitnessinterrupted.com/free-resources (https://www.fitnessinterrupted.com/free-resources)

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    Ep124 | Breaking out of Autopilot with Meg Gillespie

    Ep124 | Breaking out of Autopilot with Meg Gillespie

    In this episode of the Active Atlanta podcast, Doc Jake interviews Megan Gillespie, an executive coach and therapist, who helps entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders show up more authentically and intentionally in both their work and home lives. Megan emphasizes the importance of safety and regulation of the nervous system as the foundation for accessing positive states such as meaningful connections, curiosity, creativity, and purpose.Megan discusses the three main states of the nervous system: ventral vagal, sympathetic, and dorsal vagal. The ventral vagal state is the optimal state, where one feels safe and connected. However, threats can trigger the sympathetic state, commonly known as the "fight or flight" response, which is characterized by anxiety symptoms like a racing heart. Getting stuck in the sympathetic state for an extended period of time can have negative consequences. On the other hand, the dorsal vagal state conserves energy and often leads to depression symptoms like hopelessness.Dysregulation, according to Megan, occurs when individuals get stuck between these different states. The signs of dysregulation can manifest in various ways, such as illness, sleep and digestion issues, mood swings, and stress. Megan's work focuses on helping her clients understand these states and learn how to self-regulate.Doc Jake and Megan discuss how stress impacts relationships and performance, both at home and in the workplace. They highlight the importance of co-regulation, as one person's state can affect others. Leaders, in particular, play a significant role in setting the tone and culture within a team or organization.Megan shares portable practices that individuals can utilize to notice and address early signs of dysregulation. These practices include tuning into breath and body sensations and asking oneself questions like "who, what, when, and where" to identify calming activities, environments, and times for resetting.The conversation also delves into the concept that both sympathetic and parasympathetic states are necessary, like the gas and brakes in a car. The goal is not to achieve perfection, but rather to cultivate flexibility and the ability to seamlessly transition between states.The episode concludes with a discussion on burnout and how leaders can implement coaching and small environmental changes to help their teams function optimally through co-regulation. The overall takeaway from this episode is the importance of understanding body signals, cultivating self-awareness, and caring for oneself to positively impact others.

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    Ep123 | The Power of Self-Reflection: Identifying Habits that Serve or Hinder Your Goals with Erica Groomes

    Ep123 | The Power of Self-Reflection: Identifying Habits that Serve or Hinder Your Goals with Erica Groomes

    Erica Groomes (Coach E) is the co-founder of Get Mo Phit, an online and in-person personal training company that focuses on both physical fitness and mindset training. She discusses how Get Mo Phit helps clients through self-reflection to identify their current habits and desires, and takes steps to craft a life that helps them become their best selves. Coach E describes how Get Mo Phit encourages clients to reflect on what's going on in their lives and how their current habits are serving or not serving them. The goal is to help clients identify who they want to become and what tangible steps they need to take to create that desired life. This process starts with mindset work like journaling before integrating physical training.Many clients initially reach out about specific physical goals like weight loss or looking a certain way. Coach E emphasizes shifting the mindset to see fitness as a lifestyle rather than just physical. Through training, clients learn habits like patience and self-love that can apply to other areas of life. Coach E discusses how her own difficult relationship experience lowered her self-confidence and drove her to seek longevity over temporary relief. With support from her friend Morgan, she immersed herself in mindset work like podcasts, journaling, and reflection during physical training. This transformed her mentally and physically. Get Mo Phit incorporates weekly check-ins to discuss both physical progress and clients' current mindsets/lives. The goal is to help clients recognize any habits hindering other goals and identify root causes, not just symptoms. Supporting clients' mindset transformations through recommended resources is key since making lifestyle changes can be difficult without like-minded support systems.Coach E closes by sharing how immersing her mother in Get Mo Phit's approach helped her lose 40 pounds, and improve her health and confidence levels. Small, consistent steps integrating mindset and physical training can make a big difference, especially with accountability support from professionals like Coach E. Potential clients can learn more about Get Mo Phit on Instagram at @getmo_phit!

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9 Ratings

Krystal Sterling ,

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This is an easy way to make the city feel small. I have been able to connect my clients and myself to several of these providers listed. Thanks for this resource.

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Great resource to help stay active

The podcast is a wonderful resource to learn great tips for staying active and healthy!

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Danny is amazing!!

Danny is a wealth of knowledge about human movement. I hop on any chance I get to learn more from him! I can’t wait to hear more episodes.

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