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An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.

The Archers BBC Radio 4

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An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.



    Writer: Tim Stimpson
    Director: Dave Payne
    Editor: Jeremy Howe
    Natasha Archer…. Mali Harries
    Pip Archer…. Daisy Badger
    Ruth Archer…. Felicity Finch
    Neil Carter…. Brian Hewlett
    Susan Carter…. Charlotte Martin
    Vince Casey…. Tony Turner
    Chelsea Horrobin…. Madeleine Leslay
    Tracy Horrobin…. Susie Riddell
    Alistair Lloyd…. Michael Lumsden
    Paul Mack…. Joshua Riley
    Jazzer McCreary…. Ryan Kelly
    Denise Metcalf…. Clare Perkins
    Freddie Pargetter…. Toby Laurence
    Lily Pargetter…. Katie Redford
    Fallon Rogers…. Joanna Van Kampen
    Stella Pryor…. Lucy Speed
    Oliver Stirling…. Michael Cochrane
    Lottie Summers…. Bonnie Baddoo

    • 13 min


    Pip is in hen party planning mode, and Ruth’s pleased Fallon is involved - Stella feels more comfortable chatting with Ruth about farming and the harvest. Stella’s frustrated with the BL Board, and Ruth chuckles as Stella vows to wrench their heads out of the sand!
    Fallon is excited to sneak off from work to chat with Pip about the hen party, but Natasha surprises her to mention an important appointment at the Tea Room in two weeks today – she’ll need Fallon. Fallon points out that she has something on then – not mentioning the hen event – and Natasha isn’t keen on releasing her, until Chelsea tries to help Fallon by suggesting that Fallon’s appointment is private. Natasha immediately backtracks, apologising for not being more sensitive.
    Fallon gets planning with Pip, agreeing a downpayment to cover Fallon’s costs. They also talk about the cute kittens recently discovered and Stella can tell Pip is still smitten on one. After a slightly awkward chat about marriage, and Pip and Stella’s very different views about the hen party, Stella tells Pip she’s happy for them to adopt a kitten.
    Ruth mentions to Natasha that Pip’s delighted the Tea Room is helping with the hen party. Confused Natasha asks when it is. Two weeks today, says Ruth, wondering whether she has made a mistake.
    Natasha confronts Fallon in front of Chelsea, and as Fallon expects the worst, Natasha shocks them by suggesting she’d like to support Fallon’s passion - the Tea Room can take the lead. Chelsea’s delighted, and Fallon agrees it sounds great, not sharing her slight disappointment.

    • 13 min


    Neil, Susan, Tracy and Jazzer prepare for dinner as Neil proudly displays his foraging haul from Leader’s Wood. Jazzer complains as he’s stung by nettles and Neil knows that Susan would rather be seeing Milo Haywood himself, but she plays her disappointment down. With Milo’s cookbook in hand, Susan takes Tracy off to do some foraging of their own, as Susan admits to Tracy she’s hoping she might run into Milo. Oliver spots them and teases them about asking for the land-owner’s permission to go rooting around like this. But he grants it. As Oliver starts to realise that they are fans of Milo, he invites them to come back to Grey Gables to meet him.
    Jazzer asks after Chris and Neil tells him the latest with Alice and Martha. When Susan and Tracy return home, Susan’s mood is transformed, as Tracy shows off the cookbook – with Milo’s autograph!
    At the abattoir, Vince can’t see why Freddie is mending another employee’s faulty equipment and encourages him to pull Antonio into line. Freddie avoids this, faking to Vince that he has sorted it with Antonio, and tentatively tries to bring up the bullying he’s facing. But Vince doesn’t seem to be listening, and when he does hear about what’s happened with the pig’s snout, Vince assumes Freddie’s colleagues are just trying it on - and Freddie simply needs to show them who’s boss. If Vince comes down hard on the lads, Freddie won’t have their respect. Vince is convinced Freddie can handle things on his own.

    • 13 min


    At the Vets, Denise admits to wishful Paul there’s no chance of her working things out with John. Denise attempts to explain that they just grew apart, not revealing anything about Alistair. Paul feels guilty for not noticing any problems and doesn’t want to leave Denise on her own. But as Alistair appears, offering to look after her, Paul takes heart and goes. Alistair comforts Denise and advises taking her time to tell her children – and he’ll be there with her. They agree, this is no tawdry office affair - they love each other.
    Oliver’s keen to ensure celeb chef Milo Haywood is well looked after, but Lily wonders why Milo's doing a foraging recce when he’s supposed to be spontaneous and in touch with nature. Oliver looks forward to good publicity before the masterclass at Grey Gables tomorrow, but Lily suspects real life Haywood is less cuddly than his TV persona. Later when a chef has an injury, Lily reckons it was in part due to Milo’s picking on him and making him nervous.

    Lily grills Freddie about his own difficult work situation – what’s happening? Freddie insists he isn’t being bullied and doesn’t want to talk about it. Over dinner with Freddie and Paul, Lily continues to berate Milo Haywood, making it clear she has no time for bullies. And when a shocked Freddie discovers a pig’s snout in his coat pocket, he’s forced by Lily to take action and speak to Vince – he’ll put a stop to the bullying, Lily is sure.

    • 13 min


    Chelsea approaches Fallon, who’s wary about catering for the hen party, and worried about Natasha and moonlighting. Chelsea tempts Fallon with pictures of the party venue and kitchen space, and mentioning the hen, Alina, who’s from Ukraine, with her family still over there. But it’s on 1st of August, and Fallon’s working – Chelsea insists she’ll get Emma to cover her. Fallon agrees to help.
    Susan makes sure Neil’s available on Wednesday as she’s keen to go and see celebrity chef Milo Haywood who’s doing a foraging and cookery masterclass at Grey Gables. But Neil’s aghast at the cost of tickets and puts Susan off forking out for it. Neil admits to Jazzer he feels bad, as he and Susan should do something nice together. As Neil gives Jazzer an impromptu introduction to foraging, he realises he can give Milo a run for his money and take Susan foraging before cooking a slap-up meal for her. Jazzer’s certain it’ll make up for not going to the event on Wednesday.
    Susan and Tracy chat about how recent upheaval is affecting Martha, and also the latest gossip via Joy about Denise and her husband. But Jazzer has warned Tracy to stay out of it. Meanwhile, Susan clutches her Milo Haywood cookbook and supposes she’ll have to make do with it rather than getting to meet the man himself. Neil and Jazzer return, as Tracy and Susan turn out to have had a similar idea – so they’ll put together a foraged dinner for four. It’ll be a laugh, says Tracy, and Susan politely agrees, a little disappointed.

    • 13 min


    On their final day at the music festival, Paul and Lily speculate on what Josh got up to last night with his crush Nina from band The Straw Crows. Paul teases Lily that celebrity chef Milo Haywood will treat her to a meal as she’s assigned to look after him at Grey Gables. Lily points out how grouchy Freddie has been, as Paul realises Josh isn’t in his tent. Lily checks in with Paul – is he coping ok about his parents? They explained to Paul that it’s not working, but Denise seemed to do all the explaining as John just sat there. Paul just wants to make the most of today’s festivities. Paul gets the drinks in, but Freddie gets barged by abattoir co-worker Antonio, and plays it down to worried Lily. Freddie’s forced to admit what’s going on at work, although he insists he’s not bothering Vince about it.
    Stella waxes lyrical about her desire to shake up the Borchester Land Board with her sustainability plans, and Pip asks Chelsea about the kittens that need homes – Stella can tell Pip’s smitten and wants one, and whilst Stella is more of a dog person, she won’t stop Pip if she wants to adopt a kitten. They get chatting about the hen party Pip’s helping Lottie organise for her friend Alina. Stella asks Chelsea about whether the Tea room does events. The chat develops into looking at a package deal with pampering from Chelsea and catering from the Tea Room. Chelsea promises to speak to Fallon, sure she’ll convince her to come on board.

    • 12 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
910 Ratings

910 Ratings

AndreaLUVSwords ,


I started listening to this podcast when it first aired on Apple Podcasts. Took me listening to it for a couple weeks to figure out the connection between all of the characters. It’s so wonderfully written and I love the full cast of talented voice actors. The soundscapes are absolutely fantastic. It really makes you feel like you’re standing in the room as the story unfolds. I am truly invested in this story and all the players involved. Plus, it’s a daily episode drop, so there’s that <3

Brenda H. In Carlsbad CA ,


Can tell you how much I love this podcast. You can’t get more wholesome than this. The writers do such a good job at keeping all of the scenarios, realistic, and relatable. They aren’t ridiculously sensationalized. They pink such a lovely picture and I really appreciate it.

Filly Bu$ter ,

A nice pastime

Lots of interesting storylines suddenly drppoed, lots of really boring storylines drag on & on & on.

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