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Welcome to The Coaching Podcast – Coaching for Success in Sport and Business. Your host is Emma Doyle - The Energy Coach and Activation Speaker who is a world leader in Unleashing Human Potential. Emma interviews sports and business coaches from around the world discovering the answers to 'What Makes a Great Coach?' She asks the same five questions of every guest providing valuable insights into the parallels and differences between coaching in sport and business. Post the regular questions, the coaches chat about coaching, providing practical coaching tools for coaches and leaders to drive continuous improvement and coach for success whether it be in the board room, on a tennis court or on a sporting field.

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Welcome to The Coaching Podcast – Coaching for Success in Sport and Business. Your host is Emma Doyle - The Energy Coach and Activation Speaker who is a world leader in Unleashing Human Potential. Emma interviews sports and business coaches from around the world discovering the answers to 'What Makes a Great Coach?' She asks the same five questions of every guest providing valuable insights into the parallels and differences between coaching in sport and business. Post the regular questions, the coaches chat about coaching, providing practical coaching tools for coaches and leaders to drive continuous improvement and coach for success whether it be in the board room, on a tennis court or on a sporting field.

    #106: Aaron Rusnak: Channel your inner "RUDY". Be brave and follow your dreams!

    #106: Aaron Rusnak: Channel your inner "RUDY". Be brave and follow your dreams!

    Today's guest is one of The Coaching Podcast's regular listeners, Tennis Coach Aaron Rusnak. He lives and breathes the three core qualities of what makes a great coach, someone who is passionate, a great listener and truly cares about their players beyond the wins and losses. Aaron takes us inside his sliding doors moment when he had to leave a club after 12 years and be true to his morals and values. By doing this, he stepped outside of the box, re-discovered himself and is determined to follow his goals and dreams thanks to the wonderful support he has from his family and the many players whose lives he continues to impact today.

    Please note, Emma Doyle together with Natalie Ashdown, are releasing their new book on the 1st of September. In the month of August, we will be pre-launching the book, 'WHAT MAKES A GREAT COACH?' and doing LIVE Podcasts every Thursday evening (8pm MST, USA & 12 noon Australian Eastern Standard time) on The Coaching Cafe Podcast. Here is the link to listen in: 


    Take a deeper dive into Aaron's mindset at the following intersections of this episode; 

    Challenging Coaching Moment – stretching your comfort zone 2:10
    The importance of respect 7:45
    Sliding Doors – Post a professional career, Aaron faces the identity crisis,  "I am a tennis player" versus "I am a tennis coach" 8:54
    Conduct a coaching session using questions only (we dare you?!) 12:41 
    Empower decision-making - Pull information versus push information on your player 14:01
    What makes a great coach? 14:31
    How do I become a better coach to be recognized on the tour? 16:00
    What's your niche? 18:00
    Coaches inspire growth - learning from other great coaches 19:10
    Click on the link to listen to Darren Cahill's episode on The Coaching Podcast
    Old school thinking but new school creativity = be true to yourself 21:17
    Lead by example, lead with passion and have empathy for your students and your peers 23:10

     You can follow Aaron on Social Media via Instagram at inspire2betennis andLinkedIn @ Aaron Rusnak

    Teaching and Coaching for 26 years
    Was voted Top 25 male tennis professional coach by Tennis Channel and Tennis Magazine 2021
    GPTCA ATP Tour certified Coach 2021
    Director of Performance at Five Star Tennis Center
    Usta Pro Circuit Player 2002-2008
    #220 on the Usta Pro circuit Ranking 2008, was Nationally Ranked in 2008 18 in Singles and 8 in Doubles in the Country 
    USPTR Certified Professional
    USPTA Member
    Resistance Band Training Specialist
    Racquet Fit Specialist
    Former Head Women's and Men's Coach at Elmhurst University 2018
    On the Coach of the Year ballot in 2018 for the CCIW on the Women's Side
    Made history in 2012-2013 season winning Conference on the Men's side at Elmhurst University which had not been done in 52 years
    Feature Speaker at the Illinois High School Tennis Symposium 2012 & 2015
    In 26 years went on to develop players who went on to play at big Division 1 and Division 3 schools from Iowa, Notre Dame, Marquette, Colgate, Valparaiso, Detroit Mercy, Brandeis, Carthage, and many more to also training a player to get ATP Singles Points.
    Coached a player who went on to win the Wisconsin State Championships in 2021.
    Background in Regenerative Holistic Treatment.

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    #105: Lanasia Angelina: Power Up! Your mindset muscle is about to get a workout!

    #105: Lanasia Angelina: Power Up! Your mindset muscle is about to get a workout!

    You’ll enjoy this lively conversation between Emma Doyle and Lanasia Angelina, it’s sheer energy off the page! Your mindset muscle is about to get a workout – “power up on that! Girl, we got work to do!” Lanasia is the The Professional's Coach! She gravitates towards studying sports coaches that are hard drivers, with the will to win; “that’s how I show up in the world! Coaching is me, helping people to see behind the blind spots – beyond their perceived expectations!” Lanasia empowers company employees and individuals to level up in their performance, or leave. Either way you win, because focusing on the person impacts the bottom line! She won’t let self-doubt scare the money away, and fear has to take a back seat to the purpose, you can take it with you — just don’t let it drive!!

    An Exciting Announcement: Emma Doyle is releasing their new book,  'WHAT MAKES A GREAT COACH?' early in September. Therefore, in the month of August, we will be doing free Podcasts during the pre-launch period. These will be live every Thursday evening (8 pm MST, USA & 12 noon Australian Eastern Standard time) on The Coaching Cafe Podcast. Here is the link to register: 


    Back to this episode - get ready to power up as we cover;

    Best Coaching Moment: We don’t get started on goals. 2:40
    Coaching Moment that didn’t go so well: Area of genius, it’s okay to refer. 4:45
    Sliding Doors: Heartbreak — use this pain to paralyse me or I’m going to use this pain to get really clear about my purpose. Power up on that! Girl, we got work to do! 8:03
    Rise — It’s a testimony. Resilience is in my nature. 11:59
    What makes a great coach? 12:40
    What was your break through moment? 18:59
    The Professional's Coach: Bridge the gap between their good, and their great. People want money and love! 23:00
    Tell me about yourself? What brings you to coaching? The more clear about the first question, the more evident what to do becomes. 25:00
    The Great Resignation 27:25
    Sports Coaches: Hard drivers, don’t limit themselves; you got to look for the discomfort! 31:28
    Calibrated Questions: I’ve never been asked that before! Your idea, to be their idea. 33:44
    Last little titbits?: “I’m the only problem that I’ll ever have, and I am the solution” Bob Proctor. Fear has to take a back seat to the purpose, you can take it with you — don’t let it drive! 37:46 

    Social Media: @lanasia.angelina 

    LANASIA ANGELINA - The Professional’s Coach

    Delivering an unparalleled language and light that shifts changemakers from ordinary mindsets to vital self-enlightenment, Lanasia Angelina (Buck) is The Professional’s Coach.

    Serving hundreds over a decade of transformational roles, the certified life coach, NLP practitioner, author, vigorous speaker and owner of Rise Coaching Agency, Lanasia Angelina has established a blueprint for personal development in professional spaces. With transcending expertise, Lanasia leads Rise as an integral self-evolving home to ambitious achievers. Lanasia’s adaptive work instills critical self-consciousness and self pride in each of its’ clients. In her privilege of being a conduit of change and part of one’s life experience, Lanasia executes techniques of innate and strategic anomaly that profoundly shifts identities while helping people access and experience their greatness within.  

    As a genuine and attested source who calls people to rise above their own limitations into extraordinary livelihood, Lanasia is a loyal leader and intuitive expert dedicated to ambitious professionals and those who aspire to bridge the gap between their good and their great on a journey of pivotal discovery and acceptance. Meeting each individual at their distinctive place in life, Lanasia masters the art of elevating, strengthening and securing one’s personal creed as a navigation guide

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    #104: Chris Michalowski & Jorge Capestany - What was the one thing that altered the direction of your life?

    #104: Chris Michalowski & Jorge Capestany - What was the one thing that altered the direction of your life?

    From time to time, The Coaching Podcast understands that we all lead busy lives, and sometimes you might have less than 10 minutes in your daily schedule to listen to The Coaching Podcast for inspiration. Therefore, our guest coaches this week are Coach Mick (Chris Michalowski) and Jorge Capestany - performance coaches who walk their talk. With years of coaching experience, these bite-sized interviews, from years ago, still hold true today when we reflect on their responses as to what makes a great coach:

    Coach Mick (1 min, 50 seconds) - believes that a great coach has passion, compassion and empathy.

    Coach Capestany  (4 mins, 58 seconds) - believes that a great coach can see possibilities, is a lifelong learner and can customize their content to meet the needs of the learner.

     Emma is very grateful to Jorge and his wife, Coach Marty, for their hospitality of love over the years and for introducing her to Coach Mick during a Polar Vortex in Michigan when they were both speaking at a high school conference. You can learn more about each coach below:  

    Coach Mick, Chris Michalowski, USPTA Elite Professional & USTA High Performance Coach From Coach Mick:

    My ultimate goal is to get to know you better, but first I will fill you in on who I am, just to break the ice.

    My name is Chris Michalowski.  I am a USPTA Tennis Professional and Director of Tennis at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa (click here to see) in one of the most pristine  areas of Northern Michigan.  Next to my faith, wife and family, tennis is a passion of mine that I hold dear to since I started playing, seriously anyway, at the age of 13.

    Tennis really broke me out of my shell and gave me confidence in many different areas of my life.  I became a ranked junior player and was one match away from winning a state championship in high school.

    Three years after I started playing, I started teaching at the Midland Community Tennis Center, in Midland Michigan.  It is known as one of the top clubs in the nation and recently, Midland won the “Best Tennis Town” by the United States Tennis Association.

    I loved to teach and wanted to learn as much as I could about the game (it helped my playing too).  I knew that teaching was in my future, but my coach at the time encouraged me to stay in Architecture, my other career consideration , because of the long hours and the toll tennis takes on the body.

    I was accepted into the University of Cincinnati’s architecture program, which was rated very high at the time, but the long hours in the studio kept me from playing and teaching.

    While at Cincinnati, the Ferris State University coach called  and informed me that he wanted me to play on the team and  take part in their new Professional Tennis Management program, the first ever,  endorsed by the United States Professional Tennis Association.  I was all over it.

    I walked through the doors and from there, never looked back.  I was a member of the varsity mens team and when I wasn’t hitting, I was absorbing all I could to become the best possible teaching professional that I could be.  I am still that way and it drives my wife crazy sometimes.  But to be honest, I feel that you can never stop learning and becoming even better at what you love to do.

    I have remained at the resort for 25 years as the director and was a director in the summertime (for 4 years) at one of the most prestigious country clubs in the Midwest at the time.  Two jobs was a lot to handle so I decided to stay here where I feel like I was called to be. Thankfully, I stayed or I would not have met my incredible wife and parent four great kids we have been blessed with.

    One thing that I will always stand by, just like playing a match, is that when you are up 5-2 in the set, remember how you got there and keep doing the things that got you there in the first place.  Don’t change your game style at a critical time,  especially when you are so close to winnin

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    #103: Dr Pat Williams: Coaching is like Being an Explorer

    #103: Dr Pat Williams: Coaching is like Being an Explorer

    Dr Pat Williams is the Guru of emotional nakedness! Psychologist, turned professional Coach and founder of The Institute for Life Coach Training, Dr Pat waxes lyrical on the familiar questions posed by Emma, and delivers some 'edgy questions' of his own in return. Prepare yourself for memorable metaphors; I call coaching snorkeling, the coach as explorer, I’m like a sheep in wolves' clothing and getting naked; be your authentic self, just don't get naked with everybody! 

    Dr Pat's brother (lawyer) said to him once:"This coaching profession is interesting. You get paid for asking questions, that neither you, nor your client, know the answer to, and I get paid for asking questions that I already know the answer to as a lawyer." Discover why Dr Pat is willing to be comfortable not knowing all the answers!! 

    What's next, in this rapid-fire episode;

    Vegemite; What's your take? 1:18 
    Great Coaching Moment: Here to ask the questions that others don't 2:00
    Coaching Moment on the flipside: hired because of my laugh! 3:45
    Sliding Doors: I'm no longer a psychologist - I'm a coach! 6:25
    Metaphor of life: Explorers 8:10
    What makes a great coach? 9:40
    Expert Witness: A willingness to be comfortable not knowing. 10:54
    We're not a guru! What did the inspirational student say to the guru?  11:55
    What's that one question that sparks your curiosity? 12:25
    Work Life Balance Myth: We are in a constant state of motion - balance is only a fleeting moment. 16:35
    Concept of Adaptability 17:40
    What would be a question, that I could ask you now, that would make a difference? 18:22
    What's next? 18:50
    Normalise Living: Exploring the moment 20:00
    Experiences that Inform 21:20
    Think out loud with a committed listener. 23:19
    I Call Coaching Snorkeling - just under the surface, there's a different perspective 24:30
    Getting Naked - Be your authentic self, just don't get naked with everybody! 25:14
    What's something you don't share with people? 29:35
    Edgy Questions 31:07
    The Power of Eight - Attention to Intention 34:53(Note: learn more here about Lynne McTaggart)
    How do you set an intention? 38:00
    We had to go there: Golf – your brain doesn’t understand “don’t hit it in the lake!” 38:00
    “Learn what you're learning, while you're learning it.” Timothy Gallwey 46:00
    Have a self-reflecting practice. 50:00


    Dr Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC, is founder of The Institute for Life Coach Training, the first-of-its-kind training institute that specializes in training psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors and helping professionals in building a successful coaching practice. He is a licensed psychologist who began executive coaching in 1990 with Hewlett Packard, IBM and Kodak. He joined Coach U and was an International Coach Federation founding member.

    Dr. Pat is a past ICF board member and past president of ACTO, (Association of Coach Training Organizations) and honorary VP of the International Society for Coaching Psychology

     He co-authored Therapist as Coach: Transforming Your Practice and Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance your Practice and Your life. His best-selling book (with Diane Menendez), is Becoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from the Institute for Life Coach Training, and he co-edited Law and Ethics of Coaching, used at many academic institutions and training schools.

    Pat’s background education is in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, with specialized training in Psychosynthesis. 

    He has been a leader in the field of professional coaching and speaks worldwide.

    His newest book, Getting Naked: On Emotional Transparency at the Right Time, the Right Place and with the Right Person is available on Amazon and audiobooks.





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    #102: Simon Wheatley - Write more than you Read!

    #102: Simon Wheatley - Write more than you Read!

    Our international coach educator and player development consultant from the United Kingdom is Simon Wheatley. In this episode, Simon talks about the importance of "chewing gum" in that we must be continuously reflecting on our skills. Great coaches are like Sherlock Holmes - they can process things quickly and use deductive reasoning to make effective decisions. Even though we are all just "corks bobbing in the ocean", we have the ability to be a "Tour de Force" in our own lives in order to create a ripple effect and build from every learning experience. 

    If are want a snapshot of Simon's pearls of wisdom in this very honest episode - cut to the chase below;

    Best coaching moment – you improve people by making them more competent 3:28
    Worst professional moment – handling redundancy 6:10
    Sliding Doors – the ripple effect of going to university and find your point of difference to accelerate your career 9:06
    *Note: "Write more than you read!" And develop your opinions.
    What makes a great coach? 15:48
    What separates you from others? Why you in that role? What led you to that role? 19:50
    What messages keep showing up in your life? The shortage of coaches 22:48
    Invest in your people 29:30
    Did you ever question your coaching career? 30:16
    Learning from others: Peter King - 'See the problem and zoom out from it, from afar.' See the problem a different way 33:10
    When someone has a different point of view from you -

    1. Really Listen (don't try to win the argument) - Pull back.
    2. Summarize and paraphrase what the person has said back to them

    Great leaders are around the table, not at the top of the table 36:33
    Be a dolphin trainer, keep feeding the fish when they are doing well (the power of positive praise is seductive) 37:32


     You can find this thought leader on Instagram (Wheatleytennis2022), Linked In and Facebook and learn more about his background below.

    Simon Wheatley is an International Coach Education & Player Development Consultant. 
    Formerly LTA Performance Coach Education Manager, he was responsible for the development of Performance Coaches across British Tennis. 
    He is an author of 2 books, 3 Coaching Qualifications and over 50 CPD workshops. 
    He has spoken in over 50 countries around the world and consults with 17 Tennis Federations around the world. 
    He currently delivers the Highest Coaching Qualification in the Nederland's and Poland as well as holding the post of Performance Consultant to the PTR UK. 
    Level 5 LTA Master Performance Coach and LTA Tutor 
    ITF Expert 
    Simon is one of the worlds leading coaches & coach educators in Technical & Tactical Skill Development at all ages & Stages of the pathway. 

    And if you wait until the very end of the episode, you will hear what Simon Wheatley answered back in 2017 as to 'What Makes a Great Coach?'


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    #101: Lauren Ammon: Called to Serve Athletes

    #101: Lauren Ammon: Called to Serve Athletes

    Season five kicks off with Lauren Ammon, a growth mindset coach for athletes. Lauren is a former endurance swimmer who, after 17 years in the pool feeling most like herself, to 17 years out of the pool, and having no idea who she was, finally found her calling serving athletes. The transition from athlete to mindset coach makes for compelling listening — get lost in the rhythm of swimming, competitive training, pattern breaks, and training your mind, like you train your body.

    Deep dives in this episode include;

    Coaching moment – blindsided by suspension 1:20
    Coaching moment – endurance swimming, knowing what buttons to push 4:50
    Sliding Doors – someone who doesn't want to fix us, called to serve athletes 7:46
    What makes a great coach? 12:33
    What’s behind your why? 14:30
    How did you get started in swimming? Lost in the rhythm of swimming. 18:52
    Perfectionism 24:29
    Flipside on being a coach 27:17
    Identity: ‘17years in the pool, feeling most like myself, 17years out of the pool, had no idea who I was.’ 30:22
    Hybrid office: less and better, laser focused on priorities 35:30
    Mental Demons: pattern interrupt by saying things out loud 40:00
    Words of Wisdom: train your mind, like you train your body 44:51

    At the age of 5, Lauren was literally thrown into a pool so she would have something to do at her sisters’ swim meets. 17 years later, with a high school state championship and a top 3 finish in the Mid-American Conference, she said goodbye to a successful swimming career. This foundation as a student athlete set the tone for high achievement in the professional world.

    After 13 years in HR, Lauren received her professional coaching certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) to feed her passion for supporting others in reaching their full potential. She started her business focused on leadership development and career advancement, but while watching the 2020 Olympic games it all changed. 

    As she watched Simon Biles remove herself from competition and Katie Ledecky do everything in her power to hide her disappointment following a lackluster race, she knew who she was called to serve. Athletes. It was validated when Michael Phelps told the world, "Competition is overwhelming. We just want someone to listen to us. Someone to support us mentally through the pressure-filled moments and who doesn't want to fix us." 

    Lauren specializes in working with student athletes to master the mental part of the game. Her company, Performance Reimagined, exists to show athletes there is an outlet to be heard, seen, and supported, mentally and emotionally, at the same level they are physically.

    Lauren Ammon | ACC Coach | Mentor | Trainer Lauren Ammon Coaching laurenammon.com


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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

rush and crush ,

Amazing Podcast… must listen

Hi Everyone, I love to listen to all of the guest Emma brings on. In my experience you get to listen to everyone’s experiences and the experience in there field and can always walk about filling you have gain knowledge out of it. It is a great podcast for those with growth mindset in tennis and in business. Sincerely, Aaron

Boomer Sooner Lane ,

An Awesome Aussie!

Emma Doyle is one of the most genuine and passion people I have ever met. I met her probably ten years ago and her energy and enthusiasm not just for tennis but for life itself immediately consumes you. She is insightful, intelligent, probing and a true professional. I love talking tennis who will talk it right back at me. Emma does this. It was a pleasure and an honor to be on your show. Keep up your great work. I learn something new every time I listen. Good on ya! le

Sheri Ann Mclean, Msc ,

Energy Queen

Emma is filled with lots of energy and passion for the work that she does. She makes conversation easy and you will definitely love working with her 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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