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The Common Scents podcast is presented by TAMAR. In this journey, our host Tamar Weinberg speaks with individuals who have suffered adversity and overcome and who have embodied wellness in some way, who have pivoted from their previous life or career trajectories and who have found happiness and peace in the pursuing of their new normal.

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The Common Scents podcast is presented by TAMAR. In this journey, our host Tamar Weinberg speaks with individuals who have suffered adversity and overcome and who have embodied wellness in some way, who have pivoted from their previous life or career trajectories and who have found happiness and peace in the pursuing of their new normal.

    She withstood years of intense abuse but has an incredible disposition

    She withstood years of intense abuse but has an incredible disposition

    I’ve known Anna Bourland for over 1/4 of her life, and yet, it wasn’t until this episode that I learned that she had endured extreme abuse as a young child. With an incredible sense of resilience and an amazing attitude, Anna has truly embodied what it means to overcome extreme adversity.

    [0:00:16.590] – TAMAR:

    Hey, everybody, I am super excited. I don’t know what number we’re at, 59, 60 of the podcast. I have a friend this time around. It’s not somebody I randomly met on a Facebook group or a Reddit chat these days. It’s my friend Anna and I’ve known Anna for over a decade now. I guess you can talk about how we met, but she was sharing a story on Facebook. I’m sorry not sorry that Facebook seems to give me rise for a lot of podcast ideas and guests, I guess with covid, and the fact that my, my my local community is is relatively boring. To be fair, I get to get to reach out beyond my geography. And Anna is on the other side of the country, so she’ll tell her she’ll talk about herself. But yeah, I thought she had something to share and I felt that this was the right avenue on the podcast to talk about her story. So, Anna Bourland, thank you so much for joining us.

    [0:01:17.700] – Anna Bourland:

    Oh, yeah. Thank you for having me, Tamar.

    [0:01:19.710] – TAMAR:

    Yeah. So where are you in the world? I know I mentioned a little bit, but you can give me a little more.

    [0:01:26.040] – Anna Bourland:

    Yeah, I am. I’m born and raised in Southern California and I’ve been in this area pretty much most of my life. And I live in Corona, California, in Riverside County. So it’s been interesting, even simply just having the name Corona. Everything I post on social media has a warning because they think I’m talking about covid. (just because I’m checking in because I’m at a restaurant). So it’s been kind of hilarious being from here these days.

    [0:01:55.170] – TAMAR:

    Yeah, their algorithm hasn’t figured that out, but it’s funny. It’s funny. I’m glad you mentioned that because I was going to say you’re from Corona, right? And that’s I never knew that [it warns you]. You should post that. You should post a screenshot of what you deal with every single day.

    [0:02:06.510] – Anna Bourland:

    Yeah, well, it’s funny because I moved to Corona about six, six or seven years ago and I’m actually from Anaheim. So I went from being Anna from Anaheim to being from Corona. Yeah.

    [0:02:18.480] – TAMAR:

    Anna from Anaheim, I like that, I like that. That’s awesome. Cool. So yeah. What do you—I know I met you through I guess I would say more of the industry than anything else so you could talk about that. Feel free to share where, how we met and what you do and where you come from. Like trajectory career wise if you have a little bit of a story in that regard. Absolutely great.

    [0:02:44.940] – Anna Bourland:

    Yeah. Tamar, we met in such a funny way, I guess, because we were both early adopters when it came to social media. So I know that we’ve been members of, I don’t know, failed social media platforms is really the right word. Just, you know, the candle didn’t keep burning, so we ran across each other and it turned out we were in the similar industries, women and tech specifically. You know, we’re SEO and marketing and all kinds and social media and all kinds of different things that were emerging.

    [0:03:20.100] – Anna Bourland:

    And we kept talking. And then I remember when you were getting ready to be a mom for the first time, I sent things, clothes and play things and all that stuff for for your first little one. And we bonded over that. And then next thing you know, we were up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. Gosh.

    He commutes 10 miles (on foot) to work

    He commutes 10 miles (on foot) to work

    John Ryan has done the superhuman, deciding to say goodbye to his vehicle so that he could commute by bike or on foot to his job 10 miles away.

    [00:00:16.895] – TAMAR:

    Hey, everybody, I am so excited. I have John Ryan here. He is another guy that I met through the David Goggins Facebook group on which if you know and you’ve listened to the podcast before, David Goggins has, he’s not human and we’re all trying to be not human, just like him. I guess John will share his story. So, John, thank you so much for coming.

    [00:00:41.535] – John Ryan:

    It’s not a problem.

    [00:00:42.765] – TAMAR:

    Yeah, yeah, where are you physically in the world? Tell me about what you do.

    [00:00:50.285] – John Ryan:

    I’m Johnson County, Kansas, the United States.

    [00:00:54.305] – TAMAR:


    [00:00:56.085] – John Ryan:

    Yeah, and I’m currently off work, but four days a week, I work as a restaurant shift manager and lately I’ve been biking the 20 mile round trip down, four days a week to get to work.

    [00:01:16.235] – TAMAR:

    Yeah, was that inspired by David Goggins?

    [00:01:18.595] – John Ryan:

    Yeah, it’s it’s been a big part of my current routine, [which] has been inspired by David Goggins. I’ve pushed myself further than I would have otherwise.

    [00:01:33.575] – TAMAR:

    Yeah, that’s amazing. So for those who don’t know, he talks about in his book also and everybody has to read this book, it’s a crazy book, Can’t Hurt Me. And he talks about how he commuted, I forget. He commuted—he ran to work a couple, like a hundred miles or something like that, or he biked to work. He did all those things and it’s insanity. So kudos to you. I can’t say I have that option because my work is downstairs. I don’t have too much of a commute. Yeah. So that’s pretty cool. So did you did you take off the day because of the podcast?

    [00:02:12.125] – John Ryan:


    [00:02:12.755] – TAMAR:

    Oh, you’re just planning. It just worked out. Well, this is meant to be. So just out of curiosity, because these conversations are intended to flow naturally. I know we’ve talked about with the podcast is about. But how have you been faring in covid times? How’s how’s everything been going over there?

    [00:02:32.895] – John Ryan:

    Oh, we haven’t been affected a whole lot here in the Midwest. So it’s basically business as usual.

    [00:02:41.405] – TAMAR:

    So you haven’t had any specific issues with, the restaurants didn’t close or anything like that?

    [00:02:47.465] – John Ryan:

    No, my restaurant did not close, fortunately.

    [00:02:51.165] – TAMAR:

    Oh wow, good for you. Yeah. I’m right outside New York City and just going to the restaurants. It’s a sad view of everything. I mean there’s more staff than patrons. And when I say there’s more staff, there’s like two people in the restaurant. It’s really it’s devastating actually. I say that like, it’s it’s really, really depressing. And there’s lots of parking in the city, too. So it’s a good time to move to New York City if you’ve ever thought about it. That’s what I would say. But it is sad. Yeah. Well, good for you. You’re lucky. Very lucky.

    [00:03:28.355] – John Ryan:

    Yeah, I realize that. Yeah.

    [00:03:30.415] – TAMAR:

    Yeah. So I recruited people to be on the podcast really based on their story and how they’ve been able to overcome a lot. And you kind of touched upon that in your podcast journey just now in the beginning. And you wanted to join the podcast. So tell me a little bit about where you came fro...

    Finding her identity and her voice

    Finding her identity and her voice

    Erin Panzarella’s attitude on life has been incredible, especially given her early years where she was still trying to figure out who she was and what her place is in the world.

    TAMAR: Hey, everybody, I am so excited to bring you Erin Panzarella. I met her in you know, I talked about meeting people in these online groups. And this is no exception, but it’s different than all the others. So far, I’ve met people in running groups and women founders’ groups, and even a perfume guy. And a guy like David Goggins, who’s overcome Aaron Anna. And those are all Facebook groups. I met Erin because she posted on Reddit, which I’ve talked about a lot in the podcast. But I haven’t actually had a guest on the podcast from Reddit. I posted a self- improvement post. I guess I’ll talk about that. I thought it was really enlightening and powerful. And it really aligns with a lot of what I talked about in the podcast. So, I figured I would bring her on, and have her talk about her story and where she came from, and how she got there. And what she shared on Reddit, because I totally forget at this point. It was all really, really good. Actually, I say that because I want to kind of make a foray until what’s about to be so.  Erin, thank you so much for joining.

    ERIN PANZARELLA: I’m so excited to be here. I was like so unbelievably happy when you messaged me. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been on a podcast. I host my own podcast, but I’ve never been a guest on one. So, this is really exciting.

    TAMAR: Yeah, and this is totally a promotional vehicle for your podcast, as well. So, I’m excited to talk about that. And to promote that at the end when we talk about where to find you, and all those things. So, this is gonna be really exciting. Yeah, I do remember vaping too much content in my head, I basically would say. So, where are you physically in the world? And what do you do with yourself all day long these days?

    ERIN PANZARELLA: So, I am physically in New York City. I’m in Queens, and my days are so different. But I also do work a 9 to 5 job. I’m an accountant for a nonprofit organization in New York City. I like to say that I am a soul having a human journey. And that’s what I do. And it really feels so true because I have a lot of different hats. But I found that when I tried to define myself by a job or something, I would get lost and get really consumed by that. So, my day to day life, like throughout the week, is me working the 9 to 5 and then also I have an energy healing business. I’m a podcaster that’s focused on shifting from a victim mindset into co-creator with the universe and sharing the tools that helped me do that. I am a writer. And yeah, it’s ever evolving, for sure.

    TAMAR: Sweet, sweet. So, like I said, Erin and I met on Reddit. I have no background on her except seeing her name and the post. I actually live in Westchester. So where in Queens are you?

    ERIN PANZARELLA: Two Gardens.

    TAMAR: Aha, cool. I lived in Forest Hills for 2 years of my life. But my mother’s from Kew Gardens Hills.


    TAMAR: Yeah.

     ERIN PANZARELLA:  I walked there all the time.

    TAMAR: Yeah, So, it’s a small world indeed.

    ERIN PANZARELLA:  Yes, it is. That’s so awesome.

    TAMAR: Yeah, I’ve lived in 4 of the 5 Boroughs. So now, I’ve moved myself out of the city into Westchester before COVID, which is helpful when you have 4 children in your backyard.

    ERIN PANZARELLA: Yeah, completely. I’m actually looking to move a little bit north in Westchester, downstate, upstate area.

    TAMAR: Well, let me know if you’re looking into Westchester. I could either show you around, whatever I know here, or I could get you in touch with other people in other areas.


    A conversation with a fragrance founder

    A conversation with a fragrance founder

    In this episode of The Common Scents podcast, Tamar talks with Ryan Handis, creator of Broken Anatomy Perfumes, about their journeys into fragrance, their overcoming of adversity, and the parallels between the two brands.

    [00:00:16.577] – TAMAR:

    Hey, everybody, super excited bringing in Episode 57 of the Common Scents podcast. And this one is going to be a different one. The reason why is Common Scents podcast really talks about stories of transformation, stories of career shifts, stories about self-care. And while we’re not going to drop that at all in this particular podcast, this particular podcast, I connected with Ryan. He is actually in the fragrance world. We connected in a completely different environment. I was super excited. He started his own thing. I started my own thing. We aligned; the stars aligned for us in that front. And I think that there’s a really good opportunity for us to talk about our journeys, learn about Ryan’s journey. I certainly don’t know yet. I’ve seen his stuff. It’s been amazing. He’s going to share that. So thank you so much for coming.

    [00:01:04.667] – Ryan Handis:

    Hi. Yes. Thanks for having me on here.

    [00:01:07.097] – TAMAR:

    Yeah. Where are you physically? Tell me a little bit more about that and what you do and who you are.

    [00:01:13.097] – Ryan Handis:

    My one year old back here, she’s doing good, just eating. So we’re from Cottonwood, Arizona. So we are about 15 miles east of Sedona, which a lot of people know more about than Cottonwood. So we’re in the desert, which is nice because we get lots of cool desert rains and it’s just it’s a good time. Yeah, cool.

    [00:01:36.537] – TAMAR:

    And tell me, what do you do? Because you work in the fragrance world. So tell me a little more about that.

    [00:01:40.877] – Ryan Handis:

    OK, so in the fragrance world, I am the founder and perfumer of Broken Anatomy Perfumes and I say perfumer. I haven’t gone to perfume school and I’m self trained so I’m more of a perfume artist. I guess I wouldn’t say “official perfumer by trade,” but needless to say, I do enjoy creating things that are kind of off the wall and different as well. I started reviewing fragrances in 2017 and I really just wanted to, I guess, expand on that. I kind of got bored of it and ran into some personal issues in my own life and I thought, I need a change and I think I have the tools to do this. One thing I learned in the perfume school that I was watching online was that if you want to do it, you can. And that’s the only requirement, is that you want to do it. You have the passion for it. So that’s really it. Yeah.

    [00:02:38.967] – TAMAR:

    Yes. That’s a good story.

    [00:02:39.437] – Ryan Handis:

    And we’ve been around for about a year and well, sorry, we launched last November, but I’ve been around working on this for about the past year. So it’s been it’s been a while in the making. We’ve really officially only been in business since November of last year. So we’re pretty new.

    [00:02:59.177] – TAMAR:

    2019 or November 2020?

    [00:03:01.817] – Ryan Handis:

    20. Sorry.

    [00:03:02.237] – TAMAR:

    Yeah. Wow. That’s amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Because I had seen your stuff and I was, I’ve been pretty impressed. I mean you have to check his packaging out. It’s just, it’s so cool. It’s like hieroglyphicky. It’s like it’s really cool stuff. Yeah.

    [00:03:17.357] – Ryan Handis:

    Yeah, thanks.

    [00:03:17.837] – TAMAR:

    My story is very—you don’t know my story so I’ll share it here.

    From addiction to rehabilitation

    From addiction to rehabilitation

    Frank Palmieri’s life spiraled out of control when he became addicted to painkillers. Eventually, he found his way through Bikram Yoga.

    [00:00:16.655] – TAMAR:

    Hey, everybody, I am so happy to bring you episode 56 of the Common Scents podcast. I have Frank here and Frank is visiting from a classroom. He’ll explain in a moment. Thank you so much for joining. Where are you physically in the world besides the classroom and what are you doing right now?

    [00:00:36.935] – Frank Palmieri:

    Thanks for having me. So I live, my wife and I moved to Buford, South Carolina, last year, December 2019. We just got to the point where we were tired of the Northeast and wanted warmer weather. And so we we visited here and fell in love with it. And it was a wrap, six month turnaround.

    [00:01:01.295] – TAMAR:

    Where in the northeast were you before?

    [00:01:04.295] – Frank Palmieri:

    So born and raised in Brooklyn, Sheepshead Bay.

    [00:01:07.385] – TAMAR:

    Nice. Nice. I was born in Brooklyn also.

    [00:01:09.875] – Frank Palmieri:

    All right. Right on. So I was pretty I was a bad kid. I got into a lot of trouble. My father decided that before he had to put me six feet under, as he liked to say, he moved. So he picked up the family. We moved to Pennsylvania when I was 16, I think, what was that, circa 1986? And and I lived in Pennsylvania until 2019.

    [00:01:35.405] – TAMAR:

    Nice. Nice. So we’re in Pennsylvania? Now I have to ask you that one.

    [00:01:38.195] – Frank Palmieri:

    OK, sure. I’m sorry. Lancaster.

    [00:01:40.335] – TAMAR:

    Oh ok.

    [00:01:41.405] – Frank Palmieri:

    Yeah. So south central, it’s it’s right in the middle of everything now and a half from Philly.

    [00:01:47.645] – TAMAR:

    Yeah. I went, I did a Turkey Hill museum and I did the Amish country stuff.

    [00:01:52.565] – Frank Palmieri:

    So the Turkey Hill Museum, literally two miles from where I live.

    [00:01:58.565] – TAMAR:

    Yeah. Those are the tourist attractions. It’s all familiar. Yeah. My my husband’s actually from Pennsylvania. Scranton. Yeah. Cool.

    [00:02:05.915] – Frank Palmieri:

    Home of The Office.

    [00:02:07.145] – TAMAR:

    That’s right. That’s really what they’re known for. And honestly, if you’ve ever been to Scranton, Pennsylvania, you would realize that there are just two types of people there. There are college students and they are very religious Jews. So, yes, we follow the second camp.

    [00:02:19.595] – Frank Palmieri:

    I think I actually spent a couple of nights in Scranton then and whoo, it’s special.

    [00:02:24.005] – TAMAR:

    It’s a very interesting dynamic, 100%.

    [00:02:26.735] – Frank Palmieri:


    [00:02:27.505] – TAMAR:

    Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Well, that’s awesome. So you are physically, what do you do?

    [00:02:32.615] – Frank Palmieri:

    So I am a teacher. I’ve been in education for 22 years. So my first job was in York City, York High. I worked in York City from 2000 to 2019. I actually thought I would end up retiring there. York City, it gets a lot of bad press. There’s a lot of bad things that go on, but it’s your typical like urban environment, high impoverished rate. But you know what? The community itself is just made up of some terrific souls. And to work there was really a gift. I enjoyed my time there thoroughly and honestly, that’s what sucked the most about moving, you know what I mean? Was leaving that job.

    [00:03:20.205] – TAMAR:

    Yeah. Yeah. You know, it’s funny, Not like I’m going to throw away, “hey, I’m from Brooklyn. My husband’s from Scranton.

    From two packs a day to a marathon

    From two packs a day to a marathon

    Carl Johnson was once truly living the unhealthy life. But then he made a 180° turn and now is working with a laser focus on marathons. We discuss his transformation.


    Hey, everybody, I am super excited to introduce Carl Johnson. I met him in a really interesting for him and I’m going to introduce that first just because I’ve been kind of really compelled by this story and in meeting some amazing people. I met him on Facebook through the David Goggins community. David Goggins is a Navy Seal, retired now, I believe, he has a book called Can’t Hurt Me. And it’s literally the scariest thing that you might ever read. In some ways. There’s some things there that you just don’t ever want to, I guess, ever want to read. But like, it’s this guy who basically has done these insane, insurmountable human feats. And yet, he’s been able to do them, like running a marathon on broken legs kind of things. So there’s a community of followers. And that’s where I met Carl. And so thank you so much for coming and joining us.

    Carl Johnson:

    Oh, no problem at all. How are you doing today?


    I’m doing all right. I’m surviving. We’re trying to make do, 2021, trying to make it all happen. Where are you in the planet? Tell me what you what you do, what you’re up to, how you’re surviving? How are you doing?

    Carl Johnson:

    I am in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a bower general.  I’ve been there for a long, long time. Now, I am a store manager.


    I don’t know if you have a crazy career story. But it’s not always it’s not always the main focus of the podcast. Of course. I think a lot of us, especially in the, you know, the David Goggins community, have these stories where we’ve have overcome insane adversity. I mean, in David’s story, he has multiple elements of that. That was really kind of like, if you will, the criteria of where I was coming from in recruiting you for the podcast. So tell me a little bit about your story on that front, if you unless it was something else. I don’t know that it was necessarily overcoming adversity, but it was, it was making a major lifestyle change later than a lot of people make it.

    Carl Johnson:

    When I was 51 years old, I’m I’m 57. Right now, when I was 51 years old, I weighed almost 270 pounds, I was smoking two packs a day, and I was I was headed for an early hole in the ground. I went to a grocery store one day, and when a when they had one of those Do It Yourself blood pressure monitors. So when uh, when I, you know, tested myself, and I was right, you know, it says different levels. You know, the first level is you’re fine. The second level is today, you’re a little tired for a little concern here. And third level is is, you know, you you should you need to see a doctor and get on medication. The fourth level is is you need to go to the emergency room. I was at the third level. At that point, that was that was in in August, I came to the conclusion that I was going to quit smoking and you set a date. That’s the best way to do it. You tell everybody you set a date. And that’s what I did. And when September 1, I quit smoking. two packs a day cold turkey. No, no, no, no patch no nothing. I’m about two weeks later the stress was just getting to the if you know anybody’s quit smoking. It’s it’s not a fun experience. I wouldn’t wish

    that two weeks later, I needed something to do to get you know, just work off the stress. It’s so I started running. I’m still [doing it] to this day, I’m not sure why I started running but I did. My very first run I ran about a quarter mile and I seriously thought I was dying. I literally thought I was dying. For whatever the reason, I stuck with short runs every day,

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5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

Lysh76 ,

Such an Insightful Podcast!!

Love so many things about this podcast!! From the play on words in the title “Common Scents” that connects the story of host/founder Tamar Weinberg in how she started TAMAR. Fragrances, to also the wonderful guests she has & the stories they share!! Definitely check it out!! Personally I love the episode from 2/23/20 with Erica O’Grady because thanks to Erica is also how I now know Tamar & TAMAR. ❤️

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