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This podcast is dedicated to creative professionals wanting to maximise their success with their art career, by bringing you stories from practicing professional Artists from around the world.

The Creative Endeavour Andrew Tischler

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This podcast is dedicated to creative professionals wanting to maximise their success with their art career, by bringing you stories from practicing professional Artists from around the world.

    Episode #70 - Chris Dunlop - "Do what you WANT people to ASK you to do!" AUTHENTICITY 101

    Episode #70 - Chris Dunlop - "Do what you WANT people to ASK you to do!" AUTHENTICITY 101

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    Chris Dunlop is an automotive fine artist based in Southern California. Starting in Rockville, Maryland, as an automotive painter specializing in custom and high-end restoration work, he expanded into airbrushing, Sharpie art, and pinstriping. After working in the paint and body shop industry he completed a notable series: Sharpie Cars. Chris relocated to Southern California to immerse himself in the custom car industry. Chris initially worked at a local hot rod shop while focusing on his art in the evenings. Eventually, he transitioned to full-time artwork, developing his skills through trial and error and daily practice. Chris works with a variety media, using markers and airbrushed paints. His work is highly sought after, and with a thriving instagram account, he's had no shortage of sales. Chris is an example of fulfilling your niche with perfection. Working daily on his paintings brings him a joy and satisfaction that is inspiring to behold! I loved this conversation. There were several "take home" messages from this conversation!
    Check out Chris's work here: https://www.instagram.com/pinstripe_chris/And on his Website Here: https://www.artofchrisdunlop.com/shop

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    Episode #69 - Carla Grace - Art Marketing POWERHOUSE!

    Episode #69 - Carla Grace - Art Marketing POWERHOUSE!

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    Carla Grace, a remarkable wildlife artist born in South Africa, moved across continents throughout her childhood, fostering a deep connection with nature. By 16, she was already accepting paid commissions and honing her skills in Zambia's isolated environment. Despite a brief stint in formal art education, she found her true calling in Australia, where she launched a successful online art business at 23. Carla’s talent and dedication have not only produced stunning wildlife paintings but also a thriving business, driven by her savvy marketing skills. Her major breakthrough came in 2016 with the sale of a life-size grizzly bear painting. Today, she continues to create highly detailed, almost surreal wildlife art from her home studio in South Australia, while also mentoring other artists. In this episode I wanted to ask her all about her new studio, an EPIC DIY project and some of the cool things she's working on. This podcast will leave you inspired and encourage anyone to step up their art marketing game! 
    Carla Grace on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carla_grace_art/
    Carla Grace Website: https://www.carlagraceart.com

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    Episode #68 - Michael Klein - The REVIVAL of CLASSIC painting!

    Episode #68 - Michael Klein - The REVIVAL of CLASSIC painting!

    Transform your artistic skills at Tisch Academy today! https://tisch.academyIn this episode, I'm chatting to Michael Klein, a super talented contemporary painter who's all about bringing classical art back to life. Hailing from North Dakota, Michael's journey took him through a bunch of ateliers and workshops in the Midwest before he wrapped up his studies at the Water Street Atelier in NYC in 2005. Michael’s got a keen eye for painting still lifes and figures directly from life. While he loves focusing on floral still lifes, he's just as amazing at painting portraits and landscapes. Tune in to hear more about his journey, his techniques, and how he's keeping classical art traditions alive in the modern world. His new venture with the New Salem Museum and Academy of Fine Art is INSPIRING!Follow Michael on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaelkleinpaintings/Michael's Website: https://www.michaelkleinpaintings.comNew Salem Museum and Academy: https://www.newsalemmuseum.com

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    Episode #67 - Dina Brodsky - Cracking the INSTAGRAM Code!

    Episode #67 - Dina Brodsky - Cracking the INSTAGRAM Code!

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    Dina Brodsky is an artist based in New York, and her work is stunning. She's inspired by the Dutch masters and evokes a similar spirit and quality in her own work, creating breath-taking miniatures and expertly executed sketches. Her sketch journals are sublime and would inspire anyone who sees them. As I watch her reels on instagram, I'm blown away by the quality of her work but also what she brings to the community. At the time of this recording, Dina has amassed 933 thousand followers on instagram. This is the result of time, dedication and a calculated systematic approach. Success leaves clues and in this episode I ask Dina how she did it...She didn't hold back!
    Follow Dina on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/dinabrodsky/Dina's Website: https://www.dinabrodsky.comDina's Instagram Course: https://www.dinabrodsky.com/instagram-for-artists

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    Episode #66 - Samuel Earp - EXPLODE your Art Business with Diversification!

    Episode #66 - Samuel Earp - EXPLODE your Art Business with Diversification!

    Want to SUPERCHARGE your Art Practice and make MASSIVE improvements?? Join Tisch Academy! Get 7 Days FREE TRIAL: https://tisch.academySamuel Earp is a dynamic artist based in the far North Island of New Zealand, and he's a really good buddy of mine. We covered Samuel's story in depth in a previous episode, make sure you check that out! In this episode we catch up where we left off and discuss the many challenges facing artists and content creators today. Samuel shares strategies for diversification and supplementing ones income while trying to make ends meet as a creator. I'm always learning something from this dude. You'll love this episode! Please share!Website: https://samuelearp.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samuel_earp_artist/ Skool: https://www.skool.com/samuel-earp-online-art-school/about

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    Episode #65 - Natalia Karpman - Sell Your ART on Instagram!

    Episode #65 - Natalia Karpman - Sell Your ART on Instagram!

    Want to SUPERCHARGE your Art Practice and make MASSIVE improvements?? Join Tisch Academy! Get 7 Days FREE TRIAL: https://tisch.academyNatalia Karpman is an artist and entrepreneur based in Italy. Originally from Russia, Natalia has a background in marketing, priming her perfectly for a unique approach to presenting oneself as an artist online. I reached out to Natalia to pick her brain about how we can improve our presence as artists, on Instagram, and she did not disappoint! In this episode, there are several tips and strategies that can be applied IMMEDIATELY to gain traction and exposure. Natalia is teaching a BOOTCAMP on Instagram Art Marketing, check the links below!Sign up for the BOOTCAMP: https://nataliakarpman.com/bootcampNatalia's Website: https://nataliakarpman.comNatalia's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yes.artmarketing/

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
229 Ratings

229 Ratings

thegoodsites ,

The best

What a fantastic podcast! I check daily to see if a new one has dropped! Thank you Andrew and God Bless you and your family.

Shawna8567 ,

Best Art Podcast

This is the absolute best art podcast around. It keeps me motivated and inspired to keep creating art.

jaloha22 ,

Patrick Okrasinski

Always enjoy this podcast and find Andrew’s art, discussions, and teaching incredibly valuable. As someone that works in social media it’s always fascinating to hear someone who’s had a little success talk about why they think they’ve succeeded. It can be disorienting. I would say Patrick comes off as someone that has somewhat of rosey view about Instagram’s motivations and what meaning can be derived from a post that “performs” on the platform (in terms of market and value). He sounds like a lot of people who have sort of unconsciously delegated decision making and meaning making to Instagram or similar platforms. Something I find terribly flawed. I don’t even know if he truly believes what he suggests about deciding if your art is good or getting in front of the right audience based on what Instagram arbitrarily decides about those things. All things are not equal. Instagram is a flawed research tool. The algorithm has a monetary intent informed by distraction. It wants users on platform as long as possible. It is not an impartial player that just reflects reality in an unbiased way. It’s strange when people talk about it like that implicitly. The algorithm is a distraction machine. That’s it’s primary function. Deriving meaning beyond that is very squishy. Many artists with huge followings make no money from it and waste enormous amounts of time. In many ways they fuel the machine for free under the guise of building an audience or reach. There are good things about it but there’s a lot of bad and it’s very fickle. If it works for a person, good. I’d be cautious about making broad conclusions about that phenomenon though. It’s strange how many people buy into serving the algorithm almost without question. All hail lord algorithm lol. Popularity helluva drug.

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