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A podcast about everyday clinical life. The ups, downs, failures and wins.

The Friday Physio Confession Podcast Martin Christensen & Matt Del Brocco

    • Health & Fitness

A podcast about everyday clinical life. The ups, downs, failures and wins.

    MacPhail tells a tale!

    MacPhail tells a tale!

    Martin welcomes the man that calls himself AwesomePhysio on twitter (we refuse to call it X). Tobar as is his normal name talks about his journey to becoming a physio and the struggles along the way.
    Btw, how long have you forgotten to finish up your notes??

    • 54 min
    When friends and family ask too much!

    When friends and family ask too much!

    How do you deal with friends and family asking physio and other health realated questions whenever they feel the slightest itch?
    Wonder what Martin and Matt answer? Tune in. You´ll also get the story of when Martin got snipped. Be advised.

    • 58 min
    The Moby Dick of S&C!

    The Moby Dick of S&C!

    Lo and behold! Martin did the impossible and landed a talk with the Queen of S&C! The Moby Dick of Martins dreams! The Claire Minshull herself! Want to know how the journey of one of our foremost S&C coaches out there got to where she´s at, listen in! You´ll also learn how she would coach Martin into gettin back into weight training, we mean...his friend back into it..

    • 1 hr 4 min
    What about the zits!?

    What about the zits!?

    We welcome back the legend that is Anna Maria Mazzieri for a showdown on how it is to touch people. Like touch touch. Prolonged touch.

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Physio VS Chiro

    Physio VS Chiro

    We hate to say it, but we welc...hblhbbb.. we we..huhhhbbbchmmm... welco..oooohhhmchhcm... we. welcomeeeeeehhhhhblurbhhh.... 

    deep sigh

    we welcome...urgh.... chiro--- retching chiropractor Dr Thomas Kauffman to our pod. Please help us Jesus. 

    Want to know how it went? Listen in.

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Jean Luke Toddard

    Jean Luke Toddard

    Martin finally managed to reclaim the audio that was visited in the last ep with Luke Todd and can now proudly present the solo, the boyo, Luke Todd!

    • 1 hr

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