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Your prescription for happier, healthier homeschooling with Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson, who interviews experts on the issues that drive you crazy.

The Homeschool Sanity Show Melanie Wilson, PhD

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Your prescription for happier, healthier homeschooling with Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson, who interviews experts on the issues that drive you crazy.

    Helping Children Who Feel Different

    Helping Children Who Feel Different

    Hey, homeschoolers! I am excited about today's episode, not only because of the topic that I think addresses a real need we have as parents, but also about my guest.

    I experienced the pain of feeling different as a child and so did my kids. There's different good and different bad, right? But kids don't often like any kind of difference that makes them feel alone. How can we help our kids through that? That's the topic of the conversation I had with Ali Gilkeson.

    Ali is a member of the popular Christian folk band Rend Collective. If you're like me and you aren't good with band names, you'll likely recognize their hit song "My Lighthouse." A gifted communicator, Ali began to travel around Ireland speaking to young people in her early twenties. She is the mother of three children she has raised partly on the road, starting when each one was six weeks old. She and the other members of Rend Collective, including her husband, Gareth Gilkeson, are the founders of Rend Co. Kids, a platform dedicated to creating music that children under the age of thirteen can sing and find hope in. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her family.

    Ali is down-to-earth and relatable and her new children's book My Lighthouse is absolutely beautiful. I will be adding it to my library for future grandchildren. Here's my talk with Ali.

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    Resources Mentioned

    Find Amazon link to the book in the show notes below:

    My Lighthouse book


    Rend Co. Kids – YouTube Channel







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    How To Have A Better Homeschool Year

    How To Have A Better Homeschool Year

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    In this conversation, Melanie Wilson shares a life-changing strategy for homeschoolers to have a better homeschool year. She introduces the 'What's Better' strategy and explains its benefits for self-image, mood, and behavior. She provides examples of how to implement the strategy and offers tips for dealing with negative experiences. Melanie also discusses using the 'What's Better' list with various resources and encourages listeners to start implementing the strategy today.

    Resources for a Better Homeschool Year

    How to Make Your Dreams Come True by Mark Forster

    Grammar Galaxy, Training Aliens, The Organized Homeschool Life, A Year of Living Productively

    Great Homeschool Conventions

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    Protecting Kids From Explicit Material

    Protecting Kids From Explicit Material

    Hey, homeschoolers! This is one of the topics I have been asked to talk about over the years but I've frankly avoided. Not only can it cause problems with website and social media platforms that flag the posts but there are strong opinions about the issue. I don't like wading into controversial waters if I can help it.

    But then I met Kristen Miele at the Great Homeschool Conventions who was speaking about this very issue. I was so impressed with her background and her message that is grounded in research AND the gospel, that I invited her to be a guest on the podcast. We will discuss how we can protect our kids from the harmful effects of pornography with sex education. This is an earbuds episode, though the content is not graphic.

    Kristen Miele has been educating youth on the topic of sex for nearly 15 years. She has experience teaching ages 3 and up on content related to sex and sexuality. She is the founder and owner of Sex Ed Reclaimed and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Community Health from the University of Illinois. She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist. Kristen has one daughter, Emma Joy and has been married to Anthony since 2012. They live in Columbus, Ohio. Here's my chat with Kristen.

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    Kristen Miele shares her journey into sex education and discusses the challenges of protecting children from pornography. She emphasizes the importance of starting early and having open conversations with kids about healthy relationships, puberty, and the dangers of pornography. Kristen has created resources, including age-appropriate videos and workbooks, to help parents educate their children about sex in a God-honoring way. She encourages parents to reclaim sex education and be proactive in teaching their kids before the culture does.

    Podcast Resources


    Sex Ed Reclaimed on Instagram

    Sex Ed Reclaimed on TikTok

    My Approach to Screens for Teens

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    Special Replay: How to End Your Homeschool Year on a High

    Special Replay: How to End Your Homeschool Year on a High

    If you feel like your homeschool year is fizzling out, you'll appreciate these tips for ending well.




    Instagram at Psychowith6

    Rochelle Barlow's Learn American Sign Language in 31 Days

    The Organized Vacation Challenge

    my recent podcast on being disappointed in your homeschool year

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    Helping Daughters Deal With Comparison

    Helping Daughters Deal With Comparison

    Hey, homeschoolers! If you have a teen daughter, I think this episode is a must-listen. I interview Shannon Popkin and Lee Niehuis, authors of Comparison Girl for Teens, and I haven’t been able to stop talking about it. There is so much wisdom here about our girls and how to help them manage comparison and friendship in a God-honoring way.

    Shannon Popkin invites you to drink deeply of God’s story, and live like it’s true. Shannon’s books include Control Girl, Comparison Girl, Comparison Girl for Teens (2024), and Shaped by God’s Promises(2024). Shannon also hosts the Live Like It’s True Bible podcast and has been featured on Revive Our Hearts, FamilyLife Today, The Gospel Coalition, and Proverbs 31. She’s happy to be sharing life with Ken, who makes her laugh every day. Together, they have the joy of watching their three young-adult kids become the amazing people God created them to be.

    Lee Nienhuis is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher. She cohosts the Martha & Mary Show and the You Can Tell the Children podcast with Bible2School. Lee’s books, Brave Moms, Brave Kids and Countercultural Parenting are a clarion call for parents looking to raise wholehearted Christ followers. Lee and her husband, Mike, have four kids and live in West Michigan.

    Here's my chat with Shannon & Lee.

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    In this conversation, Shannon Popkin and Lee Nienhuis discuss the topic of comparison and its impact on teenage girls. They share personal experiences and insights on how comparison relates to anxiety and depression. They also discuss the role of family and church background in shaping a girl's self-perception. The conversation highlights the importance of parents in helping their daughters avoid the pitfalls of comparison and offers practical advice on how to do so. The speakers also introduce their book, 'Comparison Girl,' and provide additional resources for further exploration.

    Have a happy homeschool week!

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    Robotics in Your Homeschool

    Robotics in Your Homeschool

    Hey, homeschoolers! Have you considered learning robotics in your homeschool? I don’t have an engineering brain so I enrolled my kids in in-person and online classes. My youngest is now majoring in computer science in college. His classes had a major impact on his career direction.

    Today on the podcast, you’ll hear about the advantages of including robotics and programming in your homeschool from my guest, Francie Black.  I met Francie at the Great Homeschool Convention last year. She is the founder of HomeHackerCamp.com and is passionate about teaching. She and I are traveling to the IDEA conferences in Alaska this month. If you’ll be there, be sure to come by and say hello. Now here’s my chat with Francie.

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    Francie Black, a former tech professional and homeschooling parent, shares her journey into robotics and programming and the importance of STEM education for kids. She explains the scope of robotics and the skills it develops, such as critical thinking and problem-solving. Francie offers online classes for homeschoolers, teaching software, hardware, and electronics. She also discusses the upcoming speaker at her program, her son who works as a Starship engineer at SpaceX. Francie and Melanie Wilson discuss their upcoming conference in Alaska and where parents can find more information about Francie's classes.

    Have a happy homeschool week!

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4.6 out of 5
104 Ratings

104 Ratings

SydneeRM ,

We all need sanity

As a mom considering homeschooling my littles, I’ve been diving into these podcasts lately, and I love how uplifting this one is! It makes me feel like it’s definitely something my family can handle.

Clara @Simply Teaching Spanish ,

Inspirational and full of wisdom

I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcasts as you offer a lot of wisdom. I especially enjoyed listening to How to Combat Loneliness As a Homeschool Mom. You offered a lot of great suggestions as to how to make friends. I especially liked the one about reaching out to retired homeschool moms. This is something I’ve considered doing just recently. Thanks for the suggestions!

picklesmama ,

Resource and Inspiration Filled Podcast!

Dr. Melanie Wilson gives families such encouragement and so many resources for their homeschooling journeys! What a great podcast!

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