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Your prescription for happier, healthier homeschooling with Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson, who interviews experts on the issues that drive you crazy.

The Homeschool Sanity Show Melanie Wilson, PhD

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Your prescription for happier, healthier homeschooling with Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson, who interviews experts on the issues that drive you crazy.

    Special Replay: How To Pray Powerfully Over Your Homeschool

    Special Replay: How To Pray Powerfully Over Your Homeschool

    Hey homeschoolers!

    If you listened to last week's podcast about getting things done in your homeschool, you'll understand my focus on prayer this week. I recommend you listen to it first.

    We tend to think of homeschooling as something we do that requires God's blessing, when the truth is we cannot do it without Him. This week I will share a powerful prayer for you to pray over your homeschool. I believe prayer can change us and our homeschools when nothing else can because God responds to our prayers.

    We'll start talking about prayer in a moment, but first I would love to have you join us in the homeschool sanity Facebook group. We have interesting discussions every day. It's the perfect place for us to share our prayer requests as well. Look for the daily prayer graphic and we can be praying for one another and celebrating God's answers to prayer.


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    Prayer Podcast Resources

    Read the blog post

    Listen to Get Things Done

    Listen to Proverbs 31 Woman Part 1

    Listen to Proverbs 31 Woman Part 2

    What part of the Lord's Prayer means the most to you now? Comment and let me know.

    God bless your homeschool week!

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    Special Replay: How to Help Your Homeschooler Transition to Middle and High School

    Special Replay: How to Help Your Homeschooler Transition to Middle and High School

    Hey homeschoolers!

    The homeschooling parents I talk with are most likely to get panicky when the middle and high school years aren't far off. My discussion today will put your minds at ease.

    Let's Connect

    But first, I would love to have you follow me on Instagram at Psychowith6. I have recently begun sharing inspirational content there--inspiration for your faith, getting organized, your parenting, and of course, homeschooling. I am also enjoying having real conversations with you there.

    How to Help Your Child Transition to Middle or High School with Sherri Seligson

    Today's guest is Sherri Seligson. I was so excited to talk with her as I'm a fan. Sherri is a 21-year veteran homeschool mom of four children, a degreed marine biologist, researcher, wife, and Christian. Before being promoted to motherhood, Sherri worked as a marine biologist at Walt Disney World’s Living Seas, publishing shark behavior research. She has authored Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science, Marine Biology and Internships for High School Credit, instructional video courses for Apologia’s science curricula, and companion curricula for feature films including Dolphin Tale and War Horse. An international conference and retreat speaker, Sherri uses transparency, truth, and humor, to encourage moms on their homeschool journey and to teach families and students the importance and excitement of studying God’s creation.

    Sherri and I discussed:

    * what's different about the middle and high school years

    * how we can help our students adjust and grow into these new seasons

    * how to get past the anxiety that often accompanies these changes

    Resources for Helping Your Student Transition to Middle or High School

    Apologia General Science Curriculum

    Apologia Marine Biology Curriculum

    Internship for High School

    Teaching to Your Child's Talent Podcast

    How You Can Homeschool High School

    Lessons Learned from Homeschooling High School

    How to Keep Homeschooled High Schoolers Happy

    The Homeschool High School Podcast

    Connect with Sherri Seligson





    I hope Sherri gave you confidence about helping your kids make the transition to middle and high school. I am an affiliate for Apologia's materials because I use and love them! Join me and my guest next week as we discuss how your high school student can make the most of the high school years.

    Have a happy homeschool week!

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    Special Replay: How To Avoid Drill & Kill In Teaching Language Arts

    Special Replay: How To Avoid Drill & Kill In Teaching Language Arts

    Hey homeschoolers!

    If your students doesn't enjoy some aspects of language arts, whether that is reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, or writing, there is a good chance you have succumbed to the age old approach of drill. Drilling means that we repeat the same exercises over and over in an effort to help our students master a subject. Unfortunately drilling is responsible for killing many students' enthusiasm for language arts. I will explain how we can help our kids learn language arts without dangerous drilling in the podcast.

    But first I would love to invite you to join my Grammar Galaxy email list. Every month I will send your student a calendar of fun and quick language arts exercises to complete. Your student will do short reading, short vocabulary exercises, will play fun grammar games, and will use some fun writing prompts. Much of the calendar is seasonal and is it is a great thing to add to your morning basket time.

    I want to thank my sponsor for this episode: the Overcomer movie.

    Life changes overnight for coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team’s state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant in town suddenly shuts down and hundreds of families begin moving away, John must come to grips with the challenges facing his family and his team. Urged by the school’s principal to fill-in and coach a sport he doesn’t know or like, John is frustrated and questioning his worth… until he crosses paths with a student struggling with her own journey.

    Filled with a powerful mix of faith, a twist of humor, and a ton of heart, the Kendrick Brothers return to theaters with OVERCOMER, their newest feature following FACING THE GIANTS, FIREPROOF, COURAGEOUS, and the #1 box-office hit, WAR ROOM. The inspiring family film stars Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby, Cameron Arnett, and introduces Aryn Wright-Thompson.

    OVERCOMER dares to leave you filled with hope, inspired to dream, and asks the question: what do you allow to define you? View the trailer at OvercomerMovie.com.

    Teaching Language Arts Resources

    Read the blog post

    Mastery Teaching

    Captain Underpants

    Calvin & Hobbes

    Help your child choose books

    Grammar Galaxy Nebula

    Cartoon vocabulary books

    Vocabulary games

    Spelling games

    Grammar Galaxy Flashcards and Fun packs

    Easy ways to improve your child's vocabulary

    All About Spelling

    Free grammar games

    Language arts board games

    a href="https://www.

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    Special Replay: Stop Worrying; Start Homeschooling (Part 2)

    Special Replay: Stop Worrying; Start Homeschooling (Part 2)

    Hey, homeschoolers! Were you worried that I had disappeared? I enjoyed an extended vacation that has made a huge difference in how I feel. Normally, I am exhausted at the beginning of summer and I don't want to do anything. But this year, after two consecutive weeks off, I feel great. I highly recommend taking a real break from all the work and teaching you do, so you can be refreshed too.

    This week we'll discuss five more worries that can keep us from homeschooling with joy. Be sure to listen to part 1.


    But first, I want to thank my sponsor for this episode, The Well Planned Gal, Rebecca Farris. She has various planners for every homeschool need. A planner is not a planner unless it is a Well Planned Day planner! The Well Planned gal, Rebecca Farris, is a homeschool mom who has a gift and she shares her talents with us in her planner series. A few of the amazing planners available are: The Well Planned Day, Student planners and even the high school 4-year planner. The newest planner is the Well Planned Prayer Planner with an all-in-one planner and organizer. Organize your day with a focus on placing God first. Journaling 101, as well as scripture verses, permeate this beautiful book. Take it everywhere and you will have all the information you need at your fingertips. Best of all it becomes a keepsake and wonderful guide for making prayer a priority. This journal is truly life-changing. Visit thewellplanedgal.com for more! I'll also be giving you an inside look at her high school planner on my Facebook page at Facebook.com/psychowith6.

    Special Thanks to Our Network Sponsor - Well Planned Gal

    Rebecca from the Well Planned Gal understands the challenges of working within a budget, managing multiple children, and trying to keep up with a variety of information. That is why she created popular planner bundles!

    Combine organizational tools with year long encouragement by bundling Well Planned Day planners with the popular Family Magazine. For a limited time, Save 30% with one of her  popular planner bundles. Each bundle contains 2 planner products with a one-year subscription to Family Magazine.  

    Click Here to Go to Well Planned Gal

    Stop Worrying; Start Homeschooling Links & Resources

    Blog post


    #1 Question parents ask me

    What if my child wants to go to school?

    the unexpected positive results from my son going to school

    interviewed my son for the podcast

    Homeschooling can be very inexpensive

    podcast episode on handling homeschool haters


    Help for Anxious Homeschoolers

    Virtual Vendor: NorthwestRockandFossil.com

    Which of these five worries has been the biggest problem fo...

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    Your Homeschool Finances With Scott LaPierre

    Your Homeschool Finances With Scott LaPierre

    Hey, homeschoolers! We are living in a time of financial uncertainty, that's for sure. That's why I appreciate the biblical wisdom I got from my discussion with Scott LaPierre. You may remember him from a previous interview on Christian marriage. Scott is a father of 9 who has no debt on a pastor's salary. He is the author of a new book called Your Finances God's Way. In it and in our interview, he shares the principles that allowed his family to be debt free. They will work for us, too.

    The truth is I don't read a lot of finance books, so I wasn't sure I would enjoy Your Finances God's Way, but I loved it. It's so well written and would make a wonderful, faith-affirming study for your church or small group.

    Scott mentioned speaking for Teach Them Diligently.

    Before I close, I want to let you know that I'm in the process of incorporating my Psychowith6 website intoto HomeschoolSanity.com. Part of that process was rebranding my social media accounts as Homeschool Sanity, even though the following audio doesn't reflect that. This summer, I'll be sharing a new website design and new podcast branding. But for now, it's under construction--kind of like we all are.

    I'll be heading to GHC in Ontario, California this month. If you're joining me, I do hope you'll stop by the Grammar Galaxy Books booth.

    Have a happy homeschool week!

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    How To Focus On The Things That Matter With Joshua Becker

    How To Focus On The Things That Matter With Joshua Becker

    Hey, homeschoolers! Last week I shared my discussion with Dana White about decluttering. This week I am sharing my interview with Joshua Becker, who is known for his writing on minimalism. He recently published the book Things That Matter that you will want to get a copy of.

    After our conversation about it, I found myself inspired to declutter the garage, focus on my family, and trust God with the crazy times we're living in. To see the part of our conversation that inspired me most, check out my YouTube channel: YouTube.com/melaniewilson.


    Have a happy homeschool week!

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
100 Ratings

100 Ratings

picklesmama ,

Resource and Inspiration Filled Podcast!

Dr. Melanie Wilson gives families such encouragement and so many resources for their homeschooling journeys! What a great podcast!

Kristina Danyelle ,

Refreshing and inspirational!

I can relate in so many ways & she’s always very helpful in different scenarios. Inspirational and Hopeful.

dot07a ,

Some good but behind the times

There’s some great episodes on here about time management, anxiety issues, homeschooling challenges, etc.

But. As a Christian, it is time to live in this century. Young Earth creationism has no place in any modern science curriculum. I cannot believe this needs to be said. This is why people want to make homeschooling illegal; because the homeschooling religious fanatics reject facts and logic and make the rest of us look bad. You’re making it harder for those of us who want to homeschool our children and give them a quality education by having people think your personal truth replaces actual fact. The Bible is many things, but a science textbook isn’t one of them.

Also, there are several episodes that hint the creator of this channel and several of her guest speakers don’t support the LGBTQ+ community. If that’s true, you should feel ashamed of yourself. Bigoted and backwards beliefs like that drive people away from the church and Jesus. Not towards him. It’s the 21st century. Please act like it.

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