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Your prescription for happier, healthier homeschooling with Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson, who interviews experts on the issues that drive you crazy.

The Homeschool Sanity Show Melanie Wilson, PhD

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Your prescription for happier, healthier homeschooling with Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson, who interviews experts on the issues that drive you crazy.

    How To Teach Kids To Cook Independently

    How To Teach Kids To Cook Independently

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    In this podcast episode, Melanie Wilson interviews Chanel Miller, a homeschooling mom, about her journey and her new cookbook for kids called Kid De Cuisine. Chanel shares that she homeschools her three daughters and explains how the idea of homeschooling began during the pandemic when her daughters were in pre-K. She wanted to be more hands-on with their education and spend quality family time together.

    The conversation then shifts to discussing Chanel's cookbook, which is designed to teach kids to cook independently. Chanel's cookbook is unique because it comes with measuring cups and spoons that are color-coded to match the recipes, making it easy for young children to follow along. The cookbook also includes stories before each recipe to facilitate parent-child interaction, review sessions, fun tidbits, and activity pages.

    Melanie and Chanel discuss the importance of allowing kids to be in the kitchen and start with simple tasks before gradually adding more complex cooking skills. Chanel emphasizes the value of creating memories and spending quality time with kids in the kitchen. The cookbook includes recipes that can be completed in about 30 minutes, including setup and cleanup, making it accessible for busy parents.

    Chanel mentions that the cookbook is available for pre-order on their website, them3andme.com, and offers various incentives for pre-orders. She also shares that she plans to release two more children's books after this one, each dedicated to one of her daughters, with a focus on breakfast, lunch, or dessert recipes.

    The podcast episode ends with Melanie expressing her appreciation for Chanel's cookbook and its potential as an educational and memorable gift for children. Chanel thanks Melanie for the opportunity to share her work and hopes that listeners will enjoy the cookbook as much as she enjoyed creating it.

    Have a happy homeschool week!

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    What To Do When Your Day Is A Dumpster Fire

    What To Do When Your Day Is A Dumpster Fire

    Hey, homeschoolers! Do you ever have days that go so badly that you just want to throw your hands up in surrender? I know I have. In this episode, we'll discuss a better approach than surrender for a day that's a dumpster fire.

    But first I want to thank my sponsor:  the Route 60 movie.

    Personal Dumpster Fires

    There are a lot of reasons we want to give up on a day. Perhaps it's personal. We might have a personal goal of eating better. But we get up and instead of having that egg white omelet packed with protein, we reach for the Pop Tarts that somehow made it into the pantry. After snarfing them and a chocolate milk laced with coffee (better known as a frappacino) down, you commit to having a salad with chicken breast for lunch--only you end up at Sonic for an impromptu family picnic and there is no way you can order a salad when the cheese curds, chili dog, and slushy are just the reward you need after a stressful morning. Now you want to surrender and wait until the next day or week to eat well.

    Social Dumpster Fires

    Or maybe your day is more of a social dumpster fire. You prayed for patience and you were determined to be the meek and quiet mother that you've read about in books. But then your child couldn't find his shoes before you had to be out the door. A fight broke out between that child and the one he was sure intentionally moved his shoes just to aggravate him. Another child is complaining about how tired they are, how bored they are, or how hungry they are, and your patience commitment is gone.

    Homeschool Dumpster Fires

    Or perhaps your day is truly a homeschooling dumpster fire. You had your lesson plan that was going to have you on track. You were finally going to get caught up. And then a toilet backed up, the dog escaped the yard, or your kiddo had a meltdown over the math lesson. Suddenly it's noon and you'll be lucky if you make something for lunch let alone get any school done. You may as well give up for the day, right?

    Wrong! I have given up on dumpster-fire days more times than I care to admit. I have even felt helpless in the face of them, as though the failure that follows is inevitable. I was having one of these days recently and I was feeling discouraged. I was going to have to wait until the next day to get back on track, right? That's when I remembered something I learned as a child about fires. You may have learned it too. Instead of running away in a panic and surrendering to the flames when you are on fire, you stop, drop, and roll. You may have said it with me! How does this short set of instructions apply to dumpster-fire days? Allow me to explain my thinking here.


    First, stop. The day does NOT have to continue on the same path. Stop what you're doing. Stop panicking and don't give up. This day can be salvaged. I promise!

    If you're in the middle of the chili cheese dog, ask yourself if you're satisfied. If you are, stop eating. Don't continue eating in despair or as a punishment. If the cheese curds are long gone, forget about them. What's done is done.

    If you are in the middle of yelling at your kids, stop. Put yourself in time out. Take some deep breaths. If you finished ranting this morning, ask your kids for forgiveness now. Then give yourself grace so you can start fresh.

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    Rewrite Your Story To Live Happier Ever After

    Rewrite Your Story To Live Happier Ever After

    In this episode, Melanie Wilson explores the concept of rewriting our life stories and guiding our children to do the same.

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    This episode is sponsored by the Route 60 movie.

    Rewrite Your Story Summary

    Melanie begins by recounting the biblical story of Joseph and how he overcame numerous challenges. She emphasizes that life can be filled with adversity, but we are not in control of the plot; God is. She encourages listeners to take on the roles of both protagonist and editor in their life's journey.

    Melanie delves into the hero's journey, explaining that it often begins with a desire for a peaceful life or an unexpected call to adventure. She stresses the importance of acknowledging Jesus as a constant mentor and companion during life's trials.

    The podcast highlights the significance of the mentor phase in the hero's journey, emphasizing that Jesus is always present, even when it feels like we're facing challenges alone. Melanie references Scripture to illustrate God's guidance during tough times.

    The ordeal phase is discussed, where allies and enemies are developed. Melanie encourages listeners to focus on their allies rather than obsessing over obstacles and adversaries. She uses Joseph's life as an example, showcasing allies like Potiphar (in the beginning) and the prison warden.

    In the return phase, Melanie explains how the hero returns transformed after enduring hardships. She discusses Joseph's growth in humility and his capacity to forgive. Melanie also emphasizes the rewards of a successful hero's journey, including witnessing God's work and positively impacting others.

    Listeners are encouraged to reflect on the hero's journey in their own lives and their children's experiences. Melanie underscores the importance of changing perspectives to live a happier life.

    This episode invites listeners to reconsider and reshape their life stories, finding inspiration in the journey of Joseph and the guidance of faith along the way.

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    Teaching The Underground Railroad With Danika Cooley

    Teaching The Underground Railroad With Danika Cooley


    In this episode of the Home School Sanity Show, Melanie Wilson welcomes back Danika Cooley to discuss her latest additions to the Who What Why series, which is designed to teach Christian history.

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    With Reading Eggs, your homeschoolers will enjoy a highly personalized learning journey, designed to support them at every stage. Plus, you’ll get four programs in one with your subscription - Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, Reading Eggs Junior, and Fast Phonics. Our interactive lessons are based on scientific research and feature colorful animations, fun music, and exciting rewards to keep your children motivated to learn.

    “My kids are homeschooled and this is the best reading and math site that I have ever found. My son started not knowing all the letter sounds and within a few months he was reading at a first grade level.” – Mehdi C.

    Segment 1: Introduction to the Who, What, Why Series

    * Danika Cooley introduces the Who What Why series, which focuses on God's hand in history.

    * The series releases three titles at a time: "Who" (biographies), "What" (historical events or inventions), and "Why" (theology and history).

    * The new titles in the series are centered around the abolition movement, a significant historical event heavily influenced by Christianity.

    Segment 2: Why Abolition and the New Titles

    * Danika explains why she chose to focus on the abolition movement for the new titles.

    * Abolition was a movement that affected millions of people and was primarily spearheaded by Christians, making it crucial for children to understand.

    * The new titles include Who Were the Abolitionists?, What Was the Underground Railroad?, and Why Did Slavery End?.

    Segment 3: Impactful Stories and Lessons

    * Melanie asks Danika about the stories and lessons that made a significant impact on her while researching and writing these books.

    * Danika discusses the incredible stories of abolitionists, their journeys to faith, and their contributions to the movement.

    * She emphasizes the importance of understanding what Scripture says about slavery and the application of Scripture in history.

    Segment 4: Modifying the Content for Younger Audiences

    * Melanie and Danika discuss the challenge of addressing slavery for a younger audience and how to modify the content.

    * Danika explains how she focused on calling slavery...

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    How To Adopt A Dating Philosophy That Fits Your Family

    How To Adopt A Dating Philosophy That Fits Your Family

    Melanie introduces the topic of dating philosophies and their extremes and encourages parents to find an approach that is just right for their family.

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    This episode is sponsored by the Route 60 movie.

    The Extremes of Dating Philosophies

    Melanie introduces the topic of dating philosophies and their extremes. Discusses the "too strict" philosophy born out of fear of negative consequences and wrong partners. Mentions the extreme position of advocating courtship instead of dating, involving parental involvement and no kissing. Highlights challenges of implementing the "too strict" philosophy, especially with strong-willed teens. Shares examples of success stories and failures within this philosophy.

    Explores the "too lax" philosophy rooted in fear of losing the parent-child relationship. Discusses lack of enforced rules, including premarital sex and sleepovers. Presents examples of both successful and unsuccessful outcomes within this philosophy. Points out potential consequences such as broken homes and strained relationships.

    Finding the "Just-Right" Approach

    Melanie encourages listeners to avoid extreme approaches and seek a balanced perspective. Advocates teaching through fear of natural consequences rather than punishment. Shares personal story of the power of fear of consequences. Recommends using resources like the video Sex Still Has a Price Tag to illustrate real-life consequences. Suggests sharing examples of well-adjusted couples who adhered to biblical principles. References Tommy Nelson's Bible study on courtship from the book of Song of Solomon.

    Advocates coaching approach by asking open-ended questions and guiding discussions. Emphasizes that rules should be tailored to each family's values and dynamics. Discusses the importance of maintaining open communication and dialogue with teens. Advises parents to prioritize their relationship with their children while discussing dating. Highlights the need for affection and attention, even in the teenage years. Reminds parents to show humility and be willing to adapt their approach. Discusses the significance of prayer in shaping a child's dating experiences. Shares the historical example of Augustine's mother's prayers influencing the faith of her son and the church. Encourages listeners to find the right dating philosophy and make changes when needed. Emphasizes the value of humility and flexibility in parenting. Have a happy homeschool week!

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    3 Keys To Staying Sane While Homeschooling Strong-Willed Kids

    3 Keys To Staying Sane While Homeschooling Strong-Willed Kids


    In this episode, we're addressing a common challenge among homeschoolers: homeschooling strong-willed children. While strong-willed kids have potential to be world changers, homeschooling them can be overwhelming. Tune in to discover three key strategies to maintain your sanity while homeschooling strong-willed kids.

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    This episode is sponsored by the Route 60 movie.

    Step 1: Limit Opportunities to Rebel:

    Strong-willed children tend to rebel against rules, especially when rules seem arbitrary. A poorly conceived rule can trigger defiance and disrespect. Suggested solution: Limit the number of rules and make sure they're essential, connected to safety and values. Focus on rules that truly matter, and eliminate those that trigger unnecessary conflict. Seek a balance between respecting authority and avoiding nonsensical rules.

    Step 2: Provide Constructive Challenges:

    Strong-willed kids thrive on challenges; without them, they may challenge parents. Offer avenues for constructive challenges to redirect their energy. Allow competition: Engage in sports, games, self-competition, or challenges related to various subjects. Provide leadership opportunities: Let them supervise younger siblings or teach a subject, fostering responsibility. Assign passion projects: Engage in ambitious endeavors like starting a business, writing a book, or pursuing a skill.

    Step 3: Express Unconditional Love:

    Assure your strong-willed child that your love is unwavering. They might assume you prefer easygoing children over them. Make an effort to show appreciation and approval for their unique traits, including their strong will. Lovingly address defiance, disobedience, or immoral behavior – discipline is a form of love. Discipline, combined with love, nurtures a healthy parent-child relationship.


    Homeschooling strong-willed children is a journey filled with challenges and rewards. By limiting arbitrary rules, providing constructive challenges, and expressing unconditional love, you can maintain your sanity and build a strong parent-child bond.

    In our next episode, we'll delve into finding a dating philosophy for your family. If you found this episode valuable, don't forget to subscribe, leave a review, and share it with fellow homeschoolers. Until next time, have a wonderful week of homeschooling!

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
104 Ratings

104 Ratings

SydneeRM ,

We all need sanity

As a mom considering homeschooling my littles, I’ve been diving into these podcasts lately, and I love how uplifting this one is! It makes me feel like it’s definitely something my family can handle.

Clara @Simply Teaching Spanish ,

Inspirational and full of wisdom

I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcasts as you offer a lot of wisdom. I especially enjoyed listening to How to Combat Loneliness As a Homeschool Mom. You offered a lot of great suggestions as to how to make friends. I especially liked the one about reaching out to retired homeschool moms. This is something I’ve considered doing just recently. Thanks for the suggestions!

picklesmama ,

Resource and Inspiration Filled Podcast!

Dr. Melanie Wilson gives families such encouragement and so many resources for their homeschooling journeys! What a great podcast!

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