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Debra interviews famous and not-so-famous characters who have a really good story to tell. Here you’ll find topics on everything from astrology to climate change. Get to know Debra and her cast of characters as they entertain you throughout the episodes and give you a glimpse into their lives, those they surround themselves with, and what they are passionate about.

The I Don't Believe in Astrology Podcast Debra Silverman

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Debra interviews famous and not-so-famous characters who have a really good story to tell. Here you’ll find topics on everything from astrology to climate change. Get to know Debra and her cast of characters as they entertain you throughout the episodes and give you a glimpse into their lives, those they surround themselves with, and what they are passionate about.

    Healing Trauma with a Conscious Breath

    Healing Trauma with a Conscious Breath

    “Keeping the world at peace is an inside job.”
    Believe it or not, our difficult emotional content was part of what we signed up for in this lifetime. Our experience on Earth is compelling and dramatic, yet we all came here voluntarily with the courage to take on the karma of our bodies and our experiences.
    Believe it or not, YOU ARE A HEALER.
    This meditation is a reminder that we have permission to forgive ourselves and our hard lessons. We have the capacity to heal ourselves. Listen in as Debra walks us down this meditative path leading to the gift of the Observer- neutrality. It’s just a thought away.
    In this meditation, we visualize our “little self” that is so new to this world. We all share this point of origin and we all share the impacts of trauma. We are called to reach out and say to our little self- “I’ve got you.” No matter how your story has unfolded or what is yet to come, this life was a full-on choice and we are all so lucky to be alive. Astrology helps us remember our life story, serving as a guiding resource to fulfill our soul’s promise.
    Let this meditation help you lean into the notion of loving your stories, viewing your circumstances from a place of neutrality, and generating compassion for ourselves and the world. 
    Listen to other moments of meditation and deep conversation within The Star Library. If you don’t have access to The Star Library, which holds hundreds of hours of Debra’s Astrological knowledge and interviews with stellar celebrities and influencers, you can get access here: https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/library. 
    If you are interested in joining Debra LIVE during the recording of a meditation like this during our LIVE Astrological Immersion, join the waitlist to get notified when the next Immersion takes place. We will breathe into a meditative space together in real time, then some participants in the audience will get picked to share their chart and get a laser reading with Debra LIVE on the call!! Sign up here today at http://astrologicalimmersion.com/

    Other Key Links From The Episode
    The Missing Element by Debra Silverman https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/shop/the-missing-element-limited-edition-signed/  Debra Silverman Astrology https://www.debrasilvermanastrology.com/  Key Highlights From The Episode How to get to a state of neutrality The importance of conscious breathing The nature of our existence and experiences here on Earth What to remember each day What happens when you become the healer of your inner child Timestamps [00:49] Preparing for meditation 
    [01:20] Honoring the body
    [02:10] As we come down to Earth for our experience this lifetime
    [03:10] Bowing our heads to the divine
    [03:30] Naming some of our traumas
    [03:58] Bowing our heads to the beings that are part of our lives and lessons
    [04:58] Meditating on compassion
    [06:10] Anchoring in the awareness of our higher self and neutrality
    [07:17] Our gift to the babies being born
    [07:57] What to remember each day
    [08:46] Breathing into a heightened consciousness
    [09:56] Practicing forgiveness 
    [11:04] Resting in confidence
    [11:30] Re-entering this world continuing the meditative state
    [12:27] What happens when you become the healer of your inner child
    [12:49] Debra’s realization about existence and our experience on Earth
    [13:41] What Debra wants you to know about neutrality
    [14:01] The only way we can keep the world at peace
    [14:36] Debra’s New Year practice
    [15:13] Debra’s reminder to us all
    [15:40] The first step to getting to the Observer
    [16:30] “What will you carry with you after this meditation?”

    • 19 min
    Your Trauma, Drama, and Purpose with Colin Bedell

    Your Trauma, Drama, and Purpose with Colin Bedell

    As we experience extremes and polarities in our society and the collective, we find ourselves feeling separate or alone. We are living in a time where information and contact with anyone across the globe is available with just the click of a button on our phones or computers, yet we still have these feelings of disconnection from others and even ourselves. 
    It’s time to move back to the remembrance that you are not alone, because we are all one.  
    It’s time to remember that trauma and drama are not unique to just one of us- it’s something we all experience and it’s part of our assignment. Do you remember why you came to Earth?
    In this excerpt from Debra’s 2021 Astrological Awakenings Immersion, Debra aims to remind us all of our purpose. Sink into a meditation with Debra to ground in this message, and then enjoy a vibrant conversation between Debra and fellow Astrologer and Gemini, Colin Bedell. 
    While Debra and Colin share some potent Astrological configurations pointing to an innate and early knowing of purpose, that is not true for everyone. Debra and Colin break down the importance of self-awareness and how an Astrologer takes on the responsibility of helping others come back to themselves, fall in love with themselves, and understand their purpose. 
    Listen to the FULL conversation and other moments of meditation and deep conversation within The Star Library. If you don’t have access to The Star Library, which holds hundreds of hours of Debra’s Astrological knowledge and interviews with stellar celebrities and influencers, you can get access here: https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/library. 
    If you are interested in being LIVE during the filming of an interview like this for FREE, join our LIVE Astrological Immersion Waitlist to get notified when the next Immersion takes place. Some participants in the audience get picked to share their chart and get a laser reading with Debra LIVE on the call!! Sign up here today at http://astrologicalawakenings.com/

    Other Key Links From The Episode
    Applied Astrology School: http://appliedastrology.me/  Tell Me A Story (TMAS): http://www.tmas.co  Key Highlights From The Episode Debra identifies the common denominator in the human experience How trauma and drama are an integral part of our lives Understanding and acceptance of the totality of our assignment in this lifetime Why God created us How Astrology can help you remember why you are here Timestamps [00:49] Debra’s experience in practicing clinical psychology with Astrology in her back pocket
    [02:00] Our unique assignment
    [03:18] We all have the same experience when we arrive on Earth
    [04:08] Debra’s conversations with her best friend
    [04:47] Discomfort and tension you may be feeling in your life
    [05:11] What happens every time Debra facilitates her course, Tell Me A Story (TMAS)
    [05:53] How Debra aims to change the imprint and experience we have now and for generations to come
    [07:14] The universal echo chamber we have all heard
    [07:56] Why everyone is trying to get to planet Earth
    [09:48] Why we are all here
    [10:30] What Astrology is
    [11:42] Debra’s direct connection to the divine
    [12:00] A meditation with Debra
    [16:30] What’s your purpose?
    [17:00] The Astrologer’s point of view
    [17:30] A breakdown of Debra’s courses in Applied Astrology
    [19:20] How Debra wants you to fall in love with your life
    [20:34] The meaning of Debra’s tattoo
    [21:14] Debra introducing Colin
    [21:57] Debra walking through Colin’s Astrological chart
    [23:34] What Colin knew about his purpose from an early age
    [23:50] Debra’s spoiler alert
    [24:15] The responsibility of an Astrologer as told by Colin

    • 25 min
    Conversations with Destiny- Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg

    Conversations with Destiny- Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg

    As part of our break leading up to Season 3 of The I Don’t Believe in Astrology Podcast, we wanted to share with you an excerpt from a powerful and fun interview with the electric, eclectic, and magnetizing Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg. 
    Jenny’s career as an actress, comedian, radio and TV show host, writer, and quantum theory enthusiast is not only impressive, but evidenced by some major configurations and placements in her Astrological chart. This excerpt begins with an overview of Jenny’s chart and how all of the pieces come together to create an overview of the potent loyalty, charisma, drive, and uniqueness of Jenny.
    In fact, Jenny has been future-pacing her entire life (as an Aquarius Rising); she’s just been waiting for all of us to catch up!
    She’s more than just a pretty face, more than just a celebrity; we hope you enjoy these insights into the depth and divine connection of Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg. She is truly one in a trillion! 
    You can catch the FULL conversation in The Star Library. If you don’t have access to The Star Library, which holds hundreds of hours of Debra’s Astrological knowledge and interviews with stellar celebrities, you can get access here: https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/library 
    Key Highlights From The Episode How Jenny’s Astrological chart placements have played out in her career and overall nature Jenny’s experience with divine downloads How life force energy is a potent theme in Jenny’s life Powerful insights about the qualities of Aquarius Rising What the anchor and foundation in Jenny’s life is and how it shows up in Jenny’s Astrological chart Timestamps [00:49] Jumping into an overview of Jenny’s chart
    [01:55] What happens to energy in your body
    [02:26] The prevalence of life force energy symbolism and structures in Jenny’s life
    [02:41] Insights into Jenny’s Aquarius Rising sign
    [04:12] Jenny’s perpetual interest in learning and her interest in becoming an Applied Astrology student
    [04:31] How Mercury and Neptune on the Midheaven can play out
    [04:57] Jenny’s promise this lifetime as shown in her Astrological chart
    [05:06] What Debra deems to be the best part of Jenny’s Astrological chart

    • 6 min
    Just a Page in Earth’s Book

    Just a Page in Earth’s Book

    If you’re open to a good laugh and a good cry, be sure to press play on this episode.
    We close out Season 2 of the I Don’t Believe in Astrology Podcast with Carla Johnson. Carla is a brilliant, educated, and dedicated visionary and scientist, wielding a wicked sense of humor. Carla has always had a fascination and deep appreciation for the earth, spending her early years traversing the creeks of Minnesota for agate, crystals, and wildlife. Carla turned her earthy fascinations into the focus of her career as a geologist and entrepreneur, leading tech and environmental projects and businesses including the first virtual mapping of Earth! Did we mention she has her Sun, Moon, and Rising- her Big Three- all in Earth signs? You can’t make this stuff up.
    As evidenced by her Astrological chart, Carla speaks on the ability to stay grounded and never give up, even in the face of resistance. Debra and Carla put the climate crisis into focus as Carla shares her firsthand experience with a traumatic event caused by climate change. The story shifts when Carla shares about how there are angels on Earth, even in the most difficult moments, and how maintaining that perspective is key to traversing our current crises.  
    Before delving into this powerful conversation about climate change, be ready for a lot of laughs as Carla and Debra reminisce about how they met and their parallel experiences as “frontier women in business.”
    This is an episode you won’t want to miss as two friends connect with laughter, tears, and thoughtful conversation about how earthly (Geology) and cosmic (Astrology) sciences can help us understand and find peace in the natural rhythms of our own personal stories as well as our page in the story of Earth.
    Key Highlights From The Episode The ways that Carla’s Astrological influences have showed up prominently throughout her life How to not be deterred when the level of appreciation does not match your level of effort, or when life throws a major curveball Where we would be in ten years if each person on Earth planted one tree How both Earth and the cosmos can provide a peaceful perspective How we forget that people are beautiful and there are angels amongst us Timestamps [01:53] When Debra met Carla and gave her a reading
    [03:15] Carla’s academic and professional background
    [04:12] A highlight of Carla’s career partnering with NASA
    [04:37] The karma and connection of appreciation and effort of being a visionary in Carla’s experience 
    [05:27] Carla’s experience as the only woman in her undergraduate program
    [05:51] Carla and Debra reflect on being frontier women in business 
    [06:43] Debra’s vision of the future back in the 1980s
    [07:36] How Carla’s potent Astrological markers have affected her 
    [09:20] When Carla knew she was in love with the earth and was devoted to the environment
    [10:35] Lessons about aiming for your goals and not giving up
    [14:10] A musing about fate and destiny
    [14:53] What Carla feels about where we are in our climate change period
    [16:50] Carla explains how we are “ruining our own party”
    [17:45] The one solution to combat climate change
    [18:42] An interesting fact about the evolution of humans from amoebas 
    [20:08] The increase of anxiety in children and the potential correlation between the decrease in oxygen
    [21:20] Humankind is in an era of change as noted by Astrological cycles
    [21:45] Something that helps keep Carla’s hope alive
    [23:42] Carla’s takeaway about Earth’s path forward
    [24:26] Debra’s reframe of the fear surrounding climate change
    [24:55] The Astrological connection to Earth’s story
    [26:31] The thing we all need to do right now
    [27:40] Carla’s firsthand experience of climate change 
    [33:40] The miracle Carla experienced during a traumatic experience
    [37:03] The story about what will happen on planet Earth in the name of humanitarianism 

    • 38 min
    Laughing, Loving, and Leading with Your Whole Heart

    Laughing, Loving, and Leading with Your Whole Heart

    Love works. Danielle LaPorte is here to tell you why.
    Danielle LaPorte is a thought-provoking author and empowerment leader with a soulful focus on alleviating suffering and amplifying joy. She is a former director of a future studies think tank in Washington, DC, where she managed a team creating global scenarios. She now speaks about the intelligence of the heart. 
    There is a palpable effervescence in this episode, yet it is also steeped in profound conversation around spirituality and love. We get deep with Danielle discussing some key moments of difficulty in her life that became the catalyst to the resurrection of her bold and beautiful soul. We also delve into the Astrological aspects of Danielle’s chart that indicate her rooted connection and relationship with Christ energy and consciousness, while listening to the poetic power of her daily prayer. 
    Danielle has focused on leading with love and being in service, as shown in her publications, programs, and the organizations she works with. She poured her heart into her latest book, How To Be Loving, and it is poised to be the medicine needed for these turbulent times we are collectively and individually experiencing. Let’s face it- we are all here as souls having a human experience… let’s do the work to make it better together.
    What happens when you put two Geminis in a (virtual) room together? Tune in to find out!
    Key Highlights From The Episode Honoring your own unique gifts Danielle’s systemized programs and facilitators that foster antidotal (not anecdotal) conversations  Debunking the illusion of separateness from Mother Earth The climate crisis and its relationship to our psyches Danielle and Debra’s relationships with Jesus Timestamps [01:43] Danielle’s background and career
    [03:40] Danielle’s chart
    [04:38] How Danielle is a futurist
    [05:36] Danielle’s work and how that aligns with her chart
    [08:08] How Danielle thinks we should be using systems and structures
    [08:33] The esoteric Astrology take on Virgo 
    [09:31] The celebrations and cautions of using your sexuality in relationship with others
    [10:54] Honoring your own unique gifts 
    [12:24] How Danielle views the facilitators of her work
    [14:16] Danielle’s experience with and reflections on meditation
    [17:00] A truth and permission about meditation
    [17:37] Danielle’s daily prayer
    [18:29] What Danielle wishes people would do more
    [20:40] What Danielle would be doing if she wasn’t in her line of work
    [21:43] Something Danielle cannot live without
    [22:06] What Danielle is most excited about in her career right now
    [22:58] The last time Danielle cried
    [24:00] Reflections on motherhood
    [24:40] A person across history Danielle would love to meet with
    [26:00] Debra’s relationship with Jesus
    [27:30] Danielle’s thoughts on the climate and its relationship to our psyches
    [29:27] The “plastification” of beauty
    [30:20] Bringing the climate crisis to an individual level
    [31:29] Danielle’s relationship with her body
    [33:29] How Danielle’s body got her attention during a potent Astrological transit
    [36:00] Thoughts on “the dark night of the soul”
    [39:00] The most spiritual thing Danielle can do 
    [40:20] Debra’s daily devotion and how it relates to her youth
    [40:28] A book that has deeply impacted Danielle and Debra 
    [42:20] Danielle’s teachings and reflections about the nervous system
    [43:20] The importance of movement and the fluidity of energy
    [44:11] Part of Danielle and Debra’s similar paths
    [44:45] Danielle’s body of work
    [45:24] More on Danielle’s Astrological chart relating to her values in relationships
    [47:50] Danielle’s radical simplification
    [48:30] Danielle and Debra’s common energy and enthusiasm

    • 49 min
    Hope in Healing the Climate with Pamela Tanner Boll

    Hope in Healing the Climate with Pamela Tanner Boll

    There’s no magic silver bullet solution for climate healing, but there's hope if ideal practical solutions can be implemented.
    Pamela Tanner Boll joins us in this episode as we explore her passion for solving world hunger and helping the planet through “Climate Healing.” Pamela is a filmmaker, writer, artist, and founder/CEO of Mystic Artists Film Productions. Pamela’s current project is To Which We Belong, a film that made it to COP26 (the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference). 
    Pamela’s Astrological chart boasts six planets in Water including a Midheaven with Uranus in Cancer which shows up in her creativity and passion to make the world a better place.
    In this episode, we delve deep into To Which We Belong, why farmers and ranchers should look to regenerative practices instead of conventional ones, as well as practical strategies to draw down carbon levels. In addition, Pamela shares her turning point with the film Born into Brothels, a snippet of her best-performing films, and some organizations that are doing great work in their efforts to save the planet.
    Tune into the episode and listen as we delve into great insights and practical solutions that give greater hope in healing the climate!
    Key Highlights From The Episode Art is what sustains us - it is how we make meaning of the world and a way we can communicate our vision of the future An approach that can draw down six times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere Why we can move away from reliance on massive industrialization How the Maasai people in Kenya increased their grass coverage from 20% to 70% of the land in one year How The Savory Institute is training ranchers to manage their cattle so the grass comes back with more bounty Timestamps [01:12] Introducing Pamela Tanner Boll and how we met
    [02:30] How Pamela’s journey into filmmaking began
    [04:21] Exploring Pamela’s Astrological chart
    [06:16] About Pamela’s co-produced film Born into Brothels
    [08:19] Pamela’s strength in art and writing, as well as her first director debut in the film Who Does She Think She Is
    [13:38] Farming and ranching ways that create more growing plants on the planet 
    [15:09] Pamela’s film To Which We Belong was selected by the UN and getting exposed to COP 26
    [21:56] Pamela’s turning point from Born Into Brothels to having a great connection with women who didn’t know how to do films
    [26:53] Old cattle versus new cattle ranching
    [31:49] The UN’s response to Pamela’s film
    [32:19 Drawing carbon down through photosynthesis on steroids
    [38:44] Organizations that are doing great in their efforts to save the planet
    [40:00] Best books to read on healing the planet
    [41:44] If Pamela wasn’t talking about movies all the time, what would she be talking about?
    [42:04]  Someone across history that Pamela would love to have a conversation with
    [42:24] Last time Pamela had a big cry
    Resources www.mysticartists.com
    Connect with Pamela:
    Connect with Debra Silverman:
    Website: https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/debrasilverman_astrology/?hl=en
    Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eleventhhouse
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/silvermanastrology
    TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@debrasilvermanastrology

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
164 Ratings

164 Ratings

DrMarilyn ,

Heart, Humor and Hope

God(dess) I just love listening to, watching and learning from you Debra. Love that the rating for your Podcast is “Explicit”. And plan to share it with family members who are a little worried about my passion for astrology. The interview with Pamela Tanner Boll was so exciting and inspiring. Oh, I’m in tears (though mostly I’m an air sign). Fantastic. So glad you’re doing this. It’s really important to meet these people. Finding my missing element fire, to serve my own midheaven Cancer. Mahalo nui for making me laugh, cry, and learn all at once.

ssshhhh ,

❤️Debra & Dr Greer

I really enjoy Debra’s Astrology and all of her podcasts have been fun and interesting! But her chat with Dr Greer has been the best so far! I’ve see Dr Greer’s movies and tv shows and I’m glad to finally hear his backstory. The conversation between Debra and Dr Greer was absolutely fascinating. I would love to hear the two of them spin-off their own podcast, I think they could talk for days!

Conscious_Marketing_&_PR ,

Well recommended!

This podcast has so many gold nuggets! It’s so inspiring and informative.

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