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The Independent Adjuster Podcast is the #1 podcast to help you get working in days... not months, as a new IA.

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The Independent Adjuster Podcast is the #1 podcast to help you get working in days... not months, as a new IA.

    How to Track the Storm: Best Hail Reporting Apps & Resources for Independent Adjusters

    How to Track the Storm: Best Hail Reporting Apps & Resources for Independent Adjusters

    Ever wondered how to decode the chaos of hail season into a successful stint as an independent adjuster? 

    This episode is your essential guide to mastering hailstorm tracking and turning severe weather into promising job opportunities. With my firsthand experience and some nifty tools like CoreLogic and Stormersite.com, you'll learn how to pick out the hail events that scream potential work and those that are just nature's bluster. 

    We'll explore why storms rated at level four or five are the ones to watch and how to scrutinize the data for prime deployment areas. Timing and location can be everything when it comes to evaluating the impact of a hailstorm. 

    I'll also share personal anecdotes on interpreting the size of hail and its effects on property and auto claims. Remember to stay connected with us on LinkedIn where we share real-time updates and tips on seizing these atmospheric opportunities. Tune in for an episode packed with practical advice that could be the silver lining to the next set of storm clouds.

    Corelogic - https://www.wvs.corelogic.com/wvs-ui/
    Stormersite - https://www.stormersite.com/
    NOAA Hail Prediction - https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/exper/day4-8/

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    Unlocking the One-Two Punch Strategy for Independent Adjusters

    Unlocking the One-Two Punch Strategy for Independent Adjusters

    Today I want to share some “One-Two Punch” strategies for independent adjusters.
    (if you want to listen to the extended audio version of this newsletter you can check out our Independent Adjuster Podcast along with the 3
    The One-Two Punch Strategy: Your Blueprint for Success
    For many stepping into the realm of independent adjusting, the big question looms: How can I ensure a sustainable career without banking on a rare “home run”? 
    It’s a valid concern, given the tales of adjusters who’ve hit the jackpot with $300,000 earnings in a mere three months. Tempting, isn’t it? 
    But what happens if the grand slam never comes?
    Here’s where the “One-Two Punch” strategy comes into play, offering a practical approach to carving out a successful, sustainable career in independent adjusting. 
    Let’s dive in.
    1. Building from the Ground Up
    No career journey begins at the summit. 
    Whether you dream of Hollywood fame or corporate success, everyone starts from the bottom. 
    Independent adjusting is no different. It demands earning your stripes, building trust, and mastering your craft. This foundational phase is where you learn the ropes, explore opportunities, and lay down the groundwork for your future successes.
    2. Embracing a Varied Approach
    The heart of the One-Two Punch strategy lies in diversification. Rarely does one stick to a single task and thrive. The key? Embrace versatility. 
    Here are the combinations that have proven successful for many in the field:
    Daily Auto and Heavy Equipment Claims: Starting with auto claims paves your way into heavy equipment claims, with significantly higher payouts. 
    This combo not only increases your earning potential but also enhances your skill set and marketability.
    Daily Auto and Catastrophic (CAT) Hail Claims: Hail season can be a goldmine. 
    By balancing daily auto claims with CAT deployments, you not only ensure a steady income but also open doors to lucrative opportunities during peak seasons.
    Transitioning into Property Claims: For those with an eye on the long game, starting with auto claims and gradually moving into property claims can be a strategic move. 
    Auto gives you consistent work while property offers a broader scope of work and, potentially, higher earnings.
    ​Chad Burnett, an IA Path graduate, accomplished this with flying colors. See his story by clicking HERE.​
    3. Building a Multi-Faceted Career
    The essence of sustainability in independent adjusting lies in not putting all your eggs in one basket. 
    Diversify your portfolio by working with multiple companies across different claim types. 
    This not only insulates you from market fluctuations but also broadens your horizons, ensuring a richer, more resilient career path.
    Conclusion: Your Path to a Thriving Career
    Understand that there are paths to sustainability. 
    It’s about strategic planning, continuous learning, and embracing the opportunities the industry offers. 
    Remember, your journey as an independent adjuster doesn't always have to be about chasing the elusive home run; it can be about about building a career that’s robust, rewarding, and resilient.
    P.S. Curious about taking your adjusting career to the next level? 
    Reach out, and let’s explore how the One-Two Punch strategy can work for you with our ​online certifications​ that get the 2-5 year experience requirement waived with over 40 IA Firms.

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    IA Path Live Event Presentation: Part 2

    IA Path Live Event Presentation: Part 2

    Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin, saying yes to everything and everyone? 

    It's a trap many of us fall into, and in our latest podcast, we unpack the art of the gracious 'no.' With a candid recount of my own experiences and the wisdom imparted by my mentor, Brad Fancher, we delve into the necessity of setting boundaries for a healthier work-life equilibrium. As an Independent Adjuster who's been in the trenches, I guide you through an exercise that helps weigh the impact of decisions on the four life currencies: time, money, energy, and relationships. This isn't just about thriving in our careers; it's about crafting a life brimming with intention and fulfillment.

    The idea of a dream life can often feel like a mirage—always on the horizon but never within grasp. But what if I told you that it's possible to live your dream life today? This episode isn't just a conversation; it's an invitation to seize the day and find joy in the now. We discuss the unpredictability of life, the preciousness of time, and how setting goals and appreciating what we've already accomplished—like cherished family moments—can coexist harmoniously. 

    Tune in and join us on a journey towards living intentionally, a life not defined by a checklist of dreams, but colored by the moments that truly count.

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    IA Path Live Event Presentation: Part 1

    IA Path Live Event Presentation: Part 1

    Don't miss this replay of our first ever in person event!

    Imagine stepping into a life where your career aligns perfectly with your deepest values and desires. That's the transformational journey we're guiding you through in today's episode, sparked by the catastrophic auto adjusters boot camp with Kobe Hearn and Ashley Kiderman. We put fresh talent through their paces and set the stage for success, which sets a powerful backdrop for the personal tale of my own leap from warehouse worker to independent adjuster, thanks to a pivotal opportunity from my father-in-law.

    As your old host, Chris Stanley, I'm laying out the blueprint for shaping the life you've dreamed of, using the world of independent adjusting as our framework. I reminisce about the unconventional spark behind IAPATH and share the profound conversation that propelled my career to new heights, resulting in an online business that empowers adjusters to flourish professionally and personally. It's a narrative bursting with heartfelt advice and the genuine essence of living in harmony with your convictions.

    We wrap up with a deep dive into the concept of life currencies – time, energy, relationships, and money – and how their interplay crafts a rich, fulfilling existence. I reveal the 'secret sauce' for managing these currencies to enhance your life's quality to its peak. You'll come away from this episode with a renewed perspective on what it means to be rich, not just in wealth but in experiences, freedom, and connection, ready to claim the dream life that is authentically and uniquely yours.

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    IA vs AI - The Future of Claims

    IA vs AI - The Future of Claims

    Today Darren Bloomfield interviews Chris Stanley on the Insurance Nerds podcast "A Day in the Life".

    They talk about a whole host of topics,
    IA vs AIFuture of ClaimsHow to have work life balanceWhat it's like working remotely from a school bus and sailboatand much much moreCheck out Darren's podcast as well as all the other great Insurance Nerds shows on Youtube

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    How to Get Work This Hail Season

    How to Get Work This Hail Season

    We are quickly approaching hail season so today I’m going to talk to you about the independent adjusting companies you should be onboarding with, so you have a shot at getting work this hail season.
    While hailstorms don’t grab the mainstream headlines like a major hurricane, independent adjusters and auto damage appraisers often get more work opportunities from hailstorms, more consistently, than hurricanes.
    To get that work you’ve got to be on the right rosters. 
    Not all rosters are created equal and there are several types of rosters you’ll want to be on if you want the best shot at having dimes, nickels, and quarters raining into your bank account. The wrong ones will leave you at home or at worst holding the bag by not paying you.
    During my 13 years as an independent appraiser and adjuster I focused 6 of them on just working hail claims during the hail season. I was on the first call list of several rosters and I worked the majority of the hail season. I’ve handled hail claims for 15+ different independent adjusting and appraisal companies and mentored thousands of independent adjusters and appraisers as they dove into the world of catastrophic adjusting.
    Let’s look at what you need to know to get ready for this hail season.

    Check out the article on How to Get Work This Hail Season for the lists of companies I mentioned in this episode

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

Jesus123carrie ,

Great Practical Information!!

Chris does an amazing job in explaining the ins and outs of being an independent adjuster. He really wants to help those in the industry!

aidle 13 ,


Such practical, meaningful advice on life & priorities. Way beyond work & income. I’m grateful for the wisdom found here. ❤️

Christy Dotson ,


I had my full share of chasing every. single. squirrel in sight before I stumbled on IA Path and this podcast in particular.
Stanley gives information I can actually use and put into place. So instead of looking like a total novice, (ok, like an idiot!) I look a little more polished and prepared.
So far I’ve read (and highly recommend)
Independent Adjusters Playbook
Networking Adjusters Playbook
Next is
Adjuster Resume Playbook
after I’ve finished (and passed!) my NY exam I’m signing up for the IA Path Mentorship / training program.
When it comes right down to it -
I like and trust these guys.

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