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Come home to your body

Explore the Human Experience

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Come home to your body

Explore the Human Experience

    Episode 5: Keri Nola, The Queen of Abundance

    Episode 5: Keri Nola, The Queen of Abundance

    Join us in a captivating session with Keri Nola as we delve into the transformative journey of reconnecting with our bodies. Together, we explore the vital role of breath as a bridge to this homecoming, highlighting the art of slowing down to immerse ourselves fully in the rhythm of our breathing.

    Throughout our discussion, we recognize the breath's ever-changing nature, encouraging a compassionate acceptance of each unique moment. We also explore the importance of self-compassion, letting go of self-criticism and embracing our experiences just as they are.

    We wrap up our dialogue with heartfelt appreciation for the enlightening insights shared by our esteemed guest, and for the impactful contributions Keri makes to this field.

    In this episode:

    0:00:02 Introduction to Keri Nola: The Queen of Abundance

    0:01:42 Soul-led Choices and Early Signs of Healing

    0:04:01 The Metaphoric Death: Embracing Change and Spiritual Crisis

    0:06:31 The Wisdom of the Body and Deep Listening

    0:08:24 Embracing Intuition as a Birthright and Awakening Humanity

    0:12:28 Awakening Intuition: Ayurvedic Medicine and Shamanism

    0:14:38 Embracing Simplicity and Trusting Self-Intuition

    0:16:17 Clair ability and the discomfort of being empathic

    0:18:06 Embracing the gift of sensing and intuition

    0:26:19 Understanding the concept of shadow work

    0:28:54 Exploring different modalities of self-exploration and healing

    0:33:43 Discovering the Healing Power of Slowness

    You can find Keri Nola on:



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    Episode 4: Holly Bertone, Gratitude Expert & Transformational Coach

    Episode 4: Holly Bertone, Gratitude Expert & Transformational Coach

    On this episode of the Kerby Method podcast, Holly Bertone shares her journey of resilience and building mental strength. She emphasizes the power of gratitude and different approaches based on personality types. 

    We discuss gratitude from a fresh perspective, and Holly offers practical insights into how we can use gratitude to pull us out of slumps or stuck-ness. We discuss the merits and value of real rest, and how to begin finding it on a "felt-sense" level to really let it sink in.

    Holly encourages listeners to embrace gratitude and, as always, we share ways to find home within ourselves. 

    In this podcast episode:

    0:00:00 Introducing Holly Bertone, a transformational mindset coach

    0:03:05 Cancer diagnosis: life before and after

    0:05:45 Forced resignation: rock bottom with health and career

    0:08:21 Attaching value to external achievements and identity

    0:10:08 Addressing emotional toxins and restoring balance

    0:12:12 Learning the concept of true rest and unraveling patterns

    0:14:24 Using gratitude to rewire the brain and shift hormones

    0:14:50 Embracing resilience and learning from rock bottom experiences

    0:17:02 Using gratitude to shift out of the struggle cycle

    0:19:07 Overriding body signals and the consequences of neglecting self-care

    0:21:04 Cultivating the ability to listen to and trust our bodies

    0:23:35 The positive impact of gratitude on mental and physical well-being

    0:24:33 Opening the door to gratitude

    0:25:51 Meeting gratitude where it is

    0:28:58 Getting unstuck and embracing gratitude

    0:34:57 Starting the day with a gratitude competition

    You can find Holly Bertone on: Her website: https://pinkfortitude.mykajabi.com/

    Quiz and Free Gift: https://academy.pinkfortitude.com/podcast-landing-welcome

    Gratitude Builds Fortitude Podcast: https://academy.pinkfortitude.com/blog 

    Holly’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holly.bertone/

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    Episode 3: Linda Mench, Nutritionist and Menopause Expert

    Episode 3: Linda Mench, Nutritionist and Menopause Expert

    On this episode of the Kerby Method podcast, Linda Mench, a clinical board-certified nutrition specialist, joins us to discuss her work in helping women during perimenopause and menopause. 

    She explains the difference between her role as a nutritionist and that of a counselor or dietitian, and how she develops personalized nutrition plans based on lab results and medical history. 

    We dive into the use of the Dutch test for hormone analysis and explore the importance of open conversations about menopause. 

    We also touch on the benefits of personalized nutrition, managing stress and cortisol levels, and the launch of Linda's Menopause Project. 

    Tune in for valuable insights and support during this stage of life.

    In this podcast episode:

    0:02:30 Difference between a clinical nutrition specialist and other nutrition professionals

    0:08:18 Individualized nutrition: macronutrients and micronutrients

    0:10:04 Plant-based eating and the gut microbiome

    0:16:51 Early signs of menopause: sleep, mood changes, hot flashes

    0:19:01 Embracing the new chapter of life and finding fulfillment

    0:20:12 Donuts, sugar high, and menopause education

    0:27:24 Importance of mindfulness and meditation practice

    0:28:20 Prioritizing movement and rest

    0:30:08 Embracing menopause as a natural and beautiful transition

    0:33:22 Introducing the Menopause Project: a journey of self-discovery and support

    0:35:36 Exploring nutrition, mindfulness, and restorative care in menopause

    0:37:22 Holiday special and future launches of the menopause project

    0:39:25 COVID and its potential link to perimenopausal symptoms

    0:41:26 Linda's work and availability for online consultations

    You can find Linda Mench on:




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    Episode 2: Whitney Benjamen

    Episode 2: Whitney Benjamen

    In this episode, I speak with Whitney Benjamin, a healing artist and movement teacher. She shares her experience as an empath and intuitive healer, emphasizing the importance of trusting intuition and giving clients power in their healing process. 

    We discuss her work in athletic somatics, promoting psycho-physical intelligence in young female athletes. Whitney incorporates Tarot and hosts medicine ceremonies, highlighting the need for consent and boundaries. 

    We also discuss the influence of culture on embodiment and the importance of intuitive movement. 

    Our conversation emphasizes regaining sovereignty over our bodies and incorporating intuitive practices in our lives.

    In this episode:

    0:01:58 Discussion on psychic abilities and grounding

    0:04:24 Openly addressing psychic abilities and boundaries

    0:06:21 Everyone's ability to tune into energy

    0:08:38 Somatic athletic education for young female athletes

    0:10:30 Introduction to mixed yoga arts for athletes

    0:16:42 The Influence of female athletes on culture

    0:20:25 The transformative experience of playing softball in italy

    0:25:18 Exciting travel plans and climbing adventures

    0:30:11 Tips for middle-aged women in nervous system regulation and athletics

    0:33:52 The power of movement for anxiety relief

    You can find Whitney on:

    Instagram - @whitneylynnbenjamin


    Whitney Benjamin discusses the power of intuition in healing and empowering clients, emphasizing athletic somatics and intuitive practices.

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    Podcast Relaunch! With the amazing Adelaide Marcus

    Podcast Relaunch! With the amazing Adelaide Marcus

    In our first episode, I speak with Adelaide Marcus about her nomadic lifestyle, love for belly dance, and embracing art. We explore her journey of rebuilding a cabin in the forest, her inclusive approach to teaching belly dance, and the power of this art form for healing and self-awareness. We also discuss her experience with renovating an ambulance and her plans for the future. Tune in for an inspiring conversation!

    In this episode:03:02 Introduction and background of Adelaide Marcus

    08:22 Creating a safe space for men in women's classes

    11:19 Preserving body changes through art and celebrating existence

    15:03 Breast casting as a form of embodied art

    17:35 Belly dance as a centering practice

    26:18 Embracing a life of gripping experiences

    28:56 Learning resourcefulness and managing stress on the road

    31:52 Embracing mutually beneficial circumstances and moving forward

    34:32 Overcoming social anxiety and embracing imperfection

    38:32 Seeking a new space for art and community

    44:28 The challenges and logistics of van life

    47:58 Trade-offs and the joys of traveling in a van

    You can find Adelaide on:

    Instagram - @artbyadelaide

    Her website - artbyadelaide.com

    Recommended titles:

    Nomadic Lives and Embodied Art: Adelaide Marcus on Belly Dance and Building Community

    Adelaide Marcus: On the Road to an Embodied Art Center and the Healing Power of Belly Dance

    Journeys of Art and Identity: Adelaide Marcus on Belly Dance, Inclusivity, and the Freedom of Nomadic Living

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    Episode 64: Christy Hughes, author of "Strong Roots, Wayward Soul"

    Episode 64: Christy Hughes, author of "Strong Roots, Wayward Soul"

    Please join me for this wonderful episode with published author, Christy Hughes. As a woman in recovery, Christy shares her story of transformation both in and beyond recovery. She talks about tenacity and coming into her own as a woman and a human -- recognizing she can do hard and amazing things. 

    She shares with us about her book, what it takes to actually accomplish a project so large, and her pathway to recognizing her own inner strength. Her book is a memoir interwoven with the stories of her grandmothers and their pervasive wisdom. 

    Christy currently resides in Fort Worth, TX with her husband and two dogs. They spend weekends on their Central Texas homestead, which will someday be teeming with goats, pig, bees and veggies. Until then, Christy works full time in the pet industry and spends much of her spare time writing or on the yoga mat

    She is also the founder of The Brave Kind, a community dedicated to supporting spiritual and personal growth for all of us. 

    If you've ever thought about writing a book, tune in as Christy shares with us how she did it!

    If you are new in recovery and want to know you're not alone, feel inspired and supported, tune in as Christy shares with us how she did it!

    Enjoy the episode and check out Christy's book!!!! 

    Yogaville Workshop Sept 18th/19th Sign up Here

    Sober Girls Hiking & Adventure Club


    Links for Christy


    The Book: Strong Roots, Wayward Soul



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4.8 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

hair62 ,


Thanks! This is my first time listening and I’m learning so much

LexDPT ,

Amazing Content

Alice has some incredible podcasts. I’ve only listened to a couple thus far, but she is so well spoken and I’m so excited to dive further into her episodes. She has such a broad scope of interests and experience, which makes her such a fun, enlightening, and well rounded practitioner! MUST listen!

Sseerrggiioo ,

Gentle, Relatable & Informative

This podcast is so informative and relatable! The topics and guests are very purposeful and intentional. A great guide to navigating the journey of self love, self healing and self awareness. Gentle with just the right amount of lighthearted humor. It’s also amazing that Dr. Alice Kerby provides an abundance of resources to help you continue your journey into self healing.

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