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Welcome to the Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast. We are your hosts, Michael, and Lauren Falk. We are physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength conditioning coaches at Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance.

The Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast Michael and Lauren Falk

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Welcome to the Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast. We are your hosts, Michael, and Lauren Falk. We are physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength conditioning coaches at Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance.

    From the Mound to Recovery: A Pitcher's Journey Through Tommy John Surgery

    From the Mound to Recovery: A Pitcher's Journey Through Tommy John Surgery

    Today we are joined by local college pitcher Eli Hoyt. Eli grew up in Waukesha, playing for STiKS academy, and just finished his career at Madison College. Eli will have the opportunity to play for USA Baseball and the Madison Mallards this summer.
    In addition to being a high level pitcher, Eli has overcome numerous injuries over the course of his career. Most recently, Eli just returned to competition following Tommy John Surgery on his throwing elbow. 
    Eli and I discuss:
    Eli’s baseball story and how he ended up at Madison CollegeHow is perspective has changed on college baseballThe difference between conservative elbow rehab and rehab after Tommy John surgeryWhy he got multiple opinions before undergoing Tommy John surgeryWhat he learned throughout the Tommy John rehab processHow he approached his throwing programHow his arm felt during his return to throwing programDifference between his ACL rehab and Tommy John rehabThe lessons from tommy john rehab he will take with him going forwardEli has a very unique perspective on baseball and took a lot of time to reflect and prepare for this conversation. He gives a lot of great advice that anyone going through an injury recovery can learn from.
    You can see Eli play this summer for the Madison Mallards and follow his journey on socials @hoyster22 
    At Kinetic Sports Medicine, we help baseball players recover from injuries, stay healthy and maximize their performance. If you have questions about your injury rehab or recovery, schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with one of our baseball experts.

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    Race Training with Dr. Sydney & Coach Jack

    Race Training with Dr. Sydney & Coach Jack

    In this episode on Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast, I (Dr. Lauren here!) am joined by Dr. Sydney and her running coach, Jack Hackett. Coach Jack is the owner and head coach of Infinity Running Company. Jack coached Dr. Sydney for a half marathon, and now her first full marathon!
    In this episode, we break down Dr. Sydney’s experience training for and running her first marathon. Coach Jack reflects on her training and race experience, and we use this opportunity to look at Dr. Sydney’s goals for the off season.
    In this episode we also discuss: 
    Pre-race preparation tipsRace nutrition to keep your energy up throughout your race and keep your stomach happy!Common off-season training goals and plansSome recent research about ways to train smarter for your raceThe benefits of using a coach to train for a raceDr Sydney has learned a lot from her running experiences and is excited to address her unfinished business and tackle another marathon soon! Coach Jack is an amazing resource for our patients working to return-to-running as well as those who are working to achieve their performance goals!
    You can find this episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or listen above.
    You can learn more about Jack, or work with him online at:
    Instagram: @infinityrunco
    Online: www.infinityrunco.com
    Are you a runner that is training for a race or dealing with injury? Do you want to work with an expert that fully understands the unique needs of runners? Learn about our 4 step process to helping runners heal from injury as well identify their training needs to improve their performance and run pain free!

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    8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Physical Therapist

    8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Physical Therapist

    One of the most important decisions to make as an injured athlete is to choose your “team”, including choosing your physical therapist. This team can include many different people from skill coaches, to doctors, to physical therapists and sports psychologists. Many times within the medical field you are referred to a provider because it is convenient or there is a marketing agreement in place. 
    For example, a large health system or orthopedic group “sponsors” a high school or club team and provides an athletic trainer. That athletic trainer is often encouraged or required to refer athletes to that hospital’s orthopedic physicians with any injury. That doctor is typically then encouraged or required to refer out to that hospital’s physical therapy group. 
    But, as an athlete, is this in your best interest? Are you required to go to a physical therapist because you were referred there by a doctor?
    Maybe, maybe not. There are 8 questions that will greatly help you in deciding how to choose your physical therapist and see if they are the right fit for you and your needs. I expand on these questions in much more detail in the podcast.
    If you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete that is dealing with an injury, hopefully you find this information helpful! And you can use it to be an advocate for your own health and performance!
    At Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance we specialize in helping athletes return to play and maximize their performance. Learn more about our philosophy or schedule a free consult today.

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    Up Your Basketball Performance with Keith Kahlfeldt

    Up Your Basketball Performance with Keith Kahlfeldt

    On this episode, we are joined by Keith Kahlfeldt, a basketball performance coach at the Prolane in Waukesha, WI. Keith focuses on tailoring performance training in the weight room to improve performance on the basketball court. 
    Keith is local to the Milwaukee area, having played basketball at New Berlin Eisenhower and then continuing on to play at Concordia University. He uses his knowledge and experience as a basketball player to help guide his programs to help other local high school, college and professional basketball players stay healthy and perform at a high level.
    Specifically, Keith and I discuss:How he evaluates a new athletes’ movements in the gym & on the courtDifferences in movement abilities based on a players’ positionWhy the foot and ankle are so important to train in basketball playersCommon mistakes high school basketball players make with performance trainingHow to integrate performance training in a very busy basketball schedule…and much more!Keith has a great philosophy towards training athletes and I really enjoyed the conversation. He is definitely approaching training athletes from a progressive view and incorporating some of the newest techniques and philosophies with his players. 
    You can learn more about Keith at his website and on Instagram @keithkahlfeldt 

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    Coach's Guide to ACL Rehab

    Coach's Guide to ACL Rehab

    Late stage ACL rehab and the return-to-play process from ACL rehab takes a team effort. The player and medical staff have been working together for 8-9 months, and the athlete is ready to start to be reintegrated into practice and game activities. At that point, the coach starts to play a key role in helping the athlete reintegrate into the team environment and prepare to return to game action. 
    However, coaches aren’t medical professionals, especially at the high school level. Coaches have many other responsibilities, and often, other full time jobs. So how would you, as their coach, know what to do with a player that is “cleared” to return to play following an ACL injury?
    This podcast will help by discussing:
    What the stages of return-to-play areWhy an athlete telling you they have been “cleared” is insufficient information (and what follow up questions you should ask)How you can help an athlete during this late stage of their ACL rehabilitationWhy an athlete needs a gradual reintegration into practice and gamesConcepts surrounding the medical and performance teamResources for coachesThis is a great podcast for any coach that has an athlete coming back from an ACL injury (or another major injury). This is also a great listen if you are an athlete (or parent of an athlete) coming back from ACL surgery so that you can optimize your own rehab experience by knowing what to expect, how hard to be pushed, and when to scale it back.

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    Injuries and Recoveries of a Heptathlete with Abigail Missiaen

    Injuries and Recoveries of a Heptathlete with Abigail Missiaen

    Dive into the injuries and recoveries of a college heptathlete with Dr. Lauren and Abigail Missiaen.

    • 41 min

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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Jay Thooft ,

The Sam Price conversation is truly powerful

What a great episode for other athletes to have someone to relate to!

camp_shutout ,

Great conversations!

I have known Michael and Lauren for many, many years (I trust them to take care of my sons injuries and my friends injuries) and to now see them branch into podcasting makes me smile. The content is awesome and can give a prospect or a parent the knowledge to know what commitment to sport truly is...injury, academics, coaching, nutrition and more. Love it!

mbielawski63 ,


Phenomenal content!!! Really informative and easy to grasp!! Keep it coming!

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