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The Modern Selling podcast, hosted by Mario Martinez, Jr., is the go-to podcast for sales leaders, sales professionals, business owners, sales enablement leaders, and anyone responsible for generating revenue. Mario's guests are practitioners in the trenches, experts in their profession and influencers who are leveraging modern selling techniques to inspire you to create more sales conversations with your target buyer!

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The Modern Selling podcast, hosted by Mario Martinez, Jr., is the go-to podcast for sales leaders, sales professionals, business owners, sales enablement leaders, and anyone responsible for generating revenue. Mario's guests are practitioners in the trenches, experts in their profession and influencers who are leveraging modern selling techniques to inspire you to create more sales conversations with your target buyer!

    The Power of Account-Based Selling with Jaakko Paalanen, #206

    The Power of Account-Based Selling with Jaakko Paalanen, #206

    Over the past two years, the business landscape has dramatically shifted. The days of taking a ‘spray and pray’ approach are long gone and have been replaced with much more targeted sales tactics to attract an eager and ready-to-buy B2B audience.  There are a host of unique account-based selling techniques that leading organizations are using to bring in millions of dollars in new sales. From how to identify the best target accounts, to pinpointing the buyer personas to engage, to the highly personalized strategies to use to book more meetings – we cover it all (and more) in this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast.
    And, my guest is one of THE industry leaders in helping companies redefine how they prospect to keep their pipelines full and their calendars booked.
    In this episode, I welcome Jaakko Paalanen, the Chief Sales Officer of Leadfeeder. Under his guidance, Jaakko has grown his global team across 9 different countries and propelled the company from $0 - $2M ARR within 2 years. The sales insights he shares in this conversation are equivalent to an elite MBA in sales!
    Be sure to download the episode, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to learn some of the industry’s best kept sales and prospecting secrets.
    What is Account-Based Selling? Many people have often heard of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) as a function of driving new leads to sales teams. However, Account-Based Selling (ABS) goes beyond just the marketing arm and focuses on who to target.
    Rather than looking for individual seller profiles, ABS relies on identifying those target accounts or companies that are most interested in your offering. 
    At Vengreso, we leverage Leadfeeder to get insights on what companies are visiting our website. From there, we narrow down the list to zero in on specific companies that fit our audience parameters.
    That way we know exactly where to focus our attention, so we can dig deeper into the buyer personas within those companies to prospect on. 
    I wanted to get Jaakko’s take on ABS and the importance he saw in using this as one of your prospecting strategies.
    Listen into the full conversation to hear how Jaakko recommends sales teams implement a robust account-based sales approach.
    Is Account-Based Selling For Every Sales Organization? Like with other prospecting strategies, when it comes to sales – it is not a one-size-fits-all model. The same thing is true for account-based sales.
    I was curious to hear Jaakko’s perspective on what it takes to do account-based sales effectively and what organizations he thought were best suited for this sales strategy.
    He shares an interesting set of criteria:
    B2B companies that sell to large-sized companies. Account-based selling works well when you’re looking for corporate customers. If you’re selling to individuals or small businesses, more traditional prospecting methods will likely be more effective.

    Longer sales cycles. How long does it take to close a deal? If it’s longer than three months, then account-based selling could be the best approach to shorten the sales cycle and help sales teams close the right deals – faster.

    Complex buyer profiles. Is there one or many stakeholders that influence the buying decision? If there is only one, then account-based selling won’t be the best avenue to pursue. However, if there are multiple buyer personas within a single organization to navigate, then account-based selling is the way to go. Join the episode now to hear his fourth criteria or “rule” and what you should do first to get your winning account-based sales strategy off the ground.
    What Are the Best Practices for Account-Based Selling? When it comes to kicking off an account-based sales strategy, it’s important to consider the best practices to put your sales organization on a path toward success.
    I ask Jaakko what best practices he recommends based on his extensive experience with Leadfeeder.
    He outlines four specific steps:
    Get in

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    How to Use Intent-Based Data to Maximize Sales with Mike Farrell, #205

    How to Use Intent-Based Data to Maximize Sales with Mike Farrell, #205

    What if you knew the exact companies or individuals who are actively looking for the products or services you offer? Imagine how much more targeted your outbound marketing or prospecting could be. 
    That’s the exact topic we dive into in this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast with my expert guest, who is leading the way in leveraging intent-based data to revolutionize the sales game.
    We welcome Mike Farrell, CEO of Green leads, to the show.
    Mike is a proven high-growth leader with over 30+ years in the IT Channel and BPO-service industries with both start-up and public companies. He has direct leadership experience with seven M&A events and has expertise in leading integration teams. With Green Leads, Mike leads business growth by focusing on strategic differentiation, customer acquisition, and providing a high-touch, high-quality client experience.
    Prior to Green Leads, Mike did sales consulting work, helping B2B companies optimize their digital marketing and build internal SDR teams. In addition, he served as the Chief Operating Officer of BAO and was the driving force behind their growth to become a category-leading, 200+ employee, $20M+ Outsourced SDR firm (BPO).
    Listen to this cutting-edge conversation as we explore intent-based data, how to leverage its predictive power and what SDRs can do today to use it to improve their prospecting results.
    Download the full episode now and jump in to hear what’s really working to give sales organizations a competitive edge on the market.
    What really is intent data? Before we discussed specific intent-based data strategies, it was important to understand what intent data is.
    I wanted to hear Mike’s perspective on the topic and what he sees is the growing trend in the area.
    He shares, “Intent-based data is a type of digital forensics. It helps you zone in on the companies and people who are actively looking for your offering on the web. We get all sorts of buyer intent signals that let us know who is searching our keywords, reading our content, etc. From there, we can study to help us perfect our prospecting and hone in on the best time to reach out to get buyers right when they’re ready to buy.”
    At Vengreso, we use a host of intent-based data tools to help us pinpoint target accounts to focus on with our prospecting efforts. But, like I always say, “a fool with a tool is still a fool,” meaning if SDRs aren’t equipped with the right training, they still may not maximize the full prospecting power of intent signals.
    Using intent-based data is still a relatively new strategy among B2B sellers, but when put to use in the right way, SDRs can get more prospects on the phone – faster.
    Mike explains the prospecting process they use at Green Leads that is getting their client's impressive results (it’s not at all what I even thought was possible.)
    Join in the conversation and listen to the specific ways that Mike recommends sales leaders analyze and use intent data to determine how to reach out to increase prospecting response rates.
    How does that intent data impact conversion rates into meetings? In my experience, intent-based data can be helpful to help you identify target companies. However, most intent-based tools don’t give you great insight into the individuals who are within those companies who control the buying decisions.
    So, the question ultimately becomes: How do you leverage intent-based data to actually increase your prospecting efforts?
    Mike had some important insights to share, “Finding companies who may be searching for what you offer is just one small part of the puzzle. Intent-based data gets us a powerful head start, so you’re not prospecting from scratch. But, that’s where you must have a robust sales process in place, once you’ve identified these target accounts. We teach our clients how to create specific content based on intent signals to draw those prospects in to book a call. In other words, we look for triggers or

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    Catch The Big Fish with the Right Sales Cadence with Priya Sachdev, #204

    Catch The Big Fish with the Right Sales Cadence with Priya Sachdev, #204

    It’s no secret that the B2B sales game has become harder and harder. With more informed buyers, the same old sales techniques aren’t working at the same success rate to convert prospects to customers.
    But, what should sales reps and leaders do to really move the sales needle? The answer is simple: better prospecting! Yet, the key to doing this successfully often comes down to your sales cadence and the specific actions you’re taking and when.
    This is the topic we cover in a special episode of the Modern Selling Podcast with one of the greatest minds in sales.
    Priya Sachdev is the Chief Customer Officer, here at Vengreso. She is responsible for Vengreso’s Customer Success and Support team as well as all implementation, training, coaching, and delivery of the entire LaaS (Learning as a Service) and SaaS technology suite to the 1,100+ companies that Vengreso has served.
    Priya has been in the sales training industry for over 20 years and has overseen sales enablement for a leading global provider of digital transformation services as well as serving for 13 years at Miller Heiman Group, where she was the Enterprise Sales Transformation Leader, responsible for consulting with clients globally in sales transformation.
    In addition, she served as the Vice President of APAC where she was instrumental in overseeing, accelerating, and delivering sales training, methodology, and consulting to the APAC region.
    If that wasn’t enough, Priya has been named as one of the top 25 Most Influential Women in India by CEO Magazine and recognized as one of the 10 Successful Women to Watch by Insights Success.
    Make sure to tune in to the full conversation to see the specific sales cadence and prospecting strategies are working now to book more meetings, fill pipelines, and get to a sale even faster!
    How Do You Get to the First Sales Conversation? Going from a cold outreach message to a sales call is often the hardest part of the entire sales cycle. That’s why when we polled almost 1,300 sales professionals, 69% of them acknowledged that the most challenging part of their work was getting the first conversation.
    At Vengreso, we created a full prospecting guide with our unique PVC methodology that walks through the secret formula we’ve found that works to engage prospects with EVERY message.
    So, I was curious to hear Priya’s perspective on what sales reps can do to lower the barrier to entry and get to a sales call faster.
    She shares, “we’re in a sales pandemic and the biggest problem with prospecting is that sales reps are not following through. The sales cadence and the sales channels used are not right for the target audience.”
    I’ve seen in my 20+ years of sales that follow-through is everything if you want to close big deals. But, all too often, sales leaders overemphasize quantity over quality, which leaves lots of money left on the table.
    Join the conversation and download this episode to learn more about what’s working to get prospects to lean in with the first message.
    What Are the Best Channels for Prospecting? In today’s hyperconnected world, there are so many ways that we can reach and engage with prospects. From social media to email, to SMS, to phone calls – we’re not short on channels to choose from.
    However, so many sales reps focus on one channel and never diversify their approach. Studies have found that when you use one channel you can expect about 10% engagement. If you add a second, third, or fourth channel to reach prospects, then you can increase your engagement by 400%!
    That’s why at Vengreso, we take a multi-channel strategy that includes four key parts of our sales cadence:
    Connecting on LinkedIn Sending a personalized text message Following up with email Using video to engage In my conversation with Priya, we dive deeper into how to implement each of these channel strategies to increase prospecting success. This part of the conversation alone can be game-changing

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    Modern Selling Tips for 2022 with Dan Tyre

    Modern Selling Tips for 2022 with Dan Tyre

    The global pandemic that has stretched into its third year has seen not just a boom in digital sales but has ushered with it a change in how modern sellers can attract and engage with modern buyers.
    Traditional “spray and pray” methods that once worked, no longer have the same success rate, which has forced sales leaders to employ a new set of selling techniques.
    What exactly will work in 2022 for prospecting and building sales pipeline is the main topic of discussion I had with sales genius, Dan Tyre, in this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast.
    Dan Tyre, Director at HubSpot is one of the leading inbound marketing and sales experts on the planet. As a member of the original team in May of 2007, Dan has led the recruiting, training, and growth of HubSpot's sales team with vigor. Before HubSpot, Dan worked at four other startups of note: Businessland, as Area Director; ALI Technologies, as Founder & CEO; CelebraTech, as Co-Founder and VP of Sales; and Groove Networks, as Regional Manager.

    At HubSpot, Dan has pioneered the concept of alignment between sales and marketing known as "Smarketing," a core tenet of inbound marketing now followed by thousands of companies around the world. He's been instrumental in the creation and growth of several sales teams that are now thriving hives of activity at HubSpot. Dan continues to inspire and teach HubSpotters as a sales trainer, as a creator of the HubSpot Leadership program, as a blogger on the HubSpot blog.
    Dan’s infectious high energy, especially when he talks about ‘marketing’ is why I am so excited to welcome him as a guest on the Modern Selling Podcast.
    Download the full episode and get a taste of Dan’s genius as he discusses the top sales strategies to use in 2022 to crush prospecting and better convert leads into loyal customers.
    How has Sales changed since 2020? I’ve seen a rapid evolution, here at Vengreso, with more and more companies seeking out our digital sales training courses such as Modern Sales Mastery for Teams. However, I wanted to hear Dan’s insights and better understand the shifts he’s seen happening and what he anticipates to come next in the world of sales.
    Dan shares, “I’ve read that over 1M sales jobs will disappear in the next 18 months. With the Great Resignation, the way that companies do business will have to change. Sales are no exception to this either. So, it’s a must now than ever before to know how to be a better salesperson in 2022.”
    With my own sales teams, I’ve placed a heavy emphasis on making our sales calls, even if they are through Zoom, as interactive and engaging as possible. Modern buyers are much more sophisticated and skeptical than before, so finding ways to connect digitally with leads is critical to the success of the modern seller.
    Dan agrees, “Today we have to contend with the empowered buyer. This is someone who has done their research before they ever talk to a salesperson. They're going to know more about the basics of what they're looking to buy than they've ever had before and salespeople have to be ready to field in-depth questions.”
    Listen in to the conversation to hear what free sales resources Dan suggests that sales leaders have their teams complete to be successful in 2022.
    How to Win with Inbound Sales When it comes to finding data-driven ways to improve the sales process, Dan is the leading expert on what works and what will work well into the future.
    So, I asked him to share his expertise and insights on how sales teams can master the inbound sales process.
    Dan’s unique six characteristics of a winning sales process is something we all should study and look to implement as soon as possible:
    Treat people like human beings. According to Dan, the emphasis has to be on connecting with your prospect, instead of looking to pitch them to buy. Build rapport, to establish trust first and foremost. Look to help, not sell. As I always say, selling is the art of helping – and

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    Human-Centered Communication with Ethan Beute & Steven Pacinelli

    Human-Centered Communication with Ethan Beute & Steven Pacinelli

    In the very one-dimensional sales world that many sales teams currently operate in, it’s becoming harder to increase the number of high-quality leads, book more sales calls, and boost conversion rates.
    That’s why the sales conversation must shift from “spray and pray” methods to sales strategies that leverage the art of human-centered communication.
    In this episode of The Modern Selling Podcast, I tackle this interesting topic of how to humanize the sales journey with two of the leading experts in the field, Ethan Beute and Steven Pacinelli.
    Listen in to the full conversation, so you don’t miss a single sales insight from this powerhouse duo’s new book, Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution. I recently had the privilege to be included in their book and contribute my unique perspectives on the topic of video sales strategies (see page 133!).
    Here’s a little more about this episode’s expert guests:
    Ethan Beute is the Chief Evangelist at the video messaging company, BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and co-author of the books, Rehumanize Your Business and Human-Centered Communication. For the past decade, Ethan has helped business professionals cultivate “video relationships” with their prospects to rapidly grow sales and build loyal customer followings. If Ethan’s insights weren’t already more than enough, he was joined by Steven Pacinelli, BombBomb’s Chief Marketing Officer.
    Steven Pacinelli has a very diverse background where he’s served as a Sales Manager, a Vice President of Events, and the National Speaker for Realtor.com, delivering presentations to more than 1,000 audiences. Known for his innovative sales and marketing strategies, Steven has consistently been named a Top 20 Social Influencer, according to the Swanpoel Report.
    Make sure to download this episode to catch the innovative personalization and human-centered strategies that Ethan and Steven recommend to move the sales needle.
    What Are Sales Teams Getting Wrong? Video messaging platforms, like BombBomb, are on the forefront of revolutionizing how sales teams accelerate prospecting and get more ‘hellos’. In fact, a Vengreso survey found that 69% of sellers reported that prospecting was the hardest part of sales. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.
    I asked Ethan and Steven, “what’s the biggest issue with prospecting that you see?”
    Their answer was exactly what I detailed in my chapter of Human-Centered Communication.
    Ethan believes that, “Most prospects don’t know who you are or if they can trust you. Salespeople are asking them to book an appointment, but there’s instant resistance because they don’t know anything about you, your product, or your service. So, it really becomes, how do you break through this increasingly noisy and polluted digital environment?”
    This is why part of our Vengreso prospecting method is to intentionally build trust first to foster engagement before shifting to focus on building the relationship and then generating revenue.
    The only challenge I’ve found is that many sales teams are not intentional or conscious about what they're doing and as a result they inevitably frustrate, confuse, or annoy their prospects. 
    Instead, we teach our sales leaders to start with empathy and consider what the prospect’s major pain points are, so they can deploy a host of personalization strategies to better engage and drive more value-driven sales conversations.
    Steven has a lot to share on this topic of prospecting, “The goal in sales should be to answer the question: How can we approach our work in such a way that we put our prospects’ wants and needs on a level playing field as our desires, as the sellers?”
    To hear Steven’s detailed answer, join the conversation to hear what he says are THE best tactical, mindset, and sales strategies to produce better outcomes, forge stronger relationships, and produce more sales revenue

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    Sales Management That Works with Frank Cespedes

    Sales Management That Works with Frank Cespedes

    As the world enters into a new and ever-evolving post-pandemic landscape, sales leaders are hyper-focused now more than ever on mastering the art of selling.
    My guest in this episode of The Modern Selling Podcast is a Harvard Business School professor, market researcher, and best-selling author who has spent decades studying the data behind what really drives sales.
    Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation with Frank Cespedes, as he dispels the biggest sales myths and explains the must-use strategies to consistently get sales results.
    Frank Cespedes is one of Harvard Business School’s best-kept secrets. He spent 12 years as a Managing Partner of a professional services firm, where he helped countless companies navigate go-to-market and strategy issues. He has written for numerous publications, and is the author of six books, including, Aligning Strategy and Sales, which was cited as “The Best Sales Book of the Year” by Strategy & Business, “A Must Read” by Gartner, and “Perhaps the Best Sales Book Ever” by Forbes.
    Listen to this episode to hear the most important sales lessons from Frank’s newest book, Sales Management That Works: How to Sell in a World That Never Stops Changing. 
    Grab your copy here on Amazon.
    Did the Pandemic Change How We Sell? The short and very surprising answer is: NO.
    With so many B2B and B2C companies shifting to expand their digital offerings (Vengreso included!), most sales leaders rushed to invest in growing their online infrastructure – making the role of the traditional salesperson obsolete.
    Well, so we thought.
    However, when you examine the data as closely as Frank has, it reveals that many sales leaders are misallocating sales resources based on unsubstantiated assumptions.
    So, I asked Frank to share some of his findings. “The percentage of total retail sales that were done via e-commerce at the beginning of 2020, when the pandemic hit, was 11.4%. But, when I ask executives, I typically get estimates from 30% to 60%. In other words, people are not just a little bit off, they’re orders of magnitude off!”
    What’s even more startling is the small impact on online retail sales that the pandemic restrictions actually had.
    Frank says, “During those maximum lockdown conditions, e-commerce as a percentage of total retail sales only went up to 15.1% – and it’s been trending down since then.”
    Listen to the episode to hear his unique B2B insights and the major ‘allocation’ mistake Frank found that’s sinking B2B sales.
    What is Affecting Sales Right Now? The buying journey is much more complex, as customers can navigate seamlessly between offline and online channels to buy a single product. 
    And, these buying behaviors must inform and influence the tasks of the sales team. But, are companies really adapting to this shift
    Frank doesn’t think so. “The most important thing about selling is the buyer who buys – why they buy, and how they buy. This is where technology online has had its biggest impact.”
    In his new book, Sales Management That Works, he outlines the three most important questions that sales teams need to be asking right now to position themselves for growth:
    When is the right time and the wrong time to interact with buyers? What is the best channel approach to sales – offline or online? How do we shift from an ‘individual contributor’ model to an ecosystem of sales managers? Join in to hear what Frank believes are the right answers to these pressing sales questions.
    How to Hire The Right Sales Staff in Today’s Market Sales hiring comes with a host of inherent challenges that aren’t present in other industries.
    Unlike other positions, Frank found that less than 300 out of the 5,000 colleges and universities in the country even offer a sales course.
    “This is an occupation, where the vast majority of people start out knowing very, very little about what they're going to get paid for.” 
    Frank shares an i

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

MFarrell24 ,

Mario is a Master!

Mario and his guesses will give you actionable insights that can propel your sales success. Learn from the Master!

Shelbyxminer ,

Great experience!!!

I found Mario to be very engaging! Pulling out actual tactical training his listeners can use rather than theory and fluff!!!

If you want skills to sell more of your products and services, so your prospects get where they want to go. Then this show will help you do that!

annie1454 ,

Must listen

I’m always learning something new on Mario’s podcast! Highly recommend for anyone in Sales or Revenue Operations!

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