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The Modern Selling podcast, hosted by Mario Martinez, Jr., is the go-to podcast for sales leaders, sales professionals, business owners, sales enablement leaders, and anyone responsible for generating revenue. Mario's guests are practitioners in the trenches, experts in their profession and influencers who are leveraging modern selling techniques to inspire you to create more sales conversations with your target buyer!

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The Modern Selling podcast, hosted by Mario Martinez, Jr., is the go-to podcast for sales leaders, sales professionals, business owners, sales enablement leaders, and anyone responsible for generating revenue. Mario's guests are practitioners in the trenches, experts in their profession and influencers who are leveraging modern selling techniques to inspire you to create more sales conversations with your target buyer!

    How the Best SDR Programs Develop Top Talent

    How the Best SDR Programs Develop Top Talent

    If you're feeling frustrated with your SDR BDR team's results and struggling to increase pipeline creation, then you are not alone!

    Have you heard the myths about building successful SDR BDR teams?

    Myth 1: SDR BDR teams can only focus on outbound or inbound, not both. Myth 2: Texting prospects is not effective for SDR BDR outreach. Myth 3: SDR BDR roles are just a stepping stone and don't require long-term commitment. Want to know the truth? Stay tuned for the secrets to building a high-performing SDR BDR team.

    In this episode of The Modern Selling Podcast, Joey Vendel, the AVP of Sales Development at Seismic, joins host Mario Martinez Jr. to share his insights on building successful SDR/BDR teams. With over seven years of experience in sales development, Joey brings a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies to the table. The conversation delves into the pillars of a successful sales development team, including the architecture, activity optimization, omnichannel presence, and coaching. Joey's emphasis on nurturing SDRs for career growth and his innovative approach to pipeline development at Seismic offers valuable takeaways for sales development leaders and professionals.

    From discussing the challenges of engaging multiple buying groups to insights about the velocity program and the importance of personalized outreach, this episode provides actionable strategies to enhance pipeline creation and drive career development for SDRs. If you're looking to boost your team's performance and navigate the evolving landscape of sales development, this episode is a must-listen for practical guidance and inspiration.

    I think the key, Mario, is bringing value, right? That every touch point needs some form of value. And I think that's why we've seen the rise of how many touch points it takes to get ahold of a prospect is because more and more of it has become this, this, more mass message versus a personalized, relevant message for that specific person. - Joey Vendel

    Joey Vendel, the AVP of Sales Development at Seismic, brings over seven years of SDR experience, from honing his skills as an individual contributor to managing a team of successful SDRs. He has a knack for generating high-quality pipelines and has helped numerous SDRs advance into roles as account executives, sales engineers, and beyond. His passion for sports not only fuels his free time but also provides valuable parallels and practices that he seamlessly translates to the sales field. With a deep understanding of building scalable SDR teams and a commitment to coaching, Joey's insights promise an engaging and insightful conversation on the strategies and pillars essential for successful sales development teams.

    Skills you will learn in this Episode:

    Mastering the art of building high-performing SDR BDR teams.
    Accelerating your career through strategic sales development role progression.
    Crafting sales email frameworks that captivate and convert.
    Embracing the power of an omnichannel sales approach for amplified results.
    Elevating sales outreach with the impact of personalized strategies.


    The key moments in this episode are:
    00:00:08 - Introduction to Vengreso and FlyMSG

    00:01:14 - Importance of Sales Development

    00:06:55 - Personalization in Sales Outreach

    00:11:33 - The Role of Coaching in Sales Development

    00:14:41 - Creating Quality Pipeline

    00:16:00 - Multi-Threaded Selling

    00:17:33 - Career Development Path

    00:20:39 - Bridging the Skills Gap

    00:23:09 - SDR Role Duration

    00:29:41 - SDRs' Daily Activities and Time Management

    00:31:41 - Leveraging LinkedIn Engagement

    00:34:15 - Challenges and Solutions in Sales Development

    00:36:09 - Leveraging Text Messaging in Sales Outreach

    00:41:57 - Adding Value in Sales Touchpoints

    00:43:17 - Leveraging LinkedIn for Prospecting

    00:46:15 - Successful Reps' Cadence vs. Bottom Performing Reps' Cadence

    00:51:47 - Co

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    Streamlining RFPs: AI Tools to Automate Responses

    Streamlining RFPs: AI Tools to Automate Responses

    Do you want to streamline your RFP response process and win more contracts? Imagine a more efficient and effective way to handle RFPs, ensuring your responses stand out. We'll be sharing a solution to help you achieve that result.

    Uncover the unexpected way AI can help you win more RFPs with a powerful tool. It's not just about streamlining responses; it's about gaining a competitive edge and uncovering hidden insights. Find out the surprising truth that's transforming the RFP game and putting you ahead of the pack. Ready to discover the game-changing tool that's making waves in the industry? Stay tuned for this groundbreaking reveal.

    This is Mark Shriner's story:

    Mark Shriner, a seasoned business development and growth specialist, shares his journey from an adventurous trip to Asia with only $117 in his pocket to leading a consulting company in Japan. Through a chance encounter, he found himself in the sales track after securing a job with a Taiwanese computer magazine publisher, which fueled his career in sales. Mark's experience in business expansion and his tenure with Memoq, a software provider, led him to co-found Memoq RFP, a company focused on streamlining RFP responses for small and medium-sized businesses. His story of resilience and adaptability serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the unexpected paths that can lead to success. Mark's unique journey showcases the unpredictable nature of life and how seizing opportunities, even with limited resources, can lead to remarkable achievements.

    In this episode of The Modern Selling Podcast, Mario Martinez Jr. interviews Mark Shriner, the CEO and co-founder of Memoq RFP, diving into the challenges of responding to RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs. Mark shares his personal journey, including an adventurous stint in Asia with minimal funds, which eventually led him to a career in sales.

    The episode sheds light on the complexities of document requests in the sales process, emphasizing the significance of strategic decision-making, collaboration with subject matter experts, and the impact of AI tools in streamlining the response process. Mark's insights into the frustrations faced by subject matter experts and the potential for AI tools to alleviate these challenges offer practical takeaways for sales professionals. His emphasis on the importance of relationship-building and the value of informed competitive positioning in responding to RFPs and RFQs make this episode a must-listen for those seeking to enhance their approach to document requests. Mark's personal anecdotes and experiences add depth to the conversation, making it relatable and insightful for sales professionals navigating the complexities of RFPs and RFQs.

    You found a problem and then figured out a solution, and people buy that. You go in and help them fix something that's broken. - Mark Shriner

    My special guest is Mark Shriner

    Mark Shriner, hailing from Seattle, is the CEO and co-founder of Memoq RfP. With a career spanning over 20 years in leadership positions, including country manager, regional sales manager, and CEO in Asia Pacific, Mark has garnered extensive expertise in business development and growth. His involvement in assisting companies with market expansion led to his foray into RFP technology, driven by the need for enhanced response processes for small and medium-sized businesses. Mark's profound industry experience equips him to provide valuable insights into the integration of AI to streamline RFP responses, making him a knowledgeable and credible guest for the audience to glean insights from.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Mastering Winning Strategies: Learn how to craft winning strategies for RFPs and RFQs to stand out from the competition and win more business.
    Boosting Sales Efficiency: Discover how to streamline and improve sales with optimized RFP response processes for greater success and faster turnaround times.
    Harnessing AI for Opti

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    Sales led growth strategies for SaaS

    Sales led growth strategies for SaaS

    Have you heard these myths about SaaS sales led growth strategies? Myth 1: Product led growth is the only way to scale. Myth 2: Cold emails are ineffective for SaaS sales. Myth 3: Scaling a SaaS business requires massive funding. I'll reveal the truth about these myths, but brace yourself for some eye-opening strategies.

    Hey there! In this podcast episode, Mario Martinez Jr. was interviewed by Joana Inch for the SaaS stories podcast, and he shares his journey from a service-based company to a SaaS organization, shedding light on the challenges and dynamics of the SaaS industry. He delves into the transition of FlyMSG from product led growth to sales led growth, offering valuable insights into the pivotal moments and strategic considerations that shaped our approach. Mario emphasizes the significance of adaptability and the willingness to pivot in response to market dynamics and customer behavior. By discussing the challenges of engaging with enterprise clients and the importance of personalization in sales and marketing efforts, he offers actionable insights for SaaS founders and sales leaders. If you're keen on enhancing sales and marketing alignment and implementing growth strategies, this episode provides a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of SaaS. So, grab your headphones and tune in to gain valuable insights for driving growth in the SaaS industry!

    It's better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing. - Mario Martinez Jr.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Master Sales Led Growth Strategies: Uncover the secrets to accelerating your SaaS business through effective sales tactics and strategic growth planning.
    Unravel the Power of Sales Led Growth: Discover the distinct advantages of sales led growth over product led growth and how it can drive your SaaS business to new heights.
    Harness the Potential of LinkedIn for Sales Success: Unlock the potential of LinkedIn as a powerful tool for enhancing your sales efforts and expanding your SaaS business reach.
    Navigate the Art of Scaling SaaS Startups: Learn the art of effectively scaling your SaaS startup, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success in a competitive market.
    Embrace Personalization in Cold Outreach: Explore the impact of personalized cold outreach methods and how it can revolutionize your sales approach, leading to increased conversions and meaningful connections.

    The key moments in this episode are:
    00:00:08 - Introducing Vengreso and FlyMSG

    00:02:31 - Vengreso's Pivot to FlyMSG

    00:06:29 - Challenges in Marketing and Sales

    00:11:44 - Product Led Growth vs. Sales Led Growth

    00:14:47 - The Struggle with PLG and Success with SLG

    00:15:41 - Understanding the Differences Between Group Licensing and Individual Sales

    00:16:27 - Overcoming Marketing and Technological Debt

    00:18:16 - Balancing Sales Led Growth and Product Led Growth

    00:19:39 - Identifying the Pivot Point

    00:27:39 - Securing Enterprise Clients and Funding

    00:29:32 - Landing Enterprise Clients

    00:30:14 - Engaging Enterprise Clients

    00:35:06 - Providing Value

    00:41:23 - Cold Email Approach

    00:43:37 - The Power of Marketing and Sales Email Differentiation

    00:45:23 - The Effectiveness of Omni-Channel Marketing

    00:46:25 - The Challenge of Scaling People in SaaS

    00:48:22 - Profitable Scaling in the VC Market

    00:52:57 - Finding Purpose and Mission in Business

    Timestamped summary of this episode:
    00:00:08 - Introducing Vengreso and FlyMSG
    Mario Martinez Jr. introduces Vengreso, the creators of FlyMSG, a free personal writing assistant and text expander extension. The podcast will feature insights from sales leaders and influencers to help grow sales numbers at scale.

    00:02:31 - Vengreso's Pivot to FlyMSG
    Mario Martinez Jr. shares the story of Vengreso's pivot to FlyMSG. The company transitioned from a service-based model to a SaaS company, laun

    • 54 min
    Growth-Stage Venture Capital Strategies | Matt Melymuka #269

    Growth-Stage Venture Capital Strategies | Matt Melymuka #269

    Want to make better investment decisions and strategic growth plans? I've got the solution for you to achieve that. Get ready to improve your venture capital investment strategies and take your business to the next level. Let's dive in and uncover the key to successful growth-stage investment strategies.

    Does this sound familiar? You've been bombarded with templatized outreach from investors who don't seem to know anything about your business? You're left feeling frustrated and disrespected, wondering if anyone took the time to understand your unique needs. It's time to change the game and experience a more strategic and tailored approach. Say goodbye to generic pitches and hello to a personalized, value-driven connection. It's time to engage with investors who truly understand your vision and goals.

    Discover the unexpected sales technology revolution that's reshaping the industry. Unveil the inside secrets of how a venture capitalist is transforming growth-stage investment strategies. Learn how AI and automation are augmenting the human touch in sales. Find out the surprising movie choice of a Boston native turned New York investor. Stay tuned for the jaw-dropping insights that will change the way you approach sales tech forever.

    This is Matt Melymuka's story:

    Matt Melymuka, co-founder and managing partner at Peakspan Capital, offers a unique perspective on venture capital investment strategies. His journey into the world of growth-stage investment began over 15 years ago, focusing on B2B software. His passion for this niche led him to establish Peakspan Capital, a firm dedicated solely to B2B software. Matt's approach emphasizes specialization and strategic partnerships, aiming for a collaborative, domain-specific engagement with companies. His commitment to a focused, growth-driven investment strategy has not only shaped his professional journey but also reflects his dedication to creating impactful, sustainable partnerships. This journey showcases Matt's unwavering dedication to the B2B software industry and his passion for strategic, growth-focused investment strategies.

    AI should not be thought of as replacing the seller or replacing a selling function or replacing even the seller's brain. AI is all about augmenting the seller. - Mario Martinez Jr.

    This week's special guest is Matt Melymuka, the co-founder and managing partner of Peakspan Capital. He brings over a decade of expertise in growth-stage investment strategies. With a focus on late-stage growth companies, Matt's leadership at Peakspan has resulted in managing $2 billion across three funds and a $600 million active investment vehicle. His specialized approach centers on B2B software, encompassing sales, marketing, and hospitality technology. Matt's philosophy of maintaining alignment with ambitious yet pragmatic objectives has led to a remarkably low capital loss ratio of 1.4%, demonstrating his commitment to collaborative and sustainable growth for entrepreneurs. As a guest on the Modern Selling Podcast, Matt promises an insightful conversation on venture capital investment strategies that will undoubtedly enlighten and inspire entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Mastering Venture Capital Investment Strategies: Uncover the secrets to successful growth-stage investments and maximize your returns.
    Navigating Sales Technology Trends 2023: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in sales tech, giving your business a competitive edge.
    Implementing B2B SaaS Marketing Best Practices: Learn how to effectively market your B2B SaaS product and boost your customer acquisition.
    Embracing AI and Automation in Sales: Streamline your sales processes and enhance productivity by harnessing the power of AI and automation.
    Excelling in Effective Fundraising for Startups: Discover the key tactics for successful fundraising, propelling your startup to new heights.

    • 50 min
    From Introvert to Sales Leader

    From Introvert to Sales Leader

    From Introvert to Sales Leader
    Hey, sales pros! Tired of feeling like you're just not cut out for sales because you're an introvert? Have you been told to just "fake it till you make it" and it's only left you feeling drained and ineffective? If you're ready to tap into your natural strengths and see real results, it's time to leverage your introverted superpowers in sales. Get ready to unlock your full potential and transform your approach to sales effectiveness.

    Discover the surprising link between effective networking, introverted personalities, and increased sales performance. Uncover the unexpected movie that inspires a sales expert, and how it can revolutionize your approach to prospecting and selling. Stay tuned to find out how to leverage this unique insight for your own sales success.

    Unleash the Power of Introverts
    Introverts bring unique strengths to sales teams, challenging traditional stereotypes. With the right system in place, introverts can excel in sales by leveraging their structured approach and deep knowledge. Embracing introverted traits can lead to long-term success in sales, creating a more diverse and effective team dynamic.

    This is Matthew Pollard's story:

    Matthew Pollard's sales journey began unexpectedly after losing his job right before Christmas, thrusting him into the world of sales as an introverted individual. Despite initially feeling overwhelmed by the thought of sales, he persevered, teaching himself through online resources and quickly rising to become the top salesperson in his company. As he continued to excel and take on leadership roles, his focus shifted towards empowering introverted sales professionals, challenging the belief that introverts are at a disadvantage in sales. His introduction to Mario Martinez Jr.'s brand occurred at the AI SP leadership summit, sparking thought-provoking conversations about introversion, extroversion, and the unique strengths introverts bring to the sales arena. This encounter laid the groundwork for a deeper exploration of sales and leadership, leading to the creation of Matthew's book, "The Introvert's Edge to Selling," and his unwavering commitment to reshaping the narrative around introverted success in sales.

    Networking is not about you. The number one rule in sales is not about you. The number one rule of being on a podcast or speaking from stage, it's not about you. So why does everyone make it about themselves? - Matthew Pollard

    My special guest is Matthew Pollard

    Matthew Pollard, also known as the Rapid Growth Guy, is an award-winning and best-selling author of The Introvert's Edge series. As an introverted individual who discovered his sales prowess through self-teaching, he's driven to revolutionize the way introverts are perceived in sales. With over a decade of experience and a track record of fostering five multimillion-dollar success stories, Matthew is passionate about empowering introverted sales professionals to leverage their strengths and achieve unparalleled success. His refreshing approach to sales leadership and his belief in the power of personalized storytelling has made him a sought-after influencer in the sales community.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Maximize sales team performance by leveraging the strengths of introverts.
    Elevate your sales game with the powerful impact of storytelling.
    Unlock effective networking strategies tailored for introverted sales professionals.
    Lead a diverse sales team to success by understanding and embracing different personalities.
    Master the art of implementing sales methodologies for maximum effectiveness.


    The key moments in this episode are:
    00:00:08 - Introducing Vengreso and FlyMSG

    00:01:13 - Overcoming Introverted Sales Challenges

    00:04:43 - Revealing a Personal Secret

    00:10:06 - The Misconception of Introversion

    00:11:23 - Redefining Introversion

    00:11:48 - Understanding Introversion and Extro

    • 49 min
    Reprogramming Your Subconscious for Quantum Sales Growth

    Reprogramming Your Subconscious for Quantum Sales Growth

    If you're feeling stuck in a cycle of underwhelming sales results, working harder but not seeing the growth you desire, then you are not alone! Despite putting in the effort, the results just don't seem to match the vision you have for success. It's frustrating and demotivating, right?

    In this episode of The Modern Selling Podcast, we are joined by Elyse Archer, the founder of the Superhuman Selling and She Sells movements. She shares her journey of transforming her sales career by reprogramming her subconscious mind for success. Having struggled internally despite external success, she discovered the impact of aligning self-identity with sales goals.

    This is Elyse Archer's story:

    Elyse Archer's introduction to the power of reprogramming the subconscious mind for sales success stemmed from a pivotal moment in her own professional journey. Despite her unyielding efforts and dedication, she found herself consistently hitting a ceiling in her earnings, always reaching the same financial plateau. This realization ignited a deep curiosity within her, propelling her into an immersive exploration of neuroscience and subconscious beliefs. Her quest for transformation was not merely about acquiring new strategies, but about fundamentally shifting her internal narrative and self-perception. Elyse's story embodies the universal human yearning to transcend self-imposed limitations and embrace a life aligned with one's true essence. It's a narrative of resilience, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of a reality that resonates with one's authentic self. Through her experiences and revelations, Elyse becomes a guiding force, illuminating the path for individuals seeking to rewrite their own stories and unleash their fullest potential in the realm of sales and beyond.

    Elyse's insights on the power of subconscious beliefs, her personal transformation after investing in coaching, and the practical exercise of the Y board highlight the role of identity in achieving sales success. Her emphasis on reprogramming the subconscious mind and embodying the identity of a successful individual offers a unique perspective for sales professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their sales performance. Elyse's experience and expertise make this episode a must-listen for those looking to understand the profound impact of mindset and belief systems on sales and business success, and seeking actionable strategies to reprogram their subconscious for quantum leaps in sales growth.

    Be the person you want to be... Start being that person you want to be now. - Elyse Archer

    Elyse Archer, the CEO and founder of She Sells, brings more than two decades of sales experience to the forefront. Her journey from corporate sales to entrepreneurship is marked by a commitment to redefining the sales process. By aligning sales strategies with individual energy cycles and embracing a more empathetic approach, Elyse has facilitated significant quantum leaps in sales growth for her clients. While her work primarily supports women in achieving their sales and business goals authentically, the principles she advocates are universally applicable. Elyse's mission is to help clients unlock their full potential in both sales and life, making a lasting impact on their professional and personal growth.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Unlock the secrets to quantum sales growth strategies and propel your sales to new heights.
    Discover how to reprogram your subconscious for sales success and unleash your full sales potential.
    Explore the power of integrating masculine and feminine energies in sales for a more holistic and effective approach.
    Learn the art of creating identity in sales to elevate your performance and stand out in the competitive sales landscape.
    Master superhuman selling techniques designed for entrepreneurs to revolutionize your sales game and achieve unparalleled success.

    The key moments in this e

    • 47 min

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4.9 out of 5
69 Ratings

69 Ratings

Dk767 ,

Nice Sales Podcase

Great sales podcasts with nice insights and tips to keep you on top of your game.

Jonathan Mahan ,

Great show

Mario has great energy, asks great questions, and always has the most amazing guests on!

DougBrown1234 ,

Great podcast

I highly recommend this show! Mario is a great host and interviewer.

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