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The Modern Selling podcast, hosted by Mario Martinez, Jr., is the go-to podcast for sales leaders, sales professionals, business owners, sales enablement leaders, and anyone responsible for generating revenue. Mario's guests are practitioners in the trenches, experts in their profession and influencers who are leveraging modern selling techniques to inspire you to create more sales conversations with your target buyer!

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The Modern Selling podcast, hosted by Mario Martinez, Jr., is the go-to podcast for sales leaders, sales professionals, business owners, sales enablement leaders, and anyone responsible for generating revenue. Mario's guests are practitioners in the trenches, experts in their profession and influencers who are leveraging modern selling techniques to inspire you to create more sales conversations with your target buyer!

    Expand the Circle — Leadership Best Practices with Matt Poepsel, #222

    Expand the Circle — Leadership Best Practices with Matt Poepsel, #222

    The Modern Selling Podcast. "Expand the Circle — Leadership Best Practices" with Matt Poepsel, Episode #222

    • 48 min
    Mastering the Art of Agile Selling with Stephen Messer, #221

    Mastering the Art of Agile Selling with Stephen Messer, #221

    When prospects stop responding, what do sales reps do? Send even more sales messages. It’s this ‘spray and pray’ approach that is sabotaging the sales success across almost every industry. 
    But, how can you effectively reach your potential customers in a way that’s scalable without becoming part of the growing “sales noise”?
    That’s the question that agile selling tackles and the hot topic of this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast. We welcome one of the biggest champions of agile selling to learn from him what it is, how it works, and why it is the future of how modern sellers should be selling.
    Stephen Messer is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, investor, and the co-founder of Collective[i]. Prior to Collective[i], he served as LinkShare's CEO and chairman of the board, helping to create the sector of online marketing commonly referred to as affiliate marketing. Under his leadership, LinkShare expanded its network of websites to become one of the largest of its kind with its global reach extending from the United States to Japan, Canada and Europe. Now, with Collective[i], Stephen has helped to create one of the world’s largest networks capturing data around B2B sales activities. Using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Collective[i] merges client CRM and other relevant sources of data into our network to generate intelligence used by the world’s leading sales organization to generate revenue, streamline/automate non-revenue producing activities, and enable enterprises to be customer centric and data driven. Their patent-pending technology and applications designed for sales managers, operators and professionals are essential to the modern sales force. 
    That’s why this is one episode of the Modern Selling Podcast you do not want to miss.
    Download the full conversation and hear firsthand how agile selling can transform your sales process and win rates.
    How has the modern buyer changed? Before we jump into our discussion of agile selling and the power behind this method, I wanted to get clear from Stephen on how he’s seen buyer behavior change through the years. 
    From his perspective, there are three core shifts that have taken place:
    More buyers are involved now in the process. With so many companies shifting to a virtual, work from home model – this inevitably introduced more stakeholders into the buying decision. It’s not as easy to get up and walk to your supervisor's office to get approval. Now, emails, Zoom meetings, and a litany of other communication channels have to be involved in a remote environment before a decision is made.

    Buyers are doing more research. Before buyers would reach out to sellers to gain more information. Now, buyers are doing their own research and being more and more selective with who they reach out to.

    Buyers are skeptical of working with sellers. How buyers engage with sellers has dramatically changed. Fewer and fewer buyers are giving their real information, for fear of being spammed with endless sales messages. This makes it even harder for sales reps to reach buyers. As so many sales leaders have seen, our modern buyers are going into “hiding” so to speak to get away from the somewhat intrusive sales cadences.
    But, if sales cadences are largely being ignored and buyers are going underground – what can sales reps do to truly get buyers to be open for a sales call? That’s the very question that agile selling is able to answer.
    Listen to the full conversation to get access to these sales gems from, Stephen Messer, one of the top data-driven sales gurus in the world.
    What’s the importance of personalization? Personalization in modern selling is everything!
    I have a folder in my email that I titled, “Emails that suck” and I can’t tell you how many I get on a daily basis. And, they all have one glaring thing in common – they’re never personalized. In essence, I and so many other prospects have just become a

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    Sales Innovation Paradox with Dr. Howard Dover, #220

    Sales Innovation Paradox with Dr. Howard Dover, #220

    With the sales enablement industry exploding, why is it that B2B and B2C companies still struggle to hit quota?
    The answer isn’t at all what we would expect. Because despite all of the sales technologies, improved sales methodologies, advanced sales training – there still seems to be a disconnect between how modern sellers sell and how modern buyers buy.
    But, how do sales leaders effectively close this gap is quickly becoming a hot button topic in the sales community. And, addressing what this all means, why there is a widening gap, and how to efficiently turn the sales tide are exactly the areas of expertise of this episode’s guest, Dr. Howard Dover.
    Dr. Howard Dover is the Founder and Director of the Center for Professional Sales at the University of Texas at Dallas, renowned speaker, and the Amazon best-selling author of The Sales Innovation Paradox: Harnessing Modern Methods for Optimal Sales Performance.
    Over the past decade, he has trained some of the top entry-level sales producers and regularly shares his findings and modern methods via various conferences and publications.
    Before working in academia, Dr. Dover founded several companies, including a sales contracting company that he operated for a decade. During his start-up years and government work, he developed the ability to harness technology to increase both the efficiency of business processes and the effectiveness of sales efforts.
    Download this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast to hear Dr. Dover’s impactful insights and recommendations to sales leaders to close the gap.
    What is the sales innovation paradox? I wanted to kick off our discussion with a term that many aren’t familiar with. Over the past three years, no one will argue that we have seen a radical shift in how selling is done.
    With the pandemic, pushing modern sellers to embrace more virtual selling options, the number of tools at sales professional’s disposal has dramatically increased. Yet, sales haven’t followed the same trend. Which is why I always say, “a fool with a tool is still a fool.”
    I wanted to get Dr. Dover’s take and better understand what this sales paradox is, how it started, and the implications it could have on the buying/selling process.
    His unique perspective is quite telling, “How is it possible that we live in a day where we have technology that was designed to make us better at sales, and yet somehow we find ourselves in a place where we are decidedly worse at selling. That is the Sales Paradox. When we look at the research, buyers overwhelmingly are saying they want a sales rep free experience. But, we keep pushing for more and more sales reps to sell.”
    I’ve seen the same trend in the industry over the past few years. Like The Sales Paradox asserts, the number of SDRs has increased by 1,300%, but their productivity and success rates are dismal at best.
    In other words, customers have gotten smarter about buying faster than sellers have gotten smarter at selling. And, this isn’t unique for a particular industry. This is a growing trend that is on pace to continue to worsen, if left unaddressed.
    Listen to the full conversation to hear what sales leaders could be doing to make matters worse and what they should be doing instead to drive more sales conversations.
    How can sales reps book more sales calls? If there is a sales paradox at play that isn’t leading to more sales, then how can sales reps truly book more calls with prospects?
    Here at Vengreso, we have a very specific method that we follow to personalize all of our outreach messages to increase the chances of building an authentic relationship with potential customers.
    Many sales reps take the ‘spray and pray’ approach and bombard prospects with lots of generic messages that don’t speak to their direct pain points or needs.
    I wanted to hear Dr. Dover’s insights as they relate to what he believes is the “secret sauce” to move the sales needle.
    What he shares

    • 52 min
    Creating a Winning Sales Playbook with Shruti Kapoor, #219

    Creating a Winning Sales Playbook with Shruti Kapoor, #219

    The number of buying options for the average consumer has exponentially grown over the past decade. Many of the winning sales “formulas” that worked before the pandemic have now had to evolve to better reach and speak to the savvy modern buyer.
    But, when there are so many options in the market to choose from – especially in the technology space – how you attract, retain, and expand your customer base has become the topic of much debate within the largest sales training circles.
    And, that is the exact topic we dive into in this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast. We welcome a leading expert in customer acquisition for technology startups to learn firsthand what works, what doesn’t, and the right way to leverage sales data to build a rockstar sales playbook.
    Shruti Kapoor is the former CEO and Co-Founder at Wingman (now Wingman by Clari) which is an actionable conversation intelligence platform that unlocks insights from every sales interaction. She loves IronMan, and wants every sales team to have their own Jarvis! As the founder of Wingman, Shruti, as Wingman’s official first salesperson, single-handedly sold their first million dollars in revenue. With an eclectic background with expertise in a wide range of industries, including life sciences research, investment banking, technology investing, commercialization, product development, fin-tech, and sales – Shruti brings a breadth of knowledge and unique perspectives to how she approaches startup scaling. 
    Download the full episode to her the top sales best practices that Shruti has used to transform a technology startup from just an idea into a reputable and highly profitable enterprise.
    Top Customer Acquisition Best Practices for B2B Startups Acquiring your first 100 customers is not for the faint of heart. Because once you’ve already tapped into your immediate network to leverage those friends and/or family that may support you, then your attention has to shift to more sustainable and scalable customer acquisition strategies.
    No one knows how to do this better than Shruti, so I picked her brain to hear what approach she took to grow her technology startup in the early stages.
    Shruti shares, “With a startup, the biggest lesson that we learned was that the first thing we had to do was to gain people’s trust. And, as your business grows and you hit different stages in your company's lifecycle, you have different levers for building trust. When you’re starting out, you may not have testimonials or reviews to lean on, but that’s where you start small and build up over time.”
    We did this exact thing in our early days with Vengreso. Even though Vengreso was born from the merger of seven companies, we didn’t have any Vengreso-specific customers.
    But, once we had a few customers, we leveraged their experiences with the company and recorded testimonials that we could use in our sales and marketing efforts to build trust with potential new customers.
    Listen to the full conversation to hear how Shruti suggests you ask for customer referrals and get an inside scoop into what you can do to quickly acquire new customers with minimal lift.
    Proven Sales Coaching Best Practices Having a steady stream of prospects is only part of the sales battle. The other component is having a solid sales team that is properly trained.
    In my 20+ years in sales, I’ve seen it all when it comes to the do’s and don'ts of sales training. And, like I always say, “buyers have gotten smarter at buying faster than reps are at selling.” So, without a proven and consistent way to train sales reps, many companies, especially technology startups could be leaving lots of money on the table.
    I ask Shruti what her view is on sales coaching – how to do it the right way and what to look out for. Her insights are spot on and shed a valuable lesson for B2B and B2C companies to learn from.
    She explains, “Sales training often doesn’t happen because of impatience. Sal

    • 47 min
    Selling through tough times with Paul Reilly, #218

    Selling through tough times with Paul Reilly, #218

    Sales organizations don’t operate in an economic vacuum. Between political uprisings, economic changes, inflation concerns – there are a number of external factors that can influence the buying environment for so many industries.
    But, how you approach and redefine your selling process when times aren’t ideal is what often separates the companies that survive from those who routinely thrive – no matter the market conditions.
    With a potential recession on the horizon going into 2023 and beyond, mastering the art of selling in a down market will be a clear strategic advantage.
    In this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast, we dive into the new and very insightful book, Selling Through Tough Times: Grow Your Profits and Mental Resilience Through Any Downturn by Paul Reilly.
    Paul Reilly is a speaker, sales trainer, co-author of the sales book, Value-Added Selling, and the host of The Q and A Sales Podcast, where he answers the most pressing questions facing sales professionals. Paul works closely with world-class sales organizations to help them compete more profitably, despite the market conditions. Paul is a regular expert contributor and writer for several business publications. Prior to starting his own company, Tom Reilly Training, Paul spent over ten years in professional sales. 
    Join the conversation to hear what sales strategies are truly helping companies weather the storm and still hit quota even in tough economic times.
    Why are Tough Times Important in Sales? This may seem counterintuitive, but tough times make for better sellers. Not only does the competition dramatically increase during times of “sales famine”, but with fewer sales to go after, this forces sales teams to get more creative and personalized in their approach.
    I wanted to hear Paul’s take on this question since this is the core focus of his new book.
    “One of the things about tough times is that they’re always happening. Whether it’s the pandemic or inflation or a recession – you can’t escape having to sell through these times. Tough times reveal our weak points or those parts of our sales process that need to be improved or changed altogether. And, we create more authentic conversations and relationships with our customers when it becomes critical that we don’t lose them because we don’t know when our next sale may come.”
    I’ve seen in my own experience, here at Vengreso, the level of innovation that can be created when you have to operate in a space of scarcity. If there are fewer sales to go after, then you have to get really crafty in your sales process, in your marketing messaging, and even in how you position the value you offer.
    Listen into the full episode to hear exactly why and how the best sales companies in history often emerged out of the hardest economic times.
    How does the sales conversation need to shift? There are some timeless sales strategies and approaches that are always important to implement in your sales process. However, when times are good, we often start to cut corners and get disconnected from the real mission of selling: to help our customers.
    In tough economic conditions, sales teams must take the time necessary to build authentic and meaningful conversations with prospects.
    I was curious to hear Paul’s perspective on what key shifts sales teams have to make to close more sales during hard times.
    What he shares is spot on, “During tough times, we have to remember that customers are the ones who define the value for what we’re selling. And it’s their definition of value that truly matters. We have to be better at conveying what problem(s) we solve and how we can help customers reach their goals.”
    Many times in financial straits, companies’ goals shift and as a result the sales conversation has to match. For example, if our target audience is looking to cut costs, then it is our job, as sales professionals, to show them how our product can help them reach that end go

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    Miller Heiman Sales Methodology, Where Did it Go? Introducing Korn Ferry Sell with Christoffer Ellehuus, #217

    Miller Heiman Sales Methodology, Where Did it Go? Introducing Korn Ferry Sell with Christoffer Ellehuus, #217

    In a B2B sales environment that is oversaturated with sales tools and technology, how sales organizations create and leverage an integrated sales approach is key.
    What worked pre-pandemic to attract the modern buyer isn’t always working now to turn prospects into buyers. Add to that how sales professionals are trained, there’s no wonder that many B2B and B2C sales organizations are struggling to meet their monthly and quarterly sales goals.
    That’s why the question that must be answered is: What’s the best approach to not only get sales reps the resources they need to know how to sell, but how can organizations achieve an integrated solution that also provides important sales data?
    This is the topic up for discussion in this eye-opening episode of the Modern Selling Podcast. Our guest leads one of the most iconic sales training organizations in the world, so you know his insights will be both actionable and proven.
    Christoffer Ellehuus is the President of Korn Ferry Digital. He has a proven track record as a CEO/business leader of tech-enabled service and subscription-based businesses. He has extensive experience leading large established businesses, scaling new business launches, and turnaround situations. With a core speciality in packaging and scaling tech-enabled service and IP businesses into fast-growing subscription platforms – Christoffer is known for turning a multi-year double digit revenue decline into impressive, growing revenues in key markets within 24 months. 
    As part of Korn Ferry Digital, he is leading a digital transformation of the traditional advisory business into a more packaged and technology-enabled global service business. 
    Download the full episode to learn what new sales data is saying is the best way to book more sales calls and increase win rates.
    What’s the biggest challenge with sales training? If you’ve been listening to the Modern Selling Podcast for awhile, then you know that Vengreso had an amazing partnership for years with the Miller Heiman group (who was acquired by Korn Ferry). In fact, Vengreso was the first outside sales training company in its 40 year history that Miller Heiman ever hired.
    But, with the pandemic and a rapid shift to online sales, how sales professionals are trained has had to evolve with the times.
    So, I was curious to her Christoffer’s take on how sales training is changing and what he sees is the greatest obstacle sales leaders are facing.
    His insights were very insightful, “The biggest challenge in sales across all industries is that training isn’t being done in a way that will get measurable results. Often sales reps are put in a room and given a bunch of strategies and methodologies to use. But the truth is, we know that 87% of people will forget what they were taught, in that type of one-off format.”
    That’s why integrated technology like Korn Ferry Sell is so important. Now, sales leaders and teams don’t have to manually track sales touch points – across multiple sales technologies. Instead, the data is tracked, in one place, enabling sales professionals to take a more tactical and strategic approach to sales that will result in higher win rates and an overall more efficient sales process.
    Listen in to the full conversation to hear what Christoffer believes is another key sales obstacle that B2B companies must overcome to truly increase their sales conversions.
    Why has sales engagement become less effective today? The sales data doesn’t lie! And, at Korn Ferry, Christoffer has millions of sales data points he can use to draw some powerful sales conclusions from.
    I wanted to pick his brain and understand, from the data, what could be the reason that sales conversations aren’t as effective as they once were in moving a buyer to a sale.
    What he shares truly puts a new perspective on how sales conversations should be structured.
    He identifies three core reasons why buyers aren’t buying.
    Sellers don’t understan

    • 49 min

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4.9 out of 5
63 Ratings

63 Ratings

jen7829 ,

Tactical and practical

Mario brings lots of energy, alongside specific tips and actionable insights on selling!

MFarrell24 ,

Mario is a Master!

Mario and his guesses will give you actionable insights that can propel your sales success. Learn from the Master!

Shelbyxminer ,

Great experience!!!

I found Mario to be very engaging! Pulling out actual tactical training his listeners can use rather than theory and fluff!!!

If you want skills to sell more of your products and services, so your prospects get where they want to go. Then this show will help you do that!

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