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Official podcast of The Ostomy Guy. Silent Soldier Nation.

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Official podcast of The Ostomy Guy. Silent Soldier Nation.

    POD #38 - Hannah(31) - ileostomy in 2017

    POD #38 - Hannah(31) - ileostomy in 2017

    Hannah(31) - ileostomy in 2017. Hannah just wants to be herself. All of her health challenges are only making her stronger. 
    How do you balance influencing and building ostomy awareness while avoiding the glorification of suffering?
    Why are you drawn to helping those who have struggled more than most? 
    In this social media world, it's easy to forget there's more to each of us besides our illness. Why don't you show off your bag like so many?
    Join Hannah and me as we shoot the sh!$ about getting over our negative thoughts and back our best life with an ostomy.

    • 48 min
    POD #37 - Paul Wischmeyer (50) Jejunostomy

    POD #37 - Paul Wischmeyer (50) Jejunostomy

    @Paul_Wischmeyermd (50) Jejunostomy, (like an ileostomy, without the ileum). Paul has 30+ years of experience with his #ostomy. As an ICU Physician, he gets to advocate to many #ostomates at his hospital. A professor, @dukemedschool
    Question: Have your doctors been wrong? Have you done everything you were told and just ended up more sick and with more illnesses from the side effects? 
    YOU are the CEO of your own health!! 
    Are you drinking @gatorade? Hear why Paul is a huge advocate for hydrating ostomates properly and Gatorade is his drink of choice.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    POD # 36 - Jacqueline Zimmerman (26) Loop Ileostomy (Sept. 2020)

    POD # 36 - Jacqueline Zimmerman (26) Loop Ileostomy (Sept. 2020)

    Just had her ostomy 3 WEEKS AGO!! Did she feel prepared? How'd her first changes go? What's her biggest fear? Will she figure skate again? What has this process taught her about herself? Do you just all of a sudden get ok with poop? Hell no!! And so much more!  Enjoy Jacquelin's charm and humor. This is definitely an hour worth listening to! @jayquelinz93 @courage_and_crohns 

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Pam Wall - Ileostomy since (1989)

    Pam Wall - Ileostomy since (1989)

    Pam Wall - Ileostomy since (1989) and you'd never know it. She's a soldier! Known to most for her sailing expertise, Pam has sailed all over the world with her ostomy, and getting supplies was never an issue. "I still don't believe it!"
    Pam's father was the first person in the US with an ostomy. She recalls him going out into the ocean and taking off the appliance, to let the saltwater soothe the skin. Wow! She has 2 sisters with an ostomy as well. That's what I call a built-in support group!!
    My top 2 takeaways from Pam..."Don't waste your time in a relationship, if your partner doesn't support you in this life. It's not worth it!" So true!! 
    AND..."I get about 2 weeks of wear time from one appliance!"
    Wait, WHAT?!?! That's some wear time! Go Pam!!

    • 1 hr 17 min
    POD #34 - Ostomy noise!

    POD #34 - Ostomy noise!

    Ostomy noise!! My biggest insecurity from the start! Are ileostomies the same? "It's so loud, I hated leaving the house. Really, I'm sick and now I have this embarrassing orchestra following me everywhere." Garrett Taira and I compare and share about our ostomies and our crappy sounds.
    #ostomy #theOG #crohns #crohnsandcolitis #ostomybomb #ostomylife #ostomyawareness #ostomybag #badassbaglife #crohnsdisease #theostomyguy #breakingthestigma #crohnswarrior #doublebagginit #chronicillness #crohnsandcolitisfoundation  #baghalffull #beatingtheodds #theresgoodinthisworld
    #invisibleillness #crohnswarrior #ostomy #theOG #crohns #crohnsandcolitis #ostomybomb #ostomylife #ostomyawareness #ostomybag #badassbaglife #crohnsdisease #theostomyguy #breakingthestigma #crohnswarrior #doublebagginit #chronicillness #ostomyinspo #crohnsandcolitisfoundation  #baghalffull #beatingtheodds #theresgoodinthisworld #invisibleillness  #nocolonstillrollin #how.u.feeling #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mensmentalhealth #masterlistener #listentoyourbody

    • 40 min
    Justan(32)- Crohn's('91) and ileostomy('11)

    Justan(32)- Crohn's('91) and ileostomy('11)

    Justan(32)- Crohn's('91) and ileostomy('11), Is bringing Sexy Back to ostomates. He'll make a WOCN blush without even trying. On any "s****y" day, we need a pick me up...
    That's exactly what you'll get from Justan!

    • 53 min

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4.9 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

The Ostomy Guy ,

Bear with me

Working on better intros. That’s a lot harder than I thought. And I didn’t give any background on Carl. That needs to be added sometime. It’s hard to be yourself w a mic in your face. Sound is poor too but that’s getting better as we go. Thanks for the feedback.

old#14 ,

Carl Hall

Really enjoyed listening to Carl describe his journey. Good back and forth. Would like to have heard more about how his family was adjusting to his limited abilities. How does he keep his mind sharp? Great show looking forward to next one.
Bob Powers

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