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The Real Estate Sales Podcast is designed to provide actionable strategies that can be applied immediately in your real estate business. We will strive to educate, inspire, and entertain you in a way that helps you build the real estate business of your dreams! From interviews with top producing agents and industry leaders to quick tips on how to grow your business. There has never been a better time to build and grow a real estate sales business! This podcast will help you grow and build faster.

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The Real Estate Sales Podcast is designed to provide actionable strategies that can be applied immediately in your real estate business. We will strive to educate, inspire, and entertain you in a way that helps you build the real estate business of your dreams! From interviews with top producing agents and industry leaders to quick tips on how to grow your business. There has never been a better time to build and grow a real estate sales business! This podcast will help you grow and build faster.

    Jimmy Burgess | Your Database ATM: How to Use the ENGAGE Principle for Success

    Jimmy Burgess | Your Database ATM: How to Use the ENGAGE Principle for Success

    Here’s a secret foundation for building your real estate business. It’s an acronym that most real estate agents don’t know about, but it's essential to creating a successful business. 
    This episode will discuss the importance of setting up, optimizing, and engaging your database or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to generate a steady flow of deals for your business. 
    Your database is not just a tool for an organization but a valuable asset that can be sold if you decide to exit the real estate industry. Listen to this week’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast to learn more about it!
    E - Everybody Goes in Your Database
    To ensure a comprehensive database, you must include everyone you know who could be a buyer or seller.  This includes renters, homeowners, and your sphere of influence.  Having a wide range of contacts in your CRM system allows you to reach out to them consistently and build relationships over time. N - Notes on Every Person
    As your database grows, remembering every detail about each contact becomes challenging.  Therefore, taking notes on each individual is crucial, capturing vital information and personal attributes that will help you deepen your relationship with them.  This includes interests, future plans, and anything discussed during conversations.  The more information you have, the better you can serve your clients, making your database more valuable. G - Generate Automated Property Emails
    By setting up your CRM system to send automated property emails, you can provide consistent value to your contacts.  For homeowners, these emails can feature updates on properties that have come on the market, gone under contract, or sold in their area, directly impacting the value of their home.  Potential buyers and renters can also receive property updates based on their preferred price range and preferences.  Prospecting becomes effortless as your CRM system generates property emails regularly. A - Add Personalized Value
    While automated emails are valuable, adding a personal touch can make a significant difference in building relationships.  Identify opportunities to reach out individually to contacts.  For example, if you come across a property that might interest a homeowner, send them a personalized email mentioning how it could affect their home value.  Similarly, if you notice milestones or achievements on social media, sending a congratulatory message demonstrates your attention and care.  Personalized value goes beyond automated systems, transforming your CRM into a relationship-building tool. G - Get Systematic and Social with Your CRM
    Establish a systematic approach for consistent communication to take full advantage of your CRM system.  Besides automated property emails, consider sending regular newsletters with community updates, featured properties, and local activities.  Highlighting events and happenings outside of real estate helps to engage your contacts on a more personal level.  Additionally, leverage social media platforms to connect with your contacts on a deeper level.  You can find them on social media, follow them, and engage with their posts.  Blending systematic and social elements makes your CRM a powerful referral machine. E - Every Interaction Prompts the Next Conversation
    Ensure no contact falls through the cracks by promptly recording and scheduling follow-ups for every interaction.  Each time you engage with someone, whether through calls, messages, or social media interactions, note it in your CRM system and set reminders for future conversations or actions.  Set specific to-do tasks for each contact, such as sending an unsolicited CMA to a homeowner in six months or suggesting properties to a potential buyer in three weeks. By following a systematic plan, you can maintain consistent communication and maximize deal opportunities. Effectively utilizing

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    Jimmy Burgess | 7 Massive Mistakes Most Agents Are Making

    Jimmy Burgess | 7 Massive Mistakes Most Agents Are Making

    Do you pay attention to other's mistakes? If not, you may want to start.
    Learning from other agents can be the one thing that saves you from making mistakes within your real estate business. In this episode of the TRES podcast, host Jimmy Burgess delves into the critical factors that can make or break a real estate agent's business. 
    Drawing from the experiences and observations of a top-producing agent, he explores the common mistakes that can potentially hinder the success of real estate professionals. The actionable insights in this episode aim to guide agents in making strategic shifts to propel their businesses toward growth and sustained success.
    Avoid Waiting and Take Action
    The first crucial point highlighted is the detrimental effect of waiting on an agent's business progression.  Jimmy emphasizes the importance of taking proactive steps and seizing control of controllable factors, such as the number of phone calls made and overall activity levels. The message is clear - waiting for the perfect conditions will not yield progress; action is key to driving the business forward. Overcoming the Trap of Making Excuses
    Jimmy addresses the tendency of agents to make excuses instead of taking responsibility for their progress.  Whether it's blaming external factors like interest rates or lacking the necessary skills, the speaker highlights how excuses can hold agents back.  He encourages agents to leverage today's abundant resources, such as online learning platforms, to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles.  By reframing their mindset, agents can transcend excuse-making and instead focus on tangible actions that drive momentum and create opportunities. The Power of Listening and Providing Value
    Jimmy emphasizes the art of active listening and the significance of understanding clients' needs to provide genuine value.  It urges agents to shift from talking excessively to developing a deep understanding of client's requirements.  Agents should ask insightful questions and listen carefully to their clients to foster trust and long-term relationships. Focusing on Relevant Value
    Jimmy exposes the pitfall of fixing macro-level issues beyond an agent's control. Instead, agents are encouraged to prioritize adding value to their immediate clients by addressing their specific needs.  Concentrating on controllable factors and responding actively to clients' needs allows agents to minimize distractions and direct their energy toward meaningful interactions. Balancing Planning and Taking Action
    While planning is pivotal, the episode emphasizes the danger of becoming stuck in a perpetual state of planning without executing.  Agents are urged to balance setting goals and translating them into actionable steps.  Daily activities are the building blocks of long-term success, emphasizing the need for consistent action over excessive planning. The Crucial Element of Keeping in Touch
    The episode underscores the significance of maintaining regular communication with clients, stressing that consistent engagement is essential for nurturing relationships and preventing missed opportunities.  Agents are encouraged to stay connected with active buyers and future sellers, recognizing that a lack of communication can result in opportunities slipping through the cracks. The Influence of Surroundings
    The episode concludes by addressing the impact of the people agents surround themselves with.  Jimmy highlights the significance of engaging with productive individuals and seeking mentorship from top performers.  By spending time with active, high-achieving peers, agents can elevate their own performance and outlook, fostering a culture of growth and self-improvement. This insightful episode uncovers the crucial elements that can spell success or failure for real estate agents. Agents can navigate away from business-killing behaviors by emb

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    Jimmy Burgess | 11 Ways QR Codes Can Elevate Your Business

    Jimmy Burgess | 11 Ways QR Codes Can Elevate Your Business

    QR codes gained popularity during the pandemic because companies sought touchless alternatives to spread their content. Those within the real estate market can use these codes in numerous ways to help boost their clientele. 
    In this episode of the TRES podcast, host Jimmy Burgess explores eleven ways real estate agents can effectively use QR codes. Listen to learn how to use QR codes in your real estate business.
    Lead Capture Capability
    You can use QR codes to capture leads by offering valuable content. Examples include providing access to slides from a presentation or offering industry-specific tips. Agents can collect email addresses and names by directing users to a Google form or landing page to build their email lists. Property Signage
    Incorporating QR codes on property signage can lead potential buyers to various destinations. Agents can customize the QR codes to provide information about the property, direct users to their website, or display all active listings. QR codes on signage allow for lead capture, even from passersby who may not contact the agent. Home Financing Calculator
    Agents can create QR codes that direct users to home financing calculators. This helps potential buyers determine monthly mortgage payments and highlights hot leads. Integrating QR codes with websites that capture user information can convert calculators into lead-generation tools. Neighborhood Home Searches
    Agents can generate QR codes that provide access to home searches for specific neighborhoods. These QR codes can be shared on flyers or social media to attract potential buyers. Another suggestion is to purchase a domain name related to a specific neighborhood, such as "liveoaksubdivisionhomesforsale.com," which redirects to a capture page. Downloadable Guides
    QR codes can lead users to downloadable guides, offering valuable resources and information. Guides can range from checklists to lifestyle planning guides, providing specific content to different market segments. Agents can use QR codes on flyers, in open houses, or as take-one options to engage potential leads. Property Flyers
    Agents can maximize the back of property flyers by utilizing QR codes. These QR codes can link to additional listings, guides, financing calculators, or capture pages. By adding value to the flyers, agents increase the likelihood of capturing leads and engaging potential buyers. Business Cards
    QR codes on business cards can direct potential clients to specific platforms or content. Agents can drive traffic to newsletters, social media profiles, videos, or other personalized marketing materials. QR codes on business cards facilitate further connection and interaction beyond the initial meeting. Local Service Provider Guide
    Agents can use QR codes to create a guide featuring trusted local service providers. This resource helps newcomers or residents needing services in the area. Agents can collect leads by offering recommendations and building credibility. Video Walkthroughs and Floor Plans
    QR codes can lead users to video walkthroughs or detailed floor plans of listed properties. This feature helps potential buyers explore properties remotely and captures their interest. QR codes can be used on property flyers or marketing materials. Review Sites
    Agents can create QR codes to gather more reviews that direct users to review sites like Google Business, Realtor.com, or Zillow. Making it convenient for clients to leave reviews enhances the agent's online reputation and credibility. Email Signature Line
    Agents can add QR codes to their email signature lines to direct recipients to various destinations. This can include websites, review sites, videos, or any other content the agent wants to promote. Agents can drive engagement and capture leads by effectively utilizing the email signature line. QR codes offer various opportunities for real estate agen

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    Karina Caraballo | Elevate Your Brand By Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

    Karina Caraballo | Elevate Your Brand By Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

    Recent research shows that 90% of real estate agents don’t have a Google business profile. If you’re a part of the statistics, you might not know what it is and how it can benefit your business. 
    In this episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, host Jimmy Burgress speaks with Karina Caraballo, a tech specialist in the real estate industry, on building a Google business profile. Learn how to optimize your Google My Business profile and different strategies to help boost your clientele.
    Google My Business Profile: What Is It?
    It’s a free business profile to help business owners or real estate agents showcase their services and products. You already know Google is the number one search engine. This makes it even more essential for you to utilize its products to help potential customers find your business online. Optimizing Google My Business Profiles for Real Estate Agents
    Jimmy recommends including the name of the real estate agent and the company they work for in the Google My Business profile to establish credibility and Google juice. Karina advises using the primary category of real estate agents and choosing relevant secondary categories to improve search visibility. Jimmy suggests including a website URL in the profile to provide a direct way for users to contact the agent and verify their authenticity. He emphasizes the importance of capturing leads through a clear call-to-action on the website, such as a link to a specific page or a form to fill out. Karina notes that 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and that review quantity and quality are critical factors in search rankings. Jimmy suggests gathering reviews on Google by asking satisfied customers to leave reviews on the business's Google My Business profile. Leveraging and Managing Google Reviews
    Jimmy suggests asking past clients for Google reviews by making it easy for them, such as sending a link and offering a reward. He also discusses reviews with other service providers to increase visibility and credibility. Next, Jimmy emphasizes the importance of responding to good and bad reviews to show engagement and build credibility. He shares an example of turning a bad review into an opportunity by asking for additional feedback and offering a solution. Jimmy suggests setting business hours to be readily available, such as 8 am-8 pm, to show professionalism and avoid killing potential deals. Karina recommends using Calendly or Google to book appointments online and including contact information on the website for those who prefer to schedule appointments offline. Specific Tips to Help You Build Your Google Business Profile
    Karina suggests choosing the most important text for Google My Business Profile and utilizing chat GBT. Jimmy advises including years of business experience and business attributes, such as women-owned or veteran-owned, to improve search visibility. Utilize a mix of lifestyle, community, and listing photos to show consistency and add variety to your profile. Utilize your existing content on your Google Business Profile by adding one post per week, or even better, one post per day to keep your profile active and engaging. Get Google verified to present yourself professionally and increase credibility with potential clients. Building a business profile is a challenging task, but luckily, for real estate agents, Jimmy is here to offer advice. Listen to this week’s episode of the TRES podcast to hear Jimmy and Karina’s conversation on optimizing your Google My Business profile. Tune in now to start leveraging a free Google tool to boost your real estate business.
    “Google allows you to kind of connect with people in a different way. So if you want to choose if your business is women-owned veteran-owned, that kind of thing, you have the option to turn those on and not can really connect someone with your business.” - Karina Caraballo
    Google My B

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    Andy Beal | 5 Must-Try ChatGPT Strategies for Realtors

    Andy Beal | 5 Must-Try ChatGPT Strategies for Realtors

    In some industries, AI tools are frowned upon, but those within the real estate industry proudly use them to their advantage. However, many agents don’t understand how to use online tools such as ChatGPT to help them stand out among their competitors.
    If you’re a real estate agent struggling to understand why you need to start using ChatGPT or just need new strategies to win clients, you must listen to this week’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast.
    Your host, Jimmy Burgess, speaks with Andy Beal on how real estate agents can leverage the power of Chat GPT to enhance efficiency and elevate business. Within this episode, you’ll learn why you need to use the paid version of Chat GPT, its benefits, and different strategies to get the most use out of it. Tune in now!
    Efficiency with Chat GPT
    Chat GPT sets agents apart from others in the industry by helping them complete tasks in a fraction of the usual time. Jimmy and Andy highlight the significance of using social props and video prompts in their strategy. Utilizing Chat GPT can help agents complete tasks that typically take longer in just a few clicks. They both discuss the unique advantages of Chat GPT, such as standing out in the marketplace and creating efficiencies in listing appointments. By following a comprehensive plan that includes assessments, goals, daily activities, marketing plans, and potential partnerships, agents can achieve a remarkable growth of 33% in transactions. Creating Conversations
    The foundation of any successful real estate business lies in building relationships. Andy emphasizes the importance of creating content that sparks conversations. While embracing new technologies like Chat GPT, it is crucial to balance them with the purpose behind the effort. A follow-through system and a call to action are essential for desired results. Unlocking Chat GPT's Potential
    Andy shares his experience of Chat GPT being a game changer, bringing efficiency and improved communication to their business Upgrading from the free version to the paid version offers more updated content and better performance. The custom instructions feature in the paid version saves time by tailoring Chat GPT's responses to specific needs. The paid version also allows plugin capabilities, enabling integration with other organizations, software, and platforms. Enhancing Listing Presentations
    Andy discusses how to improve listing presentations, highlighting the increasing competition agents face due to market shifts. He shares a specific plan of action to make agents the preferred choice for listings. They introduce a comprehensive list of 25 ideas to attract buyers for a listing and narrow them down to the most impactful 10 or 15. The chosen ideas can be included in the listing appraisal and presented to clients during listing presentations, either in person or virtually. Building Future Business Prospects
    Andy emphasizes the importance of setting the table for future business prospects during separation season. Jimmy and Andy provide an example of asking for a game plan based on previous achievements to create a plan of action, marketing strategies, and daily activities to increase transactions. The power of Chat GPT's custom instructions is highlighted, allowing users to provide background information tailored to their business, personality, and ideal client for more personalized interactions. This episode of The TRES Podcast explores how agents can leverage Chat GPT to enhance efficiency and positively impact their business. By utilizing the power of Chat GPT, agents can streamline tasks, improve communication, and achieve remarkable transaction growth. The episode reflects Andy's commitment to keep exploring new ways to maximize the potential of Chat GPT and advance their real estate strategies.
    "Chat GPT has been a game changer for me, bringing efficiency and improved communication to my business." - And

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    Jimmy Burgess | 5 Genius Ways Agents Are Using AI

    Jimmy Burgess | 5 Genius Ways Agents Are Using AI

    Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is changing how every industry conducts business. This includes the real estate industry.
    In this episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, host Jimmy Burgess highlights five AI tools revolutionizing the real estate industry. These tools are game-changers, helping agents streamline their businesses and enhance their communication with clients. 
    The possibilities with AI are endless, from video captioning apps to AI-powered market reports. Let's dive into the details and explore how these tools can take your real estate business to the next level.
     Captions for Talking Videos
    Jimmy introduces the concept of using captions for talking videos, an AI-powered app that adds captions to videos.  The app goes a step further by incorporating AI eye contact, eliminating the need for constant script reading.  The AI technology intelligently adjusts the video to create the illusion of eye contact, resulting in a more engaging and personal experience for viewers.  Additionally, the app can translate the video into different languages and even synchronize the lip movements in the translated version.  RPR Market Reports
    RPR (Realtors Property Resource) is a valuable resource available to all National Association of Realtors members.  Traditionally, this tool provided detailed market reports, but recently, it has integrated AI capabilities to enhance its functionality.  Jimmy demonstrates how to access the AI-powered research page and create scripts for various tones, such as professional, engaging, or conversational.  These scripts can generate SEO-optimized social media posts, blog posts, or video scripts.  Agents can now present comprehensive market details tailored to their audience with minimal effort.  AI Virtual Assistants
    Virtual assistants have become indispensable in the real estate industry.  Through AI technology, these virtual assistants can handle various tasks, such as scheduling appointments, answering client queries, and providing property information. Jimmy emphasizes the efficiency and convenience of AI-powered virtual assistants in automating repetitive tasks, allowing agents to focus on more productive activities. AI-Powered Lead Generation
    Gone are the days of manual lead generation. AI algorithms can now analyze vast amounts of data and predict potential buyer or seller leads.  Jimmy discusses how AI-powered lead-generation tools help agents identify prospects, analyze their preferences, and target them with personalized marketing strategies. Agents can optimize their lead generation efforts through data-driven insights, ultimately increasing their conversion rates. AI Home Staging
    Virtual and augmented reality technologies combined with AI algorithms have transformed the concept of home staging.  Jimmy explains how AI home staging tools can virtually stage a property, allowing potential buyers to visualize the space with different furniture and decor options.  This technology saves time, money, and efforts associated with physical staging, while still achieving the desired impact on potential buyers. Artificial intelligence is reshaping the real estate industry, offering diverse tools to help agents optimize their businesses. As technology continues to advance, it is crucial for agents to adapt and embrace AI tools to stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry. By leveraging the power of AI, agents can effectively streamline their processes, generate leads, and enhance customer experiences, ultimately propelling their business to new heights.
    "Artificial intelligence has absolutely changed the game in real estate." - Jimmy Burgess
    Do you have a video or content idea perfect for your business? Share it with Jimmy! Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook, and his YouTube channel.  If you like what you heard today, we’d love it if you’d share a rating or review and then subsc

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71 Ratings

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I love that this podcast gives specific and actionable steps and also highlights helpful websites and tech strategies. A great resource for agents and not a podcast meant to sell expensive coaching like so many in the industry are!

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