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Podcast by Amanda Myers

    Acupuncture with Elizabeth Fuqua

    Acupuncture with Elizabeth Fuqua

    Elizabeth Fuqua is an acupuncturist, and I was so excited to finally get her on the show to talk about this topic. We haven't covered it before, and I think that's because it's a hard topic to simplify.

    Elizabeth does such a great job in this conversation breaking down what acupuncture actually is, along with telling us what we can expect in a session, and why we should probably be receiving it.

    Find Elizabeth Here -
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/elizabeth__fuqua/
    Website - https://www.elizabethfuqua.com
    Vitality Float Spa Booking - https://go.booker.com/location/VitalityFloatSpa/service-menu

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    Website - https://www.kinis.com
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    • 1 hr 9 min
    Intuitive Discernment with Tara Eschenroeder

    Intuitive Discernment with Tara Eschenroeder

    Tara Eschenroeder, of Great Abiding Yoga, is a yoga teacher, a poet, a life coach, and just a beautiful person inside and out.

    This conversation is about discernment, and how it affects your decision making. It's also about listening, and I'm not talking about what's on your Spotify playlist, although we cover that as well, but about deep listening, REALLY listening. It's about if something is a yes, or a no for you, finding your flow state so you can be open to those answers, and using this practice to really guide your life.

    Tara offers us an abundance of information, as well as exercises, and poetry. I think this episode is really going to hit home for you if you are at a point in your life where you are trying to make some decisions, big or small.

    Find Tara Here -
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greatabidingyoga/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greatabidingyoga
    Website: https://greatabidingyoga.com

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    • 55 min
    Healthy Sex with Kendall Nibbs

    Healthy Sex with Kendall Nibbs

    Kendall Nibbs, owner of Mahogany Hill Weddings, is BACK.
    Kendall was on Episode 5 of the show to discuss relationships, intimacy, and loving yourself. If you have not listened to that yet, I highly suggest you go back.
    This time, she is back to talk about something that came up last time, so that we can dive deeper.
    This conversation is about sex.
    We talk about what healthy sex is, how to communicate with your partner, we try to dismantle some of the taboo feelings around this topic, and talk about WHY it's important to have a healthy sex life.

    This episode of the podcast is supported by Mahogany Hill Weddings.
    For anything leading up to your big day from planning, to day of coordination, to a tequila shot before you walk down the aisle,
    Kendall has you covered.
    Check out all the services she offers through her website (linked below.)
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    Find Kendall here -
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mahoganyhillweddings/
    Website - https://www.mahoganyhillweddings.com

    • 1 hr
    Chiropractic and Holistic Health with Dr. Minesh Patel

    Chiropractic and Holistic Health with Dr. Minesh Patel

    Dr. Minesh Patel has been a chiropractic for 17 years, and most of that time has been spent in his own practice. He and his wife, Dr. Nisha Saggar-Patel, opened Ariya Chiropractic.

    My favorite thing about them is, their approach is that chiropractic is just a part of this holistic wellness routine. So we cover how they approach patient care, why everyone should be seeing a chiropractor, and how there isn't really anything to be afraid of.

    Find Ariya Family Chiropractic Here -
    Website - https://ariyafamilychiropractic.com
    Facebook Pages -
    1. Innsbrook -
    2. West Hampton - https://www.facebook.com/ariyafamilychiropracticcenter
    3. Colonial Heights -
    4. Petersburg -
    5. Ashland -
    6. Gayton Crossing -

    • 50 min
    Healing Communities Through Sound with Shanna Latia

    Healing Communities Through Sound with Shanna Latia

    Shanna Latia, AKA The Flowing Lotus, owner of Sacred Vibes Yoga, is such a fun person to talk to. I know exactly why she is known as the flowing lotus - she goes with the flow, she has tons of personality, and is so passionate about what she is doing.

    She had a quick trajectory from not doing any yoga at all, to becoming a yoga teacher, and ultimately offering some sound healing. So we dive into that story, along with what sound healing is, and how she believes it has the potential to change communities at their core.

    Find Shanna Here -
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/the_flowing_lotus/
    Sacred Vibes Yoga Intagram - https://www.instagram.com/sacred_vibes_yoga/
    Book a Sound Healing Session - https://square.site/book/04ZTDNGN0HFW3/sacred-vibes

    • 49 min
    Moving Naturally for Love and Connection with Kay Jungle

    Moving Naturally for Love and Connection with Kay Jungle

    Kay Jungle is a natural movement coach. He is helping his clients build stronger bodies, stronger minds, more connection with their breath, more connection with the earth around them, and even love themselves a little bit more, all through movements he said we should already know how to do.

    This is definitely a unique approach to training and Kay is so passionate about it, that it led up to a really great conversation about what natural movement actually is, and how you can incorporate a little bit more of it into your daily life.

    Find Jungle Here -
    Website - https://www.kayjungle.com
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kay.jungle/

    • 44 min

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5.0 out of 5
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6 Ratings

meagherdm ,

New to Yoga

From someone who has only recently started to try some yoga, it was so great to hear some insight from the professionals on following through to learn even more! Thanks for the great, enjoyable, and info-packed podcast!

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