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A podcast that unearths never-before-heard conversations with world-class musicians and comedians.
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A podcast that unearths never-before-heard conversations with world-class musicians and comedians.
Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

    #58 Steve Vai | The Eat 'Em and Smile interview

    #58 Steve Vai | The Eat 'Em and Smile interview

    In this never before-heard 2016 interview, Vai talks with author Greg Renoff about the landmark David Lee Roth album Eat ‘Em and Smile. At the time, it was the 30th anniversary of the iconic album.
    In the interview, Vai talks about the song he thought he wrote but didn’t, the jock that wasn’t happy with Vai, the rumored Kim Mitchell song, and the infamous Lucky Strike reunion show that didn't happen.
    The interview is conducted by Greg Renoff. Renoff is the author of two Amazon best-sellers and a must-read for music fans. Van Halen Rising: How a Southern California Backyard Party Band Saved Heavy Metal and Ted Templeman: A Platinum Producer's Life in Music. If you haven't read these books, do yourself a favor and go get them now. 
    Read Greg Renoff's article based on this interview over on Guitar World. https://bit.ly/3eMS1Xf
    00:00 - Intro Steve Vai interview
    01:20 - Start of Steve Vai interview
    02:00 - The first time David Lee Roth called Vai
    02:17 - Pete Angelus and the Fabulous Picasso Brothers
    02:42 - Who was involved with the choreography
    03:19 - If Aerosmith was involved
    04:44 - Was the Kim Mitchell song Kids in Action recorded?
    05:16 - Other possible guitar players
    05:56 - What Vai has no memory of
    06:58 - The song Vai thought he wrote, but didn’t
    09:39 - What Roth’s name for Kids in Action was and why
    10:18 - Leaking to the press
    10:53 - Getting a hold of Roth
    12:25 - Early memories with Roth
    13:54 - The jock vs Vai story
    15:00 - The very first Roth concert he played
    16:23 - How Roth was his final mentor
    17:49 - If Roth’s movie was originally for Van Halen
    18:34 - If he’d do a reunion with the Eat ‘Em Smile band
    19:27 - The infamous Lucky Strike concert

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    Steve Vai - His First 30 Years | Audio Documentary

    Steve Vai - His First 30 Years | Audio Documentary

    The documentary has hundreds of Vai-centric facts and stories that even the most ardent fan will not have known. Complete with a Vai’esque quirky sense of humor, the video covers Vai’s life growing up, attending Berklee College, playing with several artists like Frank Zappa, Alcatrazz, the David Lee Roth band, and Whitesnake, the recording of both his solo albums Flex-Able and Passion and Warfare, plus Vai’s role in the movie Crossroads, and how he helped create the JEM guitar.
    To watch the video version https://youtu.be/ui_kEJ7C3O0
    Other information, photos, etc. can be found here: https://bit.ly/3B9P0ZH
    Link to Arlen Roth's SoundCloud https://bit.ly/3cLQHTL

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    Black Sabbath - Master of Reality | The audio documentary

    Black Sabbath - Master of Reality | The audio documentary

    You can watch the video version here. https://youtu.be/A6GTf6rOepQ
    We take a look at Black Sabbath's masterful third album Master of Reality.
    For more information including other credits, articles, and images, please go here. https://bit.ly/385aj2L

    00:00 - Start
    00:43 - Intro
    01:19 - Evil Woman and Paranoid
    02:29 - Changing Management
    03:07 - Jim Simpson is fired
    03:37 - Sabbath plays Top of the Pops
    04:22 - Was Sabbath a bubblegum band?
    05:13 - John Peel hates on Sabbath
    06:04 - Sabbath’s Peel Sessions
    06:35 - John Peel talks about Sabbath
    07:05 - Sabbath’s ban on singles
    07:41 - Sabbath and Satan
    08:54 - First attempt going to the US
    10:14 - Confusion with Black Widow
    11:31 - Sabbath using Satan for their benefit
    13:08 - Coming to America
    13:55 - The trial of Charles Manson
    14:35 - Arriving in the United States
    15:01 - Sabbath’s first concert in the United States
    16:20 - Blowing the Small Faces off the stage
    16:43 - Playing the West Coast
    17:02 - Smoking Angel Dust with Joe Walsh
    17:55 - Was there a parade in Sabbath’s honor?
    18:40 - Ending the year 1970
    20:06 - First day in the studio
    20:42 - Spanish Sid
    21:14 - Weevil Women 71
    21:30 - Paranoid comes out in the United States
    21:52 - Myponga Festival
    22:13 - Denied entry to Japan
    22:44 - The Four Musketeers
    23:10 - Touring the United States for Paranoid
    23:50 - Playing Union Catholic High School
    25:53 - Returning to England
    26:31 - Ozzy and his first family
    28:10 - Master of Reality will be heavy
    29:05 - Tunning down
    30:17 - Why they called the album Master of Reality
    30:37 - Sweet Leaf
    33:51 - Ghost Titles
    34:28 - After Forever
    34:49 - Geezer Butler as a priest
    37:59 - Children of the Grave
    39:15 - Mars Bringer of War
    40:13 - The Haunting
    41:04 - Orchid
    42:07 - Lord of this World
    44:14 - Solitude
    45:52 - Tony Iommi in Jethro Tull
    47:35 - Into the Void
    49:09 - Soundgarden does their version of Into the Void
    51:35 - Various versions of Master of Reality
    53:25 - Master of Reality Radio promo
    54:02 - Black Sabbath’s Golden Ticket
    55:01 - Reception of Master of Reality
    55:46 - Nobody but the public digs Sabbath
    57:00 - Outro
    57:36 - Credits

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    Black Sabbath - Sabotage | The audio documentary

    Black Sabbath - Sabotage | The audio documentary

    Go here to watch the video version
    Sabotage is the sixth studio album by metal pioneers Black Sabbath, released in 1975. It was recorded in the midst of litigation with their former manager Patrick Meehan. The stress that resulted from the band’s ongoing legal woes infiltrated the recording process, inspiring the album’s title.
    This documentary looks at all the drama surrounding the band at the time and how shady managers took advantage of Sabbath’s kind nature. The video also examines every song on the album and offers up unearthed facts some fans may have never known.
    – Intro
    – Writing and Recording Sabotage
    – The Tale of the Mangers
    – Why Sabbath needed to break away from their first manager
    – Don Arden’s thugs
    – Jimmy Page gets Threatened
    – Don Arden making moves
    – The introduction to Patrick Meehan Jr.
    – Jim Simpson sues the band
    – Some Sabbath Success
    – Sabbath starts to crack
    – Tony Iommi collapses
    – A religious freak tries to stab Tony
    – Manipulation by Management
    – California Jam Festival
    – Quotes from Ozzy/Geezer/Tony on Meehan
    – The dark reality of their finances
    – The worst part
    – Does Sabbath even need a manager?
    – Don Arden comes back
    – The shadow cast from Patrick Meehan
    – Crap Compilations
    – Meehan robbing Sabbath
    – Sabbath is beginning to fracture
    – Crank it up! “Hole in the Sky”
    – “Don’t Start (Too Late)”
    – Symptom of the Universe
    – “Megalomania”
    – “Thrill of It All”
    – “Supertzar”
    – “Am I Going Insane (Radio)”
    – “The Writ”
    – The band Queen diss track
    – “Blow on the Jug”
    – The Making of Sabotage’s Album cover
    – Reception of Sabotage
    – One more stick in the gut by Meehan
    – Closing thoughts
    – Who made this video?
    Editor/Writer/Voice/Producer: Alan Berry
    Mark Enochs
    Jason C, aka Godshifter
    For all credits go here https://www.thetapesarchive.com/black-sabbath-sabotage-documentary/

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    #57 Joey Ramones (The Ramones) interview 1988

    #57 Joey Ramones (The Ramones) interview 1988

    In this episode, we have the Ramones’ frontman, Joey Ramone. At the time of this interview in 1988, Ramone was 37 years old and was in Japan for a tour.
    In the interview, Ramone talks about whether he considers The Ramones a punk band, the most exciting time in music history, how most bands lack originality, and whether rock and roll have paid him back for all of The Ramones' contributions. 
    The interview is conducted by Steve Harris. To learn more about Steve, please check out our podcast-only interview with him, which is out now. You can find the podcast at thetapesarchive.com.
    In the interview, Ramone talks about:
    The distinctive sound of The RamonesHow most bands lack originalityThe most exciting period for musicHis admiration for David ByrneWhat The Ramones did with their influencesWhy he loved The New York DollsHis thoughts on David JohansenWhether he considers The Ramones a punk bandWhether he considers himself a punkHow the Ramones are commercial without trying to be commercialHow he feels about bands like Bon Jovi and PoisonWhether there is a flaw in the kids that likes that type of musicHow The Ramones are a multi-dimensional bandWhy they wrote "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg" and participated in “Sun City”Ramones AidWhether decades from now will he be still singing “Blitzkrieg Bop”Why the Rolling Stones can go on foreverHow The Ramones are always changingHis reaction to hearing that The Ramones are a big influence in JapanWhether he thinks rock and roll has sufficiently paid him back for all The Ramones’ contributions

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    #56 Brad Delp (Boston) 1978 | The first known interview with Delp

    #56 Brad Delp (Boston) 1978 | The first known interview with Delp

    A never-before-published and first known interview with Boston's original singer Brad Delp.
    At the time of this interview in 1978, Delp was 27 years old and was in the midst of recording Boston’s second record.
    Two years earlier, Boston released what would become the best-selling debut album of all time until Guns ‘N Roses’ first album.
    Full transcript The Tapes Archive
    In the interview, Delp talks about how the second album is coming along, if the band Boston is a democracy, his feelings on a recent insult from Elvis Costello, and his self-doubt.
    00:00 - Intro
    01:04 - Where is the new album? (Start of interview)
    01:42 - The flooding of Tom Scholz’s basement
    02:59 - Whether the band has recorded any new songs
    04:28 - What happens when Tom gets a song idea
    05:22 - How the record company feels about a two-year delay between albums
    06:51 - Whether he was surprised by the success of the first album
    07:17 - His self-doubt
    08:45 - The history of Boston and how he got involved in the band
    10:40 - The cover songs they played
    11:08 - His love for the Beatles
    12:42 - How they got signed to Epic Records
    14:59 - What type of record deal they got
    16:14 - Their “horrendous” early concerts
    17:16 - Playing with Black Sabbath
    17:59 - What his thoughts on Elvis Costello saying about Boston, “They may sell 9 million records, but they’re about as exciting as a plate of tripe.”
    19:21 - Looking up to Rick Derringer
    20:40 - How many overdubs were made on the first album
    22:03 - What kind of an audience Boston has
    23:30 - How the Beatles got him into music
    24:16 - Whether the band Boston is a democracy

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4.8 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

Bocaphreak ,

Great Interviews

Thanks for giving us an inside look at many rock legends

Egad Phork ,

Great Snapshots of Artists in Time!

The Tapes Archive is a great collection of exclusive audio interviews. Perfect for podcasting, the show provides insightful looks back at musicians and comedians and where they were at a particular time.

Marc Allan is a well-known (in Indiana) concert critic, and the show gives you a great look at how he developed his interview techniques over the years. I highly recommend the George Carlin and Neil Peart episodes.

C2379X ,

So Much Fun

It’s great to hear these interviews and learn about the backstory. Thanks for making these available.

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