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Murder happens. Monsters ARE real. Two female true crime enthusiasts discuss this dark reality with their own unique twist.

The Wicked Ones Podcast Tara Hardin and Jen Doomis

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Murder happens. Monsters ARE real. Two female true crime enthusiasts discuss this dark reality with their own unique twist.

    The Hauntings of The Congress Plaza Hotel

    The Hauntings of The Congress Plaza Hotel

    In this episode of The Wicked Ones Podcast… Tara kicks of spooky season by diving into the haunted past of The Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago. Not that we’re surprised, but it’s been named the #1 most haunted place in all of Illinois.
    Tara covers the hotel’s architectural history as well as the most notorious stories that have been passed down for decades by the staff & the guests who have experienced the ghosts that continue to haunt the massive structure to this day.
    Stick around until the end…because as guests of this hotel with their families back in 2019, Jen & Tara have their own terrifying story to share from their weekend stay…and it’s just as noteworthy as the ones that have been documented!

    The Hazing Death of Timothy Piazza

    The Hazing Death of Timothy Piazza

    The Wicked Ones Podcast host, Jen, covers the heart breaking hazing death of Timothy Piazza. Tim was a sophomore at Penn State when he pledged Beta Theta Pi, a fraternity that was supposed to be alcohol free since its suspension in 2009. The pledges showed up for their initiation obstacle course called, “The Gauntlet.” Yes, it’s as awful as it sounds and we’re honestly not sure how anyone could survive.
    82 Minutes. 18 alcoholic drinks. Multiple Falls. Fractured Skull. Lacerated spleen. Internal bleeding.
    12 hours before a fraternity “brother” would call 911, still not revealing the truth behind Piazza’s condition.
    Listen in this week as we bring awareness to end hazing and the abuse suffered by students as they search for belonging and acceptance among their peers.
    RIP Timothy Piazza

    What the Hell is an INCEL & Who Was Elliot Roger?

    What the Hell is an INCEL & Who Was Elliot Roger?

    In this episode…The Wicked Ones Podcast host Tara, deep dives into rush week…but what started out as a search for sorority and greek life stories to share as a warning & possibly a helpful safety tip or two to keep your back pocket for all the shiny new pledges out there, ended up becoming a conversation about domestic terrorism. Did NOT see that one coming.
    We also learned a term many of you will also be hearing for the first time: INCELISM. An INCEL is a person who identifies as being involuntarily celibate. Well…ok, sure! We all know there are people out there that have zero game and a relatively tough time talking to members of the opposite sex…but why should this pose as a threat?
    Tara follows several different stories, connecting the dots from an internet sub-culture of sexually frustrated men to an entire ideology that promotes hatred toward not only women, but also toward men & women who appear to have active sex lives. You may be just as surprised to learn that several heart-breaking stories in the news of active shooters, a vehicular ramming attack, and a few other recent cases were all carried out by men who called themselves INCELS. They didn’t even know their victims.
    Elliot Roger went on a rampage back in 2014 in his college town of Isla Vista. It was his so-called “Day of Retribution” against all the beautiful women who rejected him. With the plethora of information left behind…including YouTube videos, a diary, and a 137 page manifesto, this killer left society with so much to unpack…but still, more questions than answers.

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    Season 2: A Note from the Wicked Ones

    Season 2: A Note from the Wicked Ones

    It’s Spooky Season Wicked Ones…Jen & Tara are back with more true crime stories for you as they kick-off their 2nd season of The Wicked Ones Podcast! If you are enjoying the show - Please consider heading over to wherever you listen & tap/click on that 5-star rating & be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss when new episodes drop!If you want to be even more amazing than you already are…take a moment to also leave a thoughtful review. Your feedback is very important to us & it helps others who enjoy all things true crime to find us through your recommendations! Follow us on social media for more in-depth information, photos, updates & more. Thank you so much for your support! XO - T&J

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    Milli Vanilli - 80's Cancel Culture, Bike Shorts & Crop Tops

    Milli Vanilli - 80's Cancel Culture, Bike Shorts & Crop Tops

    The Wicked Ones Podcast host Jen, once again, takes us back to the 80’s and reminds us of a scandal that rocked the music industry back when we were just kids.
    Interestingly enough, she also manages to bring us full circle to present day, as we’ve discovered that some of those 80’s fashion trends we thought were dead & gone have made a fierce comeback. Let’s just say…not everyone’s excited about it, okay?
    Like many of you, we remembered Milli Vanilli for their rise to fame, the hit singles that topped the charts, the MTV videos with their enviable dance moves, and sadly, the scandal that would be the end of the group’s musical career. What we couldn’t tell you back then, was how it all went down and why.
    Rob and Fab stole many hearts with “Girl you know it’s true” and “Blame it on the Rain” to name a few of their hit songs, but once their secret became public, they were immediately canceled. No-one seemed to care about their story. The music industry, the fans…everyone turned their back on the famous duo.
    This week, we may not be talking about murder, but as Jen examines the scandal surrounding Milli Vanilli and helps us take a closer look at the back stories of these two very talented young men, it might just be a well-timed reminder that #cancelculture can have a serious impact on people’s lives and shouldn’t be doled out so callously…or casually.

    Musicians & Murder Plots: Bieber, Beckham & Harrison

    Musicians & Murder Plots: Bieber, Beckham & Harrison

    The Wicked Ones Podcast host, Tara, goes rogue again and decides to put a twist on the musician theme for the month and tells us a few stories of would-be-murders that fortunately, never came to fruition.
    This week, the girls discuss the insane story behind the foiled attempt on not only Justin Bieber’s life…but the pop star’s family jewels! We’re still cringing!!
    Victoria Beckham, AKA, Posh Spice, had her fair share of run-ins as well with death threats towards her and her family and managed to endure a possible attempt on her life during a high profile performance.
    George Harrison, well-known guitarist for The Beatles, had a terrifying experience as well that not only involved a garden statue and 3am break-in…but also very serious accusations of being a witch who possessed people.
    Guys…you just can’t make this stuff up. Those conspiracy theories about James Dean and Marylin Monroe faking their own deaths to flee Hollywood in order to live normal lives somewhere else are starting to make way too much sense.
    We may have to do a conspiracy theory episode soon. Don’t be afraid to send in your suggestions! We love hearing from you all!

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4.9 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

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That place your best friend will go with you

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Feels like sitting around the table with a couple girlfriends.

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