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It’s time to ditch self-doubt, trade fear for faith and manifest your big vision. Join Julie Reisler, master life coach, founder of the Life Designer® Coach Academy, author of Get a PhD in YOU, and host of the You-est You™ podcast to hear from thought leaders, spiritual luminaries, best-selling authors, and lightworkers. Listen in as they share their greatest life lessons, tools, tips and proven practices to help you be your best. Julie is featured in Forbes and the Chopra Center, a multi-time TEDx Speaker and brings in masterful influencers to help you unlock your purpose and passion and be your You-est You!

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It’s time to ditch self-doubt, trade fear for faith and manifest your big vision. Join Julie Reisler, master life coach, founder of the Life Designer® Coach Academy, author of Get a PhD in YOU, and host of the You-est You™ podcast to hear from thought leaders, spiritual luminaries, best-selling authors, and lightworkers. Listen in as they share their greatest life lessons, tools, tips and proven practices to help you be your best. Julie is featured in Forbes and the Chopra Center, a multi-time TEDx Speaker and brings in masterful influencers to help you unlock your purpose and passion and be your You-est You!

    Using Coaching, Healing, and Spirituality to Overcome a Health Crisis with Ashley Bernardi

    Using Coaching, Healing, and Spirituality to Overcome a Health Crisis with Ashley Bernardi

    Meet  Ashley Bernardi Ashley Bernardi is the founder of powerhouse media relations firm Nardi Media, where she works with corporations, brands, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits to obtain high-profile placements in broadcast, print, and online media. Trained as a journalist at CBS News, nationally syndicated program energyNOW! on Bloomberg, and Washington Post Live, she has a natural ear for a story and a journalist’s passion for research. The traumatic death of her father at a young age and diagnosis of Lyme Disease and postpartum depression after the birth of her third child deepened her passion for health, wellness, and spirituality and taught her how to access her own authentic power to heal her life. She is a certified Life Designer®, and received her certificate in The Science of Well-Being from Yale University. Ashley, the oldest child in a proud military family, was born in Schweinfurt, Germany, and has lived and worked in New York City and Washington, D.C.  She is the author of the award-winning book Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel.
    Join in for a powerful conversation with my very dear friend, Ashley Bernardi, who also happens to be a genius at publicity and life design coaching. Ashley shares very vulnerably about her own traumatic experience of her father having a heart attack in front of her family at age 11 and how it took years to fully process her emotions and heal from the inside out. 
    Ashley’s motivation today is to help as many individuals as possible to feel, heal and reclaim their voice and authentic power through speaking and sharing your message. This is a must-listen if you are still processing past trauma or want support to process your emotions.
    The Body Remembers Trauma Ashley didn’t realize how her trauma impacted her sense of self and health. As a young girl, she loved to dance, be joyful, believed in magic, and, most importantly, herself. After the tragic loss of her father, she was told to act like all was normal and go back to her life as though nothing had happened. She never gave herself permission to grieve and kept the trauma buried deep within. Ashley numbed out by drinking and throwing herself into work and coped through people pleasing. It wasn’t until years later, when she was knocked on her butt with a major health crisis, that she saw the connection between her body and holding on to the trauma.
    Turning A Health Crisis Into a Gift After seeing 30 doctors from experiencing excruciating deterioration and pain, Ashley was finally referred to a physician who was able to diagnose her with Lyme disease. She started crawling back to herself and, for the first time, had the time and space to feel her feelings. This is when the healing happened, and she realized the power of processing her emotions and tapping into her authentic inner power and intuition. 
    A reminder to you, my friend, you can get unshackled from your fear of feeling challenging emotions and heal whatever trauma is in your past!
    Your Authentic Power is Your Intuition Trust is the key. It’s about learning to trust yourself, your body, and your intuition. Since her journey back to full health, Ashley has focused on how to reclaim her voice and help others to do so too. One of my favorite quotes was, ‘When I pay attention to my intuition, magic happens.’ Ashley has since reclaimed her magic and is passionate about being a support to anyone who wants to reconnect to their own inner magic. 
    Ok, and we did get a little (what you might call) ‘woo.’ One tool that has helped Ashley build a relationship with her father across the veil is through sacred writing. This is where you use journaling to talk to your passed loved ones by asking a question and inviting them to connect in. You then allow yourself to write without editing whatever comes up on the page. Today, Ashley has a beautiful relationship with her father, even though he is on the other side and

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    A Career Change at 40: Success Story with Kathy Batista

    A Career Change at 40: Success Story with Kathy Batista

    Meet Kathy Batista  
    Kathy Batista is the go-to coach for midlife women. She believes midlife isn’t just based on age – it’s a phase of life and can be your best one yet! By tapping into your values and strengths, you can take aligned action to create purpose and joy, leading to that, often missing, sense of fulfillment. Now is your time!
    Having navigated midlife changes and shifts, Kathy offers guidance and compassion to women asking themselves, “Is this it?” or “What’s next?”. She enjoys sharing the tools of her growth with her clients and peers. With certifications in Life Designer Coaching, Thought Coaching, Quantum Time Technique, and Mindfulness Instruction, Kathy coaches women to discover their midlife magic through conscious healing and self-discovery. 
    A Career Change at 40 Most of us are not raised in a society that values or gets excited about midlife. What started as a time in Kathy's mid 30's where she felt disconnected, unhappy, and lost ended up being one of the biggest gifts and wake-up calls. Maybe you can relate? Kathy, a mom of 4 boys, felt like she was walking on one of those walking ramps at the airport that wouldn't stop. She felt a lack of joy and excitement; worse off, she felt incredible shame and guilt for feeling this way when nothing was "wrong." Kathy was using and abusing alcohol, food, and shopping, all the while trying to fill a void that can't be filled with stuff. She realized she was lonely and despondent and found herself asking a big question that woke her up. Once becoming aware of her negative beliefs and stories, she realized that these could be the best years of her life. That midlife could be magical and a blessing, especially if ushered in an empowering and energizing way.  
    The Big Question That Can Lead to Your Breakthrough The question that Kathy sat with was, 'Is this it?' It's a question I think most of us at some point ponder and stay up at night wondering about. It's often the precursor to a wake-up call that, if treated with care, compassion, and sacred attention, can lead to a transformative pivot. This is what happened for Kathy. She realized in working with coaches and healers that there was nothing wrong, she had misplaced her soul in life, and it was time to reclaim it. Have you felt like you've misplaced your soul? Or perhaps, it feels like your greater soul purpose feels far away, murky and unclear? If so, my friend, read on and be sure to listen to this entire interview.
    How Life Coaching Changed Kathy's Life Kathy realized that she wanted to connect more deeply to her soul's purpose, passion, and meaning, and in wanting to explore this further, she found a coach who helped her to finally see her soul. I love what Kathy said about coaching: "It's someone who holds a flashlight for you so you can see into your soul." Kathy started to get curious about how her deeper wisdom could help guide her both in her own life and in helping other women find meaning. She realized that becoming a certified life coach would be a gift for herself and to all those she's here to serve. Realizing the power of coaching, both in being coached and becoming one, helped Kathy to let go of the excess alcohol, food, and shopping. She found what she had been looking for all along; her own inner wisdom -- which is what we call your 'You-est You'.   
    Why You Must Trust Your Intuition Trusting your intuition can take massive courage, patience, and practice. Kathy talked about how her intuition has now become her best friend. Kathy joined the Life Designer® Coach Academy certification program because of the sacred coach structure that focused on intuition and trusting your heart intelligence. What she's realized is that she can trust herself fully and that when you trust yourself at the deepest left, you are in flow with the Universe and open to being led in ways that are beyond your wildest imagination. Kathy leads with her intuition and has helpe

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    How To Become A Life Coach In 6 Easy Steps

    How To Become A Life Coach In 6 Easy Steps

    Meet Julie Reisler Julie Reisler is an interior designer for your soul. Julie is a certified master transformation coach with over a decade of coaching experience and a master's degree in health & wellness coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Julie is the founder of the Life Designer® Coach Academy, a certification for life coaches, and a professor at Georgetown University. She is also the host and founder of the You-est You® Podcast, which is now in over 175 countries, and author of Get a PhD in YOU. Julie has been featured in Forbes magazine, MindBodyGreen, Bustle, The Chopra Center, and Thrive Global. She is also a prominent teacher, course creator, and guide on the popular app, Insight Timer. To learn more about Julie and how she might support you on your You-est You journey, go to juliereisler.com. 
    The Surprising Power of Coaching This is part one of a four-part series to share with you tools, techniques, practices, and ways that have helped me be and align with my 'Me-est Me', which will hopefully help you become your 'You-est You'. So much changed in my life (thankfully, for the better) after doing the deep, spiritual, soulful work on myself. While books are great, I needed support from trained professionals who could tell when I was stuck in an old story, shitty belief pattern, or just plain ol’ fear.
    After working with a life coach in 2010, I returned to school to get my master's degree in health and wellness coaching because I saw and experienced the healing effects (mind, body, spirit, and emotional healing) firsthand through this modality. Here, I’m sharing the life-giving and life-changing steps I now use with hundreds of clients and students worldwide.
    6 Easy Steps To Become A Life Coach  The 6 easy steps come from my proprietary SACRED coach approach, which I teach in great detail in my Life Design Coach certification program. Each letter stands for an integral step that can help you to be your best self:
    The 6 SACRED Steps:
    S - is about creating sacred safe space for yourself (and others)
    A - means actively listening with intention and presence, and awareness.
    C - this is about conscious communication and being sure that you are aware, awake, and non-reactive in your communication.
    R - is for reflection and learning how to hone in on what's really important to you and to others.
    E - is about engaging in powerful questions to begin looking for new possibilities and opportunities.
    D - is all about designing your dreams and goals with clear actions.
    Listen in with your inner ear, my friend, and when you feel a resonance or connection to something I'm sharing, I invite you to explore the concept or idea further to see if it might be just what your soul is looking for next. 
    One of the most important catalysts for real change is the power of questions and curiosity. 
    Here are some of my favorite life-changing questions I share in this episode to ask yourself to shift your perspective, beliefs, thoughts, and life:
    1) How is this happening for my best and highest good?
    2) What might be the biggest learning in this experience? 
    3) What is the most loving thing I can do right now? 
    As always, take what you like and leave the rest. :)
    Oh, and if you'd like a free copy of my Life Coach's Toolset --- a powerful guide to help you design your best life and be your 'You-est You', get your copy at juliereisler.com/toolset. This is for anyone who wants to become more aware and conscious --- not just for coaches or aspiring coaches. 
    Looking To Help Others Know Who They Are and Design Their Best Life?  
    If you are feeling a strong urge to help other big-hearted empaths get unstuck and design their best life, you've got to check out my Life Designer Coach Academy. This world-class four-month virtual live coach certification program will give you proven tools, techniques, practices, and methodology to be a powerful coach

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    The Biology of Belief with Dr. Bruce Lipton

    The Biology of Belief with Dr. Bruce Lipton

    Meet Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.  
    Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist and lecturer, is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Bruce was on the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine faculty and later performed groundbreaking stem cell research at Stanford University. He is the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect, and co-author with Steve Bhaerman of Spontaneous Evolution. Bruce received the 2009 prestigious Goi Peace Award (Japan) for his scientific contribution to world harmony. For more information, visit www.brucelipton.com.
    This is one of the most informative and transformative conversations I've had yet. You'll want to make a little extra time to listen to the full interview with Bruce. I tried breaking down many of the concepts and ideas he discussed. My intention is for you to realize that you have the knowledge and understanding of what's going on during this pandemic and that you have much more sovereignty, choice, and well-being accessible to you than perhaps realized. 
    The conversation started with Bruce sharing that the biggest problem we face today in our world is another mass extinction. Of the past five world extinctions, all were created by natural events. The last one was 66 million years ago when a comet hit the earth and up-leveled the web of life, hence the extinction of the dinosaurs. This is the first time a massive extinction is at the hands of human behavior, harming and affecting the web of life. There are many examples of this and signs on the wall, including overfishing and polluting the water, which has left us with 90% fewer fish in the ocean. In 2048 there will be no fish. Our human civilization is responsible for this loss, and it's a major wake-up call. He talked about returning to the behavior of indigenous people --- being gardeners in the garden, not taking over the garden. We can change these behaviors, and I will describe ways of doing so further in the show notes.
    Dr. Lipton explained that there are two choices to focus on: 1. Fear, which will compromise your health, or 2. Ask yourself, what are we building to create something better? All energy is life. Are you going to waste your energy on fear or use it in a life-giving way to see what you can do to sustain yourself and the future? There are also two mechanisms in play, especially when there's a biological imperative or drive to survive when our lives are threatened. You will go into one of two protection modes: the external (adrenals), the fight/flight state, or the internal (immune system), which shuts down when under a lot of stress to save energy. 
    Dr. Lipton helped to discover what is now called Epigenetics, which is the study of our control over genes. Epigenetics shows that less than 1% of all disease comes from genes. In other words, disease comes from stress. Today in the U.S., over 60% of the population has one chronic disease (which means almost all cases are stress-related), and 40% have two or more chronic diseases. These numbers are astounding, and when you realize how much you can do to alleviate stress and the correlation between stress and illness, it's difficult not to want to spring into action. It's also much more crucial to take exceptional care of yourself, especially during a pandemic. This means not eating industrial-farmed food, taking your supplements and vitamins, moving regularly, stopping watching the news and TV that puts you into a stress response, and connecting with others. Pay attention to your well-being, self-care, and letting go of stress in your life, as stress is the main cause of all illnesses. Being in community is a powerful healing agent...we were not meant to be isolated, which is so much of the issue with this pandemic and being quarantined. 
    Another crucial component to avoiding illness is the importance of harmony with your body and changing your consciousness. You might be wondering how

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    How To Be a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

    How To Be a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

    Meet Terri Cole Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, global relationship and empowerment expert, and the author of Boundary Boss-The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free. For over two decades, Terri has worked with many clients, including stay-at-home moms, celebrities, and Fortune 500 CEOs. She has a gift for making complex psychological concepts accessible and actionable so that clients and students achieve sustainable change. She inspires over 450,000 people weekly through her blog, social media platform, signature courses, and her popular podcast, The Terri Cole Show.
    Terri started out as head of a successful talent agency working with celebrities and high-profile leaders, yet felt something was missing. She kept seeking to feel happy and content but never quite landed there. Instead, Terri decided to pursue a new career by returning to school to become a psychotherapist. She realized that she was going through life not realizing how crucial boundaries are for a fulfilling life that works or that she was a 'high functioning co-dependent'. We unpacked both of these, how they're intertwined, and shared why you need to get yourself on the boundary bus and how you might also be a high-functioning co-dependent needing a tune-up. Tune in to learn more! 
      What Are Real Boundaries First off, let's agree to put away any judgment or shame here. I've personally struggled in my own life with setting boundaries and high-functioning co-dependency, and the first step is always awareness. We'll shine the light here on what you might be doing that's hurting your happiness so you can become more aware. Terri defines boundaries as 'your own rules of engagement where you know what's ok and not ok for you. You are clear on your preferences, limits, and deal breakers and communicate them transparently with others. To be masterful and setting and keep boundaries, you've got to be cognizant of what they are, how to make sure others know them, and courageous enough to say something when and if they are broken. Most of us are indoctrinated to be 'good girls' and to be self-abandoning co-dependents, especially when it comes to boundaries. There are all kinds of reasons we're not fluent in boundaries. What matters is to learn how to stop self-abandonment. Terri shared it like this -- 'I am the storm, and my life is the boat.' Can you relate to any of this? I know I can! 
      A New Kind of Co-Dependent Being co-dependent means being overly invested in the feeling state, outcomes, and situations of people in our life to the detriment of our own well-being (and on all levels) and not feeling we can ask for what we want. It is actually a form of control and typically affects the over-doers, over-achievers, and over-feelers. Many of us are what Terri calls High Functioning Co-dependents, meaning we're doing well in life, achieving our goals, and seeming to succeed. However, if you feel put upon, burned out, and resentful often, you probably are also an HFC. The good news is you can change, starting with awareness and forgiveness of yourself. There are things you can do to change this habit patterning that can affect your mindset, happiness, and health. Read on to hear what you can do to change for good.   
      Here's How To Stop Being Co-Dependent These are the strategies you'll want to start implementing (I know it's uncomfortable at first) to create solid boundaries and kick the HFC habit. 
    Learn to say no, and mean it. No is an answer in itself and is crucial to setting good boundaries. Stay on your side of the street and stop taking the other person's emotional temperature. Become a great listener and ask excellent questions. This will help you avoid being triggered or controlling and be curious. Get into mindfulness and meditation (daily) and start building your ability to pause and take the time you need to assess and react how you most desire.  
    This means learning to tolerate dis

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    What You Need To Know About 2023 With The AstroTwins

    What You Need To Know About 2023 With The AstroTwins

    Meet the AstroTwins  
    Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins) are bestselling authors, speakers, and astrology experts. The identical twin sisters are the co-founders of the global brand Astrostyle, which reaches millions of loyal readers worldwide. Since 2009, they’ve been ELLE magazine's in-house astrology columnists and published 13 books. Major media, including The New York Times, have featured the twins who have appeared on-air for Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Sirius XM. In August 2022, The AstroTwins debuted as the astrologers and matchmakers of Amazon Prime’s “Cosmic Love,” the first streaming reality dating show to use astrology. Ophira and Tali have done workshops, talks, and training for Nike, Conde Nast, The Sill, and Michael Kors and at universities nationwide. They’ve collaborated with major brands, including Coach, HBO Max, and Valspar. The sisters have read charts for celebrities including Beyoncé, Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts, and Alicia Keys. You can follow them at  @astrotwins and www.astrostyle.com.
    What We're Leaving Behind in 2022  
    The Astrotwins coined 2022 as "The Year of the New Abnormal".  We're letting go of pushing, forcing, and making things happen. We've just ended a Tiger year that made for unpredictable energy. We're wrapping up a cycle where Saturn moved from Capricorn into Aquarius, which is about restriction with socializing, think 'social distancing', and into a new cycle where Saturn is moving into Pisces. This shift into Pisces will be about taking mental and emotional health more seriously and pushing the boundaries of things like psychedelics and other kinds of drugs. 
    What's Coming Ahead In 2023    This is the year of 'What If?' It's like the planet is getting one big IOS update. Rather than getting overwhelmed with choices, think about 'What If?' as a way to elevate, innovate and see new possibilities. Minding your mind and choosing how you see your life and the world will be essential. What will help you most is to remember to regulate your emotions by pausing, infusing compassion, and choosing how you want to respond. There will continue to be more paradoxes this coming year, and you get to decide how you will interpret life's events. Jupiter is in Aries until May 16th, and then it will go into Taurus, which will be good for financial means and the economy. This year is also a #7 year, which is about science meeting spirituality and making the invisible visible. Try to look at things from as many angles as possible. 2023 will also be a year for relationships to become more enjoyable and to put the drama to bed (Hallelujah to that)! Check out the AstroTwin's book 'Super Couple' to learn more about the impact of astrology on relationships, and more specifically, on your own relationships. 
    2023: An Overview Of The 12 Astrological Signs  
    Aries: The focus was on gaining your independence, but now it's on security and making money through your passions and talents Taurus: You wanted more support and are now looking for more independence and freedom. The key is to release old beliefs and what doesn't serve you.  Gemini: You were seeking more community and social structures, yet this year you are eager to have more solitude, time for reflection, and deep relationships Cancer: Achievement was your main focus; you felt 'large and in charge'. This year your focus is on teamwork and seeing that you can delegate and get out of your shell. Leo: Adventure was important, as was trying new things, yet this year you are seeking more structure, and you'll be more career driven. Virgo: Connection was important, as well as getting comfortable saying no. This year will be about using your boundaries as a way to experience more freedom and openness to experiment and travel.  Libra: Partnership and evolution were your main focus last year, while this year will be about finding independence within your relationships and claiming your sovereig

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4.9 out of 5
205 Ratings

205 Ratings

Storytelling Secrets ,

Fabulous podcast!

To many, being authentic has become such a trendy buzzword that it’s lost its meaning. Definitely not in this podcast. Julie helps her listeners to strip away all that isn’t YOU, the doubt, fear and self sabotaging, and tap into your best, most authentic self, the REAL you. Great listen!

Over 40 Fitness Hacks ,

Love The Show!

Very well done podcast! I also am in the fitnes podcast world and am now a subscriber. Sometimes I need someone in the same space to motivate me to keep going with my audeience.

Ananta108 ,

Amazing Podcast

Love all the wonderful, empowering wisdom that Julie is sharing on this show, through her guests and her own incredible experiences. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom so generously!

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