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Official Website of David Lee Roth.

    #27: The street of dreams,

    #27: The street of dreams,

    The street of dreams,
    Every bet a sure thing,
    Savage Streets,
    Gang Girls and dream peddlers,
    Orgy Town,
    2 hot for hell,
    Fraternity of Shame,
    V is for Vegas,
    Sweet as sin and twice as dangerous,
    ..Vegas was just the sales girl, her product was depravity,
    The musky fragrance of sativa clung to her lips,
    In that strange, savage world of night, Roth was the undisputed king. 

    • 33 min
    #26 um-um-um-um-um-um-um!

    #26 um-um-um-um-um-um-um!

    78 RPM
    This is why we have matinees..
    I always though Garfunkel had the best name
    If you’re going to San Fransisco..
    Big Mamma Joplin
    Desafinado (Out of Tune)
    The heels are alive..
    Full Contact Music
    What happened to your eyebrows..
    I left my heart in Panorama city..
    Gameful employment = .. 
    6 Minutes of Bohemian pain and courage

    • 43 min
    #25: Las Vegas Confidential

    #25: Las Vegas Confidential

    Silver Doll
    Grand Slam Bonanza Babes
    5 Songs
    Hot Slots and Calamity Cubes
    Damaged lives on the road to ruin, (Sounds like a weekend to me..)
    Moby Dick in a Goldfish Bowl
    Dangerous curves and Mid Level Fury..
    A noisy little Town on a Saturday night, (and every other night too..)
    Sin City Peep Show
    Shimmy, Shake and Celebrate..
    A night at the follies 

    • 36 min
    #24 David Lee Roth Rocks Vegas

    #24 David Lee Roth Rocks Vegas

    David Lee Roth Rocks Vegas

    • 9 min
    #23 The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming..

    #23 The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming..

    #23 The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming..
    Equal opportunity annoyance..
    As is Dayton, so are we..
    A whole new way of things..
    Working For the Weekend
    Miller time

    Some Folks from outta town
    Tireless Self expression, (The American Way)
    Cultural Mathematics;
    Wonder Bread x Burrito = Egg roll 
    Disneyland ÷ by General Tso = ?

    Chain-gang Cantaloupes 
    Communication breakdown..
    Gomez saves the day -
    Ramirez saves the day -
    Lopez saves the day -
    Oh wait a minute..

    • 35 min
    #22 - Gun School

    #22 - Gun School

    Gun School
    But I’m angry right now..
    Is that a gun in your pocket..?
    In America we say it with bullets..
    The need for an armed Mortician

    The original point and click interface
    Gun handling ain’t marksmanship..
    45-caliber genetic engineering
    Size Matters
    Defensive leisure wear

    I think you just shot me.. (13 times)
    Manda Bala
    Everything that comes in black..
    Get rid of that nickel-plated sissy-pistol..
    10 favorite gun cleaning accidents..
    Incoming fire impact (chopstick in the hole)
    Straight outta tinseltown

    • 33 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
255 Ratings

255 Ratings

232323chris? ,

David Lee Roth is my Spirit Animal

I don’t recommend this show if you are looking for straight lines. His stories appear like stream of consciousness word mosaics often landing of relatable human truisms picked up on the insane road of a Rock and Roll Tom Cat.
Three this guy I’ve learned about Dave listening to this show.
1. He seems to squeeze every drop out of his human experience.
2. He is an incorrigible Pro.
3. He is very sobi sobi.

Nick Shute ,

Diamond Dave’s podcast is the best

Yeah that’s right you heard me, it’s the best most rockingly informational show I’ve ever heard! Diamond Dave we need more!

BradleyNW ,

Wow. Dave sure can tell a story.

Been a Van Halen fan since I was 10. I always thought it was a huge mistake when Roth quit Van Halen after the 1984 tour. But after listening to this podcast for the last month I realize that it was all part of “the ride” for Dave. His stories are intertwined with history and are wildly interesting and entertaining. Hats off to Dave for creating one of the best podcasts out there.

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