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This podcast explores an everyday Plant-Based Lifestyle with your hosts Julia and Shane. We talk about new and creative Plant-Based Recipes, Health & Wellness, Fitness, and Traveling while on a Plant-Based Diet. If you ever wanted to get started or have been on a Plant-Based Diet for years, you won't want to miss an episode! Got a Question, Comment or Just Want To Say Hi? Email Us: contact@thinkplantbased.com

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This podcast explores an everyday Plant-Based Lifestyle with your hosts Julia and Shane. We talk about new and creative Plant-Based Recipes, Health & Wellness, Fitness, and Traveling while on a Plant-Based Diet. If you ever wanted to get started or have been on a Plant-Based Diet for years, you won't want to miss an episode! Got a Question, Comment or Just Want To Say Hi? Email Us: contact@thinkplantbased.com

    Ep 85 – Cassidy Gundersen | Spiro Health and Wellness

    Ep 85 – Cassidy Gundersen | Spiro Health and Wellness

    In this episode, we talk to Cassidy Gundersen of Spiro Health & Wellness about her plant-based journey and how she helps people “reverse disease with diet”.

    About Cassidy Gundersen | Spiro Health & Wellness

    I’ll be honest, health was never really my thing. In fact, I (like many teenagers) lived on hostess snacks and Dr. Pepper in my younger years. And that’s not just an exaggeration.

    Eventually, my lifestyle caught up with me, and my body became racked with disease and pain. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I was pre-diabetic, pre-lupus, pre-arthritic, had chronic kidney stones, adrenal fatigue, and patellar tendonitis. Similarly, I was convinced I was going to die young, which was terrifying because I was only in my early twenties. I wanted to believe that there was a natural path to healing that didn’t involve drugs, but I didn’t know where to look. 

    That’s when I decided to go back to school (my undergrad was in political science) to try and figure out this whole diet thing. It was in my schooling that I discovered IT IS possible to reverse sickness and disease with the proper diet! So, I put it to the test. I went on a two week trial and felt the best I ever have. I joke with people that I’m still on that two week trial because I have never looked back. 

    Then, people started asking me for nutritional advice, so I figured I might as well make it official and try to help as many people as possible. That’s when I started Spiro Health and Wellness (pronounced Spih-row). The name comes from the Latin word spiro which translates: to breathe life into. I want to help breathe new life into as many people as I can by helping them eat healthier! 

    Cassidy GundersenPhD, CHNP, CSNP, Natural Health Practitioner

    (Source: https://spirohealthandwellness.com/about/ )

    Website: https://spirohealthandwellness.com/Reverse IBD Website: https://reverseibd.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spirohealthandwellnessInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassidy.gundersen/

    Curing Crohn’s: How a Closet Food Addict Healed Her IBDAmazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Curing-Crohns-Closet-Addict-Healed-ebook/dp/B0918LP5HDAmazon Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Curing-Crohns-Closet-Addict-Healed/dp/1735419125

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    Ep 84 – Claudia Ganswind | Wellness Kitchen

    Ep 84 – Claudia Ganswind | Wellness Kitchen

    In this episode, we talk to Claudia Ganswind about her plant-based journey and talk to her about her new cookbook, “Raw Vegan Wellness Kitchen”.

    About Claudia Ganswind

    Claudia has always loved good food and flavors, especially when it came to the smell of citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables in the Mediterranean region. The sun and the mild climate make these products particularly tasty, and she is well known as “Wellness Kitchen.”

    Likwise, her mom was born in southern Italy home of spaghetti, pizza with tomato and eating well and her love for good and genuine food helped fuel her desire to create wonderful dishes!

    Hi! I am a 100% pure love (raw)vegan chef, health and wellness coach. I prepare vegan food with a lot of Love and Divine light. With Divine Blessings! Hola! Soy cocinera vegan 100% puro amor, entendedora de salud y bienestar. Preparo comida vagan con mucho amor y luz divina.Con Benediciones Divinos!

    (Source: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PPH5M3S )

    Amazon (US): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PPH5M3SAmazon (CND): https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08PPH5M3SAmazon (DE): https://www.amazon.de/-/en/dp/B08PPH5M3S/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VeganWellbeing.RawVeganChefInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/vegan.wellbeing/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCunfyvmpV31E2XBIi3ZfGzQ

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    Ep 83 – Lotus Seed Vegan | Van Nguyen

    Ep 83 – Lotus Seed Vegan | Van Nguyen

    In this episode, we talk to the owner, Van Nguyen, of Lotus Seed Vegan about his vegan journey and how he started his beautiful restaurant that keeps on giving back with his wife Amy.

    About Lotus Seed Vegan

    Hi, my name is Van Loc, I am the chef and together with my wife Amy we started Lotus Seed Vegan restaurant because I had epiphany in my life where I wanted to make better choices for myself and my family. Better choices starting with food. I have been cooking since I was 12, because I wanted to, because I have a passion for food. And now I hope to make that food for you. Remember that feeling you have when your Mom made your favorite meal. How warm and satisfied you felt. That’s the kind of food I make. Food that makes you feel good, and satisfied. And healthy. Everything we do at Lotus Seed Vegan restaurant is to make ourselves, our community and our planet a better place. I hope you’ll join us!


    To be catalyst for positive action by serving healthy meals . Offering high quality vegan food without compromising the taste & reasonable pricing is the perfect answer to our healthy & conscious costumers.

    The Food

    We will always be about quality. We’re passionate about ethically sourcing of the fresh and sustainable food. Preparing and cooking them with great care and awareness. We truly care on what we use on the ingredients of choice.

    The Customers

    Who wants to make a change for a better diet, health and care for the mother earth .

    Lotus Seed Restaurant

    A place where you can meet with friends and families. Enjoy true tasty, savory food that farmers had freshly harvested . It’s about enjoyment at our pace – sometimes slow and savored, sometimes faster and cheerful, yet always full of humility…

    “At Lotus Seed Vegan Restaurant our goal is to sprout awareness. Awareness of healthy choices for food, our bodies, our community and our planet. From ancient times the lotus has been a divine symbol in Asian traditions representing the virtues of purity. The lotus is grown in mud and yet is unstained when it blooms.”

    (Source: https://lotusseed.ca/sprouting-awareness/)

    Website: https://lotusseed.ca/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lotusseedvegan/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lotusseedvegan/

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    Ep 82 – Shop VEGN | Brett & Diane

    Ep 82 – Shop VEGN | Brett & Diane

    In this episode, we talk to the owners Brett and Diane of Shop VEGN about their online vegan store. We also talk to them about their plant-based journeys and running a business during COVID.

    About Shop VEGN

    G’day and Eh

    Hailing from Australia and Canada, respectively, founders Brett and Diane went vegan for the animals and for the planet. However, they quickly became frustrated by the time spent sourcing quality plant-based products.

    VEGN [“vegan”] was built to make their own lives easier—but now that mission includes those of others too: a portion of profits will always be donated to animal and/or environment protection organizations.

    They believe that, together, we can make this world a kinder place.

    For 2021, VEGN will donate 5% of profits to World Animal Protection.

    (Source: https://www.shopvegn.com/about)

    Website: https://www.shopvegn.com/Facebook: http://facebook.com/shopvegnInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/shopvegn

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    Ep 81 – Impact Veganics | Margaux Khoury

    Ep 81 – Impact Veganics | Margaux Khoury

    In this episode, we talk to the co-founder Margaux Khoury of Impact Veganics about her deodorant company that is changing the world and changing the way people do business.

    About Impact Veganics

    IMPACT donates 100% of profits to their animal liberation partners who are working day and night to give animals the freedom & life they deserve. 

    Co-founders, Joshua & Margaux created IMPACT in 2009.  They were tired of the toxic and ineffective deodorants on the market and they wanted a safe, vegan and plastic-free alternative that worked and didn’t harm people, planet or animals.   

    Similarly, as the company started to grow they attracted two additional co-founders who helped shape IMPACT into the company it is today.

    Also, the choices we make as a culture, community and company defines who we are.  Change can only happen with a dedicated and determined team that believes in being as sustainable as possible.   It isn’t always easy, and we know we will always find a solution that positively impacts people, planet and animals.

    “As an activist company, this fighting for animal rights isn’t what we do after hours, it’s why we’re in business and show up everyday.  Together we can change the world without braking a sweat.”Margaux KhouryCO-FOUNDER

    (Source: https://www.createanimpact.org/about )

    Website: https://www.createanimpact.org/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/impactveganics/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/impactveganics/

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    Ep 80 – Alan Twigg | Author

    Ep 80 – Alan Twigg | Author

    In this episode, we talk to Alan Twigg about his plant-based journey, his book and online courses. We talk about how to stay healthy during COVID19.

    About Alan Twigg

    In 2016 and I had just turned 50. I was a married father of four children, slightly overweight, unfit and balding. Three years previously, my wife Susanne and I had decided to move from Germany where we lived to Tenerife in the Canary Islands with our two youngest children. Because we are self-employed, we were able to work from home, which, luckily for us meant that we had the freedom to uproot and move to Tenerife. We’d settled into our new life and that was good. But I had reached another turning point in my life. During the previous ten years I’d been working hard on growing my business and apart from the odd game of squash I’d been neglecting my health. I didn’t know why, but I felt bloated most of the time, as though air was trapped inside of my body that couldn’t escape. I also lacked energy and my digestion was causing me problems.

    Now four years later, I’ve never been happier, healthier or more at peace. I’ve lost a bit of weight without going hungry, my energy levels have never been higher and I always sleep like a baby. I now know how to cook delicious dishes and the variety of food that I now eat is much more varied, tasty, fresh, healthy and nutritious than ever before. I’ve become far more aware of what is going on the world. I’m far more open, compassionate, caring and tolerant than I was before. Also, I’m now setting an example for myself and for everyone around me. I’m making a small but significant difference to the world every day.

    I wish that I had made the change earlier in my life.

    I will be eternally grateful to my daughter for showing me the light and helping me make the best change anyone could ever make.

    (Source: https://alantwigg.org/about/)

    Website: https://alantwigg.org/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Of_b05hMgUrzzinLcz49w

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4.6 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Arlie K ,

Thanks, Shane and Julia!

This is the podcast that I tell all my friends about! With incredible guests, high-quality information, and captivating conversations, every single episode is an A+. Tune in!

Kathleen Gage ,

I am "Thinking" Plant Based

Love this podcast. Julia and Shane keep things moving. I like how they change it up between the two of them on episodes to having featured experts. Good information for peopel at all levels of plant based eating.

Mommylinn ,

Good content, difficult to listen to

I really liked the interview with Dr.Tuttle, but it became increasingly hard to follow because Julia insisted on interrupting her guest. She was literally speaking over her guest repeatedly. It was incredibly rude and made the interview awkward, in spite of how gracious Dr Tuttle was about it. If the guest is important enough to invite on the podcast, then they’re important enough to hear. Stop interjecting your own voice every other minute. Please listen to what they are saying, let them speak, and wait for natural pauses to speak. If you have a speech to make, great! Put it in a separate podcast.

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