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A motivating, thought provoking and informative new health & wellness podcast featuring Florine Mark as the host that will focus on all aspects of our lives from physical, emotional and mental health to career and social.

As the CEO & President of the WW Group (largest Weight Watchers International franchise holder) Florine is a highly respected motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist who is passionate about sharing her lifelong desire to educate and help others achieve healthier, more rewarding lives.

Join her each week as she interviews well-known celebrity guests and everyday people who share inspirational tips and best practices for making meaningful and beneficial changes in our lives as we all learn to navigate our new normal.

Each week Florine will provide a helpful and inspiring “takeaway” to help start making those changes.

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A motivating, thought provoking and informative new health & wellness podcast featuring Florine Mark as the host that will focus on all aspects of our lives from physical, emotional and mental health to career and social.

As the CEO & President of the WW Group (largest Weight Watchers International franchise holder) Florine is a highly respected motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist who is passionate about sharing her lifelong desire to educate and help others achieve healthier, more rewarding lives.

Join her each week as she interviews well-known celebrity guests and everyday people who share inspirational tips and best practices for making meaningful and beneficial changes in our lives as we all learn to navigate our new normal.

Each week Florine will provide a helpful and inspiring “takeaway” to help start making those changes.

    Don’t Let Fear Ruin Your Life

    Don’t Let Fear Ruin Your Life

    With Tareq Azim, entrepreneur and author
    What scares you? Is it a fear of illness or death? Are you afraid of heights or enclosed spaces? Or, does the fear of failure in business or personal relationships scare you? Perhaps it’s a fear of the unknown. Some people suffer from an extreme fear of simply “being” afraid. “Phobophobia” is a rare medical condition characterized by physical symptoms such as heart palpitations or difficulty breathing that might even require a need for medication. 
    Although most of us don’t suffer from phobophobia, we all have times in our life when we’re afraid of something. But how that feeling of fear affects us can vary from simple anxiety to intense trauma that disrupts our daily life and could distort our perception of reality.
    Whatever it is that makes our palms sweat, our heart pound, and triggers our fight or flight response, we want to run far away from whatever provokes those uncomfortable feelings. However, running away isn’t the answer. Because what happens the next time you come up against that very same fear-causing situation? Those feelings will surface again and again until we learn to overcome our fear. 
    One of the keys to overcoming fear is knowing what the triggers are and understanding the underlying cause. Sometimes just talking through our fear and exploring what to do in the event of a worst-case scenario might be enough to loosen the hold that phobia has over us. The very act of imagining how we would respond might provide the confidence to know we’ll get through it. 
    Phobias such as the fear of swimming or being underwater might be addressed over time by learning to swim and increasing our comfort level in the water. But in the beginning, just knowing what to do when we are overcome with panic is a big part of managing our fear going forward. Getting to a quiet place, calming ourselves with deep breathing exercises or meditation, and focusing our thoughts on something comforting or empowering are all things we can do in the moment to work through that fear.
    If you want to learn more about how we can stop letting fear rule our lives, then please listen to Florine’s interview with entrepreneur and author, Tareq Azim, whose book, Empower, Conquering the Disease of Fear, provides some wonderful strategies for learning how to overcome our fears.
    Hi, I’m Florine Mark, and welcome to “Today’s Takeaway.” Have you ever been afraid to try something because you were convinced you would fail?
    Sometimes anxiety and our fear of failure can paralyze us especially if we think we’ll let others down. We may even sabotage our efforts by giving up too easily. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if we could learn to control our fear rather than allow it to control us? What if the very thing we fear most, could actually motivate us to succeed? When we are faced with no other alternative, then perhaps fear could help us achieve something we might not otherwise try.
     My guest today is Tareq Azim. A former college football star, entrepreneur, and author, Tareq grew up the son of Afghan refugees, who fled the Soviet invasion with their young family, in search of a better life in America. He is also the founder of Empower, a unique fitness training facility where he works with elite athletes such as NFL superstar, Marshawn Lynch. But in addition to training sports legends, Tareq also works with ordinary individuals who aren’t professional athletes. But regardless of who he is training, Tareq’s approach is the same; he doesn’t see himself as their coach, but rather, as their teammate. Tareq is helping his teammates achieve their dreams by overcoming their fears and strengthening their mind, body, and spirit. Recognizing that his unique training methods could work in a variety of ways, Tareq wrote a book called, Empower, Conquering the Disease of Fear. He’s here today
    to share his philosophy and some of his training techniques with

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    How to Navigate the Current Job Market

    How to Navigate the Current Job Market

    With Bonnie Burk, the Director of Recruitment at IntegriSource
    Despite dire predictions based on labor strikes, global wars, and the reoccurring threats of inflation and recession, employment growth in the United States remained strong throughout 2023. But what lies ahead for 2024? What industries are hiring and what markets are downsizing their employee base? Where are the best job opportunities and how does the rising demand for Artificial Intelligence and other new emerging technologies impact the employment market?
    As our population ages and skilled workers retire, that leaves a shortage of qualified talent to replace them. In the past, employers would automatically disqualify or dismiss candidates without a college degree, but from a recruitment standpoint today, they might need to focus less on degree-based hiring in favor of skill-based hiring. Companies that plan to hire additional staff should be prepared to match current market wages if they hope to remain competitive and recruit quality talent.
    According to Bonnie Burk, the Director of Recruitment at IntegriSource, a staffing company that specializes in IT and Computer Engineering, service industries like healthcare, hospitality, and transportation continue to be plagued by labor shortages, while other industries such as the tech sector are aggressively reducing their headcount. While their core business staff may remain intact, these companies will continue to right-size their staffing needs by trimming other departments such as legal, accounting, and HR. Although the demand for Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly, it can’t replace the need for a creative workforce or specially trained, skilled workers.
    Even as employers prioritize onsite attendance, job seekers are pushing back against the “return to office” trend in favor of remote or hybrid opportunities that offer more flexibility and a better work-life balance. While it’s expected that wages will remain relatively flat, employers may focus instead on cost-of-living increases. Mature job seekers who have suddenly found themselves unemployed may want to remember the following when updating their resumes. Make sure that the resume length is no more than two pages in total. If you fear your age might work against you, it’s okay to leave out the dates of your education and the former employment periods. For more information on current employment trends and tips, please check out Florine’s 2022 interview with Bonnie.
    What You’ll Hear in This Episode:
    How did Bonnie get into recruiting?
    How is the job market different today than in the past?
    Why are employees changing jobs so frequently today?
    How can companies afford to pay what job seekers are desiring and still make money?
    What are some of the biggest challenges that employees currently have in finding qualified candidates?
    What about workers such as administrative professionals or technicians?
    How criminal background and driving records can often be an obstacle for those seeking employment.
    What industries offer the greatest hiring opportunities in today’s job market?
    Why are so many long-term employees deciding on early retirement?
    The importance of leaving your current place of employment on a good note.
    Bonnie shares her professional recommendations for companies facing a personnel shortage.
    Today’s Takeaway:
    One of the biggest concerns for employers in 2022 has been the difficulty in hiring and retaining qualified employees. The Department of Labor statistics indicate there are presently 11.3 million job openings which equates to 1.7 jobs available for every unemployed person. This would suggest that job seekers would have an easy time finding a job and yet, despite aggressive salary offers, companies have been unable to fill open positions. Although the desire to work remotely has definitely impacted the current job market, that’s not the only reason why there are

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    How Wearable Tech Devices Improve Patient Health

    How Wearable Tech Devices Improve Patient Health

    With Jessica Golbus, Clinical Instructor in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine from the University of Michigan Medical School
    Are you familiar with the term “wearable medical technology?” If not, perhaps you should be. One of the biggest advances in the field of medicine today has been the use of medical devices like smartwatches and home health monitoring equipment. Patients and medical professionals alike have noted significant benefits when using these devices to monitor and treat a variety of health conditions, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The mainstream use of wearable health technology has become so popular that insurance companies and even employers are now willing to provide these devices free of charge. Health insurance companies recognize there’s a beneficial subscriber impact from a reduction in hospital visits, which translates to huge cost savings for the insurer. By providing the subscriber with a device, the patient can now play a role in monitoring their health and be aware of any changes before they reach a critical point that requires hospital admission. Some employers are also willing to provide these devices because a healthier employee is more reliable, which equates to a reduction in employee turnover and a more stable workforce.
    To learn more about the various types of devices and the role they play in aiding patient health, we’re going to be speaking with Dr. Jessica Golbus, a Clinical Instructor in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School. Her research focuses on how digital health technology, like smartwatches, can improve the quality of care and treatment for patients with advanced heart disease.
    What You’ll Hear in This Episode:
    What are wearable medical devices?
    Some examples of wearable devices, such as the Oura ring, the AFib History App on the Apple Watch, and FitBit.
    What is the Kardia6L?
    How do wearable devices transmit data, and what should we do with that data?
    The benefits of wearable devices such as fitness trackers.
    More about the type of patient that should wear a medical device.
    Other types of home monitoring equipment that are popular today.
    The innovations Jessica sees for medical devices in the future.
    Jessica talks more about the research she is doing at the Wearables in Reducing Risk and Enhancing Daily Life-style (WIRED-L) Center.
    What types of things can we do to improve our cardiovascular health?
    Today’s Takeaway:
    We’re so very fortunate to live during a time when medical science and innovation play such a critical role in improving the quality of life and perhaps even saving patient lives. As we’ve heard, wearable tech devices are improving the lives of cardiac patients who are now able to monitor their condition and be alerted in the event of an irregular heartbeat. Studies indicate that cardiac rehab patients benefit from using wearable devices in conjunction with exercise-based rehabilitation programs. The latest version of the Apple Watch can actually measure an EKG to detect A-Fib and the information can be shared with their treating physicians. Diabetic patients can wear medical devices that continuously monitor blood sugar levels to alert them of changes based on their food or activity levels. These CGMs can even be used with insulin pumps that deliver insulin directly into their body when needed. According to Business Insider Intelligence research, more than a quarter of the U.S. population will use wearable technology in 2024. The field of medical technology is only in its infancy. It’s only going to continue to grow and expand from here as we continue to learn and discover what these devices can do in terms of the quality of information and care they provide. Remember that every day is a gift and the gift we get from using the wonderful monitoring tools and devices at our disposal is a gift that can literally save lives! I’m Fl

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    What's On Your Reading List?

    What's On Your Reading List?

    With Cathy Russ, Director of The West Bloomfield Michigan Public Library 
    As the snow and cold weather arrive, there’s no better time to hunker down and catch up on our reading. But with so many newly released books, it’s hard even to know where to begin. Thankfully, your local librarian can offer some great recommendations. According to Cathy Russ, the Director of The West Bloomfield Michigan Public Library, celebrity autobiographies are extremely popular right now. In addition to number-one bestsellers by Matthew Perry and Britney Spears, recently published memoirs by Henry Winkler, Barbara Streisand, and Dolly Parton make great holiday gifts.
    Or, if you prefer best-selling fiction novels, Cathy suggests, The Exchange, the sequel to John Grisham’s blockbuster novel, The Firm. If you’re looking for your next book club, check out Tom Lake, by Ann Patchett, an emotionally gripping family saga that takes place during the pandemic in Northern Michigan.
    According to Cathy, the availability of digital streaming Apps like Hoopla and Kanopy makes lending libraries more accessible than ever before. In addition to eBooks and movies, you can borrow your favorite audiobook or download music to your phone. You can even take advantage of the library waiting list through the App and place a hold on a particular item. Best of all, instead of paying a monthly surcharge to your favorite music streaming service, the cost is free. Just think of the money you’ll save!
    But did you know that many public libraries also offer a full range of business services? When was the last time you visited your local library? If it’s been a while, you might be surprised to learn all the amazing things the library provides these days. In addition to internet access, printing, scanning, and faxing, many libraries also have private meeting rooms available.
    One of the advantages of “working” from a library is the convenient hours of operation. The majority of public libraries offer evening hours and are open seven days a week. If you need help researching a particular topic or perhaps studying industry trends for a new business venture, why not ask the librarian for help? You could even access the library database from the comfort of your own home. Finally, to keep up with all the latest offerings, you can follow your Library on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to learn about upcoming events. Please listen to Florine’s 2021 interview with Cathy Russ.
    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:
    What happens at a book club?
    How are book clubs organized, and who usually picks the book?
    What happens if you don’t like the book you’re assigned to read?
    Do themed book clubs exist?
    How book clubs can help you expand your knowledge and even what you are interested in reading.
    What are some of the most popular authors and books right now?
    What are Book Group kits?
    Cathy talks about a few of her favorite books that she’s read this year, including Firekeeper’s Daughter and The Thursday Murder Club.
    What is the Best Seller’s Club and the Reader’s Advisory?
    Some of the fun and fabulous events and programming at the West Bloomfield Public Library.
    Cathy explains the benefits of two apps: Hoopla and Kanopy.
    Today’s Takeaway:
    Talking about a well-loved book is not only fun, but it can also enhance our understanding of others who have differing perspectives. By reading and learning about other races, cultures, or philosophies, we put ourselves into the mindset and emotions of others who think and live differently than we do. Discussing a particularly thought-provoking book with others can introduce unfamiliar concepts that may be foreign to our experience but might ultimately foster a greater sense of unity and actually bring people together or inspire compromise. Instead of observing from a distance, perhaps we may learn the reasons behind their beliefs or

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    How To Apply Makeup Like A Pro

    How To Apply Makeup Like A Pro

    With Haley Cassar, professional makeup artist and skin care advocate
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional makeup artist working behind the scenes at a fashion show or photoshoot? Behind those beautiful, glamorous photos, the makeup artist is busy putting in days or even weeks of research and preparation ahead of the shoot to achieve the client’s theme and artistic vision.
    While most of us don’t have the opportunity to appear in a designer fashion show, we can still book an appointment for a professional makeup application. And with the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to start planning our look for that special occasion. A good starting point is knowing what colors and techniques are trending right now. According to professional makeup artist and skin care advocate, Haley Cassar, big, bold statement lips paired with smokey eyes in bronze or brown shades are especially popular right now. Hair can be worn up or pulled back and accessorized with headbands and clips. Add a bit more blush and false lashes and you’re ready for your big night out!
    Since having a professional makeup artist isn’t an everyday option for most of us, we asked Haley what are some of the biggest mistakes women make when applying their own makeup? Not surprisingly, she said that wearing too much makeup when we’re trying to cover up imperfections can actually backfire and draw more attention if it looks caked on. Keep in mind that not every new trend or technique is right for you. For example, if you have a very narrow face, contouring can make your features look harsh. When working with a new client, Haley says that the first step is to carefully evaluate their appearance and accentuate their natural beauty.
    A professional makeup artist knows how to minimize a particular feature by covering up thin lips, large pores, or droopy eyelids. But the most important tip of all is to apply makeup in a way that will compliment your features and enhance your appearance. If you want to hear more skincare and makeup tips, please check out Florine’s interview with Haley Cassar.
    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:
    How Haley’s background as an artist helped her get into beauty and skin care.
    Why is having a good skincare routine the first step in applying makeup?
    What are the main steps for a good skincare routine?
    What are retinol and hyaluronic acid, and what do they do?
    The most important things to remember when applying makeup.
    What is a tinted moisturizer, and why does Haley recommend them?
    What is a “no makeup” makeup look?
    Haley’s pick for her product to get that “no makeup makeup” look.
    Why do women get stuck in a rut or a dated routine with their makeup application?
    Tips for building a base before you put on makeup so that it lasts for the whole day.
    How can we achieve that glamorous look?
    Today’s Takeaway:
    I know I look better when I take the time to put a touch of makeup on. From a mental health standpoint, doing something that makes us feel better about ourselves is a sign of a healthy sense of self and indicative of good self-care. For me, it’s part of my daily routine and when I’m getting dressed in the morning or applying a little makeup, I like to listen to music. It’s also a great time to listen to a podcast and just enjoy some soothing “me time.” Having a routine that is familiar and a constant in our lives can feel very comforting. Remember that every day is a gift and sometimes the simplest of things, such as routinely applying makeup, styling our hair, or doing those early morning stretches to make ourselves start the day with a smile can be the best gift of all. I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”
    “You want to have a really good skincare routine because you want your face to be like a smooth canvas.” — Haley [6:18]
    “Always make sure you have built yo

    • 22 min
    Becoming a Community Leader

    Becoming a Community Leader

    With Denise Ilitch, podcaster and President of Ilitch Enterprises
    When you grow up in one of the most influential and successful families in the country, your family name and reputation precede you. People may feel they know you before you’ve even been introduced. While a family name can open doors and expose you to amazing opportunities, there is also the inherited weight of that family legacy.
    Denise Ilitch recalls how her parents invested their life savings in a little pizza store in Garden City, Michigan. Although it was a big risk, that purchase eventually became the fastest-growing pizza franchise in America. It paved the way for what is now one of the most successful global enterprises in the world. Today, the Ilitch family empire includes two major league sports teams, several entertainment complexes, and extensive real estate holdings. Mike and Marian Ilitch never took their success for granted and believed in the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. They first opened the Little Caesars Love Kitchen in 1985 as a way to aid disaster victims and feed the hungry. To date, more than 6.5 million meals have been provided to those in need. Founded in 2000, the Ilitch Charities organization made it possible to do more and they’ve donated thousands of volunteer hours and $250 million to worthy causes in support of community programs.
    From an early age, Denise was taught to prioritize hard work and the importance of giving back. When her father would ask, “What did you contribute to the world today?” there was never any doubt as to what was expected of her and Denise embraced that challenge fully. Today, Denise is considered one of the most influential businesswomen in America. Over the past 30 years, she has distinguished herself as a respected business leader, an advocate for women and children, an outspoken community leader, and a philanthropist. She’s also a mother and devoted Grandmother.
    In addition to her duties as President of Ilitch Enterprises, LLC, Denise will launch her campaign for a third term as a University of Michigan Regent along with the next season of her podcast, “The Denise Ilitch Show.” Well-versed in politics, Denise is a frequent guest on the Sunday CBS News Morning roundtable, “Michigan Matters.” She recently appeared alongside Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett and CEO of Michigan Business Network, Chris Holman, touching on a wide range of topics from the UAW strike, the horrific terrorist attack in Israel, and the Detroit Lions. You won’t want to miss Florine’s interview with the very accomplished and inspirational, Denise Ilitch. 
    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:
    What was it like for Denise growing up in a family of seven children, that also happened to be one of the most powerful families in the U.S.?
    Why did Denise’s father and mother decide on pizza?
    What was Little Caesars like from the beginning, before it became one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the country?
    What lessons did Denise learn from both her very successful father and mother?
    Denise’s parents were both different personalities, but they worked together perfectly.
    Much to Florine’s delight, Denise’s mother, Marian, was the first guest on her “Remarkable Women” radio show.
    The Ilitch family’s vital role in rebuilding the city of Detroit and renovating The Fox Theater.
    Denise discusses Ilitch Charities and Little Caesars Love Kitchen.
    What it was like for her father Mike to purchase the Detroit Tigers as a huge baseball lover. Fun fact — he was even drafted by the Tigers before buying them in 1992!
    Denise’s tragic loss of a brother due to addiction, and the lesson it taught her about how important it is to reach out for help.
    Denise talks about her role as a Regent at the University of Michigan.
    What are the biggest issues facing women and children today?
    What would we be surprised to learn about Denise?

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