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A podcast designed to help church leaders. The conversation each month will focus on issues and topics relevant to church leaders across the country and around the world.

Watermark's Church Leadership Podcast Watermark Community Church

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A podcast designed to help church leaders. The conversation each month will focus on issues and topics relevant to church leaders across the country and around the world.

    Staff Value #3 - Team Unity

    Staff Value #3 - Team Unity

    Just like a finger won’t survive long if it’s severed from the hand, our spiritual health depends on connection to the rest of Christ’s body. We’re meant to function together, and without unity as one of our core values, our mission will fall apart. Caitlin Van Wagoner and David Penuel join this week’s Church Leadership Podcast to talk about how church staff can not only avoid gossip and division, but also pursue each other relationally and prioritize collaboration. 
    Watermark Staff Values - Download"Resolving Staff Conflict" - David and Caitlin's Talk from CLCConflict Roadmap - Download

    • 44 min
    Staff Value #2 - Excellence in What We Do

    Staff Value #2 - Excellence in What We Do

    Churches that do not encourage their staff to excel are missing an opportunity to honor God and inspire others. On the other hand, churches that pursue excellence for the wrong reasons have made an idol out of something that should be an offering. On this week’s Church Leadership Podcast, Watermark teaching pastor John Elmore joins John McGee to talk about faithfully executing our work to the best of our abilities without losing sight of our mission.
    Watermark Staff Values - Download

    • 38 min
    Staff Value #1 - Dependence on God

    Staff Value #1 - Dependence on God

    Too often, we assume that we don’t need to tell church staff to rely on God. But Christians routinely affirm spiritual dependency as a concept without living it out practically, valuing strategy over sensitivity to the Spirit. This week’s podcast covers why dependence on God is at the top of Watermark’s core values for its staff and what this looks like practically.
    Watermark's Staff Values - Download

    • 27 min
    Resolving Staff Conflict

    Resolving Staff Conflict

    Even in full-time ministry, when imperfect human beings work closely together, conflict is bound to arise. As leaders, we have the opportunity to reflect Christ in a uniquely tangible and powerful way through how we resolve conflict. In this talk, first given at CLC 2023, two of our veteran staff members walk through a conflict they personally experienced and how they were able to restore peace biblically.
    Conflict Roadmap PDFVideo Download

    • 37 min
    5 Biggest Ministry Regrets

    5 Biggest Ministry Regrets

    As fallible humans, anyone who serves in ministry for a significant length of time will have some regrets—opportunities they should have taken, relationships they should have invested more in, and words they should have said (or not said). In this week’s Church Leadership Podcast, Watermark Director of re:generation Dave Bruskas reflects on the things he would do differently if he could go back, and how other church leaders can minimize their own regrets.

    • 30 min
    7 Things I'm Glad We Did Early On

    7 Things I'm Glad We Did Early On

    The seeds you plant when your church is still young can grow into a life-giving, God-honoring community in the years to come. On this week’s episode, John McGee recalls the ideas that shaped the early days of Watermark Community Church, the fruit that’s come from them, and how you can identify the values that are most important to focus on in your church body. 

    • 24 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
189 Ratings

189 Ratings

Redheads ,

A podcast of what’s being lead not just aspired…

I get to watch these leadership values and practices get lived out really well and each episode is rich with truth, encouragement, and practical application.

Bryonsa ,

The go-to podcast!

This has been so helpful for us and our team. Building leaders takes time, and these podcasts have no only been easy to listen to, but it includes very practical and applicable info!

jtdnash ,

Absolutely incredible

Cannot recommend enough!

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