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You don't choose the Mets life. The Mets life chooses you. The Yin and the Yang of Mets fandom - KFC (the battered pessimist) and Clem (the eternal optimist) - talking through the ups and downs of riding the New York Mets roller coaster..

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You don't choose the Mets life. The Mets life chooses you. The Yin and the Yang of Mets fandom - KFC (the battered pessimist) and Clem (the eternal optimist) - talking through the ups and downs of riding the New York Mets roller coaster..

    WGB #125: Rojas Is No Mas

    WGB #125: Rojas Is No Mas

    It's Black Monday for the Mets and Luis Rojas was the first out the door. We're sure that more heads will roll before the off-season is over, but Luis' name was definitely at the top of everyone's list. The guys jump on to discuss his stressful tenure, we weigh the option of actually keeping him around in another roll and we take a look at the far too early list of candidates that could fill the role.

    We also list the names on the chopping block and trade bait and look to the free agent market to hopefully answer the numerous questions we still have with this roster.

    BONUS: During today's episode we got a special phone call from White Sox Dave who had a scoop on a name that many players are already pulling for to take on the Mets' manager role.

    It's day one of the off-season, but we gotta believe it's already off to a good start!

    • 58 min
    WGB #124: Ding Dong, The Season's Dead

    WGB #124: Ding Dong, The Season's Dead

    Clem and Kyle pick up the shattered pieces of a bygone season and try to make sense of what happened. We've had plenty of time to let it all sink in, but any time you're setting records for the longest time spent in first place for a losing team you know you've been through the ringer.

    We also break down Sandy's comments regarding Javy Baez and Luis Rojas, weigh in on Stroman, Syndergaard and Conforto's upcoming free agency and preview our picks on who should stay and go for 2022.

    The season is just about wrapped up, but we gotta believe that this lit a fire under Uncle Stevie to get right back to work on October 3rd. Big changes are about to be underway and we can't wait to see what they do next!

    • 34 min
    WGB #123: Polar Bear, Pete Alonso In the Building

    WGB #123: Polar Bear, Pete Alonso In the Building

    Huge episode today for the boys! We kick it off with a little weekend recap and some front office rumors, but we gotta believe we’re just spinning our wheels here with 12 games left to play.

    THE BIG NEWS is we finally got the Polar Bear, Pete Alonso, in studio to answering Mets’ fans burning questions. We talked about the struggles of this year’s squad, his HR derby performances, what it’s like to be a superstar in New York, dealing with fans on social media, thumbs down-gate and more!

    Pete was a pleasure and exudes that confidence you’re looking for from the face of the franchise. We asked him about his positivity and he gave us some inside info on how he’s able to clear out the negativity and move on with his job. The team might not be performing up to our liking right now, but a new process is underway in Queens and we’re just getting started on a much grander plan!

    • 1 hr 23 min
    WGB #122: Sad State Of The Season

    WGB #122: Sad State Of The Season

    Let's been honest here, we all knew this was coming. After August we tricked ourselves into thinking there was a chance to turn it back around but we lost too much ground too quickly and couldn't regain our footing in time.

    The Cardinals' sweep of the Mets this week essentially marks the end of any postseason campaign and has forced Mets fans to look back on what could have been and ahead to what could be.

    KFC and Clem discuss the Post report about Cohen's Twitter, Sandy's confidant and Rojas' 'return.' We address the fanbase and their impact on the growth of the club and remind everyone that this is just year one so if you're not on board, get on board because Stevie's staying and we gotta believe that this was just a bump in the road on the highway to success.

    • 41 min
    WGB #121: A Subway Series For The Ages

    WGB #121: A Subway Series For The Ages

    Very rarely does a match-up live up to the hype, but this weekend's Subway Series had EVERYTHING. The drama, the pageantry, the emotion and the raw aggression that you could only dream of between these two teams.

    The guys break down each game in the series, we talk about the incredible job that they did with the September 11th ceremonies and we are officially ready to declare our love to the Boos Brothers: Javy and Frankie

    In a year of ups and downs, this series was the embodiment of a full length season. The best part of it all? Francisco Lindor finally had his Mets Moment and waged war on the Yankees lineup and pitching staff. No one was safe from his fury and it got us feeling like it was '86.

    The swag, the bravado, the villainous nature- It's the PERFECT COMBO when you have those guys playing for YOUR team. Let's face it, Mets are at their best when they love to be hated and that's the cocktail that we have going at the moment.

    Week to week we feel like we have completely different teams, but as long as our big dogs are cleaning up at the plate and our pitching holds out we gotta believe that we have a shot at both the division and wildcard spots with 18 left to play.

    • 1 hr
    WGB #120: Once Upon A Time In Queens Preview w/ Director Nick Davis

    WGB #120: Once Upon A Time In Queens Preview w/ Director Nick Davis

    The guys are joined in studio by Nick Davis, the director of the highly anticipated new 30-For-30 ESPN documentary, 'Once Upon a Time in Queens.' They talk all things 1986 Mets and get a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to get this thing made.

    It's not often that we as Mets fans can get excited about something happening in September, but this doc is going to be must-watch. Nick gives us his insight on what it was like growing up with that team, how they ingrained themselves into the DNA of the city and how everyone knew that it could all come crashing down at any moment.

    There will never be another team like the '86 Mets. The storylines, the characters, the nightlife and the debauchery were all perfectly tailored for New York City at that time and those boys lived it to the fullest. Make sure to check out the 2-night event on September 14th and 15th for 4 hours of joy, misery and Mets.

    We also talk the current state of the Mets, how we can never REALLY trust Diaz and where we think we'll be come October. The fat lady isn't singing yet, but we gotta believe that she's backstage warming up those vocals.

    • 58 min

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4.8 out of 5
628 Ratings

628 Ratings

AJPally ,


This podcast is better than Gregg Jefferies career with the Mets

Orangejuiceresort2222 ,

Good show


Aaron1111--- ,

Mets Social Media Happenings & Passed Experiences

Good show. They tend to discuss Mets social media happenings, hypotethical circumstances, and past Mets experiences. Not much discussion about current play or roster. A lot of pessimism, and the team already gives me enough pessimism. Stop saying “cunsel”.

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