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Yoga videos and Yoga Membership Site with Dr. Melissa West. Canadas 1 FREE One Hour Weekly Online Yoga Show. Yoga videos and yoga downloads.

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Yoga videos and Yoga Membership Site with Dr. Melissa West. Canadas 1 FREE One Hour Weekly Online Yoga Show. Yoga videos and yoga downloads.

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    Yin Yang Yoga for Liver and Gallbladder | YWM 688

    Yin Yang Yoga for Liver and Gallbladder | YWM 688

    In this Yin Yang Yoga for your liver and gallbladder we balance the dynamic bursts of yang wood element energy with soothing yin. In this session, we blend the gentle, introspective practice of yin yoga with the fluid movements of hatha flow qigong, all centered around the theme of connecting with your vision/intention/aspiration in a balanced way.

    In spring, your liver and gallbladder organs are the most dominant organs and so it is a great time to focus on planting your seeds of intention. In our culture we love to focus on outward actions of doing, however in this class, I will encourage you to cultivate more inward qualities of being.

    In this class, we'll focus on the liver and gallbladder meridians, exploring how emotions like anger, frustration, and irritation can be signs of disconnection from our true vision. The liver loves movement, free flow, and moving towards what we love. Through gentle poses and flowing sequences, we'll invite ease and fluidity into our bodies, embodying the qualities of water - flowing around obstacles with simplicity and harmony.

    This class brings balance between yin and yang, movement and stillness, action and contemplation. Discover how embodying these qualities can bring greater harmony, joy, and fulfillment into your life. Let's flow, breathe, and yoga together towards balance and wholeness.

    Props Needed - Blanket

    Poem Spring by Mary Oliver

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    Fall Back Asleep Yoga Nidra 🌙🌃| YWM 687

    Fall Back Asleep Yoga Nidra 🌙🌃| YWM 687

    Middle-of-the-Night Sleep Support

    Waking up in the middle of the night is completely normal, but it is also completely normal for your mind to be racing and worrying and then it can be really hard to fall back asleep.

    This yoga nidra guided meditation is meant to be a gentle guide to ease you back to sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night. Through gentle breathing and intentional relaxation, I will support you in letting go of concerns about sleep duration and trust in your body’s natural ability to receive deep sleep and restoration.

    Think of this guided meditation like a gentle companion in the middle of the night to guide you back to sweet sleep whenever sleep is elusive. You can fall back asleep peacefully knowing that you are supported.

    The best thing about this meditation is that it finishes in silence so that when you fall back asleep, I won’t wake you up again.

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    🌸Wallflower Yin🌸Deepen Your Practice with the Wall | YWM 686

    🌸Wallflower Yin🌸Deepen Your Practice with the Wall | YWM 686

    In this gentle and nurturing class, we'll explore the profound benefits of Yin Yoga while using the support of the wall to deepen our practice.

    This class combines the best of upper body, chest opening and shoulder releasing yin yoga along with hip opening yin yoga with the wall.

    We will begin by releasing your chest and shoulders with your heart meridian and the lung meridian. These yin yoga poses will improve your posture and breathing mechanics and also release your upper back, neck and shoulder tension.

    We will move into some legs up the wall and deep hip releases that will relieve low back pain as well as calm and soothe your nervous system.

    Wallflower Yin Yoga Sequence

    Heart Melting Pose

    Broken Wing Pose

    Legs Up the Wall


    Heart Melting Pose

    Broken Wing Pose

    Legs Up the Wall

    Poem: Poem: Insight by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

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    Soothing Vagus Nerve Restorative Yoga | YWM 685

    Soothing Vagus Nerve Restorative Yoga | YWM 685

    Dive into the healing practice of vagus nerve restorative yoga

    Find peace amidst the chaos of overstimulation by embracing slow, still movements that ground you in your body. In a world constantly pushing for hustle and achievement, restorative yoga offers a sanctuary to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and embrace rest and digest mode.

    Moving slowly is an intentional practice, especially in a culture that values speed and constant advancement. In restorative yoga, we quiet our minds by being still in our bodies, nurturing our well-being with compassion and gentleness. Yoga is powerful medicine, but it works slowly. When we regulate our nervous systems, life becomes more spacious, allowing us to connect deeply with our hearts and express our truth authentically.

    As we slow down and care for ourselves, we model this possibility for others, creating environments of safety and resonance for collective healing. By taking time for these gentle poses, you're not just nurturing yourself but also shifting the frequency of your community towards co-regulation. By embracing softness and kindness, we inspire others to live from their hearts as well, fostering a frequency of trust and co-regulation.

    Vagus Nerve Reset - Basic Exercise 

    Restorative Twist 

    Diaphragmatic Breathing

    Restorative Side Bend 

    Restorative Locust - with blanket on diaphragm 

    Restorative Child’s 


    Poem: On a Day When Stillness Seems Possible  by Rosemerry Whatola Trommer

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    12 Poses You Should Do Every Day | Yoga with Melissa 684

    12 Poses You Should Do Every Day | Yoga with Melissa 684

    You guys LOVED the first 45 minute Daily Hatha Yoga Routine 12 Poses You Should Do Daily | Yoga with Melissa 479

    It has over 46K views, so I made a second one 12 Poses You Should Do Every Day in 30 minutes - Wrist Free YWM 639 and it has over 7K views.

    I hear from so many of you that you put these 2 classes into your regular rotation.

    So, I decided to create yet another version of daily hatha yoga poses that you should do everyday.

    The way I think about yoga has changed a a little bit over the years, and this class reflects that thinking. It includes more mobility practices for your joints. It focuses on strengthening your body. It focuses on connecting you with your spirit. It has a focus on pranayama and regulating your nervous system.

    However, I still care about making sure you are rested and that your spine moves in all directions, it is just that I understand better about how to move your body so that you are not in pain and so that your nervous system stays regulated.

    So here is my gift to you, an updated, 12 poses you should do every day!

    Props Needed: Block, Wall, Yoga Strap

    12 Poses You Should Do Every Day Sequence:

    1. Centering with Nervous System Regulation

    2. Abdominal Strengthening

    3. Cat Pose

    4. 90/90s

    5. Lunge Pose

    6. Standing Twist

    7. Standing Side Bend

    8. Shoulder Flossing

    9. Shoulder Clocks

    10. Cobra

    11. Malasana

    12. Savasana or Legs up the Wall

    Poem: One Big Perspective by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

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    30 min Yoga Nidra for 😴Deep Rest 💤🛌| YWM 683

    30 min Yoga Nidra for 😴Deep Rest 💤🛌| YWM 683

    You Deserve Rest! This 30 minute yoga nidra sleep meditation is for deep rest. Yoga nidra powerfully heals and restores your body on a physical level giving you an opportunity for deep rest in a reclined meditation. 

    This yoga nidra is designed to give all parts of your body deep rest. All the organs and systems of your body from your ventral vagus nervous system, your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, your liver, and your brain rest and rebuild.  It is a deep rest meditation that will guide you for 30 minutes into a yoga nidra healing experience. Allow Melissa West to guide you on this healing yoga nidra journey into deep restorative sleep and into a deep rest frequency. 

    Yoga Nidra meditation is easy because it takes your brain into the same frequency when you are in deep sleep even though you are awake allowing for deep rest. Your body will naturally begin its process of rejuvenation and healing. Your vital, rested, and restored body is the first step towards releasing stress and finding inner peace. This guided yoga nidra meditation will take you to brainwave states where your entire body and mind will have a chance for deep rest and rejuvenation. 

    • 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
104 Ratings

104 Ratings

SkittlesHere ,

Wealth of healing

This podcast provides a wealth of deep healing opportunities and different options. Your titles and content are so on point. Thank you.

skalsskskskso ,


I like you and the purple leggings and bamboo go good on you and you are very amazing and I like the pony tale it’s awsome

v-up75 ,

Too much mouth and breath sounds

It’s quite distracting to hear the mouth noises and nose breathing. Just trying to give feedback it was very difficult to focus on the exercise. Thank you for being so willing to help and serving others!!

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