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A podcast for anyone with aspirations to do anything big. Mistakes, miracles, and lessons from the CEO/Founder of Lovesac, unpacked with guests from amongst the most successful people in the world. Each episode goes deep on one critical lesson—universal secrets to success, learned the hard way by both Shawn and his guests.

Let Me Save You 25 Years Shawn D. Nelson

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A podcast for anyone with aspirations to do anything big. Mistakes, miracles, and lessons from the CEO/Founder of Lovesac, unpacked with guests from amongst the most successful people in the world. Each episode goes deep on one critical lesson—universal secrets to success, learned the hard way by both Shawn and his guests.

    Quit or Keep Going

    Quit or Keep Going

    The nastiest, gnarliest physical, mental, emotional things we face are really quite simple: QUIT or KEEP GOING.

    Both are viable and reasonable options, and both should be used at certain times in our lives. You have to start with a strong WHY. Why are you doing this? Your purpose is the main thing that will drive the decision to stop or keep going.

    For deeper insight into this topic, we welcome the Founder and CEO of Spartan, Joe De Sena, who talks about an important lesson to him: If you don't want to do it, you have to do it. Joe helps us understand the power of knowing when to embrace challenges and keep pushing forward, and when it's acceptable to quit.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    It’s Your Fault

    It’s Your Fault

    Whether you’re responding to a life-altering mistake or a life-changing success, you need to keep this week’s Shawnism in mind: IT’S YOUR FAULT.

    Sure, there are often outside factors or other people that contribute to our decisions and their consequences. But, as Shawn and today’s guest discuss, there’s always room for more accountability—and that’s the not-so-secret ingredient to positive change and personal growth.

    Reality TV star and entrepreneur Jax Taylor (Vanderpump Rules) joins us this week and opens up about his journey from top of the world to rock bottom and back again. Jax doesn’t hold back from honestly reflecting on (and owning up to) his mistakes and behavior that led to his public fall from grace. But one thing that really makes Jax stand out is his commitment to the hard work and hard decisions that go into true and lasting growth.

    Shawn and Jax talk about the value of the RIGHT advice from the RIGHT people—and how anyone from your closest loved ones to a podcaster or author you’ve never met can save you from setting yourself back on your personal journey or having to start from the beginning. They also discuss why it’s so vital (though never easy) to balance and prioritize so many different important areas of your life, despite societal pressure to focus on things like finances and success.

    And, of course, throughout the conversation, they discuss how much control YOU have along the way—no matter what you’re responding to or what journey you’re on.

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    Mind the Experts

    Mind the Experts

    Experts are important- we need people who are so immersed, so focused on one thing that they know it inside and out. BUT there are times when they can be too much in it and the vision narrows, instead of expanding to the possibilities..

    So this is when you need to MIND THE EXPERTS- know when to disregard them and move ahead anyway.

    We have a true expert in a super tricky field this week to weigh in on this topic. Dan Abrams is the CEO and Founder of Abrams Media, host of Dan Abrams Live on NewsNation, host of On Patrol: Live on Reelz, Chief Legal Affairs Correspondent for ABC News, host of SiriusXM radio’s The Dan Abrams Show: Where Politics Meets The Law, and host and executive producer of Court Cam and Taking the Stand on A&E Network. He is also the author of numerous New York Times bestselling books on overlooked trials in history.

    Shawn and Dan talk about media bias- and how we can recognize it and seek out the diverse perspectives we so desperately need now. They also get into what makes effective leadership (they agree humility is key) and reflect on past experiences about learning from experience and … some mistakes.

    You don’t want to miss this episode- because if you always follow the expert advice, you may miss you big opportunity. (And we would not have Lovesac as it is today). This Shawnism can get tricky but it is important: MIND THE EXPERTS.

    • 45 min
    Make Your Own Luck

    Make Your Own Luck

    Luck isn’t what it seems. You don’t sit back and receive it passively - you go out, live your life a certain way, make choices and DO things (sometimes many things) that position you to MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK.

    You need to get to where the opportunity is and be ready for it.

    This week we welcome to the pod a social media phenomenon: London Lazerson, Viral Creator of Londonlaz, and someone who has proven it can be done. He has a massive following on social media- an astounding 9.5 million followers on Tiktok. London creates fun, entertaining, bold and creative content that includes all kinds of cool superhuman feats. Here is a living breathing example of this week’s Shawnism.

    Shawn and London banter about striving for a mix of effort and luck- how they make their own luck through hard work, networking, and strategic decision-making, BUT both also acknowledge the unpredictable and fortuitous elements that contribute to their achievements. If you are any type of creative - especially a content creator - you will want to hear how London keeps a beginner mindset and leans hard into perseverance.

    This isn’t just manifesting luck. This is work too - so get out there and put this Shawnism into practice: MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK.

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    Play Along the Way

    Play Along the Way

    Fun is essential. You can be the worker bee, head down- getting it done- but not only will you be missing out on the FUN, you may just miss the mark entirely. All work and no play? It may cost you your business.

    That is the Shawnism this week: PLAY ALONG THE WAY.

    This week we have a modern day business TITAN: John Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods Market. He revolutionized retail and grocery while starting multiple movements in health and wellness, organic foods, conscious operations and many facets of positive movements in business and culture. Basically, Whole Foods Market revolutionized the way we do business. He is the co-author of Conscious Capitalism and is in the midst of starting a new venture on wellness, Love.Life.

    John and Shawn talk about playful attitudes and their profound impact in creating work culture (hear about meetings that have fun “top secret” missions), the importance of authenticity, how a holistic approach to health helps spur creative problem solving, and SO much more. Trust us, you want to be a fly on the wall for this conversation full of delightful stories and practical advice.

    Do you want to make your dreams a reality in an increasingly competitive world? You can just work- make the work fun and PLAY ALONG THE WAY,

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Work In the Seams & Cracks

    Work In the Seams & Cracks

    If you really want to do something- anything!- and you want to be great, you’ve got to work in EVERY seam and crack because it's a competitive world and there's a TON to get done.

    That’s the ESSENTIAL Shawnism for you this week from Shawn D. Nelson, host of Let Me Save You 25 Years: work in the seams and cracks. This is for everyone who wants to excel in what they are doing- from building a business to simply getting to the top of your game. Shawn has built his career and company working these spaces. It’s more than the hustle, it’s the creativity to work the spaces that others pass over.

    We have the ultimate influencer, from a family of influencers, joining Shawn to tell you how he does it. Marc D’Amelio, Chief Executive Officer of D'Amelio Brands LLC, a serial entrepreneur with a full footwear line, apparel, snack brand, and media empire, AND an influencer himself, shares how he has kept momentum and staying power over decades to build an iconic brand and a life full of joy.
    Marc and Shawn talk about finding those truly unique opportunities in business (they involve lots of risk!), what makes a TikTok trend, why results over hours worked is the goal and so much more. Marc did not get to where he is today without working in the seams & cracks and finding opportunities in these unlikely corners.

    Do you want to make your dreams a reality in an increasingly competitive world? Then make sure you work in the seams and cracks. Go on…. get in there!

    • 53 min

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