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The podcast that loves to hate running. 🏃 = 💩

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The podcast that loves to hate running. 🏃 = 💩

    #50 - Blisters are B******t

    #50 - Blisters are B******t

    Our 50th episode and there is yet more chat about tea and dog interruptions. Amy ponders alfresco testicles, we cringe over sexism in cross country AGAIN, and discuss blisters and whether there really is a worst place to get one.
    We speak to Peter Gillibrand, Liz Rees, and Sam Wright who each completed their own virtual London marathons, and endured wind, rain and chafing. 
    Oh, and Amy did a marathon.

    • 1 hr 11 min
    #49 - Running with Music is B******t

    #49 - Running with Music is B******t

    Because we all know listening to podcasts is best, right?
    Being laughably unqualified to talk about something has never stopped us before, so this time we delve into music and what you're all listening to. Head to Spotify and search Running is B******t to find our amazing playlist as compiled by our listeners.
    We also grudgingly admit (again) how useful going to the gym actually is, Stu reveals his surprising degree, and we discuss email inbox scum. And for some reason, someone mentions a human centipede...

    • 52 min
    #48 - Track and Field is B******t feat. Jimmy Watkins

    #48 - Track and Field is B******t feat. Jimmy Watkins

    If you're a runner with a Welsh accent, we'll pretty much have you on as a guest, but when you're a World 800m finalist and rock star, that definitely helps too!

    • 58 min
    #47 - Running Films are B******t, part 2

    #47 - Running Films are B******t, part 2

    We try to start by talking about running, but Amy's dog throws up just before we start recording so there's dog action straight from the beginning. Stu's also drinking cider, so we're bound to have a slightly fraught recording.

    We reveal the winner of last week's competition, and hear the tale of the Great Fall of 2020, a classic Amy Story.

    We also mock our listeners, give cow advice, and talk about Chariots of Fire and Personal Best, or as we know them: "the Brideshead Revisited of running" and "female Top Gun". We watch shit running films so you don't have to.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    #46 - Running the Entire Wales Coast Path is B******t feat. Rhys Jenkins

    #46 - Running the Entire Wales Coast Path is B******t feat. Rhys Jenkins

    You may know by now that we quite like the Wales Coast Path, so we're chatting to Rhys Jenkins (again) as he's just run the whole thing quicker than anyone else!

    There's a big dog update too as Stu has done a canicross run once and has planned the rest of the year based on racing those. Even Amy's been out with her naughty beagle, who makes an brief adorable appearance.

    There's also information about our nepotism-laced giveaway, naked runners, documentary recommendations, masks and Americans pooing in bushes.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    #45 - Running Accessories are B******t

    #45 - Running Accessories are B******t

    A b******t look at all the crap you strap and attach to yourself for a run. Who ever said running was simple? No, really, who was that person? How wrong they were...
    Amy's proud of herself for doing some research, adds more to her inspirational phrasebook, and chats to her Mum.
    Stu is tired from a bit of walking, explains his pre-run faffing, and doesn't care about the London marathon.

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
59 Ratings

59 Ratings

caroline99uk ,

If you like Running and Tea you’ll love this podcast

I never expected a running podcast would inspire me to spend so much money on tea

dangerous_b ,

A great running podcast

This is a brilliantly funny podcast with the odd serious note. If you’ve ever lost a toenail due to running or had to take an unexpected toilet break somewhere on the wild then this podcast is for you. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’d say it’s somewhere between the guardian and runners world...

Sparklyang ,

Provides momentary distraction whilst running

A combination of The Guardian and Runners World

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