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The work advice you need, from women who’ve been there. Every week, join the co-founders and co-CEOs of theSkimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, as they help you get what you want out of your career by talking to the smartest leaders they know.

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The work advice you need, from women who’ve been there. Every week, join the co-founders and co-CEOs of theSkimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, as they help you get what you want out of your career by talking to the smartest leaders they know.

    Maria Shriver on Turning the Bad into Good

    Maria Shriver on Turning the Bad into Good

    Maria Shriver never felt the pressure to go into politics like the rest of her family. Instead, her parents asked her: what moves you? She took that question and ran with it. Fascinated by storytelling, Maria led a decades-long career in journalism. But then she became first lady of California. And NBC asked her to leave. Looking back, Maria says: it was a blessing in disguise.

    In this episode, Maria shares: 

    Why she started at smaller stations before hitting the big networks

    How getting fired opened space for new opportunities for her 

    Why her Alzheimer’s work specifically centers the impacts on women 

    A quick skimm of her brain-healthy food company, Mosh

    • 30 min
    Audie Cornish on Motherhood and Work

    Audie Cornish on Motherhood and Work

    Before Audie Cornish made the jump to CNN, she was a longtime co-host of NPR’s All Things Considered. And while she made interviewing politicians and celebs look like NBD, she says she had to deal with a “professional identity crisis” after becoming a new mom. This week, we sat down with Audie to talk about how her professional life changed after she had kids, and how motherhood impacted her mindset at work. 

    In this episode, Audie shares:

    How she figured out her own communication style

    Why having kids allowed her to reframe her ideal career success 

    How recognizing her own accomplishments reframed her ideal career success 

    Why fostering work + personal relationships is the key to success in all aspects of life

    Her go-to bagel order 

    • 35 min
    Beth Ford on Finding Success At Every Level

    Beth Ford on Finding Success At Every Level

    When you look at Beth Ford’s resume, you probably didn’t know the Land O’ Lakes CEO started out detasseling corn for $2 an hour and cleaning toilets as a janitor. And Beth told us she wouldn’t have ever become CEO without those jobs. Because being successful in business comes from learning about people – and celebrating wins at every level. 

    In this episode, Beth shares:

    The string of odd jobs she did to get by as one of eight children in Iowa

    How taking the job in the field helped her learn about business and people

    Why she decided to grow her career laterally instead of vertically in her early career

    The importance of asking for feedback regularly, and why it’s a gift

    Why humility is key to being a good leader

    • 29 min
    Victoria Eady Butler on Changing Careers After 30 Years

    Victoria Eady Butler on Changing Careers After 30 Years

    After a 30-year-career in law enforcement, Victoria Eady Butler did what most people do. She retired. But just days into relaxing and investing in new hobbies, she kicked retirement to the curb. And instead, opted for the chance to learn about what she says is in her blood: whiskey blending, at Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. 

    In this episode, Victoria shares:

    Her favorite cocktail (hint: it includes Uncle Nearest whiskey)

    How she started her career over after 30 years

    How she connects to her great-great grandfather through her own whiskey blending

    What it’s like being part of an all woman executive team in the spirits industry

    Why her awards and accolades matter, but why being open to learning matters more

    • 21 min
    Eva Longoria on Defying Expectations

    Eva Longoria on Defying Expectations

    As a kid, Eva Longoria dreamed of being a professional volunteer one day. Her mother’s response? That’s not a job, sweetie. Instead, she was a Texas pageant queen, became a headhunter, and moved to LA. And despite knowing no one in Hollywood when she first arrived, Eva became a household name for her role in “Desperate Housewives.” Now, Eva’s defied expectations again and expanded her resume to include: humanitarian and parent. 

    In this episode, Eva shares:

    How her special needs sister taught her the importance of being in service to others

    What it was like to become a household name in her 30s

    How her Mexican-American roots shaped her activism

    Why she feels lucky to have had her son later in life

    A Skimm of her new podcast, “Connections with Eva Longoria”

    • 36 min
    Fidji Simo on Integrating Work and Life

    Fidji Simo on Integrating Work and Life

    When Fidji Simo was an exec at Facebook, she discovered she had a chronic health condition. That meant: taking meetings from her bed, fainting at work, and awkward conversations with her bosses. That experience taught Fidji how to be a leader while taking care of herself and putting her health first. A lesson she now brings to her team at Instacart, where she’s the CEO. 

    In this episode, Fidji shares: 

    The must-have in her weekly Instacart order (hint: it’s a sweet treat)

    Why being a woman in a male-dominated industry is actually an advantage

    How she integrates work and life instead of separating them 

    Why sponsorship means more than mentorship in work relationships

    How opening up about her chronic condition made her leadership stronger

    • 33 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
1.8K Ratings

1.8K Ratings

RieslingM ,

Amazing podcast

I LOVE this podcast! I often find that my podcast feed is filled with male voices, stories and perspective, and it’s so refreshing to have 3 women each episode talk about business! I learn something new every time.

I often send friends and colleagues this podcast, and want to send them quotes from the episode to get them hooked. I wish you all provided a transcript so it was easy to quote and search in the episode to give better recommendations to friends!

BethLmLJobCoach ,

One of the Best Podcasts on Career

What makes it so good is the fact that the hosts are brilliant at asking the right questions and pulling in the right guests. The women I listen to on 9 to 5ish each week are inspiring my journey. Absolutely a highlight of my week!

k8lhc8 ,

Unsure of the focus

The show is marketed as interviews of women leaders. The episodes that meet that description are compelling. The questions and advice are worth a listen. Lately, there seem to be more interviews of actors, journalists, models, and athletes than there are business leaders. These celebrities interviews are fine, but there are a million other shows that interview celebrities. Perhaps the hosts need to interview these celebrities to draw attention to the show, but I’d much rather listen to an interview with a woman I’ve never heard of who has actually led a team. She doesn’t have to be a CEO either. There are many women VPs, women on boards, etc. that could share a wealth of ideas.

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