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The Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast has one mission: To make make your anime addiction worse! Surrender to your addiction by joining the AAA Hosts as they discuss a variety of anime related topics every week.

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The Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast has one mission: To make make your anime addiction worse! Surrender to your addiction by joining the AAA Hosts as they discuss a variety of anime related topics every week.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
507 Ratings
507 Ratings
TheOutspokenPanda ,

The Gear 4 of podcast

Soo what’s not to like from a well spoken cast, hilarious drops and intros. and one of the most well organized and community interactive podcast I’ve listened too. They cover every genre of anime on every streaming service and they all have a very open minded yet different opinions on all the shows(they've already turned me on to three anime’s an a website). Put simply If you want to stay updated on everything anime while being throughly entertained tune into AAA.
P.S plzz do a full season review on Dororo I didn’t know about it till amazon got it but it’s turning into a GOAT in my book

TentacletimeEternal ,

Fun, enjoyable, informative

Do you want an anime podcast that that covers anime that’s coming out? Do you want some news from the land of the rising sun? Do you want that mix of deep to casual topics and discussions that stimulate your ear holes? Then look no further. This podcast is right for you. The content is very informative, each broken up with self made advertisements that just add to the charm of the creativity the hosts have and show just how much fun they are having. Speaking of which, the hosts all meld together in a chemistry blend that really stands out. Even when opinions differ, they are still friends and that’s what counts. Mitsugi’s sometimes conflicting opinions (if that’s the proper word to describe) is a nice refresher that shows and proves just how real he is, as well as everyone else being genuine to themselves and the audience. Mitsugi also has that kind and exotic mentor personality that’ll lead and carry you along. The discord is a comfy family, Mandy is cheerful, bubbly, and adorable. Don’t stop laughing. Kazuo is like that cool cousin you can hang out with and enjoy things together, games included. And Enzuo is that loveable ball of kindness that is relaxing and chills with everyone. You could give him a hug through the microphone, he’s just that friendly. All in all, amazing and will make your anime addiction unrecoverable . Love you all

General Mill ,

the best anime podcast for weebs and casuals both

long time lurker here, Sorry if this review is a bit long, but you guys deserve it.

I’ve been a podcast junkie for many years, and an anime fan for even longer. Ive worked on a few crews for podcasts in the past, and can safely say it is no where near as effortless as the AAA crew lets on. The charisma and organization presented here is astounding compared to any of the dozens of anime related podcasts I’ve listened to. The individual perspectives and opinions of the hosts are diverse, and they don’t shy away from disagreements or arguments. The segments are well organized, and the community behind the podcast is thriving thanks to the encouragement of the AAA team. The discord is particularly well managed, and allows the audience to really feel like they are a part of the show. The quality and confidence of the cast swells with each episode, and although nearly 500 episodes in the bank, they continue to look for ways to improve.

I really appreciate the way the cast opens up to their audience beyond anime, and their commitment to making the listener feel welcome. Something as simple as Mits talking football for a few seconds and admitting he’s skipping the Super Bowl to record an episode despite being a Patriots fan, is just one example of the teams simultaneous dedication and willingness to open up to their audience. As a fellow Pats fan and reluctant weaboo, you won me over with that bit of honesty.

Whether you are a hardcore otaku, casual anime fan, or you just fap to hentai now and then, there is something here for everybody. Thanks for making my anime addiction worse, and keep up the good work team.


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