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Moving forward beyond recovery to live a life filled with ease

Beyond the Pink Cloud E. Alice Kerby

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Moving forward beyond recovery to live a life filled with ease

    Episode 44: Cree Cox , Menstrual Maven

    Episode 44: Cree Cox , Menstrual Maven

    If you are a woman, please listen to this amazing episode with Cree Cox as she discusses the power behind understanding our cycles and natural hormonal rhythms.

    Cree Cox is a spiritual guide and menstrual maven who is leading a sacred rebellion of a menstrual revolution. She is on a mission to normalize the conversation around not just menstruation, but the menstrual cycle as a whole. Through one on one coaching and her group program Embody Your Flow, Cree inspires women to connect with the intelligent wisdom of their bodies and their wombs, by teaching them to live life in sync with their natural rhythm and flow.

    I have been obsessed with this topic for the past year, since I first got a taste of understanding my own hormonal cycle, not as a monthly annoyance, but as a place of power. Learning the ways in which our bodies change throughout the month places us in a position to work WITH our hormones, instead of feeling we are constantly doing battle with them

    Cree has a wonderful holistic and earth centric approach. She offers practical strategies to begin tapping into your bodies inner wisdom and understanding your own cycles.

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    Episode 43: Dr Kim D'eramo

    Episode 43: Dr Kim D'eramo

    I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Dr Kim D’eramo, conscious physician and bestselling author of The MindBody Toolkit.

    Kim D’eramo, DO, is also the founder of The American Institute of MindBody Medicine. She received her board-certification in Emergency Medicine and attended residency at Emory University in Atlanta.

    Dr. D’Eramo has been highly sensitive and able to perceive energy at deep levels throughout her life. She was able to heal a severe autoimmune disease during medical school when doctors told her she would be on medications for life.

    She has now developed a new way of practicing medicine internationally to access others to the infinite medicine within. Her MindBody Medicine practice incorporates her understanding of conventional medicine and her awareness of the deeper energies that affect health.

    Kim assists clients all over the world through her online courses and group retreats. She shares a weekly live MindBody TV broadcast in the MindBody Community in Facebook and can be found at DrKimD.com

    If you love science, medicine, feeling amazing, and profound conversation, you are in the right place. This was a beautiful and highly experiential episode. When you listen, be less concerned with the information you are taking in, and more inspired to simply notice how your body feels.

    LAST CALL FOR 3 MONTH PROGRAM, “AWAKEN” APPLICATIONS: http://www.kerbymethodconsulting.com/apply

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    Episode 42: Nicole Tsong, author of "24 Ways to Move More"

    Episode 42: Nicole Tsong, author of "24 Ways to Move More"

    I'm back from the mountains just in time to release this amazing and very special Friday episode featuring Nicole Tsong.

    Nicole is an amazing woman and a kindred spirit, she came on to chat with me about her latest book, 24 Ways to Move More, being released on October 1st.

    In this interview we discuss what it means to find the joy in movement, the comfort in being new at something, and the perseverance it takes to show up and try new things, again and again.

    She also shares some amazing and fun ways to become inspired by movement, and to have fun in your body, no matter if you are a long time fitness aficionado, or a new beginner.

    Nicole is a fitness expert and yoga teacher based in Seattle, who for six years wrote the popular Fit for Life column in The Seattle Times, published in Pacific NW Magazine. Nicole is the author of Yoga for Hikers and Yoga for Climbers with Mountaineers Books, and has taught yoga for more than a decade, including for three years at the White House Easter Egg Roll. She previously served as Chair of the Board of Directors for Seattle-based nonprofit, Yoga Behind Bars, and was an award-winning journalist for The Seattle Times and the Anchorage Daily News.

    Nicole lives in Seattle, where she runs a work/life balance coaching business, helping high-achieving women of color find their calling and know why they are here, and stop living life according to other people's rules. In her spare time, you'll find her in the mountains with her pup Coco, or lovingly tending her houseplants.

    If you are stuck in a rut with your own movement routine, this episode may shift you into a place of curiosity and exploration to try something different!

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    Episode 41: Nick Bognar, LMFT specializing in Men's issues and co-dependency

    Episode 41: Nick Bognar, LMFT specializing in Men's issues and co-dependency

    Join me for an incredibly fun, heartfelt, and informative episode with Nick Bognar. Nick is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  practicing in Pasadena, California. Although Nick's clinical focuses are men's issues and codependency, his mission is to help people become who they wish they could be- both in self-acceptance and in leading a more exemplary life.

    When I found out Nick was a therapist specializing in men’s issues and health, I thought he would make a wonderful and interesting guest for my podcast, as my work focuses primarily on helping women.

    Guess what, I was right!

    We covered so many topics, from why vulnerability isn’t taught to men at young ages, how the times are changing now, and the benefits of therapy in introducing a safe space to be vulnerable and experience a wide range of emotions.

    We also laugh, a lot, and it is a delight to discuss so many of these very important topics from a wonderfully heartfelt and human perspective. If you are a woman and want to understand men a little better, give this episode a listen. If you are a man and want to understand men a little better, give this episode a listen!

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    Episode 40: Alexis Shea of Shea Budgets

    Episode 40: Alexis Shea of Shea Budgets

    Do you feel buried under consumer debt??

    Credit card statements make you cringe?

    Or maybe you’d like an effective means to simply start budgeting!

    Join me in this amazing episode with Alexis Shea of Shea Budgets, as she breaks down practical strategies and tips to beat the beast of consumer debt and empower yourself to live differently.

    Alexis is a professional who hit a wall with her finances two years ago and decided to make a change. Now she shares her debt free journey and financial advice through Shea Budgets, a grass roots effort to speak openly about debt and how to resolve it.

    You can find her on Instagram @sheabudgets

    Alexis is open about her own story with consumer debt, sets realistic goals for herself within the public forum, and marks her successes and setbacks in a judgement free environment. Her results are real and her approach is practical.

    Enjoy this episode and be empowered you can take matters into your own hands with walking through debt and regaining peace of mind.

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    Episode 39: Gina Ryan of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

    Episode 39: Gina Ryan of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

    This is the long lost episode resurrected!

    I had this wonderful conversation with Gina Ryan back in March and had a tech issue with a lost recording. It has been recovered and I am overjoyed to share this episode with all of you.

    Gina Ryan​ is the producer and host of the top 50 Mental Health show on Apple Podcast -​The Anxiety Coaches Podcast.

    Gina is a Nutritionist and coach who in 1993 opened New Health Natural Products in NY and also struggled with stress, anxiety, and panic for over 20 years. Before the internet, she was able to climb out of her fear and panic to peace, calm, and well-being by finding what did and what didn’t work. She now teaches thousands of others how to do the same in a fraction of the time.

    Gina openly shares her own journey with anxiety and how she now lives her life with a sense of calm and purpose. She shares with us some techniques that work for calming anxiety, and we have a lovely conversation about body based techniques.

    After moving to Maui in 2005, Gina spent 12 years as a nutritionist/consultant for both the Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Center and the only Residential ED Facility in Hawaii sharing her compassion along with her knowledge and wisdom of the mind​-body and spirit connection helping clients clear their food-related anxiety, obsessions, and compulsions.

    Gina is currently dedicated full  time to anxiety-clearing coaching, writing, and teaching clients around the world. She considers her work her calling and lives a mindful and compassionate life.

    This is a beautiful episode with calming energy all over town, and wonderful advice!

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    Links for Gina:

    Website: ​ ​http://www.theanxietycoachespodcast.com/intro/

    Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/anxiety​coaches​podcast​relief/id908153168?mt=2

    Facebook: ​​ https://www.facebook.com/anxietyfreeforlife/

    Email: ​ ​anxietycoachespodcast@gmail.com

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anxiety_coach/

    Twitter: @Starlightlife

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4.7 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Sseerrggiioo ,

Gentle, Relatable & Informative

This podcast is so informative and relatable! The topics and guests are very purposeful and intentional. A great guide to navigating the journey of self love, self healing and self awareness. Gentle with just the right amount of lighthearted humor. It’s also amazing that Dr. Alice Kerby provides an abundance of resources to help you continue your journey into self healing.

Erik vienneau ,

Authentic, heartfelt and inspiring

I love this podcast because it rides that fine line between evidence-based medicine information and modalities that are perceived as a little ‘new age.’ The host is excellent at choosing guests and talking about topics that hit the sweet spot between western medicine and holistic/integrative health. What really matters is that the tools work! Plus, they are delivered in a very fun, uplifting and inspiring way. Highly recommend this podcast!

Cadon23 ,

Empowering with gentleness

This podcast is amazing at guiding you toward healing while bring gentle and letting you know that healing is possible, no matter how broken you feel. So grateful.

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